Road Santa Cruz. - Budget - L 78 Of 15 December. 1949.-Be Recognized Obligation Of The National Budget Excess Cost On The Calculated 24


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LAW Nº 78 law of 5 January 1961 VICTOR PAZ ESTENSSORO constitutional the President because, the Honorable National Congress has sanctioned the following law: Congress, D E C R E T A: article 1-dispónelos is the installation of a sugar mill in Bermejo, Arze province of Tarija Department, with a capacity of 6,000 tonnes of product in an average time of a harvest of 75 days. He project of the wit should allow an increase of the production in future until of 10,000 tons of sugar, that must reach is by increase of them machines additional and partially by extension of the time of work during the harvest.
Article 2.-authorize power Executive, to agree, on behalf of the Department of Tarija, the purchase of the corresponding machinery with deferred payment and contract one or several loans in banks nationals or foreigners to a maximum of three million dollars ($3,000,000-), for payment of part or all of the following items: a) machinery-b) transport- e) mounting-d) civil works and/or.
Article 3.-For the service of amortization and interests of loans or for payment of the products referred to in the previous article more surveying, clearing, sugar cane plantations are intended for the following royalties on the production of hydrocarbons for the Department of Tarija.
Debt consolidated by YPFB until 1958;
The resulting production of the Bolivian Oil Co. To December 31, 1960.
90% of which produce YPFB, and the private companies in the years 1961 and 1962.
Article 4.-the total of the royalties from the oil which correspond to the Department of Tarija, goes ten percent during the years 1961 and 1962 for the construction and completion of the field Pajoso-Caraparí roads-Itaú (jurisdiction of the province of the Gran Chaco and road between rivers.-Salinas-Chiquiaca) (jurisdiction of the province O'Connor), whose funds shall be managed by a Joint Committee of both provinces , in a direct way.
Article 5.-for the year 1936 is hereby amended this law, do a new work plan for the Department of Tarija, making the distribution of oil royalties, and assigning higher percentage to the producing provinces.
Article 6.-La Corporación Boliviana de Fomento will call tender for the purchase of machinery and provide the comparative table of the proposals raise the Executive power to its final decision.
Article 7.-Also, the Bolivian Development Corporation is responsible for the installation and commissioning of wit to this effect can manage to YPFB and other oil companies pay percentages of designated departmental royalties under this law, leaving these companies forced to cancel these percentages.
Article 8.-The Bolivian Development Corporation will make a topographic survey of the lands where they serve wit with production of sugar cane and designated the place where it will be installed giving preference to land tax or reverted to the State by the agrarian reform law, respecting the right of allocation and settlement of peasants. Declared property of wit, to the extent of 2,000 hectares of land tax or reverted to the status that may be sold or leased in whole or in part by the ingenuity in batches no larger than 50 hectares.
Article 9.-Remain suspended all requests for grant of lands in Bermejo Meanwhile the Bolivian Development Corporation run the selection referred to in the previous article, with the exception of requests that are pending of titles.
Article 10.-Once installed and launched the wit, the Executive power by decree established its regime of exploitation for the benefit of the Department of Tarija.
Article 11.-All provisions contrary to this law are hereby repealed.
Communicate to the Executive Branch for constitutional purposes.
Session of the H. Congress Hall. Peace, on December 23, 1960.
FDO. Mario Tórrez C. E. market Ayala, Ciro Humboldt, Alberto Lavadenz, Guillermo Muñoz de la Barra, Jaime Arellano Castañeda.
I therefore enacted it is and meets as a law of the Republic.
Palace of Government in the city of the peace, to the five days of the month of January of thousand 1900s sixty and a years.
FDO. VICTOR PAZ ESTENSORO, a. Sanchez pictures.