Law 678

Original Language Title: Ley 678

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law no 678

2015 APRIL 30 LAW



For the Plurinational Legislative Assembly, it has The following Act is sanctioned:



ONLY ARTICLE. Article 2, Paragraph I, is amended and incorporated into Article 3, Paragraph VII, and the

Final Provisions Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth and Ninth of Law No. 163 of 8 August 2011, of portfolio recovery, title for the award of contracts, financial reconciliations, contributions and legal technical improvement of housing projects of the ex-FONVIS in Liquidation, for registration in Royal Rights offices at national level, according to the following wording:

?Article 2. (Titulation of Adjudicators and Occupants, and Payment of Portfolio with Benefit).

I. For the title of housing solutions and portfolio recovery, the adjudicators and occupants are

subject to the following conditions:

) The adjudicators and occupants in housing solutions of the ex-FONVIS in Liquidation, with

mandatory character, must pay by concept of own contribution ten percent (10%), established in the approved cost structure, within a period of one (1) year from the publication of this Law.

b) In addition to the amount stated in subparagraph (a), the adjudicators in arrears and in the process of execution and

the occupants, in order to consolidate their proprietary right, may benefit, for one (1) year from the publication of this Law, from an exceptional payment of twelve point five percent (12.5%) from the balance to the current capital, which will be recognized as the total payment of the debt, with the current interest, penalties and fines.

c) The occupants and adjudicators who would not have made the contributions of one per cent (1%) of work and two per cent (2%) employer, to the social housing scheme, must cancel an additional payment equal to three per cent. one hundred (3%) of twenty-four (24) national minimum wages in force at the date of their liquidation.

d) The occupants, for recognition as adjudicators, shall accredit their peaceful possession by

a time not less than two (2) years prior to your application. In the case of the original adjudicators, for their degree, it will be sufficient to verify that they were not benefited by housing solution by social housing institutions.

) In time to recognize the quality of the successful an applicant, pre-payments to the

issue of the administrative resolution, provided that the applicant's relationship with the institutions prior to the FONVIS in Liquidation is established, is verified that the payments have carried out during the periods of validity of those institutions and/or Special laws are in place; payments made during the term of the FONVIS in Liquidation and subsequent entities are also recognized, provided that there is express authorization for the payment, issued by the institution. Should payments subject to benefits be verified.?

?Article 3. (conciliation with the intermediary financial institutions).

VII. In the technical, legal, and financial reconciliations that the Enforcement Unit of the

Ministry of Public Works, Services, and Housing performs on resources disbursed by the ex-FONVIS in Liquidation or entities absorbed by it, in projects under Credit Risk Contracts, Trust and/or Direct Management with the Financial Institutions-IFI, the same will only contemplate the recovery of balance to paid capital and current and criminal interest, with the payment of sums for fines for delays in the delivery of works and for the execution of guarantees in the process of execution of works, agreed in the respective contracts, on the basis of the documentation existing in the Unit Holder of Titulation. The IFIs to be subject to the waiver willing, must present all the disclaimers for the technical, financial and legal reconciliation within thirty (30) calendar days from the notification of start or restart of the conciliation integral, in the event of no pronouncement and cooperation in the reconciliation by the IFIs, or submit documentation within the prescribed period, will not be eligible for benefit.

QUINTA. For the technical and legal sanitation of housing projects and Institutional buildings of the ex-FONVIS and institutions absorbed by it, are authorized to the Ministry of Public Works, Services and Housing, so that through the Executive Unit of Titulation, proceed to the subscription of cooperation agreements The Council of the Judiciary, the Ministry of Justice and the Autonomous Municipal Government, with the Council of the Magistrature, the Ministry of Justice and the Council of the Judiciary, should provide the necessary and timely collaboration to the completion of the the technical and legal sanitation of the State's prediums.

SIXTH. It shall be considered a cause of revocation of the awards made by award minutes, memorandums, approved listings or administrative resolutions, issued by the entities absorbed by the Unit of Titulation of the FONVIS, the current Ministry of Public Works, Services and Housing, where the successful tenderer has rented, given in anti-cancer, constituted landlord, given in comodato or in any other way has lost possession of a good property of a social character that is occupied by third parties The Ministry of Public Works, Services and Housing shall consolidate in their favor, in quality of damages, the Ministry of Public Works, Services and Housing. improvements and constructions made and the amount of capital that has been paid, to make a new award giving priority in the qualification to the current occupants who give social function to the real estate, prior analysis and compliance requirements.

SEVENTH. Aspects not provided for in this Law, shall be governed by the laws and regulations in force for the ex-FONVIS in Liquidation.

EIGHTH. The Ministry of Public Works, Services and Housing, as an entity responsible for completing the pending tasks of the ex-FONVIS in Liquidation, will not recognize any type of award for free transfer of rights to solutions. In his capacity, in favor of neighborhood boards, Territorial Organizations of Base? OTB? s or other social organizations, the social nature of them must be preserved, which is to solve the housing problem in Bolivia.

ninth. It is prohibited to grant to members of the same family two or more housing solutions.

Under no circumstances will the Ministry of Public Works, Services and Housing grant the housing solutions to the Armed forces, Bolivian police or others in their condition of institutions, in order to avoid distortions to the purpose of housing solutions.?

Remit to the Executive Body, for constitutional purposes.

It is given in the Session Room of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly, at twenty-three days of the month of April of the

year two thousand fifteen.

Fdo. Jose Alberto Gonzales Samaniego, Victor Ezequiel Borda Belzu , Ruben Medinaceli Ortiz, Maria Argene

Simoni Cuellar, A. Claudia Torrez Diez, Erik Moron Osinaga.

Therefore, it is enacted to be and comply with the law of the State. Plurinational of Bolivia.

Palace of Government of the city of La Paz, at the thirty days of the month of April of the year two thousand fifteen.

FDO. EVO MORALES AYMA, Juan Ramón Quintana Taborga, Luis Alberto Arce Catacora, Milton Claros

Hinojosa, Virginia Velasco Condori, Hugo José Missiles Núñez del Prado.