Taxes. - Approval Which Will Form Part Of The Budget Of Santa Cruz.


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Supreme DECREES Emprestito.a€ "author-used pair peace public works Board contract to the extent of Bs. 50,000,000. â €" ENRIQUE PEA'ARANDA C. President constitutional DE LA Repašblica.
Whereas, H. National Congress has enacted the following law: the National Congress DECREES: Arta-culo 1a °. â €"authorizing the Board of works public of La Paz, to hire an Empra © stito at the same time in a single operation or in several, up to the amount of 50 billion, whose product is assigned to the rescue of the works of drinking water" sewerage, Pavimentacia³n and Canalizacia³n of the Ra-o Choqueyapu in the city of La Paz and Villa de Obrajes.
Arta-culo 2a °. â €"Empra © stito of reference may be settled by installments to works needs may require it to be executed and Devengara interés Ma ximun of 6 per cent per year and will have a cumulative initial repayment of the 4 per cent also yearly, and must be in addition s extraordinary amortization with the surplus of resources reattached to the operation.!!!" May agreed with the institution's Cra credit placed Empra © stito an interest and a repayment more convenient.
Arta-culo 3a °. â €"in guarantee the timely payment of the service of interest and amortization payments that may be agreed, the La Paz public works Board, impact assessment and letter in favor of the creditor or of the holders of bonds of the Empra © stito, all the best performance that produces the fee established by this law with relationship to Items I!" , II, III, IV, V and VI of the Arta-culo 3a of Decree Law of date 29 July 1937, which was kept n effective and without reduction until the total payment of the obligation. (Also you reattach to this operation the taxes created by subparagraphs b) and d) Arta-culo 2a ° of the Act of February 25, 1920, the national, departmental and municipal contributions created by Decrto law of 27 January 1937, 50 per cent of the tickets of anden collected at stations of railway in the city of La Paz and for this purpose modified the Supreme resolutions of September 2, 1922-January 17, 1931.
Arta-culo 4Â ° â €"all items included in this operation correspond to collections made by the national customs, will n proportionally of all charges rendered or issued."
Arta-culo 5a °. â €"sets a tax of one and half percent (1 l | 2 per cent), on sales, as tax in addition to the one created by Decree-Law of July 25, 1939, all merchandise-to imported the Department of La Paz, for consumption therein with the exceptions indicated in the aforementioned decree law."
Arta-culo 6a ° â €"the 20 cent tax on each quintal metric of minerals produced in the Department of La Paz, created by laws of 4 and 23 January 1919 and raised to 40 cents by Decree Law date August 17, 1939, rises to Bs. 5.a€" without extra charges.
7a ° â € Arta-culo "(creates the following taxes without penalties: to) â €" a tax of 10 cents on a litre of petrol consumed in the Department of La Paz, which will be collected and delivered on a quarterly basis to the Board of works public peace by deposits Petrola-Bolivian feros or any institution that replaces it;!
(b) â €"a tax of four cents per gross kilogram of wood, Pa ¡(rrafos 189 ael 195 inclusives deel Arancel de Aduanas, que sea importado ael Departamento de La Paz y para su consumo en el mismo, c). â €" a tax of 5 bolivianos per quintal of iron constructions that are interne the peace Department;! "
(d). â €"a tax of a Bolivian per each one hundred kilos of national cement or consumed abroad in the Department of La Paz."
(e). â €"a tax of 10 cents on a bottle of aerated waters, minerals and others and 5 cents over half bottles produced in the Department of La Paz."
Arta-culo 8a °. â €"La Recaudación A-deposit of resources referred to in this law shall be deposited directly by entities collecting, under its responsibility, in the special account that is open for the effect in the Central Bank of Bolivia.!" Such Recaudación is Hara by the Board of works PA public of La Paz and in cases of participation is empowered to perform the suitable supervision. The trustee and Fiscal Agent of this Empra © stito, if so, will have the faculty to raise them directly without the need for further authorization in the event that funds raised by the relevant administrative authorities, not deposited them in the prescribed manner.
Arta-culo 9a °. â €"is declared free of any tax national, departmental or any other A-advising, both the capital and the interests of the Empra © stito authorized by this Act, as well - as the bonds and coupons should be issued by the trustee for its investment in public."
Arta-culo 10a °. â €"the Central Bank of Bolivia, or the institution that takes in charge the Flotacia³n of the authorized stito, will Empra prior acceptance, trustee of the same functions, having therefore representation common bondholders ' n and all the rights and actions that are required for the fulfilment of the trust."
Arta-culo 11a ° â €"the trustee shall be paid by the Board of works public de La Paz, with one per thousand yearly, on the service of the © stito Empra, corresponded assistance payment made with funds from la Recaudación of resources given in guarantee the obligation." In addition s, you will n reimbursed all costs incurred with respect to management of the © Empra stito.!!
Arta-culo 12a °. â €"where the Central Bank of Bolivia signed all or part of the Empra © stito authorized by this Act, such operation will have face character Prosecutor and not is computed (in the La-mite indicated by paragraph 6 letter e) of 53 of its organic law nica. Arta-culo!!!"
Arta-culo 13a °. â €"the warranty-as established by this Empra © stito service does not affect n of any mode to the incomes referred to the University of peace."
Arta-culo 14a °. â €"all laws and administrative arrangements that would be in Contradiccia³n with this law are hereby repealed."
Arta-culo 15a °. â €"the Executive Reglamentara this law, especially with regard to the functioning of the Board of La Paz public works and responsibilities."
Commune-that will to power Executive, for constitutional purposes.
Session of the H. Congress Hall.
Peace, on February 11, 1941.
Gabriel Palenque.†"Rafael de Ugarte.â€" Prof. C. Beltrà n Morales, Senator Secretario.a€ "Julio Pantoja Estenssoro, Senator Secretary ad hoc.a€" e. Portillo, Deputy Secretary.! A. Villalpando, Deputy Secretary.
I therefore enacted it so you have and observe as the law of the Republic.
Palace of Government of the city of La Paz, to the eighteen day-as of the month of February of nineteen hundred years cuarentiun.
GRAL. PEA'ARANDA. â €"Oscar Mariaca Pando.a€" Joaqua-n sword.

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