Decree No. 2021-445 Of 08 Seven. 2021

Original Language Title: Décret N° 2021-445 du 08 sept. 2021

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REPUBLIC OF BENIN Fraternité-J ustice-Labour





In view of Law No. 90-32 of 11 December 1990 on the Constitution of the Republic of Benin, as amended by the Law No. 2019-40 of 07 November 2019;

Law n " 90-005 of 1 5 May 1990 laying down the conditions for the exercise of trade activities in the Republic of Benin;

Act n. 84-009 of 15 March 1984 on the control of foodstuffs;

Act No. 87-008 of 21 September 1987 laying down rules for the control of the processing and standardisation of agricultural products;

The decision by the Constitutional Court to declare on 21 April 2021 the final results of the presidential election of 11 April 2021;

Decree n " 2021-257 of 25 May 2021 on the composition of the Government;

The decree of 2021-401 of 28 July 2021 linking the structure of the ministries;

Decree n 2O2O-405 of 19 August 2020 on the powers, organisation and operation of the Ministry of Industry and Trade;

Decree n " 2020-027 of 15 January 2020 on the powers, organisation and operation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries;

Decree No. 87-351 of 23 October 1987 regulating the profession of buyer and trader of agricultural products in the Republic of Benin;

Decree n " 88-30 of 20 January 1988 establishing the Standing Committee of Supply in Factors of Production, Marketing of Agricultural Products and General Trade;

Joint proposal by the Minister of Trade and Commerce and the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries,

Council of Ministers heard at its meeting on 08 September 2021,














Article 1

The marketing of shea kernels during the 2021-2022 campaign

Under the conditions laid down in this Decree.

ORDER N " 202, I -445DU 08 SEPTEMBER 08, carrying out conditions for the conduct of the marketing year 2021-2022 of kerb almonds

Article 2

Opening and closing dates for the marketing year 2021-2022 of the

Karlté almonds are fixed as follows:

-opening date

-closing date

16 September 2021;

31 May2Q22.

Article 3

The minimum purchase price to the producer of the kilogram of shea kernels is fixed at

100 F/kg over the entire national territory.

Article 4

The purchase of shea kernels on the Benin market can be made by any cooperative group of producers and by any trader holding the

Occupational card for buyers of agricultural products.

Processors are allowed to source directly from the collectors.

Article 6

All cargo of kernel object of transaction is subject to the expertise of

The Beninese Food Safety Agency.

Article 7

Apart from the taxes provided for in the laws of finance, any other levy is prohibited

Rule 8

The export of a cargo of shea kernels cannot be carried out by way of

Authority granted by the services of the departments responsible for the

Trade and Finance.

Article I Violations of the provisions of this Decree shall be punished by the penalties provided for by the

Laws n ' 90-05 of 15 May 1995 laying down the conditions for the exercise of trade in

Republic of Benin, n " 2007 -21 of 16 October 2007 protecting the consumer

In the Republic of Benin and 2016-25 of 04 November 20 ' 16

Competition in the Republic of Benin.


Article 5

The marketed product can be delivered to local or export industries.

Rule 10

The Minister of Economy and Finance, the Minister of Industry and Trade, the

Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Minister for Infrastructure and

Transport, the Minister of the Interior and Public Safety and the Minister of

Decenkalisation and Local Governance are responsible, each as far as it is concerned,

The application of this Order.

Article I 1

This Order, which takes effect from the date of its signature, repeals all

Previous contrary positions.

It will be published in the Official Journal.

Done at Cotonou, le 08 septkiss 2021

By the President of the Republic, Head of State, Head of Government,

.1 -U

The Minister of Economy and Finance,

A ^ Too --'' ru) f WADAGNlRomuald

Minister of State

The Minister of Agriculture o ",;" "

" Jn Èà"n "

Minister of Lnd ustrie and Commerce,

Gaston Cossi DOSSOUHOUI Alimatou Shadiya ASSUUMAN




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