Authorization Act Of Clearing Up To 20 Hectares For Small Properties And Community Or Collective Properties For Agricultural And Livestock Activities.


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Law No. 741 law of 29 September 2015 EVO MORALES AYMA President constitutional of the PLURINATIONAL State of BOLIVIA, by how much, the plurinational Legislative Assembly, has sanctioned the following law: the Assembly Legislative PLURINATIONAL, DECREES: law of authorization of clearing up to 20 HECTARES for small properties and properties community or collective for activities agricultural and livestock item 1. (OBJECT). This law aims to authorise the clearing of up to twenty hectares (20 has) on small properties, community or collective titling process or titled properties, and human settlements legally established with resolution of authorization, for the development of agricultural and livestock activities with comprehensive and sustainable production systems in harmony with mother earth, protecting the environmental functions.
Article 2. (PURPOSE). This law aims, expand agricultural food production to ensure food security and sovereignty.
Do i starting from the entry into force of this law, the authority of control and Social Control of forests and land? ABT, shall authorise the clearing of up to twenty hectares (20 has) in land with forest cover suitable for different applications and in lands of permanent forest production, without the presentation of land management plans? POP, or plans of integrated management of forests and land in small properties, community or collective properties, and human settlements with resolution of authorization of expedited and simplified way.
II. in the event of the community or collective property authorization of clearing up to twenty hectares (20 has) be held per household.
III. for the implementation of paragraph I of this article, the authority of control and Social Control of forests and land? ABT, will provide that authorisations for deforestation in areas in current forestry production, hand held to the established in the eighth chapter of title II of the fourth part of the political Constitution of the State, and the law N ° 300 of October 15, 2012? Law framework of the Earthmother and Integral Development for living well?.
Article 4. (EXEMPTION). For purposes of this law are exempted small properties and community or collective properties of the payment of patent for surface clearing of up to twenty hectares (20 has).

FINAL PROVISIONS FIRST. The posting of the authorization of the twenty hectares (20 has), will be made after the publication of this law.
THE SECOND. The scope of this Act do not apply in forest reserves and Protected Areas.
SOLE ABROGATION AND REPEAL PROVISION. They abrogate and repealing all provisions contrary to this law.
Refer to the Executive Body for constitutional purposes.
Two thousand and fifteen is given in the room sessions of the Assembly Legislative plurinational, to the seventeenth day of September in the year.
FDO. José Alberto Gonzales Samaniego, Victor Ezequiel Borda Belzu, Ruben Medinaceli Ortiz, Maria Argene Simoni Cuellar, Nelly Lenz Roso, Erik Moron Osinaga.
I therefore enacted it is and meets as a law of the plurinational State of Bolivia.
City of Montero of the Santa Cruz Department, twenty-nine days of the month of September in the year two thousand and fifteen.

FDO. EVO MORALES AYMA, Luis Alberto Arce Catacora Minister of economy and finance and interim President, Cesar Hugo Cocarico Yana, Maria Alexandra Moreira Lopez.