Construction. — Authorize The Of A Stadium In The City Of Oruro.


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BUILDING.€ " AutorA-zase that of a Stadium in the city of Oruro.


FOR HOW much, the H. National Congress has sanctioned the following law:



ArtA-ass 1A ° .†" The construction of a building is declared of necessity and utility Stadium in the city of Oruro, on the ground acquired by the "Comité Pro-Estadio" and according to the plans of the engineers Aramayo and Villavicencio, accepted by contest

ArtA-arse 2A ° .†" For the construction of the said Stadium create the following resources:

1) The taxes indicated by the Article 1A of the Decree Law of 9 April 1938, which are collected in the Department of Oruro and as long as they are exclusively intended for the construction of the Stadium.

2) Of the annual allocation granted by the Ministry of Education to the Comité National Sports, Bs. 10,000.

3) Annual Departmental Treasury Allocation, of Bs. 50,000.

4) Tax of Bs. 0.20 on tickets to luneta or palco of cinemas and theatres of Oruro, with exception of the school functions.

5) The tax "Pro-Estadio" of Bs. 2.†" over heca-area in both the properties constituted, and The Department of Oruro's mining petitions.

6) The tax on indirect inheritance from the Department of Oruro.

7) Behind the tax on direct and indirect inheritances prior to 1939, in the Department of Oruro.

ArtA-ass 3A ° .†" The funds from the certain in this law, will be deposited in a special account, with the rubric "Construction of the Oruro Stadium", without any official, for any reason, may apply them to another object which is expressly intended by this law.

ArtA-Aculo 4A ° .†" The Departmental Treasure of Oruro, will communicate monthly to both the Ministry of Public Works and the Departmental Committee of Sports, the deposits that would have been made in the account referred to in this law.

ArtA-ass 5A ° .†" The accounting relative to the fund movement is concentrate on the Departmental Treasury of Oruro, owing to the sums collected, to be deposited in current account, in the Bank that better conditions offer.

ArtA-ass 6A ° .†" A Comité" Pro-Estadio " is organized with autonoma-a and responsibility, integrated by the Prefect of the Department as President and representatives of the Sports League and Association of Foot Ball and the President of the Society "10 of February", in charge of the investment of the funds and the building of the Stadium, corresponding the super surveillance of the works to the Comité National de Deportes.

ArtA-culo 7A ° .†" The Ministry of Public Works, in accordance with the General Directorate of Public Works, will be responsible for inspecting the work and ensuring compliance with the technical specifications and instructions to be issued by the

cited Direction.

ArtA-ass 8A ° .†" All materials that need to be imported for the works of the Stadium, will not pay any customs duties of any kind, and, in addition, will be granted, for their transport, the reduction of 50 percent and concession of currency necessary for its acquisition.

ArtA-arse 9A ° .†" The Executive is authorized to hire a guarantee with guarantee-a of the resources indicated in this law.

The Community-to the Executive Branch, for the constitutional purposes.

The sessions of the National Congress.

La Paz, February 18, 1941.

A. Galindo.â € "Rafael de Ugarte.â €" Prof. C. Beltrà ¡ n Morales, Senator Secretario.â € "A, Saavedra Nogales, Senator Secretario.â €" F. Flores J., Deputy Secretary. â € " F. Iturralde Ch., Deputy Secretary.

FOR TANTO, I enact it so that I know

Given in the Palace of Government of the city of La Paz, at the three days of March of a thousand nine hundred and twenty-hundreds of people, given in the Palace of Government of the city of La Paz.

GRAL. PEA ' ARANDA.†" Joaqua-n Sword.