Law 404

Original Language Title: Ley 404

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Law No. 404 law of 18 of September of 2013 EVO MORALES AYMA President constitutional of the State multinational of BOLIVIA as, the Assembly Legislative plurinational, has sanctioned the following law: the Assembly Legislative PLURINATIONAL, D E C R E T to: article 1. (OBJECT). Declared priority of the plurinational State, recovery, conservation, use and sustainable utilization of wetlands, in order to protect this special resource-dependent life systems.
Article 2. (DEFINITION). The wetlands are wetlands and correspond to a kind of native prairie with permanent or temporary, humidity compounded by a community of native species of flora with high productive potential which holds wild, domesticated animals and communities related to them.
Article 3. (LOCATION). The wetlands are found in the Andean region, which represents the thirty-five percent (35%) of the country, above the 3,000 meters above sea level, approximately.
Article 4. (OBJECTIVES). This Act aims to: promote the recovery, conservation and specialized management of the wetlands from research and dialogue of knowledge and knowledge of the peoples native indigenous peasants and academic knowledge, for the purpose of implementing mixed management techniques of water and soil, which favour the increase of production and productivity to ensure the conservation of the living systems that holds.

Promote the identification and inventory of wetlands in the Andean region, taking into account cultural and biological aspects in order to recreate the expertise, knowledge and Andean technologies, involving different research institutes with experience in the subject.

Support in the process of raising awareness to pluri-national, departmental, municipal and communal level about the importance of the recovery, conservation, use and sustainable use of soil, water, flora, fauna, production and other components of life systems related to wetlands.
Article 5. (STUDIES AND INVENTORIES). The Ministry of environment and water, through the Vice-Ministry of the environment, biodiversity, climate change and management of forestry development, should promote the performance of studies and relevant inventory on Wetlands at national level, in order to formulate, implement programmes and projects of recovery, conservation and management of wetlands through water harvesting techniques , soil conservation, preservation of species of importance forage, to transcend to a collective benefit of the Bolivian population in general.
Various research institutes, including the training center of management of natural resources in Andean ecosystems and the specialized herbal of Andean vegetation of the country studies, must recreate the expertise, knowledge and technologies Andean.
Article 6. (SUPPORT AND FINANCING). The Ministry of environment and water, through the Vice-Ministry of the environment, biodiversity, climate change and management of forestry development, within the framework of its powers, should support in managing funding national and international cooperation for the realization of studies and implementation of programmes and projects for the recovery, conservation and specialized management of the wetlands in the country.
The central level of the State and the autonomous territorial entities, companies must sign agreements intergubernativos to give feasibility to the programmes and projects of the Ministry of environment and water.
Article 7. (PARTICIPATION OF DECENTRALIZATION AND AUTONOMOUS TERRITORIAL ENTITIES). In the framework of their powers, them Governments of them entities territorial autonomous and entities decentralized corresponding, must incorporate in their plans of development and plans operating annual, them demands of them communities concerning the use, conservation and use sustainable of them wetlands, including actions particular as the use of the water, conservation of soils, the care of them resources vegetable, strengthen it security food of them communities.

Article 8. (SCOPE OF APPLICATION). They are included within the scope of this law, local authorities where the wetlands are present.
Refer to the Executive Body for constitutional purposes.
Two thousand thirteen is given in the room of sessions the Assembly Legislative plurinational, twenty-eight days of the month of August of the year.
FDO. Lilly Gabriela MONTAÑO Viana, Lucio brand Mamani, Andres Agustin Villca Daza, Claudia Jimena Torres Chávez, Marcelo Elio Chavez, Angel David Cortez Villegas.
I therefore enacted it is and meets as a law of the plurinational State of Bolivia.
Government Palace of the city of La Paz, to the 18 days of the month of September in the year two thousand thirteen.
FDO. EVO MORALES AYMA, Juan Ramón Quintana Taborga, Nemesia Achacollo Tola, José Antonio Zamora Gutierrez, Amanda Davila Torres.