Law 144

Original Language Title: Ley 144

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LAW NÂ ° 144.
Because: The Honorable National Congress has sanctioned the following law: the National Congress DECREES: Ia€ "committees of buildings and their Funciones.a€" Arta-culo ° â €"in order to provide premises suitable to all schools and tax schools of the Republic, Cra © ase at the headquarters of the national Government an entity called"Committee © National's school buildings", constituted by the following officials to pay n services pro-bono!" : 1.a€ "the Minister of education that Presidira said Committee."
2.a€ "The Director General of education, 3.a€" El Director General de Arquitectura, of the Ministry of public works.
4.a€ "the engineer School of the Ministry of education.
5.a€ "a delegate of the League national masters.
6.a€ "a representative of the Comptroller-a.
Arta-culo ° 2a for the direction and supervision of the works and the administration of the funds corresponding to the school buildings in departments and municipal districts in the provinces, is organized ¡(n Comités compuestos: a) in departmental capitals: the prefect, head of the school district, departmental Director of public works, Municipal Mayor, a delegate of the Confederación teachers and a representative of the Comptroller-a;!
(b) in the capitals of provinces and municipal sections: the Mayor, the sub-prefect, Director of schools and two notable neighbors.
Arta-culo 3a ° â €"the Committee © s of school buildings previously indicated ¡(n las siguientes atribuciones: a) will study and formulate a plan of school buildings that will be approved by the Government in Council of Ministers;!"
b) manage and invest their resources and that you reside in the State in the national budget;
(c) faccionar the annual budget of revenues and expenses for its approval by the Executive Branch;
(d) Contracting loans with mortgage bond tax existing buildings or with the warranty-resources budgets for rentals;
(e) accept bequests and donations;
f) appointing architects and indispensable employees;
(g) perform other duties that they Sea±ale the rules of procedure adopted by the Executive branch.
II.a€ "funds for buildings Escolares.a€" Arta-culo 4a ° â €"resources for buildings and school repairs constitute n with the following taxes.
Tax Global complementary about bearer shares and the Compaa±a-as "Holding".
Arta-culo 5Â ° â €"tax complementary Global created by law on May 3, 1928, with the modifications established by law on July 4, 1938 and Supreme Decree on October 7, 1941, will be claimed at source on income that perceive the bearer shares and registered shares in favour of natural persons resident abroad.!" For it will as retention agent societies entities or other gender of organizations that pay dividends on this kind of actions according to the scale maximum of complementary global tax.! The taxpayers may, subsequently, make claims to the permanent Fiscal Commission, displaying irrefutable documents to the repayment of any amount paid in excess.
6a ° â € Arta-culo "in the case of dividends, shares, rents, or other concepts Ana logos, from Bolivian source and to pay people Jura - dicas residing abroad, the rate Ma the global tax supplementary will be maximum, also withheld at source in the case of Compaa±a-as"holding"banking or financial.!!!"
Arta-culo 7a ° â €"in cases in which the person legal - medical domiciled abroad try with the Ministry of finance through © s of the Commission tax permanent, not to be a Compaa±a-a"holding", Bank or financial, but a society whose activities abroad are similar to those that they developed in Bolivia remain complementary global tax free." This kind of societies will be n required to register before an official appointed by the Government, the name of each one of its shareholders.
If these are legal persons - dicas or if being Fa-sicas people are Bolivian citizens, be they retained the rate maximum of complementary global tax instead of 25% of tax referred to in this Arta-culo.
Arta-culo 8a ° â €"so that a person is considered resident in Bolivia for the tax purposes must have in the Paa-s, an attorney with powers accept all sorts of notifications including notes and sheets of charge related to the collection of all kinds of taxes."
III.a€ "the earnings Extraordinarias.a€" Arta-culo 9Â ° â €"from 1949 is considered n-profits Ma span commercial and industrial of the national manufacturing up to 25% of net profits per year in relation to the capital subscribed by the person or company carrying on any money or business."
Utilities that out of 25% will be there n of the Reagravacia³n of 5% on each unit of 10% of extraordinary gains, to the La-mite Ma maximum of 40% on profits.
Arta-culo 10a ° â €"the perception of this tax will be subject to regulation on the part of the Executive to defend the Treasury of resulting fraud fraudulent accounting or other fraudulent means.
Arta-culo 11a ° â €"will effectuate n all net profits which are received in relation to paid-in capital are they distributed as dividends to shareholders or serve to increase capital or reserves of the company or society contributing.!"
Arta-culo 12a ° â €"yields this tax will serve n also, for the purposes of this Act.
IV.a€ "Other Impuestosa€" Arta-culo 13a ° â €"(Con el mismo destino de las reparaciones y edificaciones escolares se crean los siguientes recursos e impuestos: a) 50% of tax revenues lagging behind from the management of 1945;"
(b) 25% of surcharge tax on indirect inheritance and bequests;
(c) the regular tax on inheritances, direct and indirect, for a period of five years, should this product be used in districts where this © n farms property of the deceased, with the exception of dictated laws that support Empra © stitos;
(d) ½ % charged by the Central Bank for import and permits an exchange of checks issued to merchants and industrialists, in own currencies or availability of foreign currency in the open market operations;
(e) the surcharge of 0.50 for postage of simple letter and Bs. Bs. 1.a€ "by parcel post or registered mail destined for the internal service of Paa-s."
V.a€ "autorizacia" N and Emprestito.a operations €"Arta-culo 14a ° â €" in order to finance sufficient resources to launch the Government plan of school buildings, the Executive Branch is authorised to place Empra © stito or Empra © stitos internal to the sum of hundred and fifty million bolivianos, with the warranty-a of yields set by © sta law.
Arta-culo 15a °. â €"El Banco Central de Bolivia, as trustee tax, issue bonds that is Denominara n"Pro - school buildings", recognizing the interest © s Ma maximum of 5% and the rate of repayment of 10% Ma ximum per year.!!!"
Arta-culo 16a ° â €"to enforce the operation of Empra © stito, requiring all the arquirentes of foreign currency, official or preferential rate, for amounts over $500 dollars to compare value of Bs"Bonuses Pro-Edificaciones school", 300th€" for each fee of $100 dollars, Arta-culo 17a ° â €"these bonds will be deposited n in Bank sales of foreign currencies for as long lasting término granted to the legal disclaimers." The titles will be n transferable to other persons who require it for the same purposes of application and Disclaimer of currency or money orders.
Arta-culo 18a ° â €"Central cancelled bank the amount representing your presentation one such bonds, if approved the granting of foreign currency this disclaimer, pursuant to their employment or correct application.!"
VI.a€ "provisions Varias.a€" Arta-culo 19a ° â €"the distribution of the funds"Pro-Edificaciones school", is Hara taking account the density of the student population of each town and the lack of adequate teaching campuses."
Arta-culo 20a ° â €"tax collecting offices are entrusted with the responsibility of their leaders charge the gravel menes e tax that includes this law, bound moving to deposit it in an account of the Central Bank which is open with the heading of"Funds for school construction".!!"
Arta-culo 21a ° â €"are hereby repealed the laws and other provisions contrary to this law.
Arta-culo 22a ° â €"the power Executive Reglamentara this law.
Commune-contact to the Executive for constitutional purposes.
Session of the H. Congress Hall.
La Paz, 20 December 1949.
(Fdo). Waldo Belmonte Pool.a€ "(Fdo)." Luis Ponce Lozada.a€ ' (Fdo). " C. Lopez, Senator Secretario.a€ ' (Fdo). " P. Saucedo Barbery, Senator Secretario.a€ ' (Fdo). " G. Alvarez S., Deputy Secretario.a€ ' (Fdo). " J. Crespo, Deputy Secretary.
THEREFORE: I enacted it is and meets as a law of the Republic.
Government Palace, in the city of La Paz, to the four decades-as of the month of January of one thousand nine hundred and fifty years.
(Fdo). MAMERTO Urriolagoitia.a€ ' (Fdo). " À © Valda z. â €"(Fdo)." R stop Sua rez.