Province Bautista Saavedra. - Create It In The Department Of La Paz.


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LAW on November 17, 1948, province Baptist Saavedra.a€ "Cra © ase ã © sta in the Department of La Paz."
ENRIQUE HERTZOG G. Constitutional President of the Repašblica as: National Congress has enacted the following law: the National Congress DECREES: Arta-culo 1a ° â €"Cra © ase province"Bautista Saavedra"on the basis of the second Municipal section of the current province dolls, with the capital Villa General Juan Josà © Pà © rez (Charazani) and cantons General Gonzà les (Chajaya)!" , Curved, Amarete, Chullina and part of the Canta³n Camata.
Arta-culo 2a ° a€ "them it-mites of the new province with dolls will be n them following: the current it-mite between the first and second section starting from its intersection with it province Camacho until the point of intersection with the Ra- or Charazani or Camata, leaving this to ° last population within the province dolls, and starting from this second point!" , the course of Ra-o Camata to the point called Sillapata, where forming an angle or elbow will continue the current stroke of the real camino de herradura Camata-Apollo to the point of intersection with the current La-mite with Caupolica n.!! The it-mite with Camacho and Caupolica n will be n those currently existing.!!
Commune-contact to the Executive for constitutional purposes.
Hall of sessions of the H. Congress national.
The peace, 13 of November of 1948.
P Zilveti A.a€ "A. Landa-var Ribera.a€" C. López Arce, S. S.†"o. Gutierrez © rrez, S. S.â€" A. Quezada, D. S. â €"D. Imaña Monterrey, D." S. I therefore enacted it is and meets as a law of the Republic.
Government Palace, in the city of La Paz, to the seventeen day-as of the month of November of nineteen forty-eight years, E. Hertzog.a€ "A. Mollinedo."