Borrowing. - Authorize The Municipal Authorities Of Chulumani E Irupana, Float One By Bs. 8,000,000.-For Public Works In Both Locations.


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LAW of November 14, 1948, Emprestito.a€ "author-used to the municipal of Chulumani and Irupana, float Alcalda-as one by Bs. 8,000,000. â €" for works public in both locations.
ENRIQUE HERTZOG G. Constitutional President of the Repašblica as: National Congress has enacted the following law: the National Congress DECREES: Arta-culo 1a ° â €"may be the Alcalda-as municipal of Chulumani and Irupana are altogether or individually in the part that corresponds to them, to float in the Central Bank of Bolivia or other credit institution, an Empra © stito the sum of eight billion (Bs. 8,000,000. â €" ")" , within the scope of the tax credit according the law of 20 May 1947, at interest rates s and repayment in use for works of face character public.!
Arta-culo 2a ° â €"this Empra © stito is invested Asa-: mixed Attorney School of Chulumani?!" ... For the continuation of the work of the cooperative Commonwealth © Sud Yungas conduction? For the school of Irupana señoritas? For the Hotel of Irupana?. For schools or other works public of the cantons Yanacachi Villa Aspiazu, © Huancana, Chirca, Ocobaya, Tajma, Chicaloma, Laza, Lambate, Taca and Pariguaya, Sega º n meet?...
BS. ("" "" 2,000,000. â €"1,000,000. â €" 1,500,000. â €"1,500,000. â €" 2,000,000. â €"Arta-culo 3a ° â €" of resources currently accumulated in the Central Bank of Bolivia by concept of law on April 17, 1941, paragraph (d)); 16 December 1942 and December 4, 1947, including future revenues corresponding to the management of 1948, is will dispose of the following sums for works indicated: cooperative Commonwealth © electrical Sud Yungas, the total of the revenues collected and recovered in the management of the year 1948, Sega º n law of December 4, 1947! amend the equal of December 16, 1942;
Variant of the service of drinking water of the Irupana capital until the sum of five hundred thousand bolivianos (Bs. 500,000);
Schools and works public cantonal to the sum of five hundred thousand bolivianos (Bs. 500,000);
Arta-culo 4Â ° â €"is guaranteed in interest and repayment of the Empra © stito with the following resources: the total of the tax corresponding to the Sud Yungas province beer;"
The part that the resources created by subsection h) of the Arta-culo 12a of the law on April 17, 1941.
Arta-culo 5 ° â €"the Administration and investment of the above resources as well - as from the Empra © stito of the eight million Bolivians will be made by the Alcalda-ACE of Chulumani and Irupana. in the part concerning them" The Comptroller - General of the Repà Designara to its external auditor, with residence in Sud Yungas, for a better and more efficient check of the investments to be made in the mentioned works.
Arta-culo 6a ° a€ "starting from it management economic of 1949 it Alcalda-to Municipal of Chulumani and the Committee © Provincial of Sud Yungas will transfer n, quarterly, to the Alcalda-to Municipal of Irupana for their works of sewerage and Pavimentacia³n it half of them resources deposited in the Bank Central of Bolivia by the custom of the Coca, in compliance of the law of 4 of December of 1947 that modifies them laws of 16 of December of 1942 and Arta-culo!" 2A °, paragraph (d)) of the law on April 17, 1941.
Commune-contact to the Executive for constitutional purposes.
Session of the H. Congress Hall.
La Paz, 4 November 1948.
M. Urriolagoitia.a€ "A. Salinas la³pez.a€" C. Lopez, S. S.a€ "L. Ossio Ruiz, S. S.a€" A. Quezada, D. S.a€ "P. Montaño, D. S."
I therefore enacted it is and meets coco law of the Republic.
Government Palace, in the city of La Paz, to the fourteen day-as of the month of November nineteen hundred forty and eight years.
E Hertzog.a€ "Josà © Romero Loza."