Act To Amend Article 6, § 6, Of The Law Of 19 July 1991 On The Registers Of The Population, Identification Cards, Foreign Cards And Residence Documents And Amending The Act Of 8 August 1983 Organising A National Register Of Persons

Original Language Title: Loi modifiant l'article 6, § 6, de la loi du 19 juillet 1991 relative aux registres de la population, aux cartes d'identité, aux cartes d'étranger et aux documents de séjour et modifiant la loi du 8 août 1983 organisant un Registre national des personnes

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9 JANVIER 2012. - An Act to amend section 6, § 6, of the Act of 19 July 1991 relating to population registers, identity cards, foreign cards and residence documents and to amend the Act of 8 August 1983 organizing a National Register of Physical Persons (1)

ALBERT II, King of the Belgians,
To all, present and to come, Hi.
The Chambers adopted and We sanction the following:
Article 1er. This Act regulates a matter referred to in Article 78 of the Constitution.
Art. 2. In Article 6 of the Law of 19 July 1991 on Population Registers, Identity Cards, Foreign Cards and Residence Documents and amending the Act of 8 August 1983 organizing a National Register of Physical Persons, replaced by the Act of 25 March 2003 and amended by the Act of 15 May 2007, § 6 is replaced by the following:
Ҥ 6. The electronic card remains valid for up to ten years from the order date.
The King may, for certain age categories, set a shorter or longer validity period than that provided for in paragraph 1er. »
Art. 3. The King sets the date of entry into force of this Act by a deliberate order in Council of Ministers.
Promulgate this law, order that it be clothed with the seal of the State and published by the Belgian Monitor.
Given in Brussels, 9 January 2012.
By the King:
The Minister of the Interior,
Seal of the state seal:
The Minister of Justice,
(1) 2010-2011 session.
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