Distinguished From The Homeland. - Law Of 21 December 1956.-Declared To Citizens Bolivians That They Attended The Campaign Of The Chaco.


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law of December 21



For How Much: The Honorable National Congress has sanctioned the following Law:



ArtA-arse 1A °â€" Declare "BENEMERDOS DE LA PATRIA" to all Bolivian citizens who, having attended the Campaà ± a del Chaco, provided services as combatants in the fire-lines and within the Operations Zone that delimits the order of the Eject No 27/35 of 3 May 1935 or in any of the three phases established by the Order of Ejuteres NA ° 1/38, of 5 January 1938, supplemented by the Order of the DA-a of Ejécid-Ná ° 7/39 of 7 March 1939.

The chaffers, Helpers, Nics, War Nurses, and Health Care, are included in the previous honorary recognition.

Article 2A °â€ " The General, Chiefs and Officers of Arms and Services of the The Armed Forces, the Reserve and the troops in general, creditors of this distinction, will receive a "Bronze Cross" and the corresponding Diploma that accredits its quality of "Beneméritos". The bronze crosses will take in the front this inscription:

"THE HONORABLE NATIONAL CONGRESS OF THE DEFENDERS OF THE CHACO"; and on the reverse: "REPUBLIC OF BOLIVIA", regardless of its other decorations, for whose end there is no Term or prescription.

ArtA-ass 3A °â€ " Those who, who had fought or served services within the Operations zone, were excluded from this distinction, incurred in desertion or other serious crimes against the Fatherland; as well as The Generals and other senior members of the Army who can be accused of misusing military operations or who have suffered a sentence executed for different reasons, for their action in the Chaco Highway.

ArtA-arse 4A °â€ " The Chiefs, Reserve Officers and Troop Class, to deal with the individual declaration of Benemenos de la Patria, should present to the National Confederation of Ex-combatants of the Chaco War, by A regular conduit of its Departmental Federations, a certified copy of the corresponding Demobilization Book, in which it consists of its action in the fire-line or its services within the Operations Zone or the so-called phases.

ArtA-ass 5A °â€ " The National Confederation of ExFighters of the War of the Chaco, as the only entity recognized to the effect will verify the authenticity of the expressed evidential documents, will make to legalise with the History of the General Staff of the General Staff of the Army and to urge the respective " Order of "By declaring" Benementerito "to be perfectly entitled.

ArtA-culo 6A °â€" The General Lord, Chiefs and Officers of Arms and Services of the Armed Forces, will present their documents to the Supreme Court of Justice Military. In each case, the Court will decide whether or not the requested distinction is drawn and then raise to the Ministry of National Defense, for the declaration of "Beneméritto de la Patria" by Supreme Resolution.

7A °â€ "The heirs of the deceased ex-combatants may claim the decoration referred to in the preceding articles by filling the prescribed limits in this law.

ArtA-ass 8A °â€" In reward for the services lent to the Homeland and once the former combatant has been declared "Benemétorito", the State will grant him preference in the land provision whenever his purpose is to dedicate himself to the agricultural labors preference that will be understood on the fiscal lands and on the affected latifundiums according to the Agrarian reform, provided they do not affect the peasants. For this purpose the institutions of credit will grant the economic facilities of the case to which they will request it.

ArtA-ass 9A °â€ " The Beneméritos de la Patria will be immovable in the performance of the public charges when not there is duly justified legal grounds for dismissal. The children of ex-combatants whose economic resources are insufficient will be preferred in the award of study grants.

ArtA-ass 10A °â€ " The Beneméritos de la Patria that will die will be promoted to the immediate degree. superior, owing to the National Revolution's Army, to give them the honors of regulation.

ArtA-ass 11A °â€ " These honorary rewards that the present Law agrees, does not imply the granting of pecuniary benefits, while the "NATIONAL BOX OF THE EX-COMBATANT" does not have sufficient resources.

ArtA-ass 12A °â€ " As a principle of discipline and order is recognized as a unique representative entity of the Beneméritos de la Patria, to the National Confederation of Ex-combatants of the Chaco War; all the associations or organizations of the ex-soldiers of the Chaco without exception must join the said institution, not being prevented the approval of statutes and the recognition of personer-to legal, private.

ArtA-cles 13A °â€ " repealed all provisions contrary to this Law.

Communicate to the Executive Branch for Constitutional Purposes.

Session of the H. National Congress.

La Paz, December 13, 1956.

Ovidio Barbery Ibà A ± ez, President of the National Senate. †"RenA Castrillo J., President of the H. CA of Diputades.â €" Ciro Humboldt B., Senator Secretario.†"Eufronio Hinojosa G., Senator Secretario.â€" Luis F. Oropeza, Member Secretario.â € " Oscar Barbery J., Deputy Secretary.

FOR TANTO: I enact it so that it has and will comply with the law of the Republic.

Government Palace, in the city of La Paz, at the twenty-one day of December of a thousand nine hundred and fifty-six years.

(Fdo.) HERNAN ZUAZO MISSILES.â€" Gral. Julio Prado M.