Province Bautista Saavedra. - Expropriation. - L. No. 76 Of 15 December. 1949.-It Declares The Need And Usefulness Of Expropriate Property For The Construction Of The House Of Government Of Charazani


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Law N ° 76 law of 5 January 1961 VICTOR PAZ ESTENSSORO constitutional the President because, the Honorable National Congress has sanctioned the following law: the National Congress, D E C R E T A: article 1. All contract of loan or muto money between individuals, the conventional interest may not exceed four percent monthly.
Article 2. For purposes of this law, is considered interest, apart from the agreed clearly as such, any form of surcharge to the original capital, revenue, loan or deposit Commission, percentage, and in general all utility and benefit which a debtor States pay to its creditor, for the sum that it pays.
Article 3. The collection of interest exceeding the authorized is prohibited by this law, as well as their capitalization and any form of anatocism and demanding payment in advance. The stipulation of interests and conditions to the contrary, are void void.
Article 4. All public or private loan contract or muto's money, must be registered in the Bureau of internal revenue, in the term of 30 days of signed document, to the effect that interest-bearing and is oblen taxes which fixed the law on movable capital income.
The lack of registration and payment of taxes will be denounced by public cause and punishable as offences of tax fraud.
In the provincial and cantonal capitals where there is no office of registration, this diligence will be practiced to place political and administrative authorities, who will see to the Departmental Office of internal revenue within each economic management, for the purposes of this Act.
Article 5. Constitutes usury all interest superior to the set in the present law and all form of anatocism.
Article 6. Inchoate it execution under the instrument of the debt, if contains revenue greater to the established by this law, the judge of it claims will reduce the agreed between parties the interest legal, without prejudice of the intervention of the Ministry public, for the action criminal corresponding.
Article 7. It is presumed that the deposit of money between individuals and all mutual money not onerous, conceals usury if the depositor or lender engage in contracts of loans with interest.
II.-of the RIBA in matters criminal article 8. Which is dedicate to make loans or business, any that is it form that specifically will incur in the penalty of fine equivalent to the triple of the amount of those interests usurious.
Is considered as usury, not only the get an interest superior to the established in this law, but the get of the forced a provision, transfer, warranty or something analog that involves an advantage or benefit notoriously disproportionate concerning it made or given by the lender.
Article 9. Which is an intermediary, figurehead, flattering or provocative of loans or business users, will incur the penalties imposed in the previous article.
Article 10. Which deduct or retain, without authority, completely or partially, salary or salary or any other consideration or payment that should be done, credit or business, that is user, will be subject to the criminal sanction of usury provided for in article 8, without prejudice to the obligation to return the sums unduly impacted.
III. General provisions article 11. Antedated checks tested supports a user loan, it will not be included in the effects of the law of December 23, 1949.
There will be a presumption of usury, their endorsement or direct benefit is dedicate to the activities of loan interests, and should be, in the case of this article, give immediate notice to the Superintendency of banks or political and administrative authority where there is it, to affections of the settlement and coercive collection of disappointed taxes and associated interests and legal documents.
Article 12. Called antedatados checks that fraudulent use has been made to circumvent tax prosecutors and carry out extortion with threat of scam judgment debtors, shall constitute proof of codelincuencia of the beneficiaries, if they do not regularize their situation of creditors under article 4 of this law.
Article 13. Where proven any kind of usury, will be sent the curtailment or settlement of interests according to the requirements of this Act.
The loan agreements whose interests are outstanding, any form of law, will be liquidated according to the first article.
Article 14. There are included in the provisions of this Act, the credit institutions that concedieren loan or mutual money, with rates higher than the established in the first article.
Article 15. Are repealed all the laws, decrees and provisions contrary to the present law.
Communicate to the Executive Branch for constitutional purposes.
Session of the H. Congress Hall.
Peace, on December 23, 1960.
FDO. Ruben Julio C., E. market Ayala, Col. C. Cuéllar, Jaime Manning, Guillermo Muñoz de la Barra, Armando Mollinedo.
I therefore enacted it is and meets as a law of the Republic.
Government Palace in the city of La Paz, in the fifth day of the month of January of thousand nine hundred sixty-one years.
FDO. VICTOR PAZ ESTENSORO, a. Sanchez pictures.