Law Granting Of Naturalisations

Original Language Title: Loi accordant des naturalisations

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Posted the: 2013-05-21 Numac: 2013009199 FEDERAL JUSTICE PUBLIC SERVICE April 14, 2013. -Law granting of naturalisations ALBERT II, King of the Belgians, to all, present and to come, hi.
The House of representatives has adopted and we sanction the following: Article 1. This Act regulates a matter referred to in article 74 of the Constitution.
S. 2. pursuant to the Act of 27 December 2006 laying down various provisions and amending the Code of Belgian nationality, naturalization with assimilation of residence abroad to the residence in Belgium, is granted to: Hupert, Daniel, born in Antwerp (Belgium) on August 23, 1931.
Karabayir, Özlem, born in Hasselt (Belgium) on October 13, 1974.
Leclercq-Schulte, Sabine Wilhelmine Gudule, born in Schaerbeek (Belgium) on August 28, 1961.
Dayina MAYENGA, born July 1, 1956 in Gombe - Matadi (Congo).
Thome, John Francis Ole, born January 13, 1982 in Mombasa (Kenya).
Wundermann, Nathan Bernard Gaston, born June 24, 1964 in Uccle (Belgium).
3. in application of the law of 27 December 2006 laying down various provisions and amending the Code of Belgian nationality, naturalization is granted to: Aarab, Mohammed, born in Ajdir (Morocco) in 1939.
Abagulum, Fidelis, born February 17, 1979 in Wiaga (Ghana).
Abbach, Omar, born July 10, 1983 in Sidi Aissa (Morocco).
Abbas, Ahmed, born in Errachidia - Beirut (Lebanon) on 7 January 1966.
Abbas, Schumacher, born November 8, 1983 in Kebdana (Morocco).
Abbasi Dehkoreh, Mohammad Hadi, born in Dehkoreh (Iran) on April 25, 1968.
Abbasi, Freydoon, born December 22, 1975 in Logar (Afghanistan).
Abbassi, Mohammed Ibrahim, born in Oujda (Morocco) on February 14, 1984.
Abd El Saied, Maryan, born September 3, 1979 in Minia (Egypt).
Abdalla, Sheeren, born June 20, 1975 in Cairo (Egypt).
Abdallah, Dilshad Mohamed, born July 4, 1983 in Shekhan (Iraq).
Abdallah, Mohamed, born in Niamey (Niger) on June 8, 1990.
Abdallah, Zakariya, born September 20, 1975 in Kurdan (Syria).
Abdalmajed, Walid Khaled, born in Baghdad (Iraq) on December 6, 1962.
Abdelhadi, Hamsa Hussein, born September 17, 1979, at Ar Rasafah-Baghdad (Iraq).
Abdelhadi, Hiba Hussein, born September 17, 1979, at Ar Rasafah-Baghdad (Iraq).
Abdelhamid, Mohamed Ziad, born in Aleppo (Syria) on April 12, 1976.
Abdella Thabit, Ali, born September 1, 1981 in BEB (Ethiopia).
Abdellah, Baviane, born in Douz (Iraq) on August 23, 1988.
Abdellah, Sitave, born in Douz (Iraq) on August 3, 1992.
Xueqiao, Hassan, born in Afrin (Syria) on September 10, 1987.
Abdelqader, Santos Hoshear, born September 11, 1980 in Baghdad (Iraq).
Abdelrady Allam Ahmed, El Hussein, born March 11, 1976 in Cairo (Egypt).
Abdelrhafour, Khalid, born in Khemisset (Morocco) July 14, 1977.
Abdi, Arkan Fattah, born April 5, 1976 in Shekhan-Ninawa (Iraq).
Abdikarim Borow, Huria, born March 1, 1978 in Mogadishu (Somalia).
Abdinbeygi, Habib, born January 17, 1957 in Tehran (Iran).
Abdirahman Nour, Fouad, born January 27, 1971 in Hargeisa, Somalia.
Betsy Diallo, Nadia, born June 14, 1985 in Dogondoutchi (Niger).
Abbas Ibrahim, Carly, born in Niamey (Niger) on October 10, 1981.
Abdul Samed, Ahmad Ghazi, born October 14, 1978 in Al-Mansur-Baghdad (Iraq).
Abdul Sater, Hassan, born in Beirut (Lebanon) on July 27, 1947.
Paul, Nashouan Afram, born in Baghdad (Iraq) on June 1, 1980.
Abdulai, Nani, born June 11, 1989 in Skopje (Macedonia).
Abdullah, Mohanad Fawzi, born July 28, 1982 in Baghdad (Iraq).
Abdullah, Shearin, born in Durbasiyeh (Syria) on October 16, 1972.
Abdulrahman, Talal Ibrahim, born in Al A'zamiyah Baghdad (Iraq) may 13, 1962.
Abdurahman Hasan, Hawo, born December 12, 1958 in Mogadishu (Somalia).
Abed Hamoud, Imad, born August 22, 1964 in Baghdad (Iraq).
Abbas, Karim Mohsin, born August 15, 1964 in An Nasiriyah-Dhi Qar (Iraq).
Abedinov married Etem, Suzana, born November 19, 1964 in Skopje (Macedonia).
Abbasi, RA, born February 4, 1983 in Nador (Morocco).
Abbasi, Salma, born in Nador (Morocco) on December 22, 1992.
Abgar, Mohamed, born Vivian (Morocco) in 1960.
Abgaryan, Galust, born in Sulda (Georgia) on August 1, 1950.
ABI Char, Joëlle, born January 2, 1981 in Halat (Lebanon).
Abid, Saddam Hussein, born in Al Fallujah - al Anbar (Iraq) on October 1, 1975.
Abidi, Hilal, born May 3, 1983 in Taourirt (Morocco).
Hemant, Mohammed, born in Beni Mishel (Algeria) on August 11, 1945.
Abu Awad, Youssef, born April 21, 1977 in Al Madina - Al Basrah (Iraq).
Abu Daher, Hatton, born September 29, 1985 in Beirut (Lebanon).
Aboubacar, Sidikou Amadou, born in Matameye (Niger) on December 15, 1968.
Aleta Moussa, Jun, born December 4, 1986 in Djibouti (Djibouti).
Abdallah, Pauline, born March 23, 1966 in Kisangani (Congo).
Abdalla, Ibrahim, born May 3, 1978 in Douar El Kourssi, Ouled Teima (Morocco).
Abdallah, Zineb, born October 26, 1973 in Ouled Abi Sebba (Morocco).
Abraham Saba Kebede, born March 8, 1978 in Gondar (Ethiopia).
Abrahamyan, Armine, born June 24, 1978 in Metzamor (Armenia).
Abrous, me hamed, born January 25, 1977 in Chlef (Algeria).
Abu Al Kulal, Farkad, born June 25, 1970 in Karbala (Iraq).
Abu Lebda, Nidal, born April 26, 1963 in Rafah (Egypt).
Abubakarov, Arbi has, born October 28, 1950 in Sovkhoz 499-Pavlodarskoye (fed. of Russia).
Abubakarov, Magomed Arbievitch, born in Grozny (fed. of Russia) on December 15, 1989.
Abubakarov, Abhijeet, born August 17, 1979 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Abubakarova, Karina Arbievna, born in Staraya Sunzha (fed. of Russia) on January 2, 1984.
Achamlal, M'Hamed, born September 10, 1977 in Douar Bouilma (Morocco).
Achmourk, Naji, born October 20, 1979 in Douar Aferket (Morocco).
Açikgöz, Hava, born May 10, 1987 in Eindhoven (Netherlands).
Aciksoz, Omer, born October 15, 1977 in Salazar (Turkey).
Acostachioaiei married Borcila, Agapiea, born in Grozesti (Romania) on March 25, 1953.
Acsentii, Alexandra, born in Jezkazgan - Kaz (Kazakhstan) dated March 12, 1983.
ACU married Bayhoca, Chuks, born in Mardin (Turkey) on 1 May 1966.
Abdul, Francine, born in Baguida (Togo) on September 2, 1984.
Adamczyk - Wisniewska, Wieslawa Zdzislawa, born November 28, 1965 in Ketrzyn (Poland).
Adamou, Derrick, born July 25, 1984 in Madaoua (Niger).
Adamou, Oumarou, born in Niamey (Niger) on January 6, 1974.
Adams, Deborah Wilhelmina Berdiena, born October 2, 1980 in Nijmegen (Netherlands).
Adardari, Zakia, born in Beni Ansar (Morocco) on January 1, 1977.
Adardour, Amar, born April 15, 1970 in Nador (Morocco).
Adatoe, Muriel Haidy, born September 24, 1979 in Paramaribo (Suriname).
Ad-Dauani, Khadija, born in Beni Touzine (Morocco) in 1963.
Addisu Workeneh, Samuel, born in Addis Abeba (Ethiopia) on 19 February 1977.
Addo, Helina Aboagyewaa, born May 6, 1977 in Accra (Ghana).
Adebambo, según, born in Lagos (Nigeria) on September 3, 1987.
Adek, Jamal, born in Tangier (Morocco) in 1963.
Abdullah Hashem El Sayed Omar, Ayman, born in Alexandria (Egypt) on December 21, 1971.
Adem, Hyuliya, born January 18, 1982 in Silistra (Bulgaria).
Ashleigh, Muzli, born in Đakovica (Kosovo) on March 20, 1980.
Ademi, Liman, born January 25, 1966 in Presevo (Serbia).
Ademoglu, Hasan, born February 5, 1957 in Novi Pazar (Serbia).
Ademoglu, Taner, born March 15, 1989 in Kadikoy (Turkey).
Aden, Sheeba, born April 23, 1976 in Lahore (Pakistan).
Adesuwa, Osarumwensa, born April 15, 1976 in Benin City, Nigeria.
Adiatulin, Yuriy, born in Dokoutchayevsk (Ukraine) on June 14, 1962.
Adilsultanova married Yunaeva, Yakhsat Salmanovna, born July 18, 1974 in Nuradilovo (fed. of Russia).
Adinsi, Mehinnou, born September 19, 1976 in Seko (Togo).
Abdullakutty, Kayi Hélène, born April 5, 1974 in Lomé (Togo).
Adjei, Joel Kojo, born May 13, 1968 in Kumasi (Ghana).
Abdulrahman, Ladenheim Hawa, born December 13, 1982 in Lomé (Togo).
Adjoyi, Jessica Cecile, born in Ahépé-Notsé (Togo) on December 16, 1974.
Adkaich, Mohamed, born August 4, 1968 in Tan - Tan (Morocco).
ADL-Olak, Tahounm, born in Lomé (Togo) on August 4, 1963.
Adoku, Augustina Afia, born January 1, 1982 in Kumasi, Ghana.
Adon, Maxime Hubert, born in Akoupé (Côte d'Ivoire) on December 22, 1968.
Adutwumwaa, Lucy, born in Accra (Ghana) on 14 July 1966.
Adze, Olivier, born May 25, 1987 in Douala (Cameroon).
Widow Adzhieva Iskhabova, Tamara Magomedovna, born in Ulan Erge (fed. of Russia) on June 4, 1985.
Afiniss, Fatima, born in Douar Waremdaze (Morocco) on January 28, 1975.
Afiriyi, Pauline, born March 28, 1987 in Maga (Cameroon).
Afonina, Zoya Anatolevna, born March 14, 1977 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).
Afouallah, Mohamed, born in Souk Had Gharbia (Morocco) in 1944.
Abigail, Meriem, born May 5, 1985 in Tangier (Morocco).
Afsari Akbar Abadi, Ebrahim, born November 10, 1976 in Shiraz (Iran).
Agafonov, Igor Illyich, born in Barnaul (Russia Fed.) on December 31, 1965.
Agali, Abdulla, born in Tiggar (Niger) on January 1, 1968.
Agbekpenou, George, born in Lomé (Togo) on November 20, 1962.
Nitta, Lilian Enow, born February 28, 1974 in Limbe (Cameroon).
Agha, Tahsin, born August 1, 1980 in Sheikhan-Ninawa (Iraq).
Aghasyan, Anahit, born in Chorlou (Armenia) on October 5, 1972.
Aghili Dehnavi, Shahriar, born March 21, 1967 in Abadan (Iran).
Aghilian, Bahareh, born June 19, 1967 in Hamedan (Iran).
Aghitoaie, Adrian, born in Panciu (Romania) September 18, 1968.
Agiyeva married Dakiyeva, Lema, born September 14, 1978 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Abdulla, Marie, born May 10, 1983 in Kribi (Cameroon).
Ismail married Ademoglu, Esmeralda, born June 25, 1971 in Rozaje (Montenegro).
Agueva married Khasarova, Khadijat Ismailovna, born July 9, 1980 in Novyye Atagi (fed. of Russia).
Agyekum Boateng, James, born in Nsawam (Ghana) on July 28, 1989.
Aboud, Ayatollah, born May 26, 1983 in Gazni (Afghanistan).
Ahbiti, Dripha, born in Beni Bouifrour (Morocco) on June 18, 1963.
Abraham, Diane, born 22 December 1985 in Nyarugenge (Rwanda).
Ahkmal, Mohamed, born January 1, 1978 in Jalalabad (Afghanistan).
Ahmad, Mohamad Ali, born January 15, 1983 in Mosul (Iraq).
Ahmadi, Ahmad, born March 25, 1981 in Ghazni (Afghanistan).
Ahmadi, Ali Yawar, born in Qara Bagh (Afghanistan) in 1988.
Ahmadi, Babrak, born in 1969 in Karimdad (Afghanistan).

Ahmadi, Ghulam Hassan, born to Sheykh Ali-Tenabid-Parwan (Afghanistan) on February 19, 1991.
Ahmadi, Seyed Mohammad B, born in Ghazni (Afghanistan) on February 4, 1990.
Ahmed married Jamil, Sajida, born in Sialkot (Pakistan) on April 1, 1970.
Ahmed Iebab, Fatma, born in Barentu (Eritrea) on January 1, 1972.
Abu Mazan El Madagri, Mohamed, born in Douar Ouled Youssef (Morocco) on July 26, 1955.
Ahmed Mohammed, Omar, born March 4, 1979 in Adi Khey (Ethiopia).
Ahmed Sadek Khalifa, Amira, born November 22, 1970 in Al Mansurah - Ad Daqahliyah (Egypt).
Ahmed Si Mohand, Leila, born in Melilla (Spain) on December 1, 1973.
Ahmed, Aqeel, born November 4, 1977 in Khorakka (Pakistan).
Ahmed, Marwan, born January 1, 1984 in Mosul (Iraq).
Ahmedov, Alipi Dervishev, born February 11, 1983 in Pleven (Bulgaria).
Ahmedova, Sanjay Isufova, born November 15, 1982 in Razgrad (Bulgaria).
Ahmeti, Ferat, born September 27, 1954 in Terpeze (Kosovo).
Ahmeti, Milot, born October 29, 1985 in Leshan - Pejë (Kosovo).
Abud, Assissatou, born August 9, 1972 in Porto Novo (Benin).
Lawal, Apo Charlotte Marie Viviane, born July 19, 1979 in Akoupé (Côte d'Ivoire).
Abukar Abukar, Harika, born in Aïssa Ulad (Morocco) on January 1, 1964.
Abukari, Mustapha, born December 26, 1984 in Douar Mike Tchouket Benisaid (Morocco).
Ahsas, Jack, born in Khouribga (Morocco) on February 18, 1993.
Acharya, Kamal, born September 6, 1971 in Bejaia (Algeria).
Has Nathan, Ann, born in Bougara-Blida (Algeria) on December 6, 1984.
Has Boughima me Jari, Jamal, born in Marrakech (Morocco) on August 4, 1964.
Aït Eddouch, Fatima, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on March 4, 1966.
AIT Achar, Brahim, born January 1, 1973 in Ait Sedrate (Morocco).
Aït laminate, Saadia, born June 19, 1987 in Douar Ichoukma, Tassegdelt (Morocco).
Aït Ivy, Atika, born in Aït Yazem (Morocco) on March 27, 1984.
Aït Salah, Youssef, born July 20, 1975 in Casablanca (Morocco).
Has-Dahmane, Malika, born March 21, 1940 in Boufarik (Algeria).
Acosta married Asanovic, Irena, born September 8, 1982 in Surdulica (Serbia).
Ajouae, Sanae, born September 8, 1982 in Tetouan (Morocco).
Ajrullahi, Hafez, born in Donja Susaja (Serbia) on February 5, 1971.
Ajrullahi, Suzane, born September 16, 1972 in station (Serbia).
Acquah, Tracey, born January 6, 1973 in Prizren (Serbia).
Akachan, AB, born June 27, 1983 in Metalsa (Morocco).
Akakpo, Anani Sylvestre, born in Lomé (Togo) on December 31, 1971.
Akakpo-Lado, Ireba, born January 25, 1974 in Lomé (Togo).
Rahman Hassan, wise, born November 5, 1974 in Porto Novo (Benin).
Akat, Mazlume, born in Izmir (Turkey) on 1 April 1972.
Akbari, Abdul Ghafar, born March 11, 1965 in Kabul (Afghanistan).
Adam, Maryam, born March 22, 1973 in Tehran (Iran).
Akburun, Omer, born March 15, 1980 in Yazla, Aksehir (Turkey).
Akçakaya, Tuncay, born October 25, 1974 in Kirsehir (Turkey).
Akegnideni, Judith, born August 8, 1981 in Lomé (Togo).
Adam, Veve, born May 17, 1976 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Akhiyadova married Abubakarova, ages Validovna, born in Ernozarsk (fed. of Russia) on January 17, 1960.
Akhloufi, Malika, born October 20, 1976 in Beni Touzine (Morocco).
Akhmadov, Sharani Shamunovitch, born March 6, 1968 in Staryye Atagi (fed. of Russia).
Akhmadullina married Djamaletdinova, Zolyaykha Sungatulovna, born February 6, 1950 in Kaltan (fed. of Russia).
Akhmedova, Lena, born in Sarvanlar (Armenia) on January 1, 1980.
Akhtakhanova, Fatima Ruslanovna, born October 15, 1975 in Urus-Martan (fed. of Russia).
Akhtar married Afzal, Zeenat, born September 2, 1964 in Kotehra - Sialkot (Pakistan).
Akif, Emine Ahmed, born January 10, 1965 in Dyankovo (Bulgaria).
Akif, Gyursel Hasan, born in Kamenar (Bulgaria) on August 7, 1964.
Akil, Latifa, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on January 19, 1983.
Adamczyk, Hagan, born in Douar Azarzou (Morocco) on January 1, 1981.
Akmedova married Bragina, Sofya Nikolajevna, born in Sjtsjoetsjinsk (Kazakhstan) on May 29, 1965.
Adam, Placide, born in Lomé (Togo) on October 11, 1972.
Akopova, Liana, born December 29, 1971 in Kirovabad (Azerbaijan).
Akowuah Manu, Bismark, born September 21, 1990 in Kumasi (Ghana).
Akpandja, Abago Victorin Christmas, born in Lomé (Togo) on December 24, 1969.
Akpongbo Mimbenga, Belinda Diane, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on February 13, 1972.
Akpor, Justice Annan, born April 14, 1973 in Accra (Ghana).
Adams, Djacobie Catherine, born in M'Bahiakro (Côte d'Ivoire) on August 7, 1977.
Akuo, Arkan Braim, born July 7, 1978 in Sulaimaniy (Iraq).
Al Ahmed Mattar, Hussein, born May 23, 1983 in Beirut (Lebanon).
Al Attabi, Hussein, born April 13, 1982 in Ash Shatrah - Dhi Qar (Iraq).
Al Badri, Ahmed, born in Al Maymunah-Maysan (Iraq) on July 1, 1969.
Al Badry, Mohammed F.M., born January 1, 1983 in Thekar (Iraq).
Al Bayati, Ali, born in Al Karkh-Baghdad (Iraq) on February 5, 1983.
Al Chaykhali, year, born March 19, 1966 in Baghdad (Iraq).
Al Dabagh, Hussein, born in Al Karkh-Baghdad (Iraq) on November 29, 1979.
Al Duleimi, Zaid, born in Ar Rasafah-Baghdad (Iraq) on September 8, 1985.
Al Ganim, Susan Shaker Naef, born January 24, 1974 in Basra (Iraq).
Al Ganim, Wameed Adil Salim, born July 14, 1971 in Basra (Iraq).
Al Hacham, Wail, born October 8, 1983 in Al Basrah (Iraq).
Al Haddadi, Fatima, born December 9, 1982 in Zaiou (Morocco).
Al Hatchami, Haider, born March 14, 1985 in Ad Diwaniyah - Al Qadisiyah (Iraq).
Al Ibrahimi, Haidar, born March 17, 1982 in Kadhimiya, Baghdad (Iraq).
Al Ibrahimi, Ibrahim, born in Al Karkh-Baghdad (Iraq) on August 30, 1974.
Al Kasem, Al Hakam, born January 5, 1978 in Baghdad (Iraq).
Al Khudayr Al Aswad, Mahdi, Mosul, Ninawa (Iraq) born June 16, 1984.
Al Kridech, Nadia, born October 29, 1979 in Asilah (Morocco).
Al Mahdawi, Haydar, born July 26, 1983 in Al Karradah - Ar Rasafah (Iraq).
Al Manouchi, Aziza, born April 16, 1982 in Acharya, Beni Oulichek (Morocco).
Al Moussawi, Ali, born October 12, 1985 in Baghdad (Iraq).
Al Rabie, Ali, born in Ar Rasafah-Baghdad (Iraq) on June 6, 1982.
Al Rubaeyawi, Ali, born December 1, 1982 in Baghdad (Iraq).
Al Rubie, Tarik Abid, born in Diyala (Iraq) on July 1, 1941.
Al Shqour, Reem, born December 7, 1968 in Amman (Jordan).
Al Ubaidi, Amal, born February 23, 1947 in Al Kut (Iraq).
Kenneth, Evin, born in Selcuklu (Turkey) on March 21, 1992.
Alagirov, Sergey Anatol'evitch, born February 20, 1973 in Terek (Russia Fed.).
Al-Ameri, Hajar, born July 7, 1984 in Al-Diwaniyah (Iraq).
ADE Laktab, Zahra, born in Fez (Morocco) on January 1, 1949.
Al - Ani, Omar, born in Al Karkh-Baghdad (Iraq) on July 25, 1976.
Alazaroae, Valentin, born July 2, 1973 in Timisoara (Romania).
Al-Azzawi, Salah, born in Baghdad (Iraq) on March 1, 1967.
Alborov, Artour Alexandrovich, born in Zamankul (fed. of Russia) on November 24, 1967.
Alci, Nazli, born Khaled (Turkey) on January 1, 1991.
Al-Dawoodi, Umed, born in Tuz (Iraq) on January 23, 1986.
Al-Dilfee, Haider Hazem Kadhem, born in Qal'at at Sukhar (Iraq) on July 1, 1983.
Aleko Lomotshe, born August 10, 1968 in Butare (Rwanda).
Aleksandruk married Ikonnikova, Nina, born in Kugaly (Kazakhstan) on October 12, 1967.
Aleksieva, Gabriela Stanislavova, born May 20, 1985 in Gabrovo (Bulgaria).
Alemdehy, Mir Farshid, born in Tehran (Iran) on July 28, 1976.
Alestchenko, Igor, born April 12, 1985 in Alma - Ata (Kazakhstan).
Alexa wife Toma, Crina, born August 7, 1982 in Stolniceni-Prajescu (Romania).
Alexandria, Tea, born in Tbilisi (Georgia) on March 13, 1983.
Alganesh, Tewelde, born December 25, 1956 in Asmara (Eritrea).
Algereev, Amadi Mumadievitch, born August 5, 1977 in Vedeno (fed. of Russia).
Al-Ghanmi, Adel, born December 14, 1981 in Al-Thawra-Baghdad (Iraq).
Al-Gherbawi, Samer, born August 3, 1973 in Amman (Jordan).
Al-Ghezi, Abdullah, born in Al Musayyib-Babil (Iraq) on February 28, 1963.
Al-Hamdani, Wasen, born to Tall Kayf-Ninawa (Iraq) on September 10, 1978.
Al-Hussein, Ammar Abdulsattar Sadeq, born November 5, 1980 in As Samawah (Iraq).
Ali Ahmed, Ahmed, born May 22, 1980 in Khartoum (Sudan).
Ali Babikir, Tilal, born May 17, 1967 in Ash Shurayk (Sudan).
Ali Cheik, Zahra, born March 22, 1984 in Djibouti (Djibouti).
Ali Dimbio, Faryad, born February 9, 1974 in Djibouti (Djibouti).
Ali Geleh, Awale, born May 5, 1964 in Kuljed (Somalia).
Ali Kombo, Suleiman, born in Zanzibar (Tanzania) on June 5, 1986.
Ali, Helmet Rashid, born January 1, 1985 in Kirkuk (Iraq).
Ali, Mohammed Omar, born May 1, 1980 in Kirkuk (Iraq).
Ali, Osman, born February 17, 1981 in Akhtar Manzil (Pakistan).
Alibekov, Ruslan Abdulrashidovitch, born July 2, 1967 in Gekhi (fed. of Russia).
Aliyeva married Ilieva, Daniela, born in Targovishte (Bulgaria) on August 7, 1953.
Widow Aliyeva Dataeva, Satsita, born March 7, 1959 in Alkhazurova (fed. of Russia).
Aliev, Elona, born July 3, 1981 in Alagir (fed. of Russia).
Aliev, Maret Akhmedovna, born June 14, 1974 in Argun (fed. of Russia).
Alija married Qunaj, Emine, born January 22, 1962 in Belince (Kosovo).
Aliji, Musa, born in Vel. Trnovac (Serbia) December 29, 1967.
Shanthi, Elvina, born July 25, 1986 in Vlore (Albania).
Shanthi, Vitoré, born December 25, 1959 in Mallkeq, Vlorë (Albania).
Alikhadzhiev, Isa Saidsalimovitch, born August 2, 1970 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Alilovic, Besim, born April 28, 1976 in Bijelo Polje (Montenegro).
Alimanovic, Savage, born June 12, 1958 in Banovici (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Alimasi, Rosalie, born June 29, 1977 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Kuchinska married Tuganova, Rizida Khataevna, born January 26, 1973 in Achkhoy-Martan (fed. of Russia).
Aliti married Vera, Mevlyde, born in Pec (Serbia) on March 22, 1972.
Aliu, Fation, born in Tirana (Albania) on July 14, 1986.
Aliu, Fekret, born in Vaksince (Macedonia) on 15 January 1968.
Bertrand Vanstock, Artak, born July 8, 1981 in Yerevan (Armenia).
Alizadeh Weshky, Ali, born in Tehran (Iran) on April 16, 1990.
Alizadeh Weshky, Nasser, born February 23, 1960 in Roudsar (Iran).
Alkan, Kilinç, born May 9, 1969 in Edirne (Turkey).
Alkerde, Mojahed, born in Aleppo (Syria) on April 25, 1972.
Alkhanova, Viktoria, born May 9, 1991 to Kievskaya (fed. of Russia).
Al-Khayyat, Mohammed, born in Al Karradah Baghdad (Iraq) on January 24, 1984.

Alkhazali, Janan, born July 23, 1956 in Baghdad (Iraq).
Alla, Amar, born in Tamjount (Morocco) on April 15, 1964.
Adu, Sara Ulrich, born in Cotonou (Benin) on July 11, 1991.
Allagulov, Fanyl Fidailevitch, born July 8, 1963 in Dzhambul (Kazakhstan).
Allagulov, Rishat Fanylevitch, born in Dzhambul (Kazakhstan) on October 6, 1989.
Adnan, Raj, born September 10, 1981 in Tangier (Morocco).
Almashaiky, Mohammed Abid Yassin, born in Diayla (Iraq) on July 1, 1966.
Al-Mubarak, Raid, born in Al Karkh Bagdad (Iraq) on April 15, 1991.
ALO, Jalal Zeido, born in Ba'aja-Mosul (Iraq) on May 25, 1983.
Aloka Tukende, born September 19, 1974 to Kolwezi (Congo).
Alom, Monzur, born March 12, 1966 in Tebaria (Bangladesh).
Alonande Lashonda, Théophile, born July 19, 1960 in Bogbonga (Congo).
Alou, Moctar, born June 15, 1976 in Niamey (Niger).
Al-Oubaydi, Ahmed Mohamed S, born May 5, 1973 in Nineveh (Iraq).
Alparslan, Dursun, born August 28, 1980 in Niksar (Turkey).
Al-Qaisi, Difar, born October 4, 1977 in Baghdad (Iraq).
Alsudani, Duha, born April 19, 1985 in Baghdad (Iraq).
Alsudani, Hadi, born in Baghdad (Iraq) on July 1, 1952.
Alsudani, Nada, born in Baghdad (Iraq) March 31, 1988.
Altumbabic, Zinaid, born August 1, 1956 in Bijeljina (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Alvarez Cardenas, Yolanda, born April 7, 1962 in Ibagué (Colombia).
Alvarez Garcia, Sandra Patricia, born in Bucaramanga (Colombia) on May 15, 1968.
Alves Campos, Hozana, born January 19, 1976 in Itapetim (Brazil).
Alves, Ana Carolina, born September 26, 1983 in Fortaleza, Ceará (Brazil).
Chidi Younsa, Abbas, born March 6, 1981 in Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire).
Amadou Yacoubou, Aboubacar, born May 15, 1978 in Bonkoukou (Niger).
Amaeva, Maryam Shamilovna, born February 14, 1964 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Amagova, Dzayba Amievna, born in Sorochinka (Fed.
of Russia) on January 22, 1960.
Aman, Frédéric Monique, born February 22, 1990 in Ayos (Cameroon).
Amanuel Gebresadik, Sara, born on March 23, 1991 in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).
Amara, Abdelwahab, born in Berkane (Morocco) in 1947.
Amara, Fatima, born January 29, 1979 in Marrakech (Morocco).
AG, Kudi Haitham, born April 12, 1977 in Agome - Klouto (Togo).
Agarwal, Ananon, born May 20, 1975 in Sodo (Togo).
Agashe, Fatiha, born in Nador (Morocco) on January 30, 1974.
Amellal, Driss, born in Khemisset (Morocco) on January 1, 1960.
Amenchar, Mohamed, born January 19, 1970 in Temsaman (Morocco).
Amin, Heshiar KAPADIA, born August 10, 1979 in Mosul (Iraq).
Amine El Sayed, Hassan, born in year Nabi Ayla (Lebanon) on 28 October 1969.
Aminian, Shwe, born August 23, 1967 in Isfahan (Iran).
Amir, Abdellatif, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on March 27, 1961.
Amir, Abdelmalek, born in Douar ouled Ali, Metalsa (Morocco) June 20, 1988.
Amiri, Azar, born April 21, 1971 in Kermanshah (Iran).
Amirkhanov, Magomed Adamovich, born February 4, 1975 in Urus-Martan (fed. of Russia).
Amisi Makanyaka, Guy, born March 2, 1976 in Kabalo (Congo).
Agrawal, Mohamed, born in Douar Izaoumen common Tazaghine beni said (Morocco) on October 15, 1982.
Ammai, Dilli Ram, born June 2, 1968 in Baglung (Nepal).
Ampomah, Josephine Faith, born 20 June 1970 in Benin City, Nigeria.
Amqrane, Malika, born in Ait Messaoud Boumalne Dades (Morocco) on September 6, 1977.
AMR, Eman, born February 5, 1977 in Dokki, Giza (Egypt).
Amri Amine, Yan, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on December 18, 1962.
Amsiyef, Harvey, born May 11, 1977 in Rabat (Morocco).
Anahendo, Francisca, born in Lodja (Congo) on December 10, 1948.
Analuisa Quishpe, Maria Graciela, born December 8, 1971 in Guayaquil (Ecuador).
Ah, Loubna, born in Berkane (Morocco) on April 1, 1980.
Andean, Dorothy Veronica, born November 1, 1979 in Bali (Cameroon).
Andrade Machado, Deivid, born January 12, 1983 in Uberlândia (Brazil).
Andrasz, Eliza, born in Zabkowice Slaskie (Poland) on 27 June 1981.
Andreeva married Doneva, Rumyana Ilieva, born February 1, 1979 in Troyan (Bulgaria).
Andreeva, Aneliya, born September 18, 1984 in Popovo (Bulgaria).
Andreeva-Kabanova, Marina, born in Jujnooeralsk (fed. of Russia) on December 2, 1970.
Andrew, Simon Wayne, born April 20, 1977 in East Fremantle (Australia).
Ahmad, Tokilalaina Nagaraju Lisianona, born July 18, 1979 in Befelatanana (Madagascar).
Anegay, Joyce, born in Tangier (Morocco) June 7, 1982.
Anghona Josephine, Alicia, born in Benadibele (Congo) on November 24, 1957.
Angya, Felicia Member, born April 13, 1979 in Garg South (Nigeria).
Aniba, Zohra, born November 10, 1952 in Smaala (Morocco).
Anikayeva, Polina, born in Gomel (Belarus) on 7 February 1992.
Anikayeva, Yanina, born August 19, 1989 in Gomel (Belarus).
Anishenko, Peter, born in Tchoulaktau (Kazakhstan) on November 11, 1962.
Annan, Kwamina, born March 20, 1979 in Cape Coast (Ghana).
Anne, Rebecca, born in Thilla-Mbagne (Mauritania) on December 31, 1967.
Anwar, Mohamed, born November 16, 1955 in Casablanca (Morocco).
Anwar, Nadia, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on September 26, 1982.
Ansari Gilani, Poorang, born February 20, 1965 in Tehran (Iran).
Antonova married Atanasova, Galya, born in Sevlievo (Bulgaria) on 26 March 1977.
Antonyan, Laura, born in Jerewan (Armenia) on September 25, 1955.
Aouaj, Abdelkader, born in Douar Ouled Radhakrishnan (Morocco) in 1952.
Ouane, Sidon, born May 18, 1968 in Ouezzane (Morocco).
Dacoda, Kamel, born May 24, 1976 in Tunis (Tunisia).
Ahmed Hadj Aissa, Abdelkarim, born in Douar Ait Moussa Baran (Morocco) June 15, 1981.
Aijaz, Efuto Josephine, born in Óhead (Congo) on 3 November 1952.
Apinyan, Liza, born in Aghin (Armenia) on July 15, 1954.
Apostoae married Pricopi, Carmina, born in Petricani Neamt (Romania) on April 1, 1972.
Arab, Samira, born in Khouribga (Morocco) 28 May 1974.
Arabzadah, Ajmal, born in Tajekan-Helmand (Afghanistan) on 16 January 1992.
Arafat, Muqdad Mohamed, born April 21, 1981 in Mosul, Ninawa (Iraq).
Arakaza, Landry, born September 27, 1988 in Saswe-Nyabihanga (Burundi).
Aram, Haji Agha, born December 22, 1964 in Larestan (Iran).
Araujo da Silva, Barry, born in Agua Fria (Brazil) on July 9, 1978.
Arbia, Geoffrey, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on January 1, 1948.
Archakova, Makka Makhmudovna, born October 20, 1986 in Malgobek (fed. of Russia).
Ardelean, Corina-Dorela, born June 28, 1977 in Arad (Romania).
Areefi, Zohra, born in Kabul (Afghanistan) on November 19, 1989.
Syed, Ben, born in Jendouba (Tunisia) on June 18, 1987.
Arias Quiroz, Olga Hortencia, born December 5, 1962 in Quito (Ecuador).
Olivia married Kortoci, Mimoza, born March 18, 1975 in Tropojë (Albania).
Arifi, Samet, born April 16, 1976 in Vranje (Serbia).
Arihir, Fatiha, born January 28, 1958 in Algiers (Algeria).
Arik married Ongun, Zemrete, born January 1, 1976 in Nusaybin (Turkey).
Arik, Ferudun, born December 20, 1988 in Aksaray (Turkey).
Ariya, Fraid, born October 15, 1986 in Konduz (Afghanistan).
Ariyani, Mina, born April 2, 1988 in Metalsa (Morocco).
4rbgkjt, Darius, born April 17, 1988 in Mwendo (Rwanda).
Arkhouch, Ibrahim, born in Roosendaal (Netherlands) on May 28, 1979.
Armando Bento, Emilio, born May 16, 1984 in Zombo (Angola).
Arrjai, Halima, born December 1, 1983 in Driouch (Morocco).
Arroba Lopez, Luis Eduardo, born February 28, 1962 in Pelileo (Ecuador).
Arroba Nunez, Luis Alexis, born in Quito (Ecuador) on March 28, 1989.
Arsalan married Akbari, Hosai, born April 18, 1986 in Kunduz (Afghanistan).
Arsanbekov, Movsur Khalidovitch, born November 5, 1988 in Khasavyurt (fed. of Russia).
Arshieva married Sattarova, Vera Michailovna, born August 20, 1958 in Lesken (fed. of Russia).
Arslan married Mert, Meral, born September 9, 1971 in Ankara (Turkey).
Arushanyan, Davit, born in Bambakachat (Armenia) on 27 March 1954.
E.arustamyan married Grigorian, Jevgeniya, born in Baku (Azerbaijan) on January 26, 1944.
Arutunian married Galoyan, Karine, born in Gyumri (Armenia) on October 22, 1973.
Arzumanyan, Artavazd, born March 18, 1959 in Nor-Armavir (Russia Fed.).
Arzumkhanov, Anzor Vakhaevitch, born in Grozny (fed. of Russia) on December 5, 1989.
Asad, Zahra, born July 10, 1955 in Tehran (Iran).
Asanaj, Valdete, born in Istog (Kosovo) on June 1, 1981.
Asan-Iov, Elena-Ema, born May 10, 1966 in Bara (Romania).
Asanov, Nevzat Yunusov, born March 19, 1981 in Gorna Oryahovitsa (Bulgaria).
Asarova, Milana Iljasovna, born May 25, 1986 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
ASHA, Laetitia, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on January 1, 1983.
Ashiagbor, Kwaku, born in Lomé (Togo) on August 2, 1972.
Aslan, Aygören, born in Milas (Turkey) on November 18, 1974.
Aslanargan, Eren Evren, born March 20, 1988 in Adiyaman (Turkey).
Asmah, Comfort, born December 14, 1972 in Monrovia, Montserrado (Liberia).
Asparuhova married Kombova, Zhulieta, born April 15, 1979 in Lovech (Bulgaria).
Akatsuki, Mostafa Ahmed Joice, born in Tsévié (Togo) on August 1, 1974.
ASSE, Therese, born in Ebolowa (Cameroon) on 3 November 1952.
Assi, Genevieve, born January 18, 1978 in Lebaa (Lebanon).
Assie, Brou Thérèse, born April 17, 1973 in Port-Bouet, Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire).
Akbar, Laurent Paul Daniel Essono, born June 30, 1979 in Yaoundé (Cameroon).
Astapenko, Alina, born October 19, 1990 in Idritsa (fed. of Russia).
Astrasheuski, Siarhei, born March 19, 1966 in Soligorsk (Belarus).
Asunción Policarpio, Marilyn, born in Mariano Marcos - Sultan Kudarat (Philippines) on June 4, 1975.
Atadmiri, Fatiha, born in Beni Azziman (Morocco) on July 21, 1973.
Atala, Yüksel, born February 16, 1987 in Seyhan (Turkey).
Atanasov, Asparuh, born in Sevlievo (Bulgaria) on September 23, 1972.
Atanasov, Yasen, born December 21, 1976 in Letnitsa (Bulgaria).
Atanasov, Zahari, born July 8, 1980 in Levski (Bulgaria).
Atangana Mariano, Jeanne Pascale, born March 29, 1975 in Yaoundé (Cameroon).
Atchayev, Isa, born July 4, 1977 in Chiri-Yurt (fed. of Russia).
Atemengue Manga, Catherine Victoire Solange, born August 26, 1976 in Naser (Cameroon).
Athie, Saidou Mamoudou, born December 31, 1963 in Nere Walo (Mauritania).
Athnyail, Aindrey Walker, born February 21, 1980 in Karradah Sharqiyah (Iraq).
Atid, Hamid, born January 1, 1970 in Douar Lahrakta (Morocco).
Atiya wife Tasleem, born December 8, 1976 in Lahore (Pakistan).

Akinola, Mohammed, born April 14, 1977 in Aghbal Douar Dhamna (Morocco).
Atnazov, Saidkhasan Magomedovich, born June 9, 1978 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Atum, Mohammed, born December 22, 1965 in Souf (Jordan).
Atsalamova married El'Derbiyeva, Zarema Machmoedovna, born in Makhachkala (Russia Fed.) on November 18, 1977.
Aushev, Isa Osmanovitch, born April 11, 1955 in Karabulak (fed. of Russia).
Avagimyan, Artur, born January 13, 1971 in Merdzavan (Armenia).
Daly married Yildiz, Zubude, born May 5, 1968 in Khaled (Turkey).
Avci, Cemil, born September 11, 1969 in Bunyan (Turkey).
Avcioglu, Özdal, born in Elazig (Turkey) on June 5, 1992.
Avdal, Rostam, born in Echmiadsin (fed. of Russia) on June 20, 1955.
Avdija, Shaban, born in Hajvali (Kosovo) on October 28, 1969.
Avedikian, immaculate, born in Beirut (Lebanon) on December 30, 1933.
Avetisyan, Alvina, born August 5, 1988 in Hoktemberian (Armenia).
Avetisyan, Hovhannes, born in Metzamor (Armenia) on 7 August 1987.
Avetisyan, Rita, born April 16, 1959 in Gyumri (Armenia).
Aviansou, Faraz Joshua Iverdone, born August 19, 1980 in Cotonou (Benin).
Avila Oyuela, Diana Teresa, born in Bogota (Colombia) on March 22, 1965.
Widow Avtorkhanova Dunayeva, Roza Al' vievna, born in Leninogorsk (fed. of Russia) on March 20, 1953.
Avtueva, Zara Imandievna, born October 7, 1959 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Avul, Mert Yasin, born February 10, 1979 in Eskisehir (Turkey).
AW, OEI, born January 2, 1958 in DaaS (Mauritania).
Awad, Mustapha, born August 6, 1982 in Sidon (Lebanon).
Awolo-Deborah, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on July 11, 1993.
Awuta Lihau, born March 23, 1939 in e. (Congo).
Al 3sall, Maria, born July 1, 1979 in Tado (Togo).
Ayadi, Albert, born November 24, 1985 in Berkane (Morocco).
Ayaydin married Gomleksizoglu, Ece, born August 27, 1982 in Bakirköy (Turkey).
Aydin, Nadire, born January 5, 1968 in Gaziantep (Turkey).
Aygün, Aysu, born October 24, 1988 in Selcuklu (Turkey).
Ayoub, Nadia, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on May 8, 1972.
Ayrapetyan, Myasnik, born March 3, 1966 in Saravan (Armenia).
Ayubi, Mohammad Zubair, born September 18, 1988 in Herat (Afghanistan).
Azaaj, El Mokhtar, born March 2, 1963 in Beni Said (Morocco).
Azagouagh, Mustapha, born July 4, 1978 in Nador (Morocco).
Liza, Mounir, born August 15, 1981 in Oujda (Morocco).
Azamosa, James Esohe, born in Nitta (Nigeria) on May 21, 1961.
Azaouaghe, me hamed, born February 2, 1978 in Douar Ibakkouyen Beni Chiker (Morocco).
Azariahi, Mészáros, born in Beni Bouifrour (Morocco) on May 5, 1969.
Al-Alawi, RA, born in Douar Ijounan (Morocco) on May 1, 1992.
Azbayri, Mohamed, born January 15, 1970 in Aghmir Sanchez (Morocco).
Azemi, Nusret, born February 17, 1984 in Pristina (Kosovo).
Aziahonou, Nadine, born January 20, 1986 in Lomé (Togo).
Aziaka, Afiwoa Ahmed, born in Keve (Togo) on October 29, 1971.
Aziale, Afi, born May 29, 1968 in Tsévié (Togo).
Azib, Hasnaa, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on 30 September 1984.
Azimi, Seyed Wali, born December 18, 1980 in Herat (Afghanistan).
Aziom Ava, Flore Gaëlle, born February 24, 1985 in Yaoundé (Cameroon).
Martins, Abdelhak, born October 30, 1973 in Kebdana (Morocco).
Martins, Sahila, born October 4, 1978 in Trougout (Morocco).
Aziz, Adel Abdalrahman, born June 1, 1975 in Kirkuk (Iraq).
Aziz, Hasan Abd Alkaleq, born November 12, 1970 in Baghdad (Iraq).
Azizi Shahraki, Michelle, born in Shiraz (Iran) on August 23, 1974.
Tom Beloufi, Torres79, born 2 March 1985 in Tafsast - Taourirt (Morocco).
Vern Silam, Abdellah, born October 10, 1956 in Tafsast (Morocco).
Azzam, Joumana, born in Aleppo (Syria) on August 15, 1974.
Darius, Mohsyne, born March 7, 1978 in Douar Beni Riya (Morocco).
BA blood Dun Zhu, born August 1, 1977 to Ni Ma Jiang (China).
BA Song, born in Ganzi (China) on December 6, 1986.
BA, Acharya Hamady, born in Mbantou (Senegal) on December 31, 1981.
BA, Aliou, born December 31, 1962 in me end (Mauritania).
BA, Amadou, born in Bagodine (Mauritania) on December 31, 1972.
BA, Victor Amadou Tidjane, born June 12, 1969 in Tevragh-Zeina (Mauritania).
BA, Djibril, born August 28, 1979 in Nouadhibou (Mauritania).
BA, Haby, Haby (Mauritania) born October 28, 1965.
BA, Hamidou Mamadou, born March 1, 1988 in Selibaby (Mauritania).
BA, Halligan, born September 2, 1979 in Zouerate (Mauritania).
BA, Fernando, born May 11, 1978 in Bourgoudouna (Mauritania).
BA, Mamadou Sanchez, born March 20, 1973 in Guédiawaye (Senegal).
BA, Sali, born in Nouakchott (Mauritania) on August 8, 1976.
Chris r, Nelson, born December 11, 1960 in Fez (Morocco).
Rafique, Jalila, born June 10, 1953 in Moulay Idriss (Morocco).
Babajan, George, born in Yerevan (Armenia) on August 8, 1986.
Babanam, Essosinam, born 31 December 1979 in Lama-Kpedah (Togo).
Babayev, Khudi, born in Baku (Azerbaijan) on November 12, 1967.
Babrouskaya, Natallia Mikhailauna, born in Baranovichi (Belarus) on May 5, 1972.
Babujyan, Ashot, born September 4, 1988 in Echmiadzin (Armenia).
Babatunde, Djamila, born October 26, 1986 in Bejaia (Algeria).
Babatunde, Fatima, born February 12, 1958 in Sidi Boubker (Morocco).
Babatunde, Mohammed, born to Abraham (Morocco) on January 1, 1944.
Bacot Diaz, Dora Silvia, born September 30, 1985 in Jovellanos (Cuba).
Badak, Cengiz, born March 1, 1967 in Çifteler (Turkey).
Badalyan married Vardanyan, Meri Slaviki, born in Artasat (Armenia) on December 26, 1979.
Badalyan, Mariam, born in Yerevan (Armenia) on 18 May 1992.
Badanina, Marina Mikhailovna, born in Moscow (Russia Fed.) on October 10, 1974.
Badawy, Bahgat, born in Cairo / Angie (Egypt) on 12 October 1943.
BADEA, Gheorghita, Vulcana-Pandele (Romania) born April 1, 1962.
Badinas, Elizabeth Arun, born July 31, 1969 in Vinzons (Philippines).
Badran, Rabih, born July 9, 1975 in Kawtariet El Siad, Saida (Lebanon).
Prelipceanu, Mohamed, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on July 20, 1957.
Badur, Metin, born in Midyat (Turkey) on 23 September 1986.
Badurussaman, Fairoza Farwin, born September 21, 1977 in Manippai (Sri Lanka).
Baeya, Henri-Bernard, born January 15, 1970 in Mbandaka (Congo).
Babyputhu Bifou, Christian, born May 26, 1981 in Douala (Cameroon).
Bagenukwabo, Pacis, born May 9, 1979 in Rucano (Rwanda).
Baghdasaryan, Andranik Chahen, born June 14, 1987 in P 'ok' r Vedi (fed. of Russia).
Baghdasaryan, Baris, born in Araratavan (Armenia) on 9 November 1959.
Baghdasaryan, Emma, born December 21, 1987 in Vedy Avan (Armenia).
Bagheri, Mahmoud, born May 24, 1963 in Tehran (Iran).
Bagramyan, Armen, born January 28, 1978 in Echmiadzin (Armenia).
Bagramyan, Petros, born in Nor Charberd (Armenia) on March 8, 1971.
Bagibwami Rutaganda, Étienne, born in Gikongoro (Rwanda) in 1960.
Bagirova wife Nuriyeva, Sanubar, born January 28, 1974 in Baku (Azerbaijan).
Bah, Adama, born in Manjai Kunda (Gambia) on December 1, 1989.
Bah, Aissatou, born August 10, 1989 in Conakry (Guinea).
Bah, Caroline, born in 1948 in Manda Foulbé (Guinea).
Bah, Aminata, born March 10, 1986 in Pita (Guinea).
Bah, Bling, born August 1, 1984 in Conakry (Guinea).
Bah, Bling, born October 3, 1986 in Pita (Guinea).
Bah, Duma, born January 3, 1959 in Pita (Guinea).
Bah, Fatmata, born June 2, 1972 in Kamakwie Sella Limba Chiefdom Bombali (Sierra Leone).
Bah, Fatoumata Binta, born in Pita (Guinea) on 10 December 1987.
Bah, Fatoumata Binta, born in Banjul (Gambia) on March 10, 1984.
Bah, ruchi, born in Conakry, Guinea, on October 7, 1987.
Bah, Fatoumata Farin, born in Conakry, Guinea on June 10, 1990.
Bah, Harissatou, born March 20, 1989 in Conakry (Guinea).
Bah, Ibou, born October 29, 1989 in Sangaredi (Guinea).
Bah, Ibrahima, born January 1, 1985 in Conakry (Guinea).
Bah, Ibrahima, born 4 April 1988 in Conakry (Guinea).
Bah, Kadiatou, born November 3, 1983 in Conakry (Guinea).
Baby, Joshua, born in Diari-Labe (Guinea) on January 1, 1988.
Bah, Limana, born September 3, 1983 in Conakry (Guinea).
Bah, Mamadou Alpha, born in Simbaya (Guinea) on January 1, 1987.
Bah, Mamadou Boye, born in 1980 in Conakry (Guinea).
Bah, Mamadou Saidou, born in Kindia (Guinea) February 14, 1983.
Bah, Mamadou Yaya, born in Kindia (Guinea) on November 10, 1982.
Bah, Mariam, born January 1, 1978 in Mamou (Guinea).
Bah, Mariama, born December 10, 1977 in Kabala (Sierra Leone).
Bah, Marie Thérèse Aissatou, born May 6, 1963, in Kindia (Guinea).
Bah, Mayatou, born February 12, 1980 in Pita (Guinea).
Bah, Moudatou, born in Conakry, Guinea, on July 5, 1987.
Bah, Panampunna, born in Pita (Guinea) on March 13, 1982.
Bah, Oumou, born October 15, 1978 in Conakry (Guinea).
Bah, Oumou, born September 8, 1980 in Conakry (Guinea).
Bah, Ousmane Djindji, born in Conakry, Guinea, on December 1, 1979.
Bah, Richard, born in Conakry, Guinea on 1 May 1990.
Bah, Saïdou, born January 11, 1987 in Conakry (Guinea).
Bah, Souleymane, born June 13, 1967 in Fria (Guinea).
Bah, Souleymane, born November 2, 1976 in GOLDY-Pita (Guinea).
Bahar Zaher Al-Saadi, Saed, born in Baghdad (Iraq) on 1 July 1955.
Bahati, Anne Marie, born September 22, 1976 in Bwiza Bujumbura (Burundi).
Bahman, husband, born in Kena (Egypt) on June 28, 1984.
Bahri, Abdelhadi, born April 19, 1973 in Ouled Saïd (Morocco).
Bahtiri, Denis, born October 3, 1974 in Vucitrn (Serbia).
Bahtiri, Rana, born in Gllamnik (Kosovo) on May 26, 1968.
Bai Ma Yong Cuo, born February 14, 1973 in Luchu (China).
Humair, Fatima, born in Guelmim (Morocco) in 1974.
Bajana run, Noris Karina, born May 30, 1975 in Milagro (Ecuador).
Bajguric married Beganovic, Selma, born May 29, 1978 in Prijepolje (Serbia).
Baji, Hamid, born June 20, 1984 in Ksabi (Morocco).
Bajoku, official Hatixhe, born October 1, 1976 in Prishtinë (Kosovo).
Bajoura, Aziz, born January 9, 1983 in Al Hassake (Syria).
Bajram, Ezerdzan, born April 16, 1965 in Skopje (Macedonia).
Bajrami married Mapendo, Hisnija, born August 2, 1983 in Vitina (Serbia).
Bajrami, Dritan, Raushiq-Pejë (Kosovo) born April 21, 1980.
Bajrami, Ismet, born January 12, 1968 in Mitrovicë (Kosovo).
Bajrami, Maliq, born in Raushiq-Pejë (Kosovo) on December 5, 1954.
Bakajeva married Gandalojeva, Aset Daudovna, born September 15, 1965 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Bakali, Weng, born January 22, 1985 in Zhang (Morocco).

Saida, born August 20, 1963 in Tetouan (Morocco).
Bakara, Alexis, born May 15, 1983 in Nyarugenge (Rwanda).
Bakatubya Ngoy, Regine, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on January 1, 1973.
Baker, Kameran, born April 19, 1977 in Bilaliye (Syria).
Bakhit Ali Malek, Abbott, born August 7, 1978 in Nuba (Sudan).
Bakhlal, Abdesselam, born in Draâ Ben Khedda (Algeria) on October 22, 1969.
Badve, Hafid, born October 29, 1964 in Jerada (Morocco).
Badve, RA, born November 5, 1973 in Jerada (Morocco).
Badiola Kassimi, Nabila, born February 4, 1978 in Dar Chaoui (Morocco).
Badiola, Bolton, born in Tangier (Morocco) on October 16, 1978.
Badiola, Mohammed, born in Tangier (Morocco) on January 1, 1949.
Bakkari, Faulkner, born in Oujda (Morocco) on March 8, 1989.
M, Mariam, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on June 11, 1981.
Baku, Maher, born November 2, 1973 in Baghdad (Iraq).
Baku, Manhel, born January 30, 1977 in Baghdad (Iraq).
Bala, Amer, born in Shkodër (Albania) on April 16, 1950.
Bala, Megi, born June 10, 1987 in Tirana (Albania).
Bala, Mimoza, born June 27, 1962 in B. Curri (Albania).
Balassanian, Karine, born July 6, 1977 in Chaykend (Azerbaijan).
Balasubramaniam, MoE, born February 17, 1982 in Kilinochchi (Sri Lanka).
Balazs Iosif-Daniel, born July 13, 1976 in Sighetu - Marmatiei (Romania).
Balbabyan, Gevorg, born February 2, 1960 in Yerevan (Armenia).
Balbabyan, Hasmik, born in Yerevan (Armenia) on September 18, 1990.
Balbabyan, Luiza, born January 28, 1988 in Yerevan (Armenia).
Baldé, Alpha Amadou Baillo, born February 25, 1989 in Conakry (Guinea).
Baldé, Fatoumata, born August 15, 1986 in Monrovia (Liberia).
Baldé, Mariam, born in Labe (Guinea) on November 30, 1990.
Bah, Mariama, born in Sangoya-Conakry (Guinea) on November 22, 1992.
Balde, Ousmane, born June 22, 1978 in Gueckedou (Guinea).
Baldé, Sadialiou, born in Télemélé (Guinea) on May 17, 1973.
Baldé, Amadou, born November 8, 1983 in wel (Guinea).
Baldé, Sadio, born January 2, 1983 in Dalaba (Guinea).
Baldeh, Eddie, born November 3, 1985 in Kanifing (Gambia).
Balho, Magalie, born July 11, 1980 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Bali, Ali, born July 20, 1970 in Setif (Algeria).
Balici, Lucian Constantin, born May 10, 1985 in Timisoara (Romania).
Balici, Vasile-Ovidiu, born February 9, 1981 in Vicovu De Sus (Romania).
Balidemaj, Bjeshke, born August 14, 1963 in Martinovici, Plav (Montenegro).
Balikci, Senol, born July 2, 1977 in Karatas (Turkey).
Ball, Oumar, born December 31, 1973 in Bababé (Mauritania).
Shahromann Baharum, Lucy, born October 30, 1951 in Fes (Morocco).
Balluku, Rejcard, born in Tirana (Albania) on 19 June 1992.
Balmokhtar, Adam, born November 18, 1988 in Beni Oulichek (Morocco).
Balmokhtar, Yassin, born in Ben Tieb, Beni Oulichek (Morocco) 28 June 1990.
Balmukhanov, Askar, born February 26, 1967 in Nurataldy (Kazakhstan).
Balmukhanov, Azamat, born in Karaganda (Kazakhstan) dated February 10, 1992.
Balu Lufuankenda, Rachid, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on October 14, 1965.
Bamue, Christine, born in Kananga (Congo) on May 20, 1970.
Banchuk married Kazlouska, Ludmila Vladimirovna, born August 22, 1979 in Novorossiysk (Russia Fed.).
Bancila, Liviu-Ioan, born June 24, 1975 in Constanta (Romania).
Bailey, Gheorghe, born July 13, 1954 in Roseti (Romania).
Bandic, Amel, born May 6, 1985 in Stip (Macedonia).
Bangoura, Fatou, born in Conakry, Guinea on 1 January 1988.
Bangoura, Fatoumata, born May 1, 1990 in Conakry (Guinea).
Bangoura, Mama Aissata, born January 28, 1982 in Kindia (Guinea).
Bangoura, Mohamed Lamine, born August 1, 1982 in Kindia (Guinea).
Banjaman married Yaqoob, Saba, born December 20, 1970 in Lahore (Pakistan).
Baraka, Qamar, born in Al A'zamiyah-Baghdad (Iraq) on July 1, 1956.
Barampanze, Jobert, born May 1, 1987 in Bujumbura (Burundi).
Barbu, Petrica, born October 22, 1967 in Roscani (Romania).
Barburas married Penyacsek, Irina, born in Brusturi (Romania) on October 8, 1964.
Barcelona marries Romero, Josefina, born in Legazpi City, Philippines, on May 6, 1953.
Barda, Elyaniv Felix, born to Be'er Sheva (Israel) on December 15, 1981.
Barda, Zbigniew, born in Czlopa (Poland) on December 19, 1962.
Jerry, Mohamed, born in Al Aaroui (Morocco) on June 29, 1984.
Zohar, Nadia, born July 12, 1985 in Douar Ouled Ahmed Moussa Ouled Daouad (Morocco).
Barkhoyan, Naira, born May 22, 1975 in Yerevan (Armenia).
Bartender married Bars, Hayriye, born in Yesilli Mardin (Turkey) on August 25, 1977.
Barrady, Janet, born in Tetouan (Morocco) in 1947.
Barrie, Ibrahim, born June 12, 1984 in Freetown (Sierra Leone).
Barrie, Saffiatu, born in 1973 in Koidu (Sierra Leone).
Barro, me Nelsonagbiro, born in 1957 in Tangier (Morocco).
Barry Aissatou, born March 20, 1980 in Conakry (Guinea).
Barry Aissatou, born March 30, 1987 in Conakry (Guinea).
Barry Aissatou, born August 6, 1984 in Conakry (Guinea).
Barry, Amadou Lougal, born in Mamou (Guinea) January 31, 1990.
Barry, Amadou, born October 20, 1982 in Conakry (Guinea).
Barry, Boubacar, born September 2, 1980 in Kindia (Guinea).
Barry, Moisés Santos, born July 2, 1989 in Conakry (Guinea).
Barry Fatoumata Binta, born in Conakry (Guinea) in 1982.
Barry Fatoumata Binta, born December 25, 1966 in Conakry (Guinea).
Barry, Farooq Adam, born November 5, 1982 in Donka (Guinea).
Barry, Hakim, born December 22, 1980 in Gueckedou (Guinea).
Barry, Hamidou, born December 15, 1982 in Dalaba (Guinea).
Barry, Ibrahim, born December 31, 1984 in Conakry (Guinea).
Barry, Kadiatou Salhi, born in Conakry (Guinea) September 20, 1991.
Barry, Mamadou Alpha, born 28 August 1986 in Conakry (Guinea).
Barry, Mamadou Salhi, born in Mitty - Dalaba (Guinea) on January 1, 1968.
Barry, Mamadou Moustapha, born in Conakry (Guinea) on August 8, 1990.
Barry, Mamadou Oury, born in Ratoma-Simbaya station (Guinea) on January 1, 1973.
Barry, Mamadou Oury, born in Ratoma Conakry (Guinea) on December 31, 1989.
Barry, Mamadou, born 28 April 1988 in Conakry (Guinea).
Barry, Mamadou, born December 30, 1976 in Conakry (Guinea).
Barry, Mamadou, born January 5, 1984 in Conakry (Guinea).
Barry, Mariama Cherif, born in Conakry, Guinea, on December 17, 1990.
Barry, Mariama, born November 26, 1981 in Conakry (Guinea).
Barry, Mariama, born in Conakry, Guinea on 7 May 1990.
Barry, Moustapha, born August 10, 1978 in Fougoumba-Dalaba (Guinea).
Barry, Ousmane, born May 2, 1980 in Pankaj SOMI (Guinea).
Barry, Michael, born 15 December 1980 in Conakry (Guinea).
Barry, Talaat, born November 2, 1985 in Kaba (Guinea).
Barry, Thierno Fadja, born December 6, 1983 in Mamou (Guinea).
Barserian married Mouradian, Asmik, born November 20, 1977 in Arakitch (Georgia).
Bottom, Ali Dogus, born in Üsküdar (Turkey) on July 27, 1990.
BASA, Irina Florentina, born in Târgu Bujor (Romania) may 15, 1989.
Basaev, Bek-Magomed Said Akhmedovitch, born August 13, 1982 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Bashir Ahmed, Odaa, born in Jimma (Ethiopia) on April 18, 1980.
Bashongore, Emmanuel Olivier, born September 14, 1978 in Cyangugu (Rwanda).
Basic, Serif, born May 2, 1982 in Velika Kladusa (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Balte, Johari, born December 22, 1970 in Nyarugenge, Kigali (Rwanda).
Bateni, Zahra, born in Babol (Iran) on December 25, 1949.
Bateta, Adelite, born November 26, 1969 in Kibuye (Rwanda).
Bathily, Aminata, born in Gadiaba Diala (Mali) in 1972.
Bathily, Awa, born February 18, 1978 in Bababé (Mauritania).
Batista, Chris, born in Nanuque - GO (Brazil) on April 9, 1962.
Batista, Rafael, born December 21, 1989 in Goiânia - GO (Brazil).
Batitoa Ebonzo, born in Mbaya (Congo) on September 13, 1963.
Batra, Geetu, born in Hoshiarpur (India) on November 5, 1981.
Bana, Najma, born September 24, 1979 in Douar Aferket (Morocco).
Battsolmon, Munkhtsolmon, born in Ulan-Bator (Mongolia) on September 9, 1992.
Batuli Nkumu, Chantal, born October 16, 1976 in Mbandaka (Congo).
Bavunda Besambo, Jeannine, born in Itedji (Congo) on August 1, 1980.
Bawayadio, Gladis, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on June 2, 1989.
Bawayadio, Josette, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on 25 May 1992.
Bayala, Isso David, born December 13, 1981 in Bobo Dioulasso (Burkina Faso).
Bayessa Mekonnen, Natnael, born in Rectifions (Ethiopia) on April 24, 1991.
Bayhatova married Bataeva, Saeid Khizrailovna, born November 21, 1983 in Nuradilovo (fed. of Russia).
Bayhoca, Fadila, born in Yesilli (Turkey) on December 13, 1991.
Bayhoca, Hadi, born in Mardin (Turkey) on 1 January 1966.
Peters, Odette, born in Gishyita, Kibuye (Rwanda) on December 4, 1971.
Baysal, Aksu, born in Polatli (Turkey) on July 28, 1991.
Bayskhanova, Makka Abutakhirovna, born in Solnechnoye (fed. of Russia) on December 22, 1989.
Baysultanov, Rashid Vakharsoltovitch, born in Kochubey (Fed.
of Russia) on September 5, 1986.
Baza, Fatna, born in tribe Sejaa, Laayoune (Morocco) in 1952.
Bandini Rafat, Christelle Pascale, born December 15, 1983 in Brazzaville, Congo Rep. pop.
Bangura, Sylvie Appoline, born June 5, 1978 in Adjamé (Côte d'Ivoire).
Bazout, Aicha, born February 3, 1960 in Beni Oulichek (Morocco).
Bari, Marc Zézé, born May 1, 1977 in Koyama (Guinea).
Bari, Victor, born in Macenta (Guinea) February 14, 1972.
Robbie, Ben Dhib, born January 13, 1977 in Kaédi (Mauritania).
Barkat, Mourad, born May 20, 1977 in Tamaghoucht (Algeria).
Becker, Mihail, born in Bucharest (Romania) on 26 January 1960.
Bediako, Augustina, born February 28, 1971 in Kumasi (Ghana).
Bedoya Murcia, Blanca Nubia, born June 13, 1956 in Bogotá (Colombia).
Bedrossian Gargain, Volga, born October 29, 1967 in Tehran (Iran).
Begani, Jordyn, born in Orahovac (Serbia) on June 5, 1990.
Justin, Damir, born May 2, 1970 in Prijepolje (Serbia).
Begeshi, Alina, born in Vucitrn (Kosovo) 22 March 1990.
Begesi, Fadilj, born February 22, 1973 in Vucitrn (Serbia).
Liney, Fatmire, born in Sheqeras-Korce (Albania) on September 1, 1967.
Behroozy, Greta, born August 30, 1976 in Tehran (Iran).
Bejanyan, Sonik, born June 2, 1965 in Yerevan (Armenia).
Bejta, ebony, born October 23, 1983 in Titova Mitrovica (Serbia).
Bejta, Baskim, born August 12, 1982 in Titova Mitrovica (Kosovo).
Bejta, Hasim, born December 24, 1979 in Kosovska Mitrovica (Serbia).

Bekirov, Nihat, born March 14, 1961 in Popovo (Bulgaria).
Barnes, Fadila, born in Oujda (Morocco) on September 24, 1957.
Bela, Gazmen, born December 2, 1965 in Nikaj (Kosovo).
Belarbi, Kaddour, born in Ammi-Moussa (Algeria) on November 6, 1958.
Belém, Aisha, born in Séguénéga (Burkina Faso) on 24 July 1980.
Belenkaya - Ivanyuk, Irina, born in Yeysk (Fed.
of Russia) on 21 October 1959.
Belghabran, Naima, born April 1, 1968 in Nador (Morocco).
Basanta, Fatima, born in Oujda (Morocco) on January 1, 1950.
Belizaire, Kelley Mona Lissa, born in Delmas (Haiti) on August 16, 1989.
Baruah, Aziz, born in Dcheira (Morocco) on February 1, 1982.
Barun, Nadh, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on January 1, 1972.
Bellahbib Bellahbib, Brahim, born October 4, 1968 at Ain Beni Mathar (Morocco).
Bellaziz, johana, born in Chouihia (Morocco) on February 10, 1991.
Basri, boy, born December 3, 1978 in Tizi-Ouzou (Algeria).
Bello, Ahmedshawkyabdelaziz, born in Tiggar-Tanout (Niger) on 1 January 1969.
Bastian, Abdelhak, born August 18, 1975 in Ouled Sid Cheikh (Morocco).
Bastin, Batoul, born in 1949 in Sehoul (Morocco).
Belova, Viktoriya Vladimirovna, born in Shymkent (Kazakhstan) on 26 March 1972.
Belz, Karen Kay, born in Enid - Oklahoma (United States) November 20, 1948.
Ben Abdi, Kamel, born April 10, 1964 in El Harach (Algeria).
Ben Abid, Haifa, born in Sousse (Tunisia) on December 24, 1981.
Ben Allal, Abdeslam, born December 25, 1950 in Chefchaouen (Morocco).
Ben Allal, Richard, born in Tangier (Morocco) on March 14, 1990.
Ben Allal, Lahcen, born in 1940 in Targa Wassay (Morocco).
Ben Allal, Osama, born in Tangier (Morocco) 27 February 1981.
Ben Amar, Fatima Zohra, born in Tangier (Morocco) July 27, 1981.
Ben Ammar, Kate, born February 16, 1976 in Nabeul (Tunisia).
Ben Ayad, Ahmed, born in Tangier (Morocco) in 1934.
Ben Ayad, Kenza, born November 19, 1945 in Tangier (Morocco).
Ben Hamza, Hassan, born in Tetouan (Morocco) June 27, 1980.
Ben Makhlouf, Jihane, born November 28, 1978 in Fes (Morocco).
Ben Moh married Hilary, Abade, born October 22, 1956 in La Senia (Algeria).
Ben Mohamed, RA, born in La Marsa (Tunisia) on December 4, 1973.
Ben Yaakoub, Thomas, born in Tetouan (Morocco) on August 12, 1983.
Ben Yerrou, Zaineddin, born in Ajouljam (Morocco) on March 2, 1971.
Bazzy, Boumediene, born in Ghazaouet (Algeria) on June 19, 1974.
Benaboud, Nelson, born in Casablanca (Morocco) July 19, 1966.
Benalla, Mohamed, born November 14, 1963 in Beni Mellal (Morocco).
Benamar, Tarik, born April 15, 1979 in Ajdir (Morocco).
Benaouda, Mohammed, born in Tangier (Morocco) 4 March 1977.
Bear, Walid, born January 7, 1984 in Sale, Bab Lamrissa (Morocco).
Bean, Sofiane, born February 27, 1973 in Thénia (Algeria).
Beanie, Mohammed, born June 8, 1966 in Slighoua (Morocco).
Bendaoula, Khadija, born in Safi (Morocco) on December 30, 1974.
Benderfouf, Yamina, born in Berkane (Morocco) on 31 October 1988.
Benetatou, Panagiota, born December 15, 1967 in Patras (Greece).
Benettaj, Fouad, born in Essaouira (Morocco) on January 27, 1963.
Bean, Mohamed Razak, born 20 November 1988 in Dabou (Côte d'Ivoire).
Beck, RA, born in Beni Bouyahie (Morocco) on June 22, 1976.
Benhamou, Abdullah, born in Zaiou (Morocco) on April 2, 1982.
Beckford, Mendoza, born in Ain Beni Mathar (Morocco) on August 23, 1954.
Bee, Robert, born in Berkane (Morocco) July 24, 1975.
Bee, Khalid, born in Tangier (Morocco) on June 26, 1990.
Bennouna-Louridi, Abed, born October 8, 1983 in Casablanca (Morocco).
Behdad, Halima Kenza, born in Chlef (Algeria) on July 6, 1991.
Bejan, Hafida, born June 10, 1953 in Casablanca (Morocco).
Benrafik, Ahmad, born in Sidi Slimane (Morocco) on January 1, 1992.
Satindra Tabet, Rabia, born October 19, 1956 in Juls (Morocco).
Benson, Amelia, born August 20, 1969 in Johannesburg (South Africa).
Bentemessek, Nadvi, born in Zaghouan (Tunisia) on January 28, 1949.
Christelle, Hafida, born in Metz (France) on June 14, 1967.
Widow Benytska Nadim, Valentyna, born February 26, 1978 in Kiev (Ukraine).
Beqiraj married Dedja, Bukurie, born August 31, 1970 in Tirana (Albania).
Berberyan married Hovakimyan, Heghine, born in Leninakan (Armenia) on April 16, 1957.
Bell, Moussa, born May 5, 1977 in Bobo Dioulasso (Burkina Faso).
Berhe Haile, Ermias, born October 8, 1978 in Asmara (Ethiopia).
Beri, Ahouna Bernard, born October 28, 1974 in Anno, Agboville (Cote d'Ivoire).
Berinde, Vasile-Sorin, born July 8, 1982 in Negresti-Oas (Romania).
Benard, Agim, born June 5, 1973 in Kragujevac (Serbia).
Benard, Williams, born April 22, 1987 in Istok (Kosovo).
Benard, Sefset, born in Mala Dobranja-Lipljan (Kosovo) on June 28, 1966.
Benard, Vlaznim, born April 22, 1987 in Istok (Kosovo).
Berisha married Bela, mining, born in Dubrave (Kosovo) on May 1, 1972.
Berisha wife Gjukatan, Jordyn, born in Dobraje e Vogel (Serbia) on December 18, 1970.
Berisha married Michelle, Lindita, born March 22, 1977 in Prishtinë (Kosovo).
Berisha, Armand, born July 27, 1987 in Krujë (Albania).
Berisha, Uk, born October 3, 1982 in Kramovik (Serbia).
Berisha, Xhemile, born in Gorni Barani (Kosovo) on January 7, 1963.
Berishaj, Gjejlan, born in Neustadt am Rübenberge (Germany) on September 10, 1992.
Berishaj, Shaban, born in Begov Lukavac (Kosovo) on November 15, 1962.
Berisi married Jacinto, Nadzibe, born December 6, 1968 in Sopot (Serbia).
Berkaoui, Mészáros, born November 8, 1979 in Kebdana (Morocco).
Berlas, Fareen, born March 10, 1990 in Pattoki (Pakistan).
Berlas, Selman Ahmad, born February 16, 1989 in Pattoki (Pakistan).
Bernardo, Francisco, born to wife (Angola) on June 11, 1971.
Benson, Saavedra, born in Fez (Morocco) on January 2, 1953.
Bertal, Hasna, born July 25, 1981 in Agadir (Morocco).
Berziu, Enkelejda, born October 15, 1985 in Tirana (Albania).
Berziu, Oltjan, born September 23, 1989 in Tirana (Albania).
Bessafi, Saada, born September 29, 1960 in Yellel (Algeria).
Bessi, Meryem, born in Kenitra (Morocco) on February 27, 1973.
Biban married Padeanu, Ani, born April 5, 1968 in Girlâ Mare (Romania).
Bicaj, Isa, born April 3, 1966 in Vrelle Istog (Kosovo).
Bicaj, Vamshi, born January 12, 1968 in Prishtinë (Kosovo).
Bichir, Vitalie, born March 20, 1977 in Vuloanesti (Romania).
BiH, Clementina, born September 5, 1973 in Santa Akum (Cameroon).
Bijakhan, Saadia, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on January 7, 1964.
Bikliqi, Blerim, born October 28, 1985 in Janjeve-Lipjan (Kosovo).
Bhasi, Odette, born in Gisenyi (Rwanda) on 16 November 1989.
Bilal, Husein, born March 10, 1977 in Darwish Obasi (Syria).
Bhan, Fidaim, born August 27, 1985 in Canaj-Kukes (Albania).
Bilalova married Dydymova, Dzhennet Gasanovna, born May 9, 1977 in Babayurt (fed. of Russia).
Bilegt, Enerelt, born in Darkhan (Mongolia) on November 26, 1991.
Bhargava, Urselle Marie, born in Okola (Cameroon) on November 4, 1972.
Biley, Michel, born in Åby (Côte d'Ivoire) on December 31, 1971.
Bilge, Rands, born in Aksehir (Turkey) on June 16, 1992.
Bilgic, Turgay, born March 8, 1979 in Aksaray (Turkey).
Bill wife Figaro, Marie Lourdes Georgette, born in Mahebourg (Republic of Mauritius) on December 26, 1965.
Bilo Mohsin, Anto, born in Bandundu (Congo) on June 30, 1954.
Bharadwaj Marvin, Jeanne, born May 16, 1968 in Yaoundé (Cameroon).
Bhasker, Carole Catherine, born in Laxou (France) on September 25, 1984.
Bhat Muamba, Muamba, born February 26, 1980 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Bilyal, Gyuray Hasan, born April 28, 1968 in Razgrad (Bulgaria).
Bimule Bagewadi, Ardin, born April 17, 1966 in Bukavu (Congo).
Bipendu, Jeanne, born in Luebo (Congo) on December 15, 1953.
Biqai, Fuad, born July 29, 1979 in Nahr el-Bared (Lebanon).
Biranguza, Ezra-Lloyd, born January 27, 1988 in Bujumbura (Burundi).
Birijk Garbit, Linda, born in Al-Basra (Iraq) in 1965.
Birikh, Farida, born November 30, 1956 in Berkane (Morocco).
Bhatti, Kasalina, born March 6, 1978 in Mulago (Uganda).
Bisende Mbema, Angèle, born September 26, 1976 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Bishwakarma married Ramudamu, Pinkee, born September 14, 1980 in Siddhartha Nagar (Nepal).
Bisog wife Dorin, Cristina, born January 24, 1972 in Raducaneni (Romania).
Bissa, Antoinette Valerie, born December 12, 1978 in Yaoundé (Cameroon).
Bhatia-Bie, Thierry, born July 6, 1983 in Libreville (Gabon).
Bizindori, Robert, born July 24, 1963 in Nyakabanda (Rwanda).
Blaga married Pintilescu, Dana-Nicoleta, born February 16, 1980 in Bacau (Romania).
Bleumink, Marco Mattheus Hendricus Stefanus, born November 10, 1975 in Nijmegen (Netherlands).
Blokdijk, Petra Margaretha Elisabeth, born in Purmerend (Netherlands) on August 13, 1971.
Boadu, Kwasi Kyei, born September 23, 1976 in Kumasi (Ghana).
Boccovi, Jean Marie-Claire Dédévi Djigbondè, born May 18, 1944 in Mango (Togo).
Bodnaru, Camelia, born May 8, 1979 in Suceava (Romania).
Bofarid, Saad, born May 28, 1972 in Nador (Morocco).
Bogacenco married Apostolova, Luidmila, born October 3, 1958 in Zastinca (Moldova).
Bogdol, Marek Tadeusz, born March 10, 1975 in Gdynia (Poland).
Boguszewski, Krzysztof Mieczyslaw, born in Grodzisk (Poland) 1 January 1973.
Boguta, Monika, born October 14, 1984 in Warszawa (Poland).
Bohadi, Abdelkader, born in Beni Sidel (Morocco) on August 3, 1949.
Bojang, Noah, born March 27, 1978 in Bakau (Gambia).
Bokonda, Daniel, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on 11 March 1992.
Bokov, Rashid Ruslanbekovitch, born August 12, 1978 in Malgobek (fed. of Russia).
Bokshi, Elona, born July 26, 1975 in Tirana (Albania).
Bokumwana, Christine, born in Yalemba (Congo) on August 26, 1960.
Bomengo Mambia, born July 2, 1975 in Lisala (Congo).
Kindness, Zaharie, born in Barsau (Romania) on January 30, 1949.
Borcila, Ion, born at Tirnova (Romania) on May 24, 1949.
Borcila, Loredana-Marinela, born in Timisoara (Romania) on February 23, 1990.
Bordoud Eckert, Mustapha, born May 27, 1970 in Douar Oulad Beni Amara (Morocco).
Borges Fernandes, Fernando, born 15 January 1991 in Uberlândia (Brazil).
Borges Rigaud, Ednaldo, born September 28, 1976 in Canavieiras (Brazil).
Borisova, Sevdalina Stefanova, born October 23, 1986 in Targovishte (Bulgaria).
Borowska, Dorota, born in Bielsk Podlaski (Poland) on 5 March 1973.
Bostan, Alexandru, born in Brinza (Moldova)

December 22, 1956.
Borromeo, Yahya, born in Oujda (Morocco) in 1950.
Bouazza, Samira, born in Gharbia (Morocco) in 1979.
Jess, Acar, born February 7, 1972 in Kenitra (Morocco).
Blessings, K.c., born November 29, 1977 in Kasserine (Tunisia).
Bouchahad, Latifa, born to Ibakouyen Beni Chiker (Morocco) on October 14, 1983.
Agnebg, Amel, born in Constantine (Algeria) on March 29, 1972.
Boucharrafat, Abida, born June 10, 1980 in Ahmedabad, Trougout (Morocco).
Boudaghi, Gholamreza, born in Ghaemshahr (Iran) on June 10, 1972.
Boudehdj, Zohra, born February 6, 1980 in Gdyel (Algeria).
Boudellaha, ehsan, born in Houara Ouled Rahu (Morocco) on January 8, 1992.
Boudiaf, Jake, born in 1943 in Teleghma (Algeria).
Asser, Fatima, born October 22, 1966 in Midar (Morocco).
Boufang, Carole, born January 26, 1980 in Bailey (Cameroon).
Bougamza, Abdelmonaime, born July 2, 1978 in Douar Ijaounen, Tsaft, Beni Touzine (Morocco).
Brenda, Belcher, born March 12, 1971 in Abdulle (Algeria).
Bougrea, Saad, born in Vivian (Morocco) on November 25, 1969.
Booker, Fatima, born December 15, 1978 in Ouled Boubker (Morocco).
Bouharou, Khalid, born October 1, 1978 in Salé (Morocco).
Bouhayoufi, Samira, born in Beni Piyawong (Morocco) on November 23, 1992.
Bouhayoufi, Sarah, born in Beni Piyawong (Morocco) July 4, 1990.
Bouhayoufi, Schwarz, born August 2, 1988 in Beni Piyawong (Morocco).
Boone, Habiba, born in 1943 in Dr.Laasara, Beni Bouifrour (Morocco).
Boujalsa, Nadia, born November 21, 1970 in Nador (Morocco).
Boukhari, Ahmed, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on January 1, 1939.
Bonia, Sid'Ahmed, born August 5, 1983 in Nema (Mauritania).
Mohtashim, Sam, born 2 March 1967 in Ouled Settout (Morocco).
Boukribia, Mohammed, born in Meknès (Morocco) on October 22, 1981.
Bonner, Vijaya, born January 14, 1980 in Beni Oulichek (Morocco).
Kenneth, Addi, born in Boutirgui-Tiznit (Morocco) in 1928.
Boulakhrif, Ahmed, born in Beni Akki (Morocco) on January 8, 1939.
Boulankoua Mangokoua, Prudence, born July 23, 1979 in Brazzaville, Congo Rep. pop.
Boulima, Abdelhamid, born July 27, 1975 in Midar (Morocco).
Boumediene, Fouad, born in Douar Ouled El Bali (Morocco) on August 6, 1974.
Bounafa, Rkia, born in Ras El Ma (Morocco) in 1956.
Bounakoub, Zineb, born in Douar naar (Morocco) on January 1, 1968.
Bouqefari, m, born in Oujda (Morocco) on 20 April 1971.
Bouraqadi Ibrahim, Noura, born in Spiro (Morocco) on November 17, 1980.
Bourarach, Simon, born May 19, 1977 in Beni or (Morocco).
Bourasmoum, Nadya, born April 10, 1988 in Beni Touzine (Morocco).
Boursasa, Sabah, born in Rouiba (Algeria) on January 18, 1977.
Bouslougui, Hamed, born in Oum El Bouaghi (Algeria) on August 20, 1989.
Bouslougui, Kadeche, born January 7, 1963 in Ain Diss (Algeria).
Bousrhal, Mohammed, born in Beni Drar (Morocco) in 1949.
Mária, Saad, born in Azeffoun (Algeria) on November 1, 1972.
Josiah, Karima, born December 27, 1973 in Algiers (Algeria).
Bousserghine, Rajaa, born August 21, 1985 in Casablanca (Morocco).
Boyce, Sarah, born May 2, 1981 in Rommani (Morocco).
Boussim, Laba, born in 1967 in Sangou (Burkina Faso).
Boyadjian, Hamer, born in Oujda (Morocco) on January 11, 1984.
Bradley, Adama, born in Dakar, Senegal, on January 21, 1989.
Boutayeb, Mohammed, born June 20, 1966 in Berkane (Morocco).
Boutrig, Zineb, born August 30, 1986 in Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium).
Braceros, Helima, born in Douar Ouled El Amri (Morocco) in 1949.
Bouzarzar, Saranya, born October 17, 1985 in Nador (Morocco).
Bouzegaghene, Ava, born October 5, 1980 in Oran (Algeria).
Brasher, Fatma, born in Oran (Algeria) on August 13, 1953.
Bouzid, Abdelhalim, born April 9, 1971 in Oum El Bouaghi (Algeria).
Abbas, Amar, born May 10, 1976 in Douar Ouled Ali me talssa (Morocco).
Bovkaeva married Chalayeva, Larisa Sultanovna, born November 13, 1967 in Shali (fed. of Russia).
Bozga, Andrei-Valeriu, born October 12, 1988 in Baia Mare (Romania).
Bozga, Våler, born July 18, 1957 in Suciu de Sus (Romania).
Bozym married Elvira, Wieslawa, born April 24, 1956 in Swidnik (Poland).
Bragin, Mikhail Gennadjevitsj, born in Sjtsjoetsjinsk (Kazakhstan) on June 22, 1963.
Bragin, Roman Michajlovitsj, born in Sjtsjoetsjinsk (Kazakhstan) dated August 12, 1987.
Bragina wife Titkova, Alla, born in Majlis-Saj (Kyrgyzstan) on June 1, 1967.
Brah, Felix, born in Njombe (Cameroon) on October 8, 1968.
Brajic, Nedzad, born May 13, 1972 in Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Branza, Traian, born July 2, 1979 in Galati (Romania).
Bravo Zambrano, Santa Lucia, born April 9, 1971 in Santa Tereza (Ecuador).
Braykova married Esther, Aneta, born in Troyan (Bulgaria) on January 4, 1977.
Brichaux Molina, André Lucian, born August 31, 1984 in Guatemala (Guatemala).
Bringas Bazan, Yeney, born May 20, 1974 in Las Tunas (Cuba).
Brousova wife Nikitina, Nadezda Vasilevna, born in Ust'-Tym (fed. of Russia) on November 10, 1947.
Buckx, Ilona Mathea Josephina Maria, born in Sittard (Netherlands) on November 15, 1984.
Bucur, Mihai-Sebastian, born July 21, 1984 in Sinaia, Prahova (Romania).
Bueya, Marguerita, born May 28, 1972 in Kifuma (Congo).
Buhaceanu, Loredan-Marcel, born February 2, 1972 in Saveni (Romania).
Bujupi, Osman, born November 21, 1968 in Arllat (Kosovo).
Bukula Ilunga, born October 28, 1980 in Uvira (Congo).
Bulanza Ebal, Christian, born in Kolwezi (Congo) August 28, 1976.
Bulduk married Poyraz, Songül, born in Khaled (Turkey) on December 2, 1981.
Bulgakov, Sergey, born February 17, 1959 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).
Buloko Mupemba, born May 19, 1971 in Kananga (Congo).
Bumbuc married Balázs, Eudochia, born in Poienile de Sub Munte (Romania) on January 1, 1980.
Bunda, Ondrej, born in Kosice (Slovakia) on August 23, 1974.
Bunea, Luminita - Elena, born in Bucharest (Romania) on December 15, 1974.
Bunjaku married Bejta, Razije, born June 6, 1981 in Obilic (Serbia).
Burada married Grajdaru, Gabriela, born December 13, 1978 in Brasov (Romania).
Burgoa Tanaka wife van Merle, Luciana, born January 8, 1982 in Sao Bernardo do Campo (Brazil).
Burhashengwa Bahige, Arsène, born July 7, 1982 in Bukavu (Congo).
Burla, Danut, born October 6, 1969 in Radauti (Romania).
Burlacu, Nicoleta, born March 7, 1983 in Marasesti (Romania).
Burnadze, Lamara, born in Tbilisi (Georgia) on February 4, 1948.
Bursac, Vera, born in Brussels (Belgium) on September 30, 1991.
Bushayija, liberated, born May 1, 1986 in Gatsibo (Rwanda).
Bushi wife Suma, Fidajete, born February 1, 1976 in Pustenik (Kosovo).
Bushii, Faryad, born June 5, 1982 in Kisangani (Congo).
Buslova, Irina, born April 19, 1982 in Chisinau (Moldova).
Bytsko, Victoria, born in Leningrad (Russia Fed.) April 8, 1971.
Widow Byzova Sadovnitchaya, Irina, born in Simferopol (Ukraine) on February 23, 1965.
Cáceres, Sandra Jeaneth, born July 8, 1972 in Eloy Alfaro (Ecuador).
Caglayan, Ayten, born in Istanbul (Turkey) on January 8, 1970.
CAI, Jueyuan, born August 30, 1982 in Shenzhen (China).
Calinescu, Ionela-Geta, born in Craiova (Romania) September 20, 1981.
Winta, Gürsel, born in Istanbul (Turkey) on March 2, 1958.
Calli, Nuray, born 3 July 1988 in Yunak (Turkey).
Camara, Djibril, born July 7, 1985 in Conakry (Guinea).
Camara, Fatoumata Bintou Mohamed, born in Conakry (Guinea) on August 20, 1948.
Camara, Ibrahima Sorel, born February 2, 1987 in Conakry (Guinea).
Camara, Jacques Emile, born May 5, 1974 in Conakry (Guinea).
Camara, Lisette Tania, born April 10, 1986 in Conakry (Guinea).
Camara, Mama Aissata, born October 12, 1975 in Kindia (Guinea).
Camara, Mariam Ugyen, born April 10, 1981 in Conakry (Guinea).
Camara, Naby Laye Moussa, born September 29, 1978 in Conakry (Guinea).
Camara, Nadeau, born August 20, 1990 in Conakry (Guinea).
Camara, Nene Galle, born in Mamou (Guinea) on February 9, 1954.
Camara, Nincy, born March 6, 1976 in Bouaké (Côte d'Ivoire).
Camara, Ousmane, born February 17, 1980 in Conakry (Guinea).
Camara, Yari, born in Conakry (Guinea) in 1980.
Can, Seyhan, born October 17, 1969 in Yunak (Turkey).
Canavar-Cirik, Zeynep, born in Çifteler (Turkey) on 7 June 1981.
Canliel, Ahmet, born in Urfa (Turkey) on 1 January 1968.
Canta wife Sali, Behije, born January 12, 1966 in Rahovec (Kosovo).
Caradjova, Tatiana, born December 24, 1984 in Samurza, regio Taraclia (Moldova).
Cardinale, Maria, born in Sao Paulo (Brazil) on October 31, 1974.
Carollo, Girolamo, born in Palermo (Italy) on October 18, 1982.
Carpentier, Jeanne Marie Bernadette, born in Le Quesnoy (France) on August 10, 1953.
Caruso, Roberta, born in Palazzo Adriano (Italy) March 12, 1991.
Carvajal Llumipanta, Janneth of Lourdes, born January 13, 1964 in Quito (Ecuador).
Carvajal Matos, Yulissa, born in Barahona (Repub. Dominican) on August 22, 1982.
Castellanos Grave de Peralta, Dennis Mario, born June 20, 1973 in Santiago de Cuba (Cuba).
Castro Pacheco, Violeta Mariana, born April 30, 1960 in Cargo - Concepción (Ecuador).
Catoiu, Raluca-Malina, born in Bucuresti (Romania) on July 22, 1974.
Catovic, Abdullah, born May 17, 1970 in Dobrusa (Serbia).
Cavanzo Alvarez, Zury Johanna, born in Bucaramanga (Colombia) on August 20, 1990.
Cavinato, Edi Manuela, born in Padua (Italy) on January 5, 1962.
Çavusoglu married Kural, Fevziye Deniz, born in Eskisehir (Turkey) 13 June 1967.
Ceesay, Omar, born September 24, 1978 in Sara Kunda (Gambia).
Celebic, Alen, born March 10, 1988 in Bijelo Polje (Montenegro).
Celebic, Amer, born in Bijelo Polje (Montenegro) on December 8, 1989.
Celik, Nilay, born February 13, 1978 in Polatli (Turkey).
Celik, Mesut, born June 3, 1980 in Mardin (Turkey).
Celik, Omer, born Khaled (Turkey) on April 23, 1991.
Çelikkol, Kenan, born August 19, 1963 in Bursa (Turkey).
Celikyay, Bora, born in Izmir (Turkey) on 1 January 1981.
Praveen Kumar, Aldina, born in Pec (Kosovo) on April 7, 1989.
Praveen Kumar, Zino, born April 16, 1961 in Lihovci-Hadzici (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Cenan, Martin, born December 5, 1980 in G. Rujani (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Centeno Escoto, Lisbeth Del Socorro, born March 6, 1986 in Esteli (Nicaragua).
Cetin, Özgür, born August 26, 1976 in Elazig (Turkey).
Cetinkaya, Mehmet Ali, born September 10, 1983 in Birecik (Turkey).

Milena, born in Podgorica (Montenegro) on April 8, 1992.
Cetkovic, Ratko, born in Podgorica (Montenegro) on March 31, 1971.
Cevaj, Emmanuel, born in Stella Shkoder (Albania) on May 7, 1990.
Cevaj, Selman, born August 8, 1960 in Stella Shkoder (Albania).
Cevaj, Zyhra, born December 1, 1966 in Rrash Kullaj Shkodër (Albania).
Cavit, Dorothy, born in Oujda (Morocco) on March 5, 1984.
Chabi, Kolawolé Honorat, born December 22, 1972 in Kandi (Benin).
Chacon Vasquez, Marisol, born November 6, 1976 in Bucaramanga (Colombia).
Chadli, Nawal, born April 8, 1982 in Rabat (Morocco).
Chadli, Tarik, born March 24, 1980 in Rabat (Morocco).
Kelvin, Fatima, born in Beni Boughafer (Morocco) in 1956.
Kelvin, Mustapha, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on June 19, 1982.
Celestine, El Maati, born in Douar Lammata Lamchaariyine (Morocco) on January 1, 1936.
Cervantes, Mohammed, born September 27, 1963 in Fez (Morocco).
Mark, Mounir, born August 29, 1978 in Berkane (Morocco).
Cetin, Abdellah, born November 22, 1973 in Oujda (Morocco).
Chakarov, Radoslav Svetlinov, born May 8, 1978 in Svishtov (Bulgaria).
Tiffany, Sema Haralanova, born January 9, 1956 in Targovishte (Bulgaria).
Chakboub, Omar, born in Beni Bouyahie (Morocco) on August 15, 1989.
Chakhboulatov, Ayub Yunousovitch, born August 14, 1970 in Khasavyurt (fed. of Russia).
Chala, Fatiha, born September 22, 1952 in Biskra (Algeria).
Chalayev, Khas-Magomed Khasanbekovitch, born June 30, 1970 in Urus-Martan (fed. of Russia).
Chaled, Yehya, born November 22, 1974 in Maydan Ikbis (Syria).
Chaloub, Josef Khassanovitch, born in Oryol (Fed.
of Russia) on September 24, 1991.
Cham, Momodou, born October 8, 1974 in Tallinding Kunjang (Gambia).
Chamboelatova, Malikat Sjaikh-Achmedovna, born December 21, 1972 in Kurchaloy (fed. of Russia).
Shana, Lee, born November 26, 1980 in Nador (Morocco).
Changizi, Nariman, born in Mahshahr (Iran) on December 9, 1991.
Chango Vargas, Alex Ricardo, born November 13, 1979 in Ambato (Ecuador).
Changoluisa Gonzalez, Fanny Yolanda, born in Merced Ambato (Ecuador) on 1 February 1981.
Chankisjijev, Artyom, born 29 May 1990 in Priozersk (fed. of Russia).
Channa, Sonu, born in Kandahar (Afghanistan) on January 5, 1972.
Chanthirasegaram, Chanthiramaran, born May 4, 1987 in Vavuniya (Sri Lanka).
Chaki, Samir, born in Batna (Algeria) on May 29, 1969.
Charles, Carolina, born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) on September 14, 1978.
Taalin, Mina, born January 1, 1979 in Toutline (Morocco).
Chan Chan Benaqqache, Abderrazak, born in Marrakech (Morocco) on 16 May 1963.
Shatt Babu, Nadh, born in Tangier (Morocco) on February 27, 1980.
Chaudhry, Nawazish Ali, born May 9, 1976 in Gujrat (Pakistan).
Chaushev, Nikolay, born August 25, 1972 in Konstantin (Bulgaria).
Chavez's Cuba, Eva Narvi, born in Tacna (Peru) on April 18, 1948.
Chávez García, Edison Marcelo, born January 11, 1982 in La Union (Ecuador).
Chavez Morales, David, born September 14, 1973 in Guadalajara (Mexico).
Chebe, Theophilus Ateurh, born January 26, 1977 in Wum (Cameroon).
Chefraou, Fatima, born in Ayacha (Morocco) on January 1, 1986.
Chefrour, Karen, born in Souk Ahras (Algeria) on December 15, 1977.
Chegueu Revathi, Serge Basile, born June 24, 1975 in Yaoundé (Cameroon).
Chehem Daoud, Faryad, born in Tadjoura (Djibouti) on December 31, 1953.
Everett, Mekki, born in Oulad Bahr El Kbar (Morocco) on January 1, 1952.
Everett, Gemma, born at Chivasso (Italy) on April 23, 1991.
Everett, Noman, born at Chivasso (Italy) on July 28, 1992.
Chekayev, Rustam Vagitovitch, born May 18, 1985 in Urus-Martan (fed. of Russia).
Chekchouk, Sarah, born July 21, 1985 in Dr. Ouled Hammou Smid Maa, Laouamra (Morocco).
Chekho, Amal, born in Jandaris (Syria) on January 30, 1989.
Chang, Mama Celo, born in Tlemcen (Algeria) on August 22, 1977.
Chelban, Gheorghe, born February 19, 1973 in Valeni (Moldova).
Spencer, Nadia, born June 29, 1977 in Beni Said (Morocco).
Chen, Na, born in Changle (China) June 9, 1989.
Chen, Xiu Li, born in Hu Bei (China) on December 24, 1988.
Chennar, Hassan, born April 21, 1971 in Rabat (Morocco).
Chenve, Almira, born 6 June 1983 in Mankon Bamenda (Cameroon).
Cheraiou, Kahina, born February 13, 1984 in Tizi-Ouzou (Algeria).
Chereji, Simona, born August 2, 1972 in Hunedoara (Romania).
Cherkasov, Vitaly, born August 17, 1981 in Frunze (Kyrgyzstan).
Chernoshtan, Sergey, born April 14, 1970 in Izum (fed. of Russia).
Chetinin, Nicolay Alexandrovich, born in Novopokrovskiy (Kyrgyzstan) on January 8, 1952.
Chetinina, Ksenia Nikolayevna, born in Kangalassi (fed. of Russia) on August 5, 1984.
Chetri, Abdallah, born in Douar Soualem, Ait Amira (Morocco) on January 1, 1946.
Chhiti, M'Hamed, born December 1, 1970 in Zitouna (Morocco).
Chica Loor, Jenny Amarili, born December 10, 1981 in El Carmen (Ecuador).
Chicaiza Iza, Raul Neptali, born March 12, 1971 in Latacunga (Ecuador).
Chicaiza Tixe, Lisa Daniel, born in La Magdalena, Quito (Ecuador) on 7 August 1992.
Chilina - Astachkina, Olga, born in Aykino (fed. of Russia) January 13, 1964.
Cephas Chimedza, born December 5, 1984 in Harare (Zimbabwe).
Chimpuna Muanda, Monica, born January 15, 1987 in Cabinda (Angola).
Chiodo, Rosa, born in Lercara Friddi (Italy) on October 1, 1971.
Chirila, Ioana-Catalina, born in Iasi (Romania) on June 24, 1992.
Chirilenco, Svetlana, born August 11, 1965 in Anenii Noi (Moldova).
Chivu, Dana Eleonora Maria, born in Busteni (Romania) on March 20, 1964.
Chmaj, Malgorzata, born in Wroclaw (Poland) on January 14, 1964.
Chmeliova, Vera, born in Frunze (Kyrgyzstan) on January 10, 1988.
Choeden, born in Hongkor (China) on October 1, 1978.
Cholokhyan married Geliashvili, Marieta, born in Tbilisi (Georgia) on May 26, 1949.
Chopozova, Anastasia, born August 26, 1992 in Essentuki (Russia Fed.).
Chouidi, Hassan, born in Dcheira (Morocco) July 6, 1968.
CHOUKRI, Latifa, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on August 19, 1987.
Ciarnau, Akash-Valentina, born in Oradea (Romania) on June 14, 1988.
Cicuova, Ludmila, born November 14, 1985 in Most (Czech Republic).
Ciechanska, Iwona, born November 10, 1979 in Kolonia Szczuczki VI (Poland).
Ciesla married Madziel, Bozena Zofia, born in Brzesko (Poland) on December 13, 1974.
Chekuri, ALCO, born April 24, 1975 in Sarioglan (Turkey).
Cimentarov, Petar, born March 13, 1986 in Varna (Bulgaria).
Cimochowska, Eliza, born March 2, 1985 in Szczuczyn (Poland).
Cioclu married Toboiu, Vadakekkara, born in Blagesti (Romania) on January 8, 1966.
Ciolan, Catalina, born in Bucharest (Romania) on September 9, 1983.
Cirpaci husband Tudorache, Trandafir-Alin, born January 15, 1977 in Fîrdea (Romania).
Cirpaci, Petru, born March 24, 1981 in Timisoara (Romania).
Cissé, Doreen, born February 22, 1988 in Toumodi (Côte d'Ivoire).
Cisse, Ousmane, born in Bouaké (Côte d'Ivoire) on May 1, 1990.
Cissé, Janette, born April 10, 1974 in Dakar (Senegal).
Ciuci married Bumbar, Raluca-Elena, born April 21, 1982 in Timisoara (Romania).
Ciurar, Dorina, born in Santana (Romania) on June 13, 1971.
Ciurar, Iosif, born June 8, 1965 in Santana (Romania).
Ciurar, Rita, born September 21, 1975 in Arad (Romania).
Elizabeth8991-Zub, Gabriela, born October 23, 1976 in Iasi (Romania).
Coca, Simona-Irina, born February 8, 1975 in Ploiesti (Romania).
Codjia, Delphine, born in Aplahoué (Benin) on December 15, 1937.
Cojocaru married Ilescu, Angela, born February 23, 1975 in Carpineni (Moldova).
Cole, Andy Mensah, born April 2, 1970 in Sunyani (Ghana).
Coley, Pete-Ashbourne Rodrigo, born February 21, 1981 in St. Elizabeth (Jamaica).
Colja, Rastko, born July 1, 1981 in Beograd (Serbia).
Collado, Mónica Gabriela, born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) on April 7, 1972.
Collaku, Bevxhet, born in Cubrel (Kosovo) on 1 September 1962.
Collaku, Gentian, born in Cubrel (Kosovo) on February 26, 1992.
Colompar, Florin - Nicolae, born January 25, 1975 in Santana (Romania).
Colque Leon, Jonas, born in Oruro (Bolivia) on April 17, 1967.
Comart married Sogutludere, Canan, born in Ankara (Turkey) on April 1, 1980.
Conde, Fanta Moussa, born June 15, 1977 in Conakry (Guinea).
Conde, Fatoumata, born in Conakry (Guinea) on June 20, 1974.
Conde, Aboubacar Nina, born January 1, 1983 in Conakry (Guinea).
Condo Lopez, Martha Cecilia, born September 18, 1968 in Alausí (Ecuador).
Conte, Kadiatou, born in Forécariah (Guinea) on June 6, 1970.
Conte, Oumou, born August 12, 1965 in Conakry (Guinea).
Contreras Aguirre, Ana Luisa, born October 26, 1973 in Guayaquil (Ecuador).
Chong, Nelly Lucie Nathalie, born in Saint Germain en Laye (France) on December 19, 1981.
Cordova Delgado, Paola Marcela, born in Quito (Ecuador) on April 8, 1977.
Coronado, Peterson, born November 19, 1971 in Sao Paulo (Brazil).
Corrales Cespedes, Marcela, born in Lima (Peru) on December 19, 1971.
Correa Chavarria, Alexandra Jazmin, born in 1976 in Milagro (Ecuador).
Correa Quiñonez, Carolina, born May 17, 1982 in Lima (Peru).
Cortes Cifuentes, José Luis, born June 8, 1962 in Calli Valle (Colombia).
Corvellec, Franck Valéry André, born April 25, 1973 in Angers (France).
Costache, Petre, born September 2, 1966 in Gavanesti, Olt (Romania).
Coste married Lugojan, Mariana-Alina, born in Resita (Romania) on November 24, 1974.
Coulibaly, Fanta, born in Akakro, Dabou (Côte d'Ivoire) on February 1, 1983.
Coumbassa, Georgette, born September 8, 1986 in Conakry (Guinea).
Covoliov married Tanasiuc, Nadezhda, born January 8, 1967 in Taraclia Cainari (Moldova).
Clark married Berinde, Loredana, born in Baia Mare (Romania) on October 13, 1984.
Craciun, Ionel Iftemie, born January 24, 1976 in Radauti (Romania).
Craciunescu, Carmen Marieta, born in Suceava (Romania) on September 23, 1977.
Creciun, Eduard, born March 10, 1988 in Speia (Moldova).
Cristea, Cristian Vasile, born December 26, 1981 in întorsura Buzaului (Romania).
Crisu, Cristian-Gabriel, born in Moineşti (Romania) on July 15, 1967.
Croitor, Victor, born October 22, 1974 in Suceava (Romania).
Crowther, Robert Frederick Augustus, born October 10, 1966 in Johannesburg (South Africa).
Cruz, Ariel E., born in Bongabon (Philippines) on March 22, 1968.
Cserháti, Eszter, born in Budapest (Hungary) on July 8, 1987.

Cuba y Escobedo, Hernán Isauro, born in Arequipa (Peru) on November 11, 1940.
Curik married s, Senada, born March 10, 1972 in Skopje (Macedonia).
Curmei, Monica-Alexandrina, born in Dumbrãveni (Romania) on 13 October 1983.
Cutler married Coleman, Malinda Tigay, born in Madison (United States) on May 15, 1943.
Cuza married Rascu, Mariana-Simona, born September 17, 1972 in Brasov (Romania).
Cwojdzinska, Kamila Elzbieta, born in Gdansk (Poland) on December 21, 1987.
Mahesh, Innocent Festus, born in Gitita-Gikongoro (Rwanda) June 12, 1986.
Czerniecka - Walton, Luba, born in Kruszyniany (Poland) on 2 August 1944.
Da Costa Araújo, Pierre Oliver, born in Heimerdingen (Germany) on August 28, 1963.
Da Silva married Ribeiro, Necivania Maria, born August 23, 1969 in Inhumas-Go (Brazil).
da Silva Sambu, Bana, born in Bissau (Guinea Bissau) October 2, 1976.
Daasiss, Paul Bauer, born in Salé (Morocco) July 27, 1971.
Dabour, Farouk, born June 10, 1986 in Gharbiyah (Egypt).
DaCosta, Angela, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on 8 June 1980.
Dada, Sultan, born in Lenger, Tchemkensk (fed. of Russia) on May 3, 1954.
Daghli, Mohamed, born May 20, 1980 in Sheikh el Hadid (Syria).
Dagur, Hawa, in Treichville, Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire), born June 26, 1976.
Daher Gole, Radha, born October 10, 1984 in Djibouti (Djibouti).
Dimeji, Taoufik, born January 3, 1973 in Douar Ijouan (Morocco).
Dahlan, Nadia, born in Beni Sidel (Morocco) on December 27, 1984.
Dahlen, Abdelaziz, born in El Menzel (Morocco) on January 1, 1960.
Dajko, Premtim, born June 18, 1957 in Kucova (Albania).
Dakhil, Hisham Hamid, born July 29, 1964 in Baghdad (Iraq).
Dakiyev, Ruslan Sultanovitch, born January 28, 1966 in Surkhakhi (fed. of Russia).
Dala Kandolo, Lyman, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on January 15, 1973.
Dallakyan, Elmira, born January 13, 1939 in Kushy (Azerbaijan).
Damang, Fatoumata, born April 4, 1982 in Kouroussa (Guinea).
Damasceno Scerni, Joana d'Arc, born in Belém-Pará (Brazil) on June 29, 1953.
Damigova, Zemfira Khizrailovna, born December 20, 1983 in Astrakhan (Russia Fed.).
Dandieva married Inalova, Malika Shakhbotovna, born in Chapayevskiy (fed. of Russia) on January 16, 1986.
Dangali Yapo, ESE, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on September 5, 1974.
Danila married Georgescu, Dumitra, born in Galati (Romania) on July 6, 1962.
Danilovic, Ana, born August 30, 1979 in Cacak (Serbia).
Danso, Gertrude Serwaa, born September 12, 1987 in Kumasi, Ghana.
Daoud Omar, Zeinab, born March 12, 1986 in Djibouti (Djibouti).
Daniel, Charlotte, born in Sidi Ben Adda (Algeria) April 13, 1960.
Dar married Butt, Nosheen, born July 9, 1978 in Sialkot (Pakistan).
Arabi, Marian Stanislaw, born January 26, 1945 in Sliwnica (Poland).
Arabi, Zdzislaw Pawel, born January 26, 1945 in Sliwnica (Poland).
Dare, Darius-Octav, born March 13, 1981 in Nasaud County (Romania).
Daniell, Fatima, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on October 7, 1986.
Daniell, Omar, born at Temsaman (Morocco) in 1951.
Daniel, Khadija, born in Metalsa (Morocco) on September 27, 1990.
Darkik, Hakim, born in Etterbeek (Belgium) on March 27, 1982.
Darwish, Rebar Omar, born January 1, 1983 in Rabeea (Iraq).
Darwish, Hajar, born December 25, 1959 in Tall Khinzir (Syria).
Dataeva, Elina Isaevna, born 16 October 1983 in Urus-Martan (fed. of Russia).
Daurbekova, Madina Batyrovna, born in Sleptsovsk (fed. of Russia) on June 29, 1992.
Daurbekova, Zalina Batyrovna, born April 6, 1985 in Nazran (fed. of Russia).
David, Laurentiu, born March 27, 1976 in Bacau (Romania).
Dávila Bazurto, Nora Edith, born July 8, 1956 in Guayaquil (Ecuador).
Davletukaev, Aslan Isaevitch, born 21 July 1986 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Davtyan wife Baghdasaryan, Aida, born Vedy Avan (Armenia) on July 19, 1964.
Davtyan, Heghine, born in Nournousse (Armenia) on September 1, 1957.
Davtyan, Hermine, born June 22, 1968 in Tehran (Iran).
Davydova, Lyubov, born in Kaskelen (Kazakhstan) on 21 August 1990.
Sitting Monteiro, Vilmar, born in Carmo Do Rio Verde (Brazil) on January 9, 1967.
Moura, Carlos Antônio, born in João Pinheiro (Brazil) on January 15, 1962.
David, Salwa, born in Tunis (Tunisia) on March 28, 1968.
David, Fisher, born in Oran (Algeria) on May 20, 1976.
Dechen Palmo, born September 10, 1980 in Bo (China).
Dediu married Oiaga, Elena-Mihaela, born January 18, 1971 in Baia (Romania).
Davison, Malcolm Robert, born in Porto-Seguro (Togo) on May 16, 1972.
Dehghan Mongabadi, Habibollah, born March 21, 1961 in Mehriz (Iran).
Dehghan Mongabadi, Parisa, born September 21, 1984 in Karaj (Iran).
Dehghan Mongabadi, Pooya, born August 11, 1989 in Karaj (Iran).
Dehnadi, Alireza, born March 21, 1978 in Tehran (Iran).
Delannoy married Kechih, Angélique Monique Chantal, born in Somain (France) on December 24, 1984.
De Jesus, Jacques Henri Charles, born in Valencia (France) on January 11, 1941.
Delgado Rodriguez, Hernando, born January 23, 1982 in Barrancabermeja (Colombia).
Delivalcheva married Marinova, Krasimira, born May 27, 1963, in Haskovo (Bulgaria).
Dembele, Kessa Ishmael, born in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) on October 15, 1974.
Dembo, Linda, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on December 24, 1989.
Dementieva, Viktorya, born in Froenze (Kyrgyzstan) on September 9, 1988.
Demir, Osman, born March 3, 1972 in Idil (Turkey).
Demirci, Nezahat, born in Kagizman (Turkey) on 1 October 1969.
Demirel, Haci, born August 24, 1978 in Yerköy (Turkey).
Demolli married Hyseni, Asqalani, born in Kamenica (Serbia) in 1981.
Demyanova married Katerinkina, Marina, born in Frunze (Kyrgyzstan) on 1 June 1961.
Denishan, Özlem, born in Galatasaray (Turkey) June 18, 1990.
Deniz, Zafer, born January 2, 1975 in Bafra (Turkey).
Delvon, Hayat, born in Tetouan (Morocco) on November 30, 1983.
Derege Haile, Tsnat, born January 22, 1974 in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).
Derwishi, Khalid, born in Konalajan (Iran) on October 4, 1964.
Deryabina, Olga, born July 17, 1984 in Vladimir (fed. of Russia).
Derzic, Alma, born April 9, 1976 in Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Desta Tegegn, Rahel, born January 10, 1967 in Wonji (Ethiopia).
Devaux, Sébastien Xavier Marc, born June 3, 1975 in Chambray-lès-Tours (France).
Deyanov, Deyan, born in Levski (Bulgaria) on August 21, 1969.
Deyanov, Emil, born August 11, 1977 in Levski (Bulgaria).
Dave Allah, Rim, born November 22, 1975 in Mégrine (Tunisia).
DIA, Amadou, born December 31, 1982 in Bagodine (Mauritania).
DIA, Sheikh, born in Tevragh-Zeina-Nouakchott (Mauritania) on December 31, 1971.
DIA, El AFIA, born in Tokomadji (Mauritania) on December 31, 1974.
DIA, Fatimata, born January 17, 1967 in Dakar (Senegal).
DIA, grace, born in Dakar (Senegal) on August 10, 1984.
DIA, Mohamed Ghaly, born in Ould Yenje (Mauritania) December 31, 1976.
DIA, Souleymane, born December 31, 1975 in El Mina (Mauritania).
Diabaté, Karim, born September 9, 1979 in Logouale (Côte d'Ivoire).
Diabaté, Benjamin, born in Man (Côte d'Ivoire) on June 7, 1971.
Diaby, Hadja Marianne, born in Abobo (Côte d'Ivoire) on June 24, 1980.
DIAKITE, Oumar, born July 20, 1981 in Abengourou (Côte d'Ivoire).
Diaková, Anna Viktorovna, born November 19, 1965 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).
Diaková, Julia, born February 11, 1987 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).
Diallo, Abdoul, born January 1, 1973 in Conakry (Guinea).
Diallo, Abdoul, born January 15, 1983 in Dixinn, Conakry (Guinea).
Diallo, Abdoulaye Halder, born January 20, 1963 in Foundou (Mauritania).
Diallo, Abdoulaye, born January 1, 1979 in Pita (Guinea).
Diallo, Subba, born October 15, 1985 in Télemélé (Guinea).
Diallo, William, born in Cascas (Senegal) on January 3, 1972.
Diallo, Acharya Donovan, born October 18, 1990 in Matoto (Guinea).
Diallo, Acharya, born September 15, 1983 in Pita (Guinea).
Diallo, Aissatou, born April 1, 1978 in Conakry (Guinea).
Diallo, Aissatou, born March 26, 1970 in Gaoual (Guinea).
Diallo, Aissatou, born in Holland-Dian-Télemélé (Guinea) on October 10, 1986.
Diallo, Aissatou, born December 23, 1967 in Kindia (Guinea).
Diallo, Aissatou, born June 4, 1984 in Conakry (Guinea).
Diallo, Alpha Alou, born April 4, 1979 in Pita (Guinea).
Diallo, Alpha Oumar, born in Kindia (Guinea) on January 27, 1992.
Diallo, Alpha, born February 1, 1978 in Gueckedou (Guinea).
Diallo, Amadou Diogo, born December 24, 1982 in Labe (Guinea).
Diallo, Amadou Mouctar, born February 24, 1974 in Dembaye-Silvana (Guinea).
Diallo, Amadou Yang, born July 1, 1988 in Conakry (Guinea).
Diallo, Amadou, born November 16, 1977 in Mamou (Guinea).
Diallo, Amadou, born February 2, 1984 in Cynthia - Maghama (Mauritania).
Diallo, Aminata, born in Mamou (Guinea) on 1 January 1981.
Diallo, Aminata, born November 22, 1988 in Lélouma (Guinea).
Diallo, Travis, born in Donglol-Labe (Guinea) on 24 May 1986.
Diallo, Bassir Ahmed, born August 15, 1978 in Conakry (Guinea).
Diallo, Boussuriou, born January 4, 1970 in Körbe-Lélouma (Guinea).
Diallo, El Hadj Hamidou, born in Conakry (Guinea) on August 30, 1991.
Diallo, Ahmed Abbas, born December 18, 1986 in Ratoma (Guinea).
Diallo, Fatou, born June 17, 1981 in Conakry (Guinea).
Diallo, Fatoumata Sakr, born November 15, 1971 in Dixinn, Conakry (Guinea).
Diallo, Fatoumata, born October 18, 1984 in Conakry (Guinea).
Diallo, Habibalaye, born in Fondou (Mauritania) on 28 February 1989.
Diallo, Hadja Hawa, born February 22, 1984 in Ratoma Conakry (Guinea).
Diallo, Hale, born in Conakry, Guinea, on December 31, 1988.
Diallo, Liam, born March 25, 1982 in Conakry (Guinea).
Diallo, Hawlatou, born in Dialakoto (Senegal) on 18 May 1992.
Diallo, Ibrahima Youssouf, born January 3, 1983 in Conakry (Guinea).
Diallo, Ibrahima, born in Conakry, Guinea on 1 January 1992.
Diallo, Ibrahima, born May 2, 1980 in Conakry (Guinea).
Diallo, Ibrahima, born in Conakry, Guinea, on November 20, 1987.
Diallo, Ibrahima, born December 24, 1976 in Netere Pita (Guinea).
Diallo, Ibrahima, born September 28, 1964 in Pita (Guinea).
Diallo, Ishmael, born in Tintane (Mauritania) in 1980.
Diallo, Scott, born April 19, 1986 in Conakry (Guinea).
Diallo, Judith, born in Timbo (Guinea) on October 15, 1988.
Diallo, Madiou, born December 24, 1979 in Fleur-Mamou (Guinea).

Diallo, Maimouna, born January 1, 1985 in Dabola (Guinea).
Diallo, Maimouna, born May 10, 1991 in Nzerekore (Guinea).
Diallo, Mamadou Alpha, born December 11, 1983 in Conakry (Guinea).
Diallo, Mamadou Alpha, born October 15, 1983 in Mali (Guinea).
Diallo, Mamadou Bhoye, born in Bhouria-Poredaka (Guinea) February 12, 1988.
Diallo, Mamadou Boye, born July 15, 1975 in Kindia (Guinea).
Diallo, Mamadou Diam, born March 14, 1986 in Conakry (Guinea).
Diallo, Mamadou Dian, born October 15, 1988 in Hamdallaye (Guinea).
Diallo, Mamadou Dian, born March 3, 1985 in Tougué (Guinea).
Diallo, Mamadou Kaloko, born May 4, 1988 in Conakry (Guinea).
Diallo, Mamadou Salhi, born December 24, 1983 in Conakry (Guinea).
Diallo, Mamadou Lamine, born at Lafou Timbi-Madina (Guinea) on January 1, 1975.
Diallo, Mamadou Ali, born August 14, 1964 in Pita (Guinea).
Diallo, Mamadou Saliou, born January 16, 1977 in Conakry (Guinea).
Diallo, Mariama Farin, born in Simbaya (Guinea) September 20, 1990.
Diallo, Mariama Kenda, born December 29, 1987 in Mali (Guinea).
Diallo, Mariama Sadio, born in Conakry (Guinea) on August 10, 1977.
Diallo, Nicole, born in Dakar (Senegal) on October 1, 1971.
Diallo, Oumou Salhi, born May 7, 1979 in Conakry (Guinea).
Diallo, Oumou Salma, born October 1, 1980 in Rafaela (Guinea).
Diallo, Oumou, born August 8, 1982 in Taouyah (Guinea).
Diallo, Ousmane, born September 25, 1987 in TV-Lélouma (Guinea).
Diallo, Sanjib, born November 28, 1973 in Daka-Labe (Guinea).
Diallo, Matilda, born in Conakry, Guinea on June 1, 1990.
Diallo, Sadou, born December 20, 1984 in Matoto-Condeboundji (Guinea).
Diallo, Saikou Oumar, born September 9, 1970 in Leydioufoun-Koyin (Guinea).
Diallo, salted, born March 8, 1983 in Popodara-Labe (Guinea).
Diallo, Ibrahima Mali, born in Conakry, Guinea, on March 29, 1967.
Diallo, Souraghata, born in Conakry, Guinea, on July 14, 1990.
Diallo, Amitdhondugade, born in Bambeto (Guinea) on June 22, 1989.
Diallo, Thierno Amadou, born January 1, 1978 in Telemele (Guinea).
Diallo, Thierno Fadja, born January 2, 1970 in Dalaba (Guinea).
Diallo, Yaya, born December 31, 1977 in Arr (Mauritania).
Diamond, Andrea Jane, born in Needham (USA) June 28, 1966.
Diamzoeto, Mariam Ramesh, born December 2, 1978 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Dianapenge, Okolo (Congo) born December 27, 1965.
Diane, Hadja Adrian, born in Kankan (Guinea) on December 10, 1991.
Diane, Mohamed Kabine, born in Zuénoula (Côte d'Ivoire) on August 21, 1974.
Dianzoeto Nkadilu, born August 14, 1976 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Dias, Abdoulaye, born December 12, 1985 in Uthayakumar (Guinea).
Diarra, Matilda, born in Conakry, Guinea on 1 January 1960.
Diarra, Saidou, born in Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire) on October 22, 1980.
Diati-Kamoo, Richard, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on September 4, 1973.
Diaw, Amadou, born December 31, 1980 in Kaédi (Mauritania).
Diaz Oliveros, Camila Josefina, born March 20, 1982 in Bogotá (Colombia).
Didebashvili, Mikheil, born May 19, 1975 in Tbilisi (Georgia).
Anil married Scharova, Galina, born in Karaganda (fed. of Russia) on December 28, 1961.
DieI, Zach Françoise, born at Port Bouët-Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire) on December 27, 1977.
Divya, Aramatoulaye, born in Diégoune (Senegal) on March 7, 1974.
Dikeocha, Chris Uche, born May 25, 1975 in Benin City, Nigeria.
Dikikh, Fatema, born in Froenze (Kyrgyzstan) on October 17, 1990.
Dikikh, Dmitriy, born in Limanskoje (Kazakhstan) on January 30, 1960.
Diomangay Bernard, born December 27, 1985 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Dimianu married Dumitru, Florentina-Vali, born February 2, 1978 in Craiova (Romania).
Dimitrov, Yuliyan Petrov, born July 3, 1968 in Sofia (Bulgaria).
Dimou, Edith, born November 15, 1978 in Douala (Cameroon).
DIMOVSKI, Goran, born June 22, 1968 in Skopje (Macedonia).
Dinkov, Ivan Kostadinov, born in Belozem (Bulgaria) on September 13, 1968.
Dinu married Aleksik, Stela, born August 21, 1970 in Galati (Romania).
Dizon, Thillo Baba, born February 2, 1977 in Kanel (Senegal).
Diorditsa, Galina Fedorovna, born in Aneni (Moldova) on October 6, 1950.
Dirbaki, Nadar, born in Marrakech (Morocco) on January 1, 1952.
Dirlea married Topala, Maria, born in Boju (Romania) on April 24, 1963.
Dodi, Arta, born May 10, 1980 in Lishan Diber (Albania).
Dodi, Haziz, born June 17, 1970 in Rreth Kale - Diber (Albania).
Disuemi, Pascaline-Marie, born in Mbanza-Ngungu (Congo) on February 1, 1948.
Dittrich Arguello, Valencia Adriana, born May 2, 1981 in Maciel (Paraguay).
Djabrailova, Tamara Oumarovna, born in Novouzenka (fed. of Russia) on April 15, 1951.
Dolma, Baer, born October 8, 1959 in Banfora (Burkina Faso).
Djakpassou, Elisaberthe, born July 16, 1982 in Lomé (Togo).
Abbasi Madiengo, Christian, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on November 22, 1988.
Dje Bi je, Jules, born October 20, 1960 in Anyama (Côte d'Ivoire).
Fahad, Fatma, born February 25, 1982 in Kef (Tunisia).
Mayuri, Abraham, born in Meggada (Algeria) on March 6, 1974.
Vimal, Imed, born February 24, 1979 in Annaba (Algeria).
Djema Mutombo, Martin, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on November 21, 1971.
Reubeni, Pauline Marlyse, born March 7, 1972 in Yaoundé (Cameroon).
Kash, Dia Abdul, born December 31, 1975 in Boghé (Mauritania).
Dong, Silly, born in Nouachkott Tevragh Zeina (Mauritania) on December 31, 1980.
Dobre, Adrian, born in Petroşani (Romania) on February 10, 1968.
Dobroslav, Adrian, born in Brasov (Romania) on April 1, 1974.
Docaj, Mina, born in Tropojë (Albania) on September 1, 1972.
Dogan, Iskender, born October 20, 1959 in Khaled (Turkey).
Dogbla, Chloe, born January 7, 1970 in Agoè-Nyivé (Togo).
Dokholyan, Arsen, born August 26, 1984 in Yerevan (Armenia).
Dokholyan, Samvel, born June 28, 1949, Yerevan (Armenia).
Domed, Hoomraj, born May 16, 1955 in Triolet (Republic of Mauritius).
Domke married Chetinina, Anna Gubertovna, born May 4, 1958 in Novo-Pokrovka (Kyrgyzstan).
Dony, Jean-Louis Eugène, born January 13, 1962 in Saint-Denis (France).
Donyo, Abdurahman Nguy, born June 19, 1974 in Tsevie Adiakpo (Togo).
Dore, Roman, born in Lola (Guinea) in 1976.
Dorneanu married Crisu, Lenuta, born March 21, 1968 in Comanesti (Romania).
Dorobat married Barbu, Nela, born in Beresti (Romania) on February 26, 1968.
Dorobat wife Basa, Mihaela, born in Beresti (Romania) on November 1, 1966.
Dorot, Gheorghe, born January 11, 1970 in Santana (Romania).
Dos Santos Luz, Leila Cristina, born February 11, 1975 in Goiânia-Go (Brazil).
Dossa, Justine Anasthasie Pascaline, born in Cove (Benin) on 4 April 1949.
DSA Yovo, Sandrine, born October 29, 1974 in Lomé (Togo).
Dotel Sosa, Belkis Evelina, born in Nagua (Repub. Dominican) may 11, 1959.
Douangmala, Vatthana, born in Dankham (Laos) on November 10, 1984.
Douddouh, Hani, born April 2, 1976 in Taza (Morocco).
DOUKAS, Dimitrios, born in Athens (Greece) on October 31, 1948.
Doumbia, Djakan, born November 21, 1982 in Daloa (Côte d'Ivoire).
Doungmene, Delphine Elisabeth, born March 9, 1978 in Yaoundé (Cameroon).
Dovletgerieva married Abdoulgamidova, Roza Alkhouzourovna, born December 9, 1966 in Borgan-Gechu (fed. of Russia).
Dovletmurzaev, Elbrus Lechaevitch, born in Katyr-Yurt (Fed.
of Russia) on November 4, 1975.
Dragan married Lovasz, Gabriela Monica, born in Bretea (Romania) on November 3, 1963.
Dragusin, Florian, born September 1, 1959 in Vedea (Romania).
Dragusin, Olimpia-Lavinia, born July 19, 1979 in Giurgiu (Romania).
Drammeh, friend, born January 3, 1987 in Bakau (Gambia).
Drescher, Johannes, born in Gummersbach (Germany) on July 8, 1974.
Dridelli, Hafid, born September 2, 1950 in Agadir (Morocco).
Driwaru, Pasca, born August 8, 1980 in Arua, Uganda.
DROBNJAK, Zoran, born December 29, 1971 in Sisak (Croatia).
Dubkova, Ksenija, born in Riga (Latvia) on April 13, 1992.
Duca married Rosescu, Victoria, born March 4, 1976 in Stefan Voda (Romania).
Dudaeva, Milana, born October 26, 1984 in Dachy-Borzoy (fed. of Russia).
Dudurgov, Bagaudin Muratovitch, born April 30, 1964 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Dudusheva, Tovshan Visirkhadzhievna, born September 24, 1983 in Nuradilovo (fed. of Russia).
Dukunde, kind, born in Ngiryi (Rwanda) on April 1, 1990.
Dulaku married Tabitha, Zana, born in Prishtinë (Kosovo) on October 12, 1971.
Dulnik, Andrzej, born November 30, 1975 in Łagów (Poland).
Dunaeva married Gaytemirova, Petimat Salmanovna, born June 21, 1974 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Dunayev, Ramzan Salmanovitch, born in Grozny (Fed.
of Russia) on September 6, 1975.
Duque Arenas, Olga Lucia, born January 8, 1980 in Neiva (Colombia).
Durleva, Alina, born February 14, 1979 in Sofia (Bulgaria).
Durmus Kadir Onur, born August 3, 1976 in Antakya (Turkey).
Durmush, Merin, born in Dulovo (Bulgaria) on June 13, 1992.
Durmusoglu, Oytun, born in Istanbul (Turkey) on April 14, 1981.
DUSA, Ioana, born January 6, 1982 in Fagaras (Romania).
JA, Hilarie, born December 1, 1956 in Kicukiro (Rwanda).
Dushaj, Esmeralda, born in Shkodër (Albania) on February 13, 1992.
Dushaj, Florian, born September 21, 1990 in my (Albania).
Dushaj, Wendy, born May 13, 1967 in Drisht (Albania).
Dushaj, Monday, born in Vilze (Albania) on February 18, 1970.
Chika, Linda, born in Rusenyi-Kibuye (Rwanda) on August 5, 1986.
Ahmed, Divine, born at Gikondo (Rwanda) June 9, 1992.
Duval, Marie Brigitte Emmanuelle, born in Port - au-Prince (Haiti) on June 23, 1981.
Düzgün, Hüseyin, born November 1, 1983 in Adana (Turkey).
Arun, Meho, born March 24, 1970 in Modrica (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Dzhambekova, Fatima Magomedovna, born in Chechen-Aul (fed. of Russia) on January 12, 1993.
Dzhankhotova, Milana Sup'yanovna, born November 10, 1981 in Urus-Martan (fed. of Russia).
Dzheferov, Tedzhan, born August 21, 1967 in Ruse (Bulgaria).
Dziri, Masood, born September 29, 1971 in Menzel Bourguiba (Tunisia).
Dzoumatov, Bashir, born February 18, 1956 in Alma - Ata (Kazakhstan).
E Zhou, born April 11, 1978 in Zhong Da (China).
Echarradi, Abdellah, born September 14, 1974 in Douar Bouzemlane (Morocco).
Ed-Dharam, Lahcen, born May 20, 1988 in Tighirt (Morocco).
Ed-Elliot, Saadia, born in Ouled Brady (Morocco) on January 1, 1949.
Edebiri, Osayawe, born in Benin City, Nigeria

March 18, 1973.
Edilov, Artur Abusaidovitch, born October 15, 1972 in Nazran (fed. of Russia).
E.v., Antoine, born October 5, 1968 in Douala (Cameroon).
Edoh, Mahule Carina Sonia, born December 18, 1975 in Cotonou (Benin).
Edorh, Kodjo Hossoumion, born September 30, 1974 in Lomé (Togo).
Edu Afang, Fabiola Bile, born July 16, 1975 in Ebiane (Equatorial Guinea).
Edumbe Adowo, born June 26, 1961 in Kole (Congo).
Efimenko, Anastassia, born in Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine) on 15 February 1990.
Eganian, Eduard, born in Merenia Akhalkalaki (Georgia) on June 2, 1937.
Egboki Lihau, Eli, born August 17, 1982 in Boteka (Congo).
Eggermont, Maria Anna Louisa, born November 7, 1944 in Hontenisse (Netherlands).
Ebenezer, Abdulsalam, born in Bouaké (Côte d'Ivoire) in 1952.
Eid, Gehan Zaghloul, born in Minia (Egypt) on June 15, 1975.
Ejjammaa, Abdelkarim, born in Marrakech (Morocco) on January 16, 1972.
Ejlali Khosroshahi, Mina, was born in Tehran (Iran) October 3, 1972.
Ebrahimi, André Bienvenu, born November 21, 1988 in Yaoundé (Cameroon).
Ash, Bilal, born September 23, 1976 in Gercus (Turkey).
Ebeid, Nadège Melanie, born January 31, 1988 in Yaoundé (Cameroon).
El Bdoury, Saad, born July 3, 1973 in Douar Oulad Hammami (Morocco).
El Boukili, Samira, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on March 8, 1981.
El Abbas, AAS, born April 10, 1988 in Mnoud Beni Bouayach (Morocco).
Ebrahimi, Naima, born March 18, 1981 in Gharbia (Morocco).
El Abed, Omar, born in Douar Iryanen Beni Bouayach (Morocco) on January 30, 1948.
El Aissaoui, Fouad, born January 21, 1977 in Nador (Morocco).
El Akhdar, Maher, born January 10, 1980 in Damascus (Syria).
El Akili, Ouafila, born in Ijarmaouas (Morocco) July 15, 1979.
El Amal, Hayate, born March 25, 1969 in Oujda (Morocco).
El Agustin, Hayes, born in Sidi Bodsworth (Morocco) in 1954.
El Amrani, Abderrahman, born April 18, 1973 in Kebdana (Morocco).
Eddy, Nelson, born September 8, 1984 in Sidi M'Hamed (Algeria).
Eckert, El Hassan, born in 1965 in Metalsa (Morocco).
El Amri, Rachid, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on July 17, 1971.
El Ajach, Ahmed, born in Douar El Vasinthee (Morocco) on 2 December 1968.
El Attar, Mohammed, born February 11, 1981 in Bouarfa (Morocco).
El Azizi, Nourredine, born April 3, 1984 in Sidi Ifni (Morocco).
El Azouzi, Omar, born in Tangier (Morocco) July 26, 1980.
El Badmoussi, Emmanuel, born in Douar Azghar (Morocco) on January 1, 1945.
El Baghdadi, RA, born October 6, 1970 in Oujda (Morocco).
El Bakili, Karima, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on October 6, 1980.
Edna, Rahma, born in Madchar Ain Snad (Morocco) on January 25, 1955.
El Bagchi, Othmane, born in Rabat (Morocco) on July 29, 1992.
El Barbary, Mohamed Amer Mohamed, born July 5, 1981 in Kalioubia (Egypt).
El Bkakla, Najat, born in Salé (Morocco) on January 1, 1975.
El Bob, Najat, born August 5, 1987 in Midar (Morocco).
El Boudaati, Fatima, born March 20, 1977 in Ijarmaouas (Morocco).
El Boujdaini, Saliha, born November 12, 1980 in Midar (Morocco).
El Boujddaini, Naik, born in Azlef (Morocco) on March 1, 1990.
El Boukrioui Abdelaziz, M'Hamed, born in Douar Ait Kamra (Morocco) on January 1, 1961.
El Boukrioui, Jack, born in Tetouan (Morocco) on August 24, 1992.
El Boukrioui, Omar, born in Tetouan (Morocco) on January 15, 1989.
El Dewiny, Amro, born June 29, 1979 in El Shark Port Said (Egypt).
El Fadili, Jalila, born in Sidi Kacem (Morocco) on December 9, 1981.
El Farnell, Najia, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on April 27, 1969.
El Fayda, Naima, born August 28, 1980 in Nador (Morocco).
El Galouch, Fatiha, born December 17, 1987 in Douar Touchent Idaougnidif (Morocco).
El Ghazraoui, ES, born September 8, 1982 in Rabat (Morocco).
El Gehlot, Anas, born July 20, 1979 in Rabat (Morocco).
El Guartit, Sanae, born November 11, 1983 in Nador (Morocco).
El Hachimi, Schwarz, born June 1, 1979 in Larache (Morocco).
Edem, Mohamed, born August 28, 1978 in Douar Ijarouanou, Beni Bouayach (Morocco).
El Haj, Samira, born in Jerada (Morocco) July 15, 1960.
El Hajjaji, Loubna, born January 13, 1981 in Témara (Morocco).
El Hajjami, Mohamed, born March 25, 1979 in Beni Touzine (Morocco).
El Haji, Mustapha, born in Douar OUled Hasan, H'ssain (Morocco) July 28, 1987.
El Hamchaoui, Mohamed, born in Douar Iakien, Beni Bouayach (Morocco) on January 1, 1965.
El Hamdaoui, Faisal, born October 2, 1975 in Imajoudan (Morocco).
El Haouari, Sarah, born in Tetouan (Morocco) on October 28, 1985.
El Haouari, Yassin, born in Larache (Morocco) on September 24, 1983.
El Haouzi, M'Hamed, born in 1955 in Midar (Morocco).
El Lucy, Abdellah, born February 1, 1981 in Beni Said (Morocco).
Edith, Zohra, born in Douar Taouassart (Morocco) on August 30, 1984.
El Hiki, Tarik, born December 3, 1982 in Douar Bel Abdia (Morocco).
El Hilali, Fatima, born in Oran (Algeria) on October 10, 1960.
El Harvey, Yamina, born in Oujda (Morocco) in 1944.
El Jaafari, Ahmed, born in boy, Temsaman (Morocco) 27 June 1968.
El Jabri, Kenza, born in Tangier (Morocco) in 1929.
El Jacob, Sam, born January 1, 1975 in Tahia (Morocco).
El Jilali, Sabah, born in Al Hoceima (Morocco) on January 8, 1974.
El Jack, Farid, born September 12, 1979 in Kablyenne (Morocco).
El Kaddouri, Dounia, born in Beni Bouayach (Morocco) on February 8, 1991.
El Kaddouri, Safa, born in Beni Bouayach (Morocco) 3 December 1986.
El Kaddouri, Saad, born in Ouled Tanout, Metalsa (Morocco) on July 1, 1986.
El Kadi, Walid, born October 22, 1975 in Shatila-Beiroet (Lebanon).
El Kaouakibi, Michelle, born October 8, 1983 in Douar Ikardouhan (Morocco).
El Kart, Karima, born April 10, 1988 in Beni Oulichek (Morocco).
El Kdim, Fatima, born August 10, 1974 in Rabat (Morocco).
El Kemouni, Najoua, born in Douar Tanout (Morocco) on December 1, 1977.
El Khader, Abdelhamid, born March 6, 1979 in Douar Idarrazen, Tsaft, Beni Touzine (Morocco).
El DILA, Sanae, born in Berkane (Morocco) on January 20, 1980.
El Kharhti, Mohamed, born 21 September 1979 in Rabat (Morocco).
El Khattabi, Hayes, born May 4, 1976 in Midar (Morocco).
El Khattabi, Latifa, born November 12, 1968 in Midar (Morocco).
El Khayat, Khadija, born July 29, 1977 in Ouezzane (Morocco).
El Khfiyef, Mourad, born September 20, 1976 in Rabat (Morocco).
El Kaushal, Mohammed, born in Tangier (Morocco) July 3, 1973.
El Lanyon, Ali Hussein, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on May 22, 1981.
El Lamrani, Najoua, born in Tangier (Morocco) on October 9, 1992.
Edward, Mostapha, born September 8, 1982 in Douar Taghzout Tassa, Tsaft, Beni Touzine (Morocco).
El Maknouzi, Kamal, born November 28, 1981 in Beni Bouayach (Morocco).
El Mansour, Mostapha, born February 14, 1972 in Vivian (Morocco).
El Meknouzi, Zainab, born September 15, 1985 in Gorinchem (Netherlands).
El Mason, Ramli, born in Jerada (Morocco) in 1952.
El Nigel, Abdelilah, born March 23, 1974 in Douar Laazib Imzouren (Morocco).
El Moussaoui, Asmaa, born March 3, 1988 in Driouch (Morocco).
El Mowafak, Naima, born January 25, 1987 in Douar Allal Zarkat (Morocco).
El Liz, Alex, born December 6, 1970 in Taourirt (Morocco).
El Oikili, Karima, born March 5, 1981 in Driouch (Morocco).
El Oreibi, Amer, born in El Ghobeiri (Lebanon) on June 12, 1965.
Edwards, Mounir, born May 25, 1969 in Kenitra (Morocco).
El Ogutu, Ibrahim, born in Sande (Morocco) on January 2, 1980.
El Ouali, Khadija, born April 24, 1976 in Marrakech (Morocco).
El Jenni, Mohamed, born March 8, 1974 in Midar (Morocco).
El Ouasghiri, Fatiha, born in Rotterdam (Netherlands) on August 29, 1984.
El Ouassti, Yung, born in Taza (Morocco) on 31 May 1986.
El Oussidi, Schwarz, born in Berkane (Morocco) in 1974.
El Taiyeb, Neazy, born September 17, 1979 in Humashkureeb (Sudan).
El Uaamari, Idowu, born October 12, 1985 in Douar Iboharganan, Midar (Morocco).
El w., Asmaa, born March 13, 1981 in Temsaman (Morocco).
El Wafa, Harvey, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on March 4, 1977.
El Yaghmouri, San Vicente, born in Douar has Radha Midar (Morocco) on January 1, 1944.
El Yajing, Hassan, born in Midar (Morocco) in 1956.
El Yajing, Schumacher, born in Ifarni (Morocco) on November 10, 1992.
Ebrahimi, Hall, born in 1940 in Debdou (Morocco).
Elate Della, Elar, born August 21, 1980 in Kumba (Cameroon).
Elazmani, Raj, born in Tangier (Morocco) on November 2, 1986.
El-Berdaoui, Amina, born in Tiznit (Morocco) on August 2, 1965.
El'Daeva, Madina Salautinovna, born in Grozny (Russia Fed.) on September 28, 1992.
El'Derbieva, Madina Khambertovna, born in Grozny (Russia Fed.) October 23, 1981.
Edy, Johnatan, born August 23, 1982 in SDD Zarzis (Tunisia).
Elena Otseng Abd, Karen, born in Yaounde, Cameroon on January 17, 1991.
Elezi, Zyrafete, born July 22, 1966 in Kukes (Albania).
Elezovski married Arifi, Ajkuna, born January 17, 1977 in Novi Slankamen (Serbia).
Elfar, Abd El Monem, born February 27, 1976 in Port Said (Egypt).
El-Gandhi, Bolton, born January 26, 1982 in Guebdour (Morocco).
Elghazaly, Mohamed, born August 2, 1974 in Cairo (Egypt).
El-Ghoulbzouri, Fernando, born in ' s-Gravenhage (Netherlands) on September 13, 1984.
Elhadji Mohamed Ben Wahab, Ibrahim Khalil Wahab, born March 4, 1979 in Niamey (Niger).
El-Hamel, Fatima, born in Douar El Hamri (Morocco) in 1923.
El-Hassnouni El - Alaoui, Lalla Hamwi, born July 7, 1982 in Azrou (Morocco).
Ajay, Ziad, born February 6, 1980 in Testour (Tunisia).
Elias De-Souza, Stéphane-Philippe, born in Niamey (Niger) on September 19, 1989.
Elkantachi, Edwards, born in Oulad Driss (Morocco) in 1935.
El'Murzaev, Magomed Isaevitch, born March 2, 1971 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
El'murzayev, Ali Salmanovitch, born in Grozny (Russia Fed.) on October 20, 1976.
El'Murzayeva, Milana Saidrakhmanovna, born January 12, 1985 in Urus-Martan (fed. of Russia).
EJ Ankul, Suzanne Louisette, born March 12, 1976 in Makak (Cameroon).
Eki Lungu, Thérèse, born May 28, 1976 in Kinshasa (Congo).
El-Sozib, Fatima Zohra, born October 18, 1975 in Eindhoven (Netherlands).
Elouti Tan, Aurélien, born August 31, 1973 in Bonaberi (Cameroon).
Eloyan, Ruzanna, born in Ujan (Armenia) on January 3, 1958.
Elshani, Ehab, born in Staradran-Istok (Serbia) on May 15, 1960.
Elumbu, Paul, born in Walker (Congo) on March 9, 1932.
Embelobi-Akimenge, Vianney, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on November 21, 1952.

married Deyanova, Malinka, born in Levski (Bulgaria) on August 18, 1973.
Emilova, Zhana Sasheva, born in Sevlievo (Bulgaria) on September 23, 1992.
Eminoglu married Akrawi, Gülan, born October 10, 1976 in Silvan (Turkey).
Eminova, Tubu, born in Baku (Azerbaijan) on May 28, 1983.
Ajay, Admir, born November 1, 1981 in Stabandza (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Enache, Dorel - Daniel, born in Craiova (Romania) 14 May 1971.
ENEA, Sergiu-Nicolae, born January 2, 1981 in Brasov (Romania).
En-Nassiri, Hamer, born June 11, 1982 in Berkane (Morocco).
Enouari, M'barka, born in Taroudannt (Morocco) on January 1, 1954.
Ryan, William Tambi, born April 6, 1979 in Ebensuck (Cameroon).
Laxmikant, Karina Rustemovna, born October 21, 1988 in Almaty (Kazakhstan).
Laxmikant, Laura Davidovna, born January 4, 1970 in Alma - Ata (Kazakhstan).
Enzhuquzhen, born in Batang (China) on June 1, 1984.
Upper Tine, Gabrielle, born May 20, 1987 in Bacoco (Cameroon).
Epure, Gheorghe, born in Braila (Romania) on April 30, 1977.
Eraththinasingam, Yathavan, born December 30, 1986 at Kaluwanchikudy (Sri Lanka).
Ercan, Zeliha, born April 10, 1986 in Karakoçan (Turkey).
Erdem married San Pedro, Ebru, born February 4, 1976 in Bakirköy (Turkey).
Ernst, Marlen, born February 24, 1980 in Bad Langensalza (Germany).
Lavanya, Tamas, born November 7, 1977 in Orosháza (Hungary).
Elhomosy, Abdullah, born March 15, 1982 in Rabat (Morocco).
ER-Rami, Fatima, born in 1953 in Sefrou (Morocco).
Escalante, Acosta, born in Neyba (Repub. Dominican) may 28, 1968.
Esfandiary Mahmood, Afsaneh, born December 25, 1970 in Masjed Soleyman (Iran).
Eskandari Agahi, Esmail, born March 22, 1966 in Bakhtaran (Iran).
Eskieva wife Akhmadova, VIKI Umarovna, born May 29, 1972 in Staryye Atagi (fed. of Russia).
Essa, Santa Mikail, born February 6, 1974 in Al-Alwia-Baghdad (Iraq).
Elliott, Jeanne Dominique, born June 7, 1986 in Yaoundé (Cameroon).
Essarhiri, Abdelwahab, born October 2, 1971 in Touissit (Morocco).
Essasbou, Radosavljevic, born in Fez (Morocco) 28 June 1977.
Ellis, Marthe, born October 20, 1968 in Yaoundé (Cameroon).
Essofi, Zahia, born in Douar Bigoudine (Morocco) may 20, 1986.
ES-Sofyany, Hasna, born in Beni-Mellal (Morocco) on February 12, 1980.
And Tayeby, Mohamed, born in Hassi Berkane (Morocco) on January 1, 1972.
Etamb' Stanley Komba, born July 14, 1963 in Vango (Congo).
Etem, Nafija, born September 15, 1979 in S. Orizari, Skopje (Macedonia).
Etem, Christina, born July 30, 1962 in Skopje (Macedonia).
Ellison, Eljmi, born January 3, 1974 in Kumanovo (Macedonia).
And ' Hemi, Fatime, born January 6, 1959 in Gurakuq Librazhd (Albania).
And ' Hemi, Serion, born in Shkodër (Albania) on December 31, 1990.
And ' Hemi, Sitki, born in Shkodër (Albania) on August 18, 1952.
Etongué Londo, Edith, born in Souza (Cameroon) on December 22, 1989.
Eyvari Sanji, Ezzatoddin, born in Salmass (Iran) on July 1, 1974.
EZ-Zada, AB, born in Douar Bourdoud (Morocco) in 1940.
Ezzamri, Karima, born August 24, 1979 in Agadir (Morocco).
Fadiga, Majumdar, born September 28, 1984 in Conakry (Guinea).
Fadika, Fahim, born in Guiglo (Côte d'Ivoire) on June 7, 1981.
Fagbegnon, Pauline, born in Lomé (Togo) on July 19, 1973.
Faid, Abdallah, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on October 25, 1957.
Fakir, Dalila, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on January 7, 1984.
Fakkah, Azad, born October 6, 1965 in Al Malikiyah (Syria).
Fame, Pape Daouda, born September 11, 1976 in Pikine (Senegal).
Fang, Nadia, born in Oulad Mensah (Morocco) July 11, 1976.
Fandel married Dare, Simona, born in Vaslui (Romania) on 11 September 1984.
Fandi, Nisrine, born January 30, 1987 in Nahr el-Bared (Lebanon).
Fang, Jing, born in Shanghai (China) on 5 February 1973.
Faouzi, Abdulai, born April 8, 1982 in Berkane (Morocco).
Farangipet, Yaqub, born March 25, 1970 in Kabul (Afghanistan).
Farah, El Mustapha, born June 28, 1978 in Ait Sedrate (Morocco).
Faraj Allah, Muhannad, born October 23, 1976 in An Najaf (Iraq).
Faraj, Fadhel Uraibi, born in Ba'qubah-Diyala (Iraq) November 17, 1975.
Farcou, Rokan, born April 26, 1979 in Ksar El Kebir (Morocco).
Farhat, Farshid, born in Sari (Iran) on May 12, 1968.
Farid, Abdellatif, born in Oujda (Morocco) on 8 February 1967.
Farman, Mounir Ali, born November 9, 1968 in Ad Diwaniyab (Iraq).
Fastishevskaya, Anna, born in Krasnyi Yar (Kazakhstan) on 26 June 1983.
Noreen, Abdelkrim, born in Bardo (Tunisia) on December 10, 1968.
Fazli, Haroon, born in Robat-e Sahebzadeh (Afghanistan) on June 29, 1992.
Fekkane, Amin, born in York (Great Britain) on October 2, 1987.
Fekkane, Lynn, born in Kouba (Algeria) on August 8, 1990.
Ferdaoussi, Fatima, born in Tangier (Morocco) on April 18, 1984.
Fermus, Florin, born July 7, 1984 in Piatra-Neamt (Romania).
Fernandes Junior, Marcos Antonio, born in Uberlândia (Brazil) August 8, 1989.
Fernandes, Alia Blasco, born December 1, 1981 in Conakry (Guinea).
Fernandez Aured, Ana, born June 18, 1983 in León (Spain).
Ferreira De Souza, Magna, born May 18, 1972 in Anicuns (Brazil).
Ferreira De Souza, Pedro Felipe, born in Goiânia (Brazil) on November 5, 1990.
Ferreira, Geraldo José, born December 16, 1966 in Guapo (Brazil).
Ferrone, Alexandra Anna-Lisa, born in Liège (Belgium) on 26 September 1991.
Ferguson, Leila, born April 28, 1979 in Mont-Saint-Martin (France).
Ngure, Leyla, born January 10, 1977 in Hasakah (Syria).
Tabitha, Mohammed, born July 26, 1942 in Fes (Morocco).
Fikaj, Fadil, born January 5, 1956 in Ulez (Albania).
Fikaj, Zhulieta, born 12 April 1959 in Elbasan (Albania).
Filchenkova, Elena Antolyevna, born February 15, 1983 in Kushchevskaya (fed. of Russia).
Filip, Marinel, born June 20, 1965 in Timisoara (Romania).
Filipova, Yanina, born May 23, 1982 in Tsiurupinsk (Ukraine).
Filizoglu, Sola, born in Eskisehir (Turkey) on March 24, 1989.
Finjap, Julien Chanutu, born August 11, 1976 in Muyuka-Fako (Cameroon).
Fiorentino, Alfonso, born in San Giovanni Rotondo (Italy) on August 13, 1936.
Firoud, Aisha, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on November 11, 1966.
Flora, Ionel, born in Timisoara (Romania) on October 26, 1972.
Flora, Vasile-Daniel, born August 30, 1983 in Negresti-Oas (Romania).
Florea married Popa, Daniela, born September 1, 1977 in Sibiu (Romania).
Florea, Elena-Cristina, born in Brasov (Romania) on January 31, 1977.
Floren, Justina Christina Carolina Maria, born in Breda (Netherlands) on October 8, 1953.
Flores Romero, Gloria Beatriz, born February 13, 1969 in Tigualo (Ecuador).
Fofana, Abdoulaye, born November 27, 1977 in Boke (Guinea).
Folad, Mohammad Samin, born in Sada (Afghanistan) on March 6, 1991.
Fomenkowa-Rudenko, Inna Pawliwna, born March 7, 1961 in Krementsjoek (Ukraine).
Fonseca Santos, Vanya, born December 10, 1975 in Goiânia (Brazil).
Foroni, Milena, born July 31, 1985 in Tremembé (Brazil).
Flores, Bernard, born in Thiers, Dôme (France) on May 1, 1959.
Fosso, Bertha Makueta, born September 15, 1974 in Kumba (Cameroon).
Fouedjeu, Achille, born May 20, 1982 in Douala (Cameroon).
Fouefack Kuiefouet, Ferdinand, born July 7, 1986 in Douala (Cameroon).
Frahtia, Imad, born in Bordj Ghedir (Algeria) on May 5, 1969.
Francis, Sunil, born in Karachi (Pakistan) on September 20, 1983.
Widow FRANKOWSKA Lewczuk, Walentyna, born January 2, 1947 in Tyniewicze Duze (Poland).
Frimpong, Agnes Abena, born in Nsawam (Ghana) on December 1, 1968.
Frolova, Oxana, born July 22, 1972 in Makhachkala (Russia Fed.).
Furhody, Zabihullah, born February 15, 1976 in Paktia (Afghanistan).
Gaaid, Khalil Kadhum, born in Al Thawra-Baghdad (Iraq) on March 30, 1974.
Gabor, Marian-Vasile, born March 6, 1987 in Suceava (Romania).
Gadjiyavova, Madina Zurkyuplyuevna, born January 14, 1979 in Nizhnie Kazanishe (fed. of Russia).
Gagieva-Galayeva, Ashat, born in Alma - Ata (Kazakhstan) on November 1, 1971.
Gahunga, Betty, born in Goma (Congo) on April 6, 1984.
Gahungu, WD, born September 30, 1959 in Kibimba (Burundi).
Gaina, novel, born June 11, 1974 in Carpineni (Moldova).
Gaja, Ion, born in Ghinpati (Romania) on November 27, 1967.
Gafoor, Maria Brigitte, born in Badou (Togo) on May 20, 1971.
Galaev, Bulat Magomedovich, born January 6, 1985 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Galea, Liviu - Vasile, born February 25, 1970 in media (Romania).
Galikaev, Artur Mirkhatovitch, born September 3, 1968 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).
Galikaeva, Alina Arturovna, born in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) on December 19, 1990.
Gallas, Chaudhry, born March 31, 1977 in Sousse (Tunisia).
Galoin, Sylvain Georges Fernand, born April 25, 1985 in Mouscron (Belgium).
Galstyan, Ara, born September 4, 1978 in Leninakan (Armenia).
Galstyan, Suren, born in Leninakan (Armenia) on February 20, 1950.
Gami, Ladji, born in Danané (Côte d'Ivoire) in 1979.
Ganayev, Ali Tashtemirovitch, born July 12, 1966 in Mesker-Yurt (fed. of Russia).
Widow Gandarova Maysigova, Liza Khamatkhanovna, born February 2, 1960 in Tselinograd (fed. of Russia).
Gang Jiang Cuo, born January 2, 1980 in Cha Er Ma (China).
Galindo, Eli, born in Lomé (Togo) on April 28, 1991.
Gao, Shuli, born in Shanghai (China) on August 2, 1981.
García Cortavitarte, Guillermo Andrés, born September 2, 1980 in Lima (Peru).
Garcia Ruiz, Robert Arquimede, born May 8, 1981 in Maracay (Venezuela).
Garic, Adnan, born May 13, 1973 in Banovici (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Garreau, Cyril Maurice Jean-Noël, born in Levallois-Perret (France) on July 12, 1968.
Garrouj, Karim, born in Izemmouren (Morocco) on December 12, 1972.
Gasengayire, Madina, born December 12, 1958 in Nyarugenge (Rwanda).
Gandhi, John, born in Gikondo (Rwanda) on July 2, 1951.
Gashi, Arbnora, born July 13, 1981 in Majac (Kosovo).
Gashi, Bujar, born January 19, 1983 in Glogovac (Kosovo).
Gandhi, Martin, born in Akllap (Kosovo) on February 25, 1961.
Gashi, sunny, born in Akllap (Kosovo) on September 25, 1991.
Alpesh, Marie Gloriose, born in Ndera-Gasabo (Rwanda) on January 1, 1966.
Gasimba, Bernard, born August 20, 1985 in Kigali (Rwanda).
Gandhi, Georges, born July 14, 1985 in Conakry (Guinea).
Gataev, Roman Rasulovitch, born in Bereznyagi (fed. of Russia) on June 18, 1988.
Ganesan, Nathalie, born December 30, 1970 in Bukavu (Congo).

Gatieva married Dzoumatova, Lubov, born December 14, 1961 in Malgobek (fed. of Russia).
Ganesh, Epiphany, born July 16, 1971 in Bwiza Bujumbura (Burundi).
Gatz, Katarzyna Melania, born January 22, 1976 in Gdynia (Poland).
Gavrilovici, Constantin, born July 31, 1979 in Bosanci (Romania).
Gavrilovici, Elena, born March 2, 1970 in Bosanci (Romania).
Gawad, Qamel Mohamad, born January 5, 1959 in Mays al-Jabal (Lebanon).
Gayaf, Sener, born January 5, 1982 in Söke (Turkey).
Gaye, Mama, born December 31, 1970 in Diaw (Mauritania).
Gayshun-Sokhor, Galina Adamovna, born March 13, 1961 in Kakal (Belarus).
Gaytemirov, Timur Vakhaevitch, born July 19, 1968 in Shalazhi (fed. of Russia).
Gazmagamaev, Khasan Khusaidovitch, born September 21, 1984 in Ordzhonikidzevskaya (fed. of Russia).
Garg Zemanga, born February 22, 1973 in Gbadolite (Congo).
Gbeminiyi, Owolabi Adeoye, born in Ibadan, Nigeria, June 28, 1980.
Gebreeyessus, Aregawi, born December 29, 1966 in Tigray (Ethiopia).
Gebru Tsegai, Yohannes, born January 10, 1988 in Asmara (Ethiopia).
Geliashvili, Inga, born in Tbilisi (Georgia) on February 7, 1971.
Geliashvili, Iulia, born March 22, 1982 in Tbilisi (Georgia).
Gentile, Emanuele, born in Favara (Italy) on February 1, 1950.
Georgescu, Florin, born November 20, 1977 in Bucuresti (Romania).
Georgescu, Laura Magdalena, born July 7, 1972 in Craiova (Romania).
Georgescu, Petrica, born March 8, 1960 in Galati (Romania).
Georgieva, Margarita Gospodinova, born January 10, 1980 in Dobrich (Bulgaria).
Gera, Ermir, born December 1, 1982 in Shkodër (Albania).
Gérard Eyene, Sébastien Emmanuel, born December 24, 1982 in Yaoundé (Cameroon).
Gerasimovski, Vladimir, born March 8, 1970 in Skopje (Macedonia).
Gevorgyan marries Antonyan, Anna, born in Yerevan (Armenia) on July 31, 1972.
Gevorgyan, Armine Senik, born in Sisian (Armenia) on April 25, 1980.
Gevorgyan, Dolvard, born in Sewan (Armenia) on April 27, 1947.
Gevorgyan, Navy, born December 31, 1976 in Arinj (Azerbaijan).
Gevorgyan, Martin, born in Yerevan (Armenia) on June 29, 1984.
Gevorgyan, Zaruhi, born in Yerevan (Armenia) on October 16, 1988.
Kavita, Slimane, born January 1, 1983 in Saka (Morocco).
Ghaderi Amirabad, Begard, born in Boleh-Irbil (Iraq) in 1991.
Ghaderi Amirabad, Beyan, born in Kani Mew (Iraq) in 1988.
Ghaderi Amirabad, Rabouar, born September 6, 1981 in Oshnaviyeh (Iran).
Ghaderi Amirabad, Rebaz, born in Sulaymaniyah (Iraq) in 1992.
Rasheed married Amani, Sidiqa, born to Mohammad Agha-Logar (Afghanistan) on November 14, 1964.
Ghafoori, Mahdi, born April 28, 1974 in Ghazvin (Iran).
Ghalmane, Fatiha, born March 16, 1959 in Casablanca (Morocco).
Ghamari, Mehrangiez, born in Kermanshah (Iran) on September 21, 1969.
Ghaourieh, Joubran, born February 18, 1985 in Beirut (Lebanon).
Gharjoum, Sarah, born August 28, 1985 in Hay Harchat Hamam (Morocco).
Ghassemi, Abdollah, born April 25, 1958 in Sardrud (Iran).
Ghazaiel, Mohamed Ali, born May 13, 1979 in Sousse (Tunisia).
Gbaruks, Hafid, born May 4, 1968 in Sidi M'Hamed (Algeria).
Gheorghe, Violeta-Liliana, born January 20, 1968 in Deva (Romania).
Gherasim married Iacome, Irina-Elena, born in Iasi (Romania) on June 16, 1980.
Gherman, Marian-Petru, born in Negresti-Oas (Romania) on June 28, 1969.
Ghevondyan, Satenik, born in Yerevan (Armenia) on January 16, 1977.
Ghita married Mogosanu, Perla - Gabriela, born May 18, 1968 in Craiova (Romania).
Ghukasyan, Khachik, born January 27, 1947 in Taperakan (Armenia).
Ghukasyan, Lusine, born October 25, 1979 in Sevan (Armenia).
Gielda married Romanczuk, Agata, born in Bialystok (Poland) on April 24, 1974.
Gillette, Lee Russell, born in Mariemont (United States) on July 20, 1969.
Gilmanova married Mikaeva, Liliya, born July 29, 1962 in Bugulma (fed. of Russia).
Ginosyan, Lilit, born June 25, 1979 in Leninian (Armenia).
Giorgadze, Nato, born in Tbilisi (Georgia) on November 29, 1981.
Giorgashvili, Larisa, born in Tbilisi (Georgia) on February 8, 1947.
Giraso, Aurore, born April 24, 1988 in Remera (Rwanda).
Gireeva, Leyla Idrisovna, born July 23, 1982 in Kustanay (fed. of Russia).
Gezu, Rusine Christophe, born June 12, 1966 in Butare (Rwanda).
GfD, Argerto, born February 15, 1983 in Berat (Albania).
GfD, Parker, born in Tirana (Albania) on October 30, 1955.
GfD, Mina, born in Fier (Albania) on December 4, 1958.
GfD, Tefion, born in Fier (Albania) on May 8, 1989.
Giza married Gavrilovici, Anamaria, born July 22, 1983 in Suceava (Romania).
Gjoni, Agron, born March 15, 1960 in Kraste, Skrapar (Albania).
Gjoni, Raji, born in Krujë (Albania) June 25, 1989.
Gjoni, Sanjay, born June 10, 1987 in Krujë (Albania).
Gjukatan, Sebastian, born in Obilic (Serbia) on June 1, 1968.
Gladilova married Novikova, Nadezhda, born in Panfilovo (Kazakhstan) on December 16, 1971.
Gladovic married Delic, Hanka, born in Krusev Do (Bosnia and Herzegovina) on March 15, 1966.
Glodeanu married Badea, Daniela, born June 2, 1964 in Tirgoviste (Romania).
Glogov wife Benard, Uche, born December 12, 1973 in Kragujevac (Serbia).
Amabel, Zineb, born in Douar Laanabra (Morocco) on November 17, 1947.
Gogu married Iordache, Elena, born May 23, 1972 in Girlâ Mare (Romania).
Gokoryan, Anna, born July 30, 1968 in Stepanawan (Armenia).
Goldberg, Aboubacar, born August 21, 1985 in Bouaké (Côte d'Ivoire).
Golmaghani Zadeh, Sadollah, born in Ardebil (Iran) on September 21, 1970.
Gomes da Silva, Delza, born in Goiânia-Go (Brazil) on July 6, 1978.
Gomes Paiva, Rosangela Adryelle, born in Goiânia (Brazil) on 11 October 1992.
Gómez Gómez, Dianne Maricela, born July 31, 1975 in Huachi Loreto - Ambato (Ecuador).
Gonçalves, Marc Sedaminou, born October 20, 1974 in Lomé (Togo).
González Bejerano, Idania Victoria, born in Santa Cruz del (Cuba) on May 15, 1969.
Gonzalez Franco, scandalous, born June 20, 1978 in Matanzas (Cuba).
Gonzalez Ordonez, Jorge Joselito, born April 17, 1966 in Pasaje (Ecuador).
González Serna, German, born October 28, 1959 in Ibague (Colombia).
Gopalla, Anusha, born February 27, 1981 in Plaines Wilhems (Republic of Mauritius).
Goran, Radu Bogdan, born August 3, 1980 in Petrosani (Romania).
Goranci married Parashumti, Shqipe, born in Prizren (Kosovo) on May 13, 1960.
Gorin, Sergey, born October 9, 1978 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).
Gorka, Wojciech, born in Bialystok (Poland) on December 23, 1969.
Gouleva married Tcherneva, Rumiana Ilieva, born November 27, 1954 in Stamboliyski (Bulgaria).
Gouriche, Leon, born in Mohammedia (Morocco) on March 6, 1980.
Gires, Nicky, born July 11, 1979 in Kénitra (Morocco).
Gou Said, Keren, born February 18, 1962 in Tiznit (Morocco).
Goutai, Hamoui, born July 28, 1954 in Oran (Algeria).
Goutnikov, Anton, born in Nizhny Tagil (fed. of Russia) on December 8, 1983.
Gowhari, Peyman, born February 20, 1973 in Shiraz (Iran).
Gozdareva - Makhlova, Olga, born August 3, 1971 in Kaliningrad (Russia Fed.).
Gozo, Arvind Ahoefavi Bika, born November 6, 1980 in Lomé (Togo).
Grabenco, Vladimir, born May 13, 1965 in Cherepovec (Russia Fed.).
Grahovic, Mumin, born March 21, 1970 in Velika Kladusa (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Grahovic, Vinet, born April 3, 1967 in Velika Kladusa (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Grajdaru, Calin-Dorin, born July 28, 1978 in Brasov (Romania).
Gramolini, Ashley Anna-Marguerite, born in Athens (Greece) on March 22, 1988.
Gramolini, Simonetta Cochran, born in North Adams, Massachusetts (United States) on April 12, 1990.
Grandinetti, Fabrizio, born in Cosenza (Italy) on March 13, 1980.
Graneros Pareja, Violeta, born January 9, 1974 in Cotabambas (Peru).
Grigoryan married Khachaturian, Karina, born November 28, 1959 in Baku (Azerbaijan).
Grigoryan, Andranik Ashoti, born in Leninakan (Armenia) on May 25, 1990.
Grigoryan, Ashot, born in Chipunovo (Armenia) on January 2, 1955.
Asya Aramayis Grigoryan, born October 15, 1961 in Voskehask (Armenia).
Grigoryan, Garik, born July 16, 1967 in Yerevan (Armenia).
Grozav, Monica, born April 8, 1970 in Sibiu (Romania).
Gualotuna Toapanta, Darwin Patricio, born March 15, 1982 in Sangolquí (Ecuador).
Guambiango Saransig, Rosa Elena, born in San Luis, Otavalo (Ecuador) on September 12, 1977.
Guelzim, Amina, born May 27, 1952 in Rabat (Morocco).
JackO, Sushant, born January 22, 1985 in Rabat (Morocco).
Guerchi, k., born April 10, 1980 in Harb El Hamri (Tunisia).
Guerra Correa Menahem, Bruno, born February 21, 1981 in Sao Paulo (Brazil).
Gueye, Momar Lamine, born in Kaolack (Senegal) on 19 April 1952.
Guilavogui, Julien, born September 20, 1962 in Conakry (Guinea).
Guimarães de Oliveira, Geraldo, born February 21, 1982 in Recife, Pernambuco (Brazil).
Guissé, Sheikh, born August 15, 1978 in Aere Lao (Senegal).
Sally married Zamanova, Jeyran, born in Baku (Azerbaijan) on January 10, 1967.
Gull, Samara, born August 23, 1963 in Lahore (Pakistan).
Gulunts, Maria, born in Jerevan, Arabkir (Armenia) on May 16, 1992.
Gündüz, Mehmet, born June 3, 1976 in Denizli (Turkey).
Günes, Omer, born December 12, 1977 in Kayseri (Turkey).
Gungor, Murat, born in Istanbul (Turkey) on May 12, 1968.
Gurung, Ashmita, born at Shardanagar (Nepal) on December 11, 1991.
Gurung, Tika, born in Baglung (Nepal) on March 14, 1949.
Gusar, Banu, born May 12, 1976 in Izmir (Turkey).
Gushchina, Svetlana Yevgenyevna, born in Talachkino (fed. of Russia) on December 17, 1980.
Güzel married Ozertekin, Mahide, born February 15, 1968 in Göynücek (Turkey).
Guzem, Mohammed, born November 8, 1984 in Shaykh al ' Abdullah (Syria).
Gyamfi, Rose, born May 20, 1975 in Accra (Ghana).
Gyurdjyan, Lyuba Oganessovna, born May 2, 1954 in Yerevan (Armenia).
Mostafa, Damian, born May 26, 1942 in Oran (Algeria).
H.m, Jonathan, born in Goma (Congo) on March 4, 1990.
Habati, Atika, born 4 March 1984 in Ras El Aïn (Morocco).
Habib, Haydar Hassan, born in Ar Rasafah-Baghdad (Iraq) on September 23, 1973.
Habib, Mohamed Mahmoud, born in Cheggar (Mauritania) on December 31, 1971.
HA, Olivier, born January 30, 1980 in Kayumbu-Gitarama (Rwanda).
Habimana, Alyssa, born November 11, 1982 in Nyarugenge (Rwanda).
HAAAA, Yves, born in Nyakabiga (Burundi) on May 21, 1991.

Habtegebriel Feray, Tserha, born in Korbariya (Ethiopia) in 1956.
Hadi Roble, Jeanne, born April 1, 1971 in Djibouti (Djibouti).
Hadi, Dillion, born September 22, 1983 in Metalsa (Morocco).
Hadi, Saad Karim, born in Baghdad (Iraq) on July 1, 1966.
Hadi, Zakaria, born July 16, 1979 in Skikda (Algeria).
Hadzic, Hajradin, born November 15, 1976 in Tutin (Serbia).
Yana, Abdelhadi, born January 1, 1960 in Ouled Arif (Morocco).
Hafeez, Nour, born February 3, 1965 in Sidi Ali Ben Aoun (Tunisia).
Haghtalab Komachani, Ladan, born in Shiraz (Iran) on December 20, 1971.
Haider Haji Agha, Jafar, born in Tehran (Iran) 3 March 1961.
Hai, Stéphane Daniel Dominique, born November 14, 1985 in Gonesse (France).
Hajayandi, Jean Paul Christ, born September 2, 1990 in Bujumbura (Burundi).
Dipu, Aldona, born in Bajram Curri, Tropoje (Albania) 27 April 1989.
Dipu, Sadete, born March 15, 1969 in Begaj, Tropojë (Albania).
Haji Mirza Hussein, Mohammad Naser, born in Gereshk (Afghanistan) in 1991.
Haji, Serbest Abad, born January 1, 1985 in Sinjar, Mosul (Iraq).
Haider, Driss, born June 8, 1982 in Meknès (Morocco).
Hajji, MA, born in Douar Ouled Boujemaa (Morocco) on January 1, 1955.
Hajra, Gjemajl, born 5 February 1963 in Ferizaj (Kosovo).
Hajrusi, Jaldeze, born in Odanovce (Kosovo) on August 23, 1965.
Hajrusi, Robert, born in Gnjilane (Serbia) 22 December 1992.
Hakhverdyan, Elmira, born November 27, 1966 in Masis (Armenia).
Hahaha, Oscar, born in Kivumu, Kibuye (Rwanda) on July 19, 1964.
Halainou, Fatiha, born in Douar Old Mlik (Morocco) on January 17, 1980.
Haleemi, Aryan, born September 24, 1979 in Laghman (Afghanistan).
Halfhide, Felix Julius, born in Paramaribo (Surinam) on August 28, 1974.
Halicka - Cylwik, Katarzyna, born in Bialystok (Poland) on 14 December 1970.
Halil, Nayle Sali, born December 31, 1957, Ostrovo (Bulgaria).
Halili, Agim, born August 13, 1953 in Mitrovica (Kosovo).
Hamadou, Abdoulaye, born May 8, 1973 in Adzopé (Côte d'Ivoire).
Hamarat, Gökhan, born in Istanbul (Turkey) on July 16, 1984.
Hambartsumian, Lusik, born February 24, 1978 in Hahtut (fed. of Russia).
Hamchou, Talal, born in Aleppo (Syria) on September 20, 1977.
Hamdani, Yan, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on December 4, 1977.
Hamdi, Hamdi Hameed, born in Ninawa (Iraq) on June 4, 1989.
Matt, Othman, born in Roosendaal in Nispen (Netherlands) April 6, 1981.
Hamedanchi, Mathews, born in Malayere (Iran) on 1 July 1968.
Dipak, Iman, born October 25, 1979 in Chemestar (Lebanon).
Hammou, Mounir, born June 7, 1975 in Berkane (Morocco).
Hammoud, Nabil, born February 23, 1975 in Kafartibnit (Lebanon).
Hammoud, Zaher, born May 30, 1974 in Jarjouh (Lebanon).
Adelina, Abdelkader, born in Beni Drar (Morocco) in 1947.
Hamou, Malek, born in Mazra'at ' at ash Shati (Syria) on July 6, 1983.
Hamoud, Rachid, born in Barkana (Morocco) on June 25, 1962.
Hamouta, Mustapha, born in Douar Tirni (Morocco) on 8 May 1980.
Hamtou, Ashraf, born in Malalien (Morocco) on April 12, 1986.
Hamtou, Samuel, born in me m'diq (Morocco) on December 16, 1987.
Hamtou, Ibrahim, born to me m'diq (Morocco) on October 27, 1992.
Hamza, Cerciz, born March 2, 1968 in Xhafa, Tepelene (Albania).
Hamza, Matjana, born January 10, 1971 in Lab Martalloz, Tepelene (Albania).
Han, Ying, born August 18, 1961 in Shenyang (China).
Hanjaf, Yassin, born in Khouribga (Morocco) on October 12, 1971.
Hanna, Jeksi, born in Kahtaniya (Syria) on January 2, 1992.
Hannan, Ibrahim, born January 1, 1976 in Afrin (Syria).
Hapca married Ivanciu, Monica-Alexandrina, born in Constanta (Romania) on July 24, 1971.
Hameed, Pierre Kit, born April 15, 1970 in Tiko (Cameroon).
Happy, Serge Raoul, born March 4, 1973 in Batie (Cameroon).
Haqifi married S.k, Emsale, born in Oraovica (Serbia) on September 1, 1969.
Harakat, Yassin, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on October 19, 1990.
Jack married Szczerbacz, Jolanta, born February 15, 1978 in Bialystok (Poland).
Harchaoui, Fotheringham, born April 21, 1983 in Kankriya (Morocco).
Harmse, Andries Matthys, born October 16, 1976 in Randfontein (South Africa).
Han, Karima, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on February 3, 1972.
Harrak, Fatma, born in 1946 in Chefraouch (Morocco).
Harriba, Bolton, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on November 10, 1980.
Harrison Alvergue, Barbara, born January 31, 1978 in Nueva San El Salvador (El El Salvador).
Hammami, Arda, born in Berkane (Morocco) in 1935.
Harutunian, Sarkis, born February 27, 1969 in Yerevan (fed. of Russia).
Harutyunyan, Aram, born August 7, 1984 in Yerevan (Armenia).
Harutyunyan, Nazeli, born in Yerevan (Armenia) on July 25, 1983.
Hasan, Myumyun Raif, born October 28, 1977 in Chorbadzhiysko (Bulgaria).
Hasanaj, Flutura, born May 6, 1989 in Vlore (Albania).
Hammond married Shekhar Musliu, born August 29, 1971 in Stanofc i Poshtem (Serbia).
Hammond married Nuhija, Fatmire, born August 2, 1977 in Kumanovo (Macedonia).
Hasani, Violeta, born February 7, 1984 in Bozhaj-Tuz (Montenegro).
Hashemi Afrapoli, Seyed Javad, born March 28, 1974 in Ghaemshahr (Iran).
Hashimi, Sayed Aman, born September 1, 1970 in Kandahar (Afghanistan).
Hashimi, Shabir Ahmad, born in Dar-i-Nur-Jalalabad (Afghanistan) on January 1, 1991.
Hasnaoui Hasnaoui, Abdelkader, born in Laayoune (Morocco) in 1964.
Handsome, Laila, born July 13, 1971 in Laayoune (Morocco).
Handsome, Abdelhamid, born in Batna (Algeria) in 1970.
Hassan Zadeh, Azad, born in Bukan (Iran) on March 21, 1973.
Hassan, Dina, born in Cairo (Egypt) on July 19, 1976.
Hassan, Hussein Laith, born in Baghdad (Iraq) on June 19, 1992.
Hassan, Muayad Yas, born March 19, 1963 in Al-Mansur-Baghdad (Iraq).
Hastor, Azra, born in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) December 13, 1971.
Hatadj, Elizabeth, born November 13, 1962 in Oran (Algeria).
Hasty, M'Hamed, born in Casablanca (Morocco) in 1965.
Hat-Tach, Lateef, born in Tangier (Morocco) on February 9, 1981.
Hattaway, Brett William, born February 6, 1970 in Kansas City (United States).
Havdi, Akabo, born May 6, 1961 in Korçë (Albania).
Havdi, Zhuljeta, born July 8, 1964 in Korçë (Albania).
Hawel, Ashur Khowshaba, born September 12, 1977 in Bir Santoso (Iraq).
Haxhijaj, Okebuus, born January 27, 1975 in Raushiq (Kosovo).
Haydar, Jihad Haji, born June 26, 1984 in Shekhan (Iraq).
Hayriev, Hayri Yasharov, born March 3, 1972 in Rousse (Bulgaria).
Haripriya, Lotfi, born April 30, 1979 in Oujda (Morocco).
Hbili, Malika, born May 7, 1959 in Douar Beni Bouhsan Beni Halloran (Morocco).
Hebbar, Hassan, born in Douchy-Les-Mines (France) on March 8, 1969.
Heberimana, Alain Désiré, born March 30, 1974 in Bwiza (Burundi).
Hanson, Ahmed, born in Beni Kouffi, Binyala (Algeria) on January 26, 1972.
Hardas, Mohamed, born January 30, 1970 in Tunis (Tunisia).
Hegazy, Abbott, born in Port Said (Egypt) on June 6, 1983.
Heinen, Joseph Elisabeth Willem, born in Sittard (Netherlands) on April 4, 1948.
Heljoni, Cristina, born in Buzau (Romania) on 8 May 1980.
Hem, Hak, born 7 February 1950 in Hantea (Cambodia).
Heneine, Jean, born in Beirut (Lebanon) on November 12, 1939.
Hensi, Julie, born 3 July 1988 in Yaoundé (Cameroon).
Herati, Jasin, born May 10, 1981 in Herat (Afghanistan).
Hernandez Albores, Luisa Elena, born April 15, 1984 in Tuxtla Gutiérrez (Mexico).
Herrera Gómez, Judith, born April 9, 1978 in Mexico City (Mexico).
Abraham, Dalal Elias, born in Ain Bourday (Lebanon) on November 15, 1963.
Hesen, Behish, born August 10, 1985 in At Tallayn - Al Malikiyah (Syria).
Heydari, Abdolsameh, born September 29, 1982 in Goldereh Kabul (Afghanistan).
Himmali, Mohamed Muftah Faraj, born in Tripoli (Libya) on February 4, 1960.
Hiraj, Abdesselam, born July 1, 1946 in Douar Beni Boulahbab (Morocco).
Hashimoto, Blaise, born January 10, 1978 in Miyove-Gicumbi (Rwanda).
Hasan, Abraham, born September 11, 1985 in Gabes (Tunisia).
Hass, Malika, born September 5, 1962 in Jerada (Morocco).
Haslam, Harry, born in Ain Mazouz (Tunisia) October 14, 1976.
Hoang, if Long, born October 27, 1962 in Hanoi (Vietnam).
Hoare, Nexona Jane, born September 14, 1968 in Kabwe (Zambia).
Hoca, Cosmina-Maria, born November 4, 1978 in Timisoara (Romania).
Hoda, Ibadete, born July 12, 1979 in Kamenice (Kosovo).
Hodzic married Grozdanic, Muharema, born July 28, 1961 in Gornji Kamengrad (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Senthil Ali Al-Dujeili, Saed, born May 29, 1975 in Al-Samawah (Iraq).
Holloway, James Hill, born in Ridgewood (USA) on May 2, 1971.
Horchats married Petrova, Larisa, born in Tsjerkassy (Ukraine) on March 13, 1973.
Hatch, Chris Dock, born December 30, 1988 in Bujumbura (Burundi).
Horma, Laney, born in Jhalak (Morocco) on January 1, 1942.
Horvathova-Gasparova, Denisa, born in Kosice (Slovakia) November 19, 1976.
Hosni, Mohamed Aymen, born April 11, 1978 in Tunis (Tunisia).
Hosseini, Fatemeh, born in Tehran (Iran) on March 25, 1963.
Hosu, Radu, born March 28, 1970 in Mesesenii De Jos (Romania).
Houbah, Harvey, born November 11, 1978 in Douar El Hamri (Morocco).
Hawkins, AAAAA, born March 6, 1966 in Ouled Slimane (Morocco).
Hayes, Zara, born in Rabat (Morocco) on January 1, 1948.
Houssen Al-Jooborig, Zeher, born December 25, 1969 in Kirkuk (Iraq).
Haynes, George, born in Lomé (Togo) on December 5, 1972.
Houzzane, Zakia, born in Douar has Oubelkacem IdaOu Mateo (Morocco) on 2 October 1988.
Hovakimyan, Spartak, born July 15, 1947 in Gyumri (Armenia).
Hovanisyan married Van der Heyden, Zara, born in Yerevan (Armenia) on December 8, 1974.
Hawk, Knar, born October 3, 1958 in Echmiadzin (Armenia).
Hovhannisyan married Balbayan, Gayane, born in Yerevan (Armenia) on December 10, 1961.
Hovhannisyan, Arpine Petros, born June 8, 1987 in P 'ok' r Vedi (fed. of Russia).
Hovhannisyan, Lilit, born in Yerevan (Armenia) on 12 October 1988.
Hovhannisyan, Lyudmila, born February 2, 1962 in Mkhchyan (Armenia).
Hovhannisyan, Paytsar, born in Gamichly (Syria) in 1954.
Hovsepyan, Syuzanna, born February 4, 1986 in Yerevan (Armenia).
Hoxha, Anton, born in Muhur (Albania) on May 19, 1993.
Hoxha, Drita, born March 8, 1968 in F. Muhur - Diber (Albania).
Hoxhaj, Waseem, born in Đakovica (Kosovo) on June 27, 1991.
Hoxhaj, Mimoza, born in Đakovica (Kosovo) on September 29, 1987.
Hraiche, Mohamed, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on August 30, 1977.

Hristova married Dimitrova, Daniela Hristova, born January 29, 1974 in Sofia (Bulgaria).
Hristova married Tosheva, Galya, born July 27, 1968 in Shumen (Bulgaria).
Hristova, Fanya, born October 4, 1965 in Shumen (Bulgaria).
Hroenova-Revenko, Marina Ivanovna, born in Troitskoje (fed. of Russia) on November 19, 1948.
Hryniewicka married Muczynska, Jadwiga, née Hryniewicze Male (Poland) on 18 March 1950.
Sulaiman, Hamid, born May 18, 1978 in Berkane (Morocco).
Hu, Jie, born September 15, 1979 in Wuhan, China.
Hu, Yi, born in Huzhou (China) on August 27, 1992.
Hugo, Pieter Gideon, born August 16, 1978 in Prins Albert (South Africa).
Hujdurovic, Fahreta, born July 14, 1989 in Bijeljina (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Humic, Murada, born October 16, 1981 in Derventa (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Hörkkö, Edo master, born September 8, 1974 in Lomé (Togo).
Hörkkö, Komi Kangni Pascal, born May 17, 1975 in Lomé (Togo).
Huntean married Nichifor, Liliana-Rodica, born in Udesti (Romania), on August 3, 1973.
Huremovic married Praveen Kumar, Nevzeta, born in Trpezi (Montenegro) on 2 January 1967.
Huric married Turkovic, Ramiza, born in Prijepolje (Serbia) on September 28, 1974.
Huseyni married Sabili, Arzu, born in Baneh (Iran) on November 1, 1980.
Husic, Ahmet, born in Caglica (Bosnia and Herzegovina) on January 1, 1980.
Hussain, Dilshad Waheed, born April 25, 1980 in Dahuk (Iraq).
Hussein, Nazhad Karim, born in Tuz-Salah ad - Din (Iraq) on June 8, 1987.
Hussein, Ahmed, Sabeh Gafar (Syria) born March 21, 1980.
Husseini married Noori, Rita, born in Kabul (Afghanistan) on September 24, 1980.
Hyuseinova, Atidzhe Nadzhieva, born 13 October 1972 in Ruse (Bulgaria).
Hyusmenova, Sevginar Basrieva, born July 10, 1979 in Popovo (Bulgaria).
Hyusseinova, Emine Ramissova, born May 27, 1965 in Naum (Bulgaria).
Iacome, Constantin-Sorin, born March 6, 1979 in Iasi (Romania).
Iassakova, Kelsani, born July 20, 1953 in Karavan (fed. of Russia).
Ibeajaero, Stanley Ike, born November 21, 1972 in Enugu (Nigeria).
Ibhaduwede, Doris Edozele, born 23 May 1973 in Benin City, Nigeria.
Ibis, Cennet, born June 16, 1987 in Zaanstad (Netherlands).
Ibishev, Renay Raynhold Mehmedov, born in Kemnath (Germany) on December 13, 1991.
Ibisheva, Hatche, born August 21, 1985 in Pleven (Bulgaria).
Dorothy, Besim, born March 2, 1976 in Pec (Serbia).
Ibn Lisa, Sarah, born in Tetouan (Morocco) on August 19, 1982.
Ibn-Yahya, Amine, born in Fez (Morocco) on February 2, 1989.
Ibragimov, Ayndi Edikovitch, born in Grozny (Russia Fed.) on September 22, 1992.
Ibrahim Abdellah, Ali, born January 5, 1990 in Abu Gamra (Sudan).
Ibrahim Abu Rass, Samer, born August 1, 1982 in Yarmouk (Syria).
Ibrahim Omar, Deeqa, born January 5, 1977 in Hargeysa (Somalia).
Ibrahim, Heba, born November 10, 1985 in Mosul (Iraq).
Ibrahim, Maya, born in El Karak (Lebanon) on April 6, 1980.
Ibrahim, Mohammad-Saleh, born in 1961 in Latifa-Kamishli (Syria).
Ibrahim, Shatha Nouman, born April 17, 1966 in Baghdad (Iraq).
Ibrahim married Bajrami, Josef, born January 10, 1976 in Davis (Kosovo).
Ibrahim, Jamal, born June 17, 1971 in Douar Ajial Trougout (Morocco).
Ibricic, Senada, born November 26, 1975 in Srebrenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Ichahrar, Nabil, born March 20, 1980 in Khouribga (Morocco).
Idris Saleh, Ali, born in Massawa (Ethiopia) on February 15, 1989.
Idrisova, Malika Makhmudovna, born November 29, 1984 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Ibrahim, Ntafura, born in Goma (Congo) on July 6, 1967.
Ibrahim, Fatima, born in Douar Ouled Sidi Atman (Morocco) on January 3, 1991.
Ibrahim, Hassan, born in Ouled Taleb (Morocco) in 1991.
Ibrahim, Mohamed, born in Douar Ouled Sidi Atman, Metalsa (Morocco) on 31 December 1988.
Idrissi, Moustapha, born 5 September 1988 in Ouled Taleb (Morocco).
Idrissi, Schwarz, born June 28, 1967 in Rabat (Morocco).
Veronica, Suad, born in Glladove Mitrovica (Kosovo) on May 7, 1990.
Ibrahim Ahmed, Fatljum, born in Nesalce (Serbia) on September 19, 1972.
Ibrahim Ahmed, Zejnisha, born June 28, 1971 in Bercevac (Serbia).
Iftimie, Raluca-Maria, born December 17, 1975 in Piatra Neamt (Romania).
Igneczi, Linda Bernadett, born May 13, 1975 in Budapest VIII (Hungary).
Iharrouten, Aziz, born February 22, 1978 in Driouch (Morocco).
IHEME married Eno, Patricia, born in Lagos (Nigeria) on December 31, 1970.
Ijfiri, Nozha, born October 23, 1985 in Al Aaroui (Morocco).
Iken, Fatima, born in Douar Ouled McIntyre, Metalsa (Morocco) on March 18, 1991.
Ilanga Thompson Yawala, born November 28, 1966 in Gemena (Congo).
Ilboudo, Salif, born November 6, 1979 in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso).
Ilic, Anita, born in Kraljevo (Serbia) on November 13, 1989.
Iliev, Goryan Nikolaev, born June 2, 1976 in Sofia (Bulgaria).
Iliev, Peyo, born November 23, 1950 in Sanadinovo (Bulgaria).
Iliev, Zahari Angelov, born September 10, 1952 in Gorna Oryahovitsa (Bulgaria).
Ilkhaeva married Edilova, Raya Soultanovna, born November 24, 1972 in Tolstoy-Yurt (fed. of Russia).
Illemboye, Kehinde Janet, born June 2, 1974 in Surulere (Nigeria).
Idjao Kini, Justin, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on March 30, 1992.
Ilunga, Annie, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on February 28, 1972.
Ilyasov, Arslan Alimpashaevitch, born in Razezd-Botach (fed. of Russia) on June 23, 1969.
Imad Abed, Noorhan, born in Baghdad (Iraq) on August 1, 1990.
Imambajev, Anastasia, born in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) on June 7, 1990.
Imambajev, Nikita, born in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) on July 10, 1989.
Imeri wife this, Flori, born in Kovacice (Kosovo) on April 12, 1969.
Imeri, Camille, born in Kremenate (Serbia) on February 18, 1970.
Imuentiyan, Linda, born June 6, 1985 in Benin City, Nigeria.
Inagan Christian, Castulo Romeo, born March 17, 1972 in Cristóbal Colón, Montúfar (Ecuador).
Inalkayev, Arbi Abuyazitovitch, born May 5, 1982 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
INAM-Ul-Haq, born in Gujrat (Pakistan) January 1, 1976.
Incesu, Zeynel, born September 16, 1983 in Adana (Turkey).
INDU, Anne Josée, born in Gikongoro (Rwanda) on March 18, 1989.
Ingabire, Christine, born July 29, 1980 in Muhanga-Gitarama (Rwanda).
Ingabire, Djamila, born November 21, 1972 in Nyarugenge (Rwanda).
Ingabire, immaculate, born January 21, 1986 in Kigali (Rwanda).
Ingabire, Marie Goretti, born December 17, 1980 in Kanombe (Rwanda).
Inzunu Ayimona, Thecla, born April 20, 1949 in Mateko (Congo).
Ioanovici, Ilie, born October 13, 1968 in Sintana (Romania).
Ionashku, Olena, born in Ijivtsi (Ukraine) on September 23, 1984.
Ionescu married Marginean, Roxana-Elena, born June 12, 1964 in Satu Mare (Romania).
Ionescu, George-Bogdan, born in Slatina (Romania) on June 22, 1990.
Ionescu, Marian, born in Barasti (Romania) on June 7, 1968.
Ionita married Marin, Vasilica, born November 8, 1959 in Floresti, Giurgiu (Romania).
Iordache, Cristina, born in Cujmir (Romania) on 8 July 1993.
Iorga married Sfetcu, Veronica, born October 5, 1966 in Tirgoviste (Romania).
Iqbal, Rizwan, born March 4, 1973 in Sialkot (Pakistan).
ILA, Edwige, born October 16, 1986 in Bujumbura (Burundi).
ILA, Jennifer, born April 18, 1981 in Gitega (Burundi).
ILA, Zilfa, born 25 May 1989 in Bujumbura (Burundi).
ISA, Haydar Kazem, born in Baghdad (Iraq) on July 1, 1968.
Isaev, Islam Khavazhevitch, born in Grozny (fed. of Russia) on 18 March 1991.
Widow Isaeva Mazaeva, Svetlana, born May 5, 1973 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Isaeva, Nura Saidovna, born January 17, 1968 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Isaeva, Roza Akhamdinovna, born June 9, 1976 in Verkhniy Naur (fed. of Russia).
Isakov, Igor, born in Oesviati (fed. of Russia) on October 21, 1968.
Isakov, Ivan, born in Svetlyi (fed. of Russia) on November 10, 1988.
Isayev, Khasmagomed Zhamalalyevitch, born July 7, 1986 in Urus-Martan (fed. of Russia).
Isaza Isaza, Manuela, born May 9, 1980 in Medellín (Colombia).
Iseini married Avdijevic, Eljfi, born January 20, 1953 in Mala Dobranja (Serbia).
Khaled, Olivier, born in Gatenga (Rwanda) June 30, 1989.
Isinov, Yusein, born April 13, 1973 in Lovech (Bulgaria).
Iskandar, Laila, born March 23, 1966 in Saida (Lebanon).
Islam, Md Amirul, born in Jessore (Bangladesh) on 21 October 1977.
Islamov, Ismail, born in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) on 22 February 1991.
Islamova, Deepa Musajevna, born August 13, 1981 in Argun (fed. of Russia).
Ishmael, Farik Sarkaft, born January 1, 1984 in Mosul (Iraq).
Ismail, Ismail, born April 1, 1963 in Chorbadzhiysko (Bulgaria).
Ismaila Abba, Malam Ali, born April 9, 1978 in Niamey (Niger).
Ismaili, Abedin, born March 15, 1953 in Miratovc Preshevë (Serbia).
Ismailov, Sinan, born November 19, 1980 in Ruse (Bulgaria).
Ismailova, Malika Andarbekovna, born August 10, 1986 in Shali (fed. of Russia).
Ismajli, Xhevat, born November 22, 1971 in Bradash (Kosovo).
Ismani, Imer, born January 23, 1967 in s. Glumovo (Macedonia).
Isoyan, Anita, born February 25, 1974 in Sevan (Armenia).
Israelyan, Nan, born in Yerevan (Armenia) on December 22, 1964.
Israilov, Suliman, born October 15, 1961 in Datsjoe Barzoj, Oeroes-Martanskij rajon (fed. of Russia).
Israilova married Allagulova, Gulnara Karimovna, born May 12, 1964 in Novotroitskoje (Kazakhstan).
Issaka Justgirl983, Ibrahim, born in Lomé (Togo) in 1981.
Frank Daniel, Halligan, born May 2, 1981 in Arlit (Niger).
Iliev, Ouattara, born December 20, 1970 in Grand-Bereby (Côte d'Ivoire).
Issimba, Aurélie Edwige, born September 3, 1969 in Brazzaville, Congo Rep. pop.
Issoufou, Nabingui, born in 1953 in Tiada (Niger).
Issoufou, Ousmane, born May 13, 1975 in Niamey (Niger).
Istrate married Ionescu, Elena-Iuliana, born July 7, 1971 in Brezoi (Romania).
Istrate, Ion, born in Uliesti (Romania) on April 9, 1955.
Itsov, Georgi, born November 10, 1963 in Madan (Bulgaria).
Ivan married Garboan, Florica, born August 23, 1968 in Pogoanele (Romania).
Ivan widow Negura, Kailash, born in Falticeni (Romania) on July 22, 1963.
Ivan, Larisa-Lucia, born in Lupeni (Romania) on April 26, 1986.
Ivanciu, Dragos-Catalin, born December 12, 1967 in Pitesti (Romania).
Ivanciu, Léonard Alexandre, born February 19, 1991 in La Louvière (Belgium).
Ivanov, Dmitry, born March 25, 1975 in Jalal Abad (Kyrgyzstan).
Ivanova married Creciun, Yuliya Igorevna, born March 11, 1986 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).

Ivanova married Staneva, Rositsa, born May 12, 1966 in Razgrad (Bulgaria).
Ivanova, Dimitrina, born April 17, 1989 in Kubrat (Bulgaria).
Ivanova, Galina, born August 9, 1946 in Mednogorsk (fed. of Russia).
Ivanova, Richard, born in Kirovograd (fed. of Russia) on August 27, 1964.
Ivanovic married Begani, Sabina, born May 22, 1975, Belgrade (Serbia).
Ivanyuk, Olga, born in Yeysk (fed. of Russia) on November 2, 1984.
Ivlieva, Yevgeniya Aleksandrovna, born in Soechoemi (fed. of Russia) on July 22, 1980.
Iyayi, Mary, born November 22, 1985 in Uromi (Nigeria).
Jaaouani, Raj, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on February 21, 1982.
Jabar, Hafid, born in 1975 in Nador (Morocco).
Jabari, Sana, born in Figuig (Morocco) on July 17, 1984.
Jabarkhail, Aryan, born in Halimkheyl (Afghanistan) in 1989.
Jabbari, Qasim, born in Herat (Afghanistan) August 29, 1986.
Jabbie, Haji, born December 27, 1981 in Gambisara (Gambia).
Jabeen, Farhat, born June 5, 1960 in Kashmir (India).
Jabri, Karima, born October 27, 1964 in Douar Ouled Jaber Ainsfa (Morocco).
Jafari Kafiabad, Shwe, born September 22, 1975 in Karaj (Iran).
Jahbala, Elgelany, born in Tropojë (Albania) December 5, 1990.
Jahbala, Maureen, born in Tirana (Albania) on 8 November 1992.
Jahbala, Ramiz, born May 13, 1954 in Tropojë (Albania).
Jahjaev, Ramazan, born in Jangi-Jer (Kyrgyzstan) on May 23, 1953.
Jahjaev, Shamil, born January 15, 1981 in Froenze (Kyrgyzstan).
Jakupi, Adnan, born June 20, 1970 in Alidjerce (Serbia).
JAMA Ahmed, Yusuf, born June 28, 1987 in Mogadishu (Somalia).
Jamalova married Jahjaeva, Rabijat, born April 7, 1956 in Jangi-Jer (Kyrgyzstan).
Jamalzada, Zahra, born in Gol Darreh (Afghanistan) on November 6, 1973.
Jamil, Saima, born January 10, 1988 in Sialkot (Pakistan).
Jamil, Samira, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on 15 November 1981.
Jackson, Mohamed, born October 29, 1980 in Agadir (Morocco).
Janiev, Gleb Romanovich, born in Pervomajsky (Kazakhstan) dated July 4, 1991.
Jankowiak, Justyna, born May 29, 1978 in Koscian (Poland).
Jaramillo Imbacuan, Evelyn Fernanda, born April 10, 1983 in San Blas - Quito (Ecuador).
Jaraya, El Bachir, born April 15, 1978 in Beni Said (Morocco).
Jarmoszko, Ilona, born in Bialystok (Poland) on December 9, 1986.
Jaroszuk, Anna, born in Siemiatycze (Poland) on October 12, 1969.
Jasarevic, Eldin, born August 29, 1976 in Überlingen (Germany).
Jasari, Isuf, born June 12, 1982 in s. Ropaljce (Macedonia).
Jashn, Ali, born in Siyaqul Sofla-Mahabad (Iran) on July 11, 1977.
Jasinska, Krystyna, born in Gostynin (Poland) on March 17, 1971.
Jasnikova, Irina, born in Frunze (Kyrgyzstan) on October 18, 1958.
Javakhishvili, Koba, born March 18, 1961 in Rustavi (Georgia).
Jawad, Samia, born October 18, 1978 in Casablanca (Morocco).
Jayalath Mudiyanselage, Kanchana Muthukumari Jayathissa, born January 11, 1979 in Wariyapola (Sri Lanka).
Jechil, Marinel-Mihai, born August 15, 1974 in Bivolari (Romania).
Jedda Berenyi Abdela, Salem, born July 1, 1970 in Darma (Sudan).
Jain, Bibi Shameema, born April 1, 1982 in Plaines Wilhems (Republic of Mauritius).
Jelicic, Zarko, born October 12, 1983 in Beograd (Serbia).
Nguyen, Mohammed, born in Berkane (Morocco) on April 2, 1980.
Nguyen, Siham, born November 3, 1976 in Berkane (Morocco).
Jendorowska married Przytulska, Renata Grazyna, born May 2, 1965 in Krasnik (Poland).
Jerjis, Chinar Mohammad S, born May 12, 1982 in Dihouk (Iraq).
Jeseti, Djavit, born July 1, 1975 in Obilic (Kosovo).
Jezdovska, Sianda, born May 18, 1969 in Tukums (Latvia).
Jia Yang Duo Jie, born February 6, 1983 in Amdo Khotse (China).
Jia Yang, born June 4, 1965 in Maqu (China).
Jian, Donghua, born in Zhongshan, Guangdong, China on February 28, 1992.
Jian, Shurong, born in Zhongshan, Guangdong, China on April 29, 1990.
Jimenez Vidal, Elvira, born September 23, 1964 in Mahon (Spain).
Jin, Zhao, born August 26, 1985 in Tianjin (China).
Jinga married Kraakman, Ines, born in Piatra - Neamt (Romania) on 11 November 1965.
Jiou Mei, born May 25, 1976 in Machu (China).
Jirisian, Genel Rafaelovitsj, born September 6, 1953 in Kirovabad (Azerbaijan).
John, Joseph Owen, born December 16, 1966 in Chennai (India).
Johri, Rabah, born in Dr Aouiseghte, Ouled A. Chandrasekaran - Adams (Morocco) on April 1, 1978.
Jongeneel, Cornelia Maatje, born in Rotterdam (Netherlands) on February 16, 1962.
Joumar, Narayana, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on 19 June 1980.
Jovanovic, Petar, born May 18, 1970 in Pancevo (Serbia).
Julhakyan, Bahram, born in Yerevan (Armenia) on June 25, 1968.
Jusufi - Narayana, Resmie, born February 19, 1960 in Skopje (Macedonia).
Jusufi married Ademi, Amdije, born in Rajince (Serbia) on June 2, 1969.
Kaba, Alpha Ibrahima, born February 11, 1979 in Dabola (Guinea).
Kaba, Boubacar, born in Conakry, Guinea on February 27, 1991.
Kaba, Brenda, born in Kankan (Guinea) on December 31, 1974.
Kaba, Fanta, born in Pine (Guinea) in 1968.
Kaba, Ibrahima, born January 8, 1974 in Matoto-Conakry (Guinea).
Kaba, laminate, born July 1, 1984 in Conakry (Guinea).
Kaba, Nadia, born in Kindia (Guinea) September 10, 1989.
Kaba, no Nacpil, born in Kissidougou (Guinea) in 1981.
Kabagema Hatibu, Assoumptha, born August 15, 1983 in Bujumbura (Burundi).
Kabamba, Nicole, born June 30, 1976 in Lubumbashi (Congo).
Kabaya, Marie Rose, born in Rusizi (Rwanda) on November 25, 1961.
Kabera, Charles, born in Nyamagabe (Rwanda) on April 1, 1963.
Kabongo Mujangi, born 27 September 1976 in Luebo (Congo).
Kaboré, Khaled Adolf, born October 27, 1971 in Diegonefla (Côte d'Ivoire).
Kaboré, Marie André, born May 30, 1973 in Bangolo (Côte d'Ivoire).
Kaca, Isuf, born April 7, 1965 in Kishavec (Albania).
Kachchad, Malika, born in Guelmim (Morocco) on October 4, 1957.
Fatma, Muhammad, born July 20, 1977 in Douar Beni Mathews (Morocco).
Kaczmarek, Aneta Anna, born in Brzeg Dolny (Poland) on May 5, 1973.
Kada, Mohammed, born in Douar Tarnant (Morocco) in 1946.
Kaddouri, Celis, born May 29, 1988 in Imhrachen Beni Chiker (Morocco).
Kaddouri, Mohamed, born in Douar Tazourakht Beni Bouayach (Morocco) on March 15, 1961.
Kader Ahmed, Ahmed, born in Chula (Somalia) on May 3, 1992.
Kadi Nanjegowda, Didier, born May 23, 1970 in Douala (Cameroon).
Kadicheva, Iskra Roumenova, born May 11, 1979 in Smolyan (Bulgaria).
Kadima Nzuji, Madimba, born September 3, 1974 in Lubumbashi (Congo).
Kadir, Biner, born April 30, 1987 in Tutrakan (Bulgaria).
Kadir, Gyuner, born in Tutrakan (Bulgaria) on June 30, 1989.
Kadri-Hassani, Aisha, born in Casablanca (Morocco) in 1946.
Kadrija, Waseem, born in Deçan (Kosovo) on February 21, 1992.
Kadrija, Valon, born in Deçan (Kosovo) on February 19, 1991.
K k, jewel, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on May 20, 1989.
Kagermanova married Muskhadzhieva, Khova Shamilgadzhievna, born September 28, 1969 in Gerzel (fed. of Russia).
Kagermanova, Luiza Shovanovna, born in Lipovka (fed. of Russia) on December 31, 1967.
Ahmed, Liliane Mathilde, born January 31, 1971 in Kanama Gisenyi (Rwanda).
Kagramanyan, Alexander, born in Tbilisi (Georgia) on 10 April 1958.
Kagramanyan, George, born in Tbilisi (Georgia) on May 15, 1992.
Kagubali, Jean Pierre, born February 7, 1962 in Buyoga-Byumba (Rwanda).
Kaguirova, Rabiat Muhtarhajievna, born April 14, 1982 in Zandak (fed. of Russia).
Kahindo Kamal, born June 10, 1973 in Manguredjipa (Congo).
K.k, Sanaa, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on May 15, 1981.
Kaichouhi, AAS, born September 12, 1988 in Driouch (Morocco).
Kaili, Berat, born in Skopje, Macedonia on August 30, 1992.
Kaillani, Simon, born January 1, 1945 in Debdou Douar Oulad Bougza (Morocco).
Kaiza, Kareem, born 13 October 1972 in Tchekpo (Togo).
Slava, Mészáros, born in Oujda (Morocco) on December 23, 1962.
K.n., Maher, born October 29, 1988 in Berane (Montenegro).
Kaku, Paul Ennuh, born September 27, 1967 in Half Assini (Ghana).
Han, Issam, born in Aleppo (Syria) on April 2, 1990.
Kalac married Ismail, Mirsada, born February 18, 1961 in Kalace (Serbia).
Kalaho Lenga, born October 21, 1979 in Kasongo-Lunda (Congo).
KALALA Wa Shambuyi, born September 17, 1979 in Mbuji-Mayi (Congo).
Kalatcheva, Polina, born in Stupino (Russia Fed.) on July 29, 1992.
Kalejova-Balogova, Zuzana, born April 19, 1978 in Prerov (Slovakia).
Kalickov, Ertan, born in Wolfach (Germany) September 30, 1989.
Kalide, John Mack, born January 9, 1963 in Nyalla (Sudan).
Kalinowski, Daniel, born in Bialystok (Poland) on 24 February 1977.
Becky, Mounir, born in Mechraa Bel Ksiri (Morocco) on August 21, 1975.
Kallat, Frances, born in Beni Hadifa (Morocco) July 16, 1986.
Kallaverja, Verore, born May 29, 1979 in Diber (Albania).
Kallo, Aminata, born December 4, 1972 in Conakry (Guinea).
Kalo, Ibrahim, born October 3, 1983 in Magharat al jamo (Syria).
Ka-Bella-Lufu, born February 27, 1960 in Tshikapa (Congo).
Kalsang Gyal, born in Maqu (China) on 15 January 1977.
Kalyadina-Kosenko, Valentyna Jegorovna, born June 25, 1962 in Donskaja Balka (fed. of Russia).
Kamanda-Singa, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on April 13, 1972.
Kamara, Fanta, born in Kabala (Sierra Leone) on July 16, 1939.
Kamatari, Thérèse, born August 30, 1977 in Matana (Burundi).
Kamau, Sarah Njeri, born May 19, 1965 in Muranga (Kenya).
Hamori, Alassane, born in Barmou (Niger) in 1973.
Kamba Bakadiasa, Gregory, born July 30, 1937 in Kananga (Congo).
Kamba, Mimi Madeleine, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on November 13, 1984.
Kabi-Tasakana, born July 19, 1976 in Goma (Congo).
Kabir Kuidjeu, Jean Michel, born September 29, 1982 in Douala (Cameroon).
Kamdep Chiadjeu, Gowri, born January 7, 1981 in Bailey (Cameroon).
Kamel Aziz, Miryansi, born in Al Madinah - Al Jazeera (Sudan) July 16, 1986.
Kameni, Victorine, born July 4, 1978 in Bayon-Kekem (Cameroon).
Kachroo, David, born June 21, 1980 in Douala (Cameroon).
Kamga, Gabriel, born February 13, 1964 in Bangangté (Cameroon).
Kamikazi, Claudine, born February 2, 1978 in Kinama, Bujumbura (Burundi).
Kamikazi, Sandrine, born March 25, 1980 in Kinama (Burundi).
Kamilji married Poliku, Tola, born April 17, 1986 in Skopje (Macedonia).
Kadar, Prosper, born April 12, 1974 in Gashikanwa-Ngozi (Burundi).

Kana, Kabamba Anne, born September 11, 1963 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Kanani Ape, hope, born July 2, 1971 in Bujumbura (Burundi).
Kadiri, Ishmael, born in Bingerville (Côte d'Ivoire) on May 2, 1964.
Kanatova-Iljina, Vera, born July 16, 1956 in Alma - Ata (Kazakhstan).
Kanbar, Abbas, born in Kfarremman (Lebanon) on May 12, 1968.
Kanbar, Lawrence, born in Kfarremman (Lebanon) on 28 September 1989.
Kanchev, Kancho Mihov, born April 13, 1952 in Sevlievo (Bulgaria).
Kandasamy, Sriselvarajakumari, born July 16, 1979 in Chankanai (Sri Lanka).
Kandaurova married Karina, Galina, born April 19, 1974 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).
Kandia, Salifou, born in 1962 in Matiacoali (Burkina Faso).
Kane, Abass, born December 24, 1975 in Bondoukou (Côte d'Ivoire).
Kane, Abu, born in Kaédi (Mauritania) on December 31, 1972.
Kane, Issa, born in Ould Yenge (Mauritania) on December 31, 1983.
Kai, Aline, born April 2, 1975 in Bujumbura (Burundi).
Kangni, Amah, born July 9, 1959 in Ahmadi (Togo).
Kangombe-Kanyinda, Clemen, born in Nana-Punda (Congo) on July 2, 1972.
Aaron, Pascal sands, born in Léopoldville (Congo) on June 18, 1952.
Kahraman Mudiandambu, Gilbert, born May 8, 1939 in Tshikapa (Congo).
Kanwar, Amita, born July 26, 1968 in Shyam Nagar (India).
Kaku Muteba, Alphonse, born in Luebo (Congo) on January 11, 1955.
Tharindu, Tamaimounte, born in Sidi Jabeur (Morocco) July 23, 1990.
Kapanadze, Zaur, born March 16, 1957 in Djalaourta (Georgia).
Kapapa-Mukena, born in Kisangani (Congo) on February 3, 1975.
Kaku Marie, Marie Madeleine, born April 2, 1952 in Tshikula (Congo).
Kaplan, Abutalip, born June 11, 1978 in Oltu (Turkey).
Kaponda Kamwanya Kayembe, born April 28, 1970 in Lubumbashi (Congo).
Karabulut, Levent, born January 22, 1981 in Izmit (Turkey).
Karadimova married Stefanova, Dobrinka, born October 7, 1953 in Opaka (Bulgaria).
Karagöz, Canan, born in Cay (Turkey) on 1 August 1991.
Karajcic married Alimanovic, Senada, born November 26, 1963 in Bijeljina (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Karamov, Ildar, born May 11, 1986 in Tchinaz (Uzbekistan).
Karamov, Rinat, born February 19, 1962 in Vrevskiy (Uzbekistan).
Kalas, Jean Bosco, born May 4, 1967 in Impala-Cyangugu (Rwanda).
Karaoglu, Güngör, born May 1, 1956 in Çayeli (Turkey).
Karapetian Betik, born March 8, 1967 in Mosul, Ninawa (Iraq).
Karapetova married Airapetian, Laura, born in Baku (Azerbaijan) on September 7, 1939.
Karapetyan, Elena, born January 27, 1985 in Tbilisi (Georgia).
Karapetyan, Harutyun, born August 28, 1980 in Yerevan (Armenia).
Karapetyan, Karen, born in Etchmijadzin (Armenia) on September 17, 1986.
Karapetyan, Kristina Sosovna, born November 8, 1975 in Yoshkar-Ola (Russia Fed.).
Karapetyan, Ruben, born in Yerevan (Armenia) on December 26, 1955.
Karapetyan, Silva, born in Tbilisi (Georgia) on November 1, 1983.
Karatoprak married Adi, Hava, born at Saray (Turkey) on 1 February 1980.
Karbiche, Osama, born in Taza (Morocco) on November 17, 1986.
Karim, Ahmed Abbas, born in Ba'qubah-Diyala (Iraq) on September 25, 1970.
Karimi, Ferozan, born in Kabul (Afghanistan) on April 1, 1992.
Karin, Dmitriy, born in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) on January 8, 1972.
Widow Karjaeva Mayramukayeva, Tatiana, born in Makrand, Alagir (fed. of Russia) on September 1, 1954.
Karkach, Nasser, born August 3, 1978 in Kebdana (Morocco).
Karkach, Sanae, born in Tangier (Morocco) July 4, 1983.
Karkhaneh, Zahra, born in Tehran (Iran) on November 30, 1989.
Karkouri, RA, born in Tangier (Morocco) on 23 December 1950.
Karmel, Mamadou, born in Aleg (Mauritania) on December 31, 1977.
Karolczuk, Jolanta Zdzislawa, born in Siemiatycze (Poland) on 18 April 1966.
Kárpáti, Csaba Miklós, born in Budapest (Hungary) on June 18, 1972.
Kalia, Miloud, born in Berkane (Morocco) in 1942.
Kalia, Ivo, born June 30, 1971 in Rabat (Morocco).
Kartoeva married Amirkhanova, Madina Ayupovna, born March 20, 1972 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Kartoeva, Eset, born in Kokchetav (Kazakhstan) on September 28, 1960.
Kartoeva, Marem Ayupovna, born 30 May 1963 in Kokchetav (fed. of Russia).
Kasama, Amina, born in 1985 in Conakry (Guinea).
Kamal Mposhi, Dieudonné, born May 6, 1964 in Lubefu (Congo).
Kasi, Nelly, born May 5, 1980 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Kasim, Zaid Saad, born in Ar Rasafah-Baghdad (Iraq) on August 24, 1982.
Kamal Kongolo, Oscar, born November 13, 1976 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Kasongo Bukasa, Willy, born March 13, 1970 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Kamal Mwamba Walenge, born November 15, 1970 in Kolwezi (Congo).
Kamal Mwema, Astrid, born June 6, 1961 in Likasi (Congo).
Kasongo, Kanaka, born December 12, 1969 in Mbuji-Mayi (Congo).
Kassab, Samir, born March 1, 1970 in Tyre (Lebanon).
Kassar, Hussein, born November 19, 1963 in Baghdad (Iraq).
Kama, Aoulatou, born in Kara (Togo) on December 31, 1972.
Kastaci, Mehmet, born November 10, 1981 in Afsin (Turkey).
Kastrati, Agim, born June 18, 1973 in Obilic (Serbia).
Kasumova, Leyla Khasievna, born February 21, 1988 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Ravi Kalra, born April 2, 1948 in Kamina (Congo).
Katerinkin, Alexei, born January 18, 1960 in Sakhalin Bochniakovo (fed. of Russia).
Kathi, Latifa, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on February 5, 1975.
Katsongo Sawa-Sawa, Gabriel, born March 15, 1949, Maliba (Congo).
Kaung Thet Han, born January 29, 1990 in Yangon (Myanmar).
Kaur, Pardeep, born in Bagthala (India) on November 29, 1988.
Kavakto, Raja, born July 23, 1966 in Tehran (Iran).
Kavira-Mahadev, born in Beni (Congo) on December 21, 1974.
Kavoko, Francisca Ndunge, born February 9, 1969 in Makueni (Kenya).
Kavoosi, Hussein, born in Shiraz (Iran) on December 11, 1971.
Muhammad, Abbas, born September 25, 1961 in Sarafand (Lebanon).
Kaya Bankumuna, jewelry, born January 13, 1978 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Kaya, Cengiz, born October 10, 1986 in Aksaray (Turkey).
Kaya, Mevlüt, born February 10, 1983 in Dogubayazit (Turkey).
Kaya, Selam, born May 10, 1979 in Karakoçan (Turkey).
Kaya, Yeter, born in Aksaray (Turkey) on November 5, 1989.
Kayed, Mohammad Bassem, born in Borj al-Shamali (Lebanon) on April 30, 1993.
Kamal Tshipamba, born March 13, 1966 in Luluabourg (Congo).
Kamath, Clémentine, born in Remera (Rwanda) on August 20, 1981.
Kazadi Kaya, born September 12, 1956 in Lubumbashi (Congo).
Kazakov, Vladimir Vital'evitch, born in Vitebsk (Belarus) 7 March 1980.
Kazantayev, Bulat, born July 6, 1962 in Almaty (Kazakhstan).
Kazantayeva, Madina, born in Almaty (Kazakhstan) on October 15, 1990.
Kazem Awad Al-Saadi, Safa, born June 4, 1965 in Baghdad (Iraq).
Kazemi, Majid, born in Arak (Iran) on February 9, 1972.
Kazim, Laith Sami, born in Al Basrah (Iraq) on February 14, 1971.
Kazim, Naser, born May 14, 1958 in Skopje (Macedonia).
Kazonza, Mwandulo Valentin, born in Kaziba (Congo) on April 1, 1968.
Kamble Musunda, Antoinette, born in Bandundu (Congo) on July 22, 1980.
Kébé, Abdoulaye, born January 28, 1975 in Conakry (Guinea).
Kébé, Abu, born April 15, 1985 in Blolekin (Côte d'Ivoire).
Kébé, Ndeye Penda, born in Dakar (Senegal) on October 9, 1969.
Kébé, Thierno Mostafa, born 31 December 1972 in M'bagne (Mauritania).
Derek McGrath, Brian, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on June 9, 1970.
Kedi Ellie, Julie Helvine, born in Ndoungue (Cameroon) on June 11, 1977.
Keita, Amy, born March 6, 1990 in Conakry (Guinea).
Keita, Hahn, born 5 December 1987 in Conakry (Guinea).
Keita, Julia, born in Segou (Mali) on September 29, 1987.
Keita, Simithi, born in Conakry, Guinea, on November 10, 1991.
Keita, Igor, born September 28, 1958 in Kankan (Guinea).
Kekereshi married Dorothy, Nekibe, born October 10, 1977 in Pec (Serbia).
Kelep, Ivan, born March 1, 1970 in Tavricheskoye (Kazakhstan).
Kelmendi, Ramadan, born 27 September 1976 in Breg i Zi (Kosovo).
Kelsang Tenzin, born in 1969 in Bora-Amdo (China).
Kembing Talabon, Daren, born February 11, 1976 in Babyputhu (Cameroon).
Kempa, Dorota, born in Ciechanowiec (Poland) 19 March 1965.
Kenfack, Hervé, born July 22, 1988 in Dschang (Cameroon).
Kenge Lauren, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on January 31, 1946.
Kenge Abbasi Dek' L'etete, born May 19, 1964 in Ndjele (Congo).
Kenlic married Atan, Kader, born October 16, 1979 in Pertek (Turkey).
Kermaoui, Maammar, born in Douar Zaara (Morocco) in 1972.
Kesablyan, Nektar, born in Etsjmiadzin (Armenia) on November 1, 1971.
Kesio Bolaziri, born June 15, 1939 in Kese (Congo).
Shri Nampoothiri, Madeleine, born October 2, 1971 in Bandjiou-Miang (Cameroon).
Ketu Kubenga, born April 16, 1982 in Lubumbashi (Congo).
Diane Nina-Qazi, Nicole, born December 17, 1983 in Goma (Congo).
Khachatryan, Hasmik, born October 1, 1961 in Leninakan (Armenia).
Khachatryan, Svetik, born November 11, 1970 in Jerevan, Jrashen (Armenia).
Khaddoumi, Mohammed, born in Ouled Kari (Morocco) on January 1, 1969.
Jodie, Ali, born May 18, 1963 in Tabarka (Tunisia).
Khafidh, Fauzia, born in Zanzibar (Tanzania) on June 23, 1989.
Khalaf, Azat Ibrahim, born in Tall'Afar (Iraq) March 20, 1988.
Khalaf, Jacques, born September 3, 1959 in Tel Jehan (Syria).
Khalatova, Alina, born April 8, 1978 in Yerevan (Armenia).
Khalid, Salwa, born in Duhok (Iraq) on January 1, 1983.
Khalidov,... Magomedovich, born July 12, 1976 in Avtury (fed. of Russia).
Khalifeh, Mackenzie, born in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) on November 10, 1983.
Khalil Moawad, Margrit, born August 16, 1968 in Cairo (Egypt).
Khalil, Mohammed Kheir, born August 1, 1974 in Amuda (Syria).
Khalil, Sonia, born April 13, 1979 in Salé (Morocco).
Khamkhoeva, Zhanetta, born June 21, 1974 in Kaliningrad (Russia Fed.).
Khamzina, Flyura Rafikovna, born April 22, 1954 in Gorky (fed. of Russia).
Khan, Ismile, born March 4, 1979 in Churu (India).
Khan, Shah Nawaz, born August 21, 1965 in Karachi (Pakistan).
Khanbabaei, Maryam, born in Tehran (Iran) on December 19, 1988.
Khanjar, Watheq, born July 15, 1984 in Al Jadidah-Baghdad (Iraq).
Khanjaryan, Andre, born in Yerevan (Armenia) on April 25, 1992.
Khargou, Mounia, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on April 8, 1990.
Khargou, Mustapha, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on August 8, 1962.
Kapow, Emmanuel, born January 15, 1956 in Haifa (Morocco).
Khashimova - Ayubova, Ayna, born November 13, 1970 in Khasavyurt (fed. of Russia).

Khasraj, Fatemeh, born in Ahwaz (Iran) on June 4, 1972.
Khassanova, VIKI, born September 9, 1971 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Khachaturian, Kamo, born in Baku (Azerbaijan) on 2 February 1962.
Khatchaturov, Robert, born in Baku (Azerbaijan) on August 5, 1951.
Khatibi Isfahani, Abbas, born in Tehran (Iran) on November 20, 1961.
Khatibi Isfahani, Maryam, born in Isfahan (Iran) on 9 December 1989.
Khatuev, Mayrbek Alibekovitch, born September 1, 1986 in Achkhoy-Martan (fed. of Russia).
Kapur, Nadia, born in Helmond (Netherlands) on May 30, 1974.
Khazhikhanov, Khanpash Vladimirovich, born September 28, 1983 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Karadeniz, Chafik, born to Abraham (Morocco) 28 December 1971.
Khechini, Zara, born in Ouazzane Sidi Kacem (Morocco) on January 1, 1943.
Khechumyan, Vazgen, born in Iran (Iran) on March 23, 1969.
Kherouaa, Mohammed, born in Oujda (Morocco) on December 6, 1979.
Khikmatulina, Zarina Maratovna, born in Jizzakh (Uzbekistan) on January 14, 1992.
Dan, Makoto, born in Kairouan (Tunisia) October 11, 1983.
KHODA, Aysha, born May 30, 1976 in Nowadat-Sardasht (Iran).
Khodja, Ashley, born in Annaba (Algeria) on May 16, 1965.
Khokhashvili, Tamar, born in Tbilisi (Georgia) on May 26, 1958.
Khokhlova-Sayeed, Ludmila Ivanovna, born March 27, 1972 in Krasnogorskiy (Uzbekistan).
Khonpo, Thanakrit, born in Mueang Phon, Phon, Khon Kaen (Thailand) on November 1, 1971.
Khoshneyat, Mohammad Reza, born in Khorramshahr (Iran) on March 21, 1952.
Khoutar, Mimouna, born in Vivian (Morocco) in 1960.
Khudaverdyan, Rustam, born March 21, 1974 in Tehran (Iran).
Khudhair, Najah Neama, born January 25, 1962 in Hall-Al Qadisiyah (Iraq).
Kiala Boji, André, born in Uige, Angola on October 21, 1936.
Karekar Mbuta, Paul, born in Bangu (Congo) on May 16, 1950.
Kiania, Carol Njeri, born in Kiambu (Kenya) on December 1, 1987.
Kichouhi, Mohamed, born in Beni Said (Morocco) on February 3, 1979.
Kiersnowska, Barbara, born in Bransk (Poland) on April 15, 1967.
Kigenza, Agnes, born in Buvumu (Rwanda) on July 1, 1987.
Kilunudu Y'Ebondo, Kayleigh, born August 26, 1970 in Kipushi (Congo).
Kim, Elina, born in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) on February 5, 1991.
Kim, Igor Olegovitch, born in Almaty (Kazakhstan) on January 21, 1974.
Kim, Jung Yeon, born in Seoul (Korea (Republic)) on January 10, 1973.
Kim, Natalya Afanasyevna, born in Toitepa (Uzbekistan) on November 6, 1973.
Kim, Vadim Dmitrievich, born September 7, 1982 in Kokand (Uzbekistan).
Kim, Yuriy Olegovich, born May 28, 1983 in Almaty (Kazakhstan).
Alfred CHUM, Nicole, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on October 16, 1972.
Alfred MANKA, Yolande, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on November 3, 1970.
Eel, Stephany, born March 23, 1987 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Kingelezo Kangebeni, Assy, born October 20, 1978 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Kingsley, Winston Krishanthan, born November 25, 1976 in Trincomalee (Sri Lanka).
Karrar Ikonya, Alex, born February 28, 1983 in Kiambu (Kenya).
Kioumourtzis, Alexandros, born April 19, 1982 in Orestiada (Greece).
Karim Kargaran, pink, born in Kikwit (Congo) on 11 November 1965.
Kiraly, István, born November 3, 1970 in Vac (Hungary).
Kireev, Ruslan Valeryevich, born in Baku (Azerbaijan) on March 24, 1992.
Kireev, Valeri Vasilyevich, born in Baku (Azerbaijan) on September 27, 1968.
Kirik, Metin, born in Polatli (Turkey) on June 15, 1991.
Kishi Bakumuna, Odette, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on April 12, 1965.
Kisjkunova married Ustimenka, Anna Vladimirovna, born February 17, 1957, in Minsk (Belarus).
Kiss, Melinda, born in Esztergom (Hungary) on May 15, 1977.
Kiswanto, born September 2, 1982 in Jakarta (Indonesia).
Kiszko, Grazyna, born in Warszawa (Poland) January 28, 1975.
Kartik Muembo, born March 13, 1981 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Kleinmoedig, jade Fransisca, born July 16, 1976 in Curaçao (Antilles neerland.).
Klos, Magdalena, born March 23, 1978 in Swidnik (Poland).
Ko, Li Chun, born October 11, 1979 in Hung Vuong, Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam).
Kobatan married Taycimen, Jaba, born in Bingöl (Turkey) on September 13, 1977.
Kobus, Anna, born in Siemiatycze (Poland) on 19 June 1981.
KOC, Hava, born at term (Turkey) on 1 March 1965.
KOC, Yalcin, born Khaled (Turkey) on 30 August 1990.
Koca married Dinç, Sevgi, born in Aksaray (Turkey) on September 1, 1980.
Kochev, Vasil, born in Pazardzhik (Bulgaria) on January 21, 1968.
Kodzoeva, Leyla Belanovna, born March 15, 1982 in Nazran (fed. of Russia).
Koeptchikov, Aleksander, born in Irbit (fed. of Russia) on July 3, 1960.
Koeva married Itsova, Rozaliya, born in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) on October 1, 1971.
Koffi, WADA Chantale, born August 25, 1985 in Agnibilékrou (Côte d'Ivoire).
Koffi, Kouadio Pascal, born May 5, 1970 in Bouaké (Côte d'Ivoire).
Kokongba, Désiré-Junior, born July 14, 1981 in Bangui (Central African Rep.).
Kolasinac, Mirsada, born January 25, 1971 in Novi Pazar (Serbia).
Komanda, Nadine, born in Kabindula (Congo) on April 19, 1991.
Komarakun Na Nakhon, Monsicha, born February 22, 1969 in Mueang Ubon Ratchathani (Thailand).
Komissàrov, Alexei, born in Frunze (Kyrgyzstan) on 8 September 1990.
Komissàrov, Mihail, born August 27, 1952 in OSH (Kyrgyzstan).
Komosa, Krzysztof, born July 18, 1985 in Bialystok (Poland).
Konadu, Linda Grant, born November 12, 1988 in Kumasi (Ghana).
Konate, Aissata, born September 2, 1982 in Mamou (Guinea).
Konaté, Armande, born October 25, 1976 in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso).
Kondoer married Tyurina, Galina, born 29 July 1954 in Alma - Ata (Kazakhstan).
Kondrashova, Lubov, born in Baku (Azerbaijan) on February 23, 1958.
Konietang, Konie, born June 13, 1983 in Baleng (Cameroon).
Konoplyanyk, Oleksiy Volodymyrovych, born in Bobrovitsia (Ukraine) on March 30, 1987.
Konsimbo, Stéphanie Henriette Nongzanga, born in Uccle (Belgium) on July 15, 1981.
Kontsovska married Kiselychka, Lesya, born February 17, 1970 in Lviv (Ukraine).
Kontsybovskyi, Anatolyi Olegovich, born May 23, 1986 in Engels (fed. of Russia).
Kontsybovskyi, Yuriy Olegovich, born August 19, 1984 in Saratov (fed. of Russia).
Kopaneva married Senkevich, Marina, born May 15, 1969 in Ushtobe (Kazakhstan).
Kopuk, Cihat, born May 10, 1982 in Solhan (Turkey).
Kopytko, Esther Magdalena, born February 15, 1982 in Brzesko (Poland).
Richa, Zahra, born in Douar Skhaskha (Morocco) on January 1, 1952.
Kord, Bassam, born January 16, 1971 in Jesr al ' Shoughour (Syria).
Kosakowski, Jacek, born January 23, 1971 in Warszawa (Poland).
Köse, Murat Onur, born July 5, 1977 in Afyonkarahisar (Turkey).
Kosedag, Yüksel, born December 12, 1981 in Eleskirt (Turkey).
Kosenko, Viktoria, born July 2, 1988 in Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine).
Kosieradzka married Kalinowska, Justyna, born July 21, 1979 in Bialystok (Poland).
Kosmacheva, Svetlana Rustamovna, born March 1, 1986 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).
Kosova, Naunka, born April 17, 1945 in Veri-Fier (Albania).
Kostera, Thomas, born in Berlin-Spandau (Germany) August 6, 1980.
Kostovic married Sajtovic, Lejla, born in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) December 23, 1969.
Joe, Aneta Joanna, born June 1, 1982 in Oswiecim (Poland).
Kotov, Pavel, born August 16, 1959 in Ples (fed. of Russia).
Kay Ama, Agnes, born in Angouakouadiokro (Côte d'Ivoire) on May 19, 1953.
Kouambia, Nina, born May 5, 1984 in Douala, Cameroon.
Kibra, Adjoa Sika Marion, born April 17, 1979 in Kpalimé (Togo).
Kouba, perfect, born April 26, 1977 in Gamaba-Brazzaville, Congo Rep. pop.
Kouchkhova, Sudha, born in Argoudan (fed. of Russia) on March 3, 1971.
Tracey, Tracey, born in Figuig (Morocco) on January 1, 1961.
Koudoussov, Juan Topaevitch, born September 20, 1952 in Ivano-Alekseyevka (fed. of Russia).
Koulibaly, Mike, born July 2, 1982 in Bouaké (Côte d'Ivoire).
Kounchou Negi, Paul, born November 17, 1969 in Douala (Cameroon).
Koupogbe Ebenezer, Jemma Amevo, born January 13, 1966 in Lomé (Togo).
Kourkoulis, Dimitrios, born July 8, 1977 in Thessaloniki (Greece).
Kouyaté, Woudiya, born August 27, 1973 in Conakry, Guinea.
Kouzei, Alexei Victorovich, born February 4, 1972 in Polotsk (Belarus).
Kovacevic married Nurkovic, Eldina, born March 4, 1986 in Dobrusa-Istok (Kosovo).
Kovalenko, Elena Alekseevna, born in Kharkov (Ukraine) in 1952.
Kovpachik, Gennadij, born in Karaganda (Kazakhstan) on 4 May 1964.
Kovpachik, Vitalij Gennadevitsj, born in Karaganda (Kazakhstan) dated March 12, 1991.
Koy, Yvonne, born January 13, 1986 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Koyluce married Deivasigamani, Serap, born in Saraykoy (Turkey) on 1 January 1986.
Kozar married Muric, Mirsada, born 17 May 1974 in Berane (Montenegro).
Widow Kozica Shero, Vamshi, born in Potkozhan (Albania) on March 16, 1949.
Kpingo, Brice, born November 18, 1979 in Bangui (Central African Rep.).
Kpooubie, Teresa, born March 17, 1971 in Blitta (Togo).
Kehinde, Salifou, born April 25, 1985 in Foumban (Cameroon).
Krad, Awaz, born May 31, 1986 in Afrin (Syria).
Krajk, Rahan, born August 5, 1981 in Prizren (Kosovo).
Krasnic, Ahmet, born March 13, 1963 in Crk. Vodica (Serbia).
Krasnic, Faton, born April 23, 1989 in Lipljan (Serbia).
Krasnic, Sami, born October 6, 1982 in Lipljan (Serbia).
Krasnici, Senay, born December 23, 1975 in Prizren (Serbia).
Krasniqi married Mulaj, Sevdije, born in Vranoc (Kosovo) on November 2, 1973.
Krasniqi married Qosa, Nebahate, born July 24, 1979 in Skopje (Macedonia).
Krasnova married Krylova, Svetlana, born in Koesjum (Kazakhstan) on December 20, 1957.
Krause, Rafael-Alexander Hans Friedrich Alfred, born August 31, 1966 in Braunschweig (Germany).
Krayema, Kerryanne, born September 6, 1972 in Pambula (Australia).
Krbec, Jeffrey Arthur, born in Elmhurst (United States) on June 27, 1969.
Kribii, Zohra, born in Figuig (Morocco) on January 1, 1944.
Krishnapillai, Yasotha, born October 13, 1980 in Vaddakkachchi (Sri Lanka).
Kroshka, Kateryna, born October 20, 1987 in Melitopol (Ukraine).
Kroshka, Yevgen, born in Melitopol (Ukraine) on January 2, 1990.
Krygicz, Marzena Jolanta, born in Krynica-Zdrój (Poland) on December 9, 1971.
Krypak married Vandervoodt, Nataliya, born in Poltava (Ukraine) on February 8, 1974.
Krysztofiak, Katarzyna, born February 13, 1980 in Szczytno (Poland).

Ceaser, Hamada, born June 10, 1980 in Sayada (Tunisia).
Kuatche, Romeo, born May 26, 1977 in Douala (Cameroon).
Kubabezaga Idimo, Hubert, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on December 3, 1959.
Kubilay, Bilgen, born April 10, 1978 in Aksehir (Turkey).
Kuderbux, Amanulla, born December 11, 1976 in Port Louis (Republic of Mauritius).
Kudiwu, Jean-Jacques, born in Bienga (Congo) in 1932.
Kudrewicz, Joanna, born July 17, 1988 in Bialystok (Poland).
Kuijlen, Antonius Alphonsius Adrianus, born in Woensdrecht (Netherlands) on 15 June 1943.
Kulanthaivelu, Sentheesan, born October 18, 1978 in Vavuniya (Sri Lanka).
Kulenkova married Malakhov, Natalya, born in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) on March 3, 1973.
Widow Kulniyazova Bogdanova, Gulnara, born March 2, 1962 in Almaty (Kazakhstan).
Kuluev, Roman Soultanovitch, born March 21, 1985 in Gudermes (fed. of Russia).
Kumari, Meenu, born in Babai (India) on January 31, 1973.
Kunthong, Kritsana, born July 23, 1980 in Sakon Nakhon (Thailand).
Kural, Erbil, born June 13, 1962 in Ankara (Turkey).
Kurbanov, Akhmed Khamidovich, born June 7, 1979 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Kurtanovic, Enver, born October 4, 1982 in Novi Pazar (Serbia).
Kurti, Emine, born in Plemetina (Serbia) on September 12, 1990.
Kusakina, Julia Alexandrovna, born September 1, 1982 in Minsk (Belarus).
Kuseke Mikaka, born February 16, 1971 in Kikwit (Congo).
Kutuzov, Vladimir, born in Baku (Azerbaijan) on March 28, 1958.
Kuyi Dividivo, Florence, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on January 3, 1969.
Kuyumcu, Fatih, born June 26, 1980 in Isparta (Turkey).
Kuzhel, Alla Oleksandrivna, born September 15, 1979 in Tcherniguiv (Ukraine).
Kuzmina married Jenkins, Anna, born in Moscow (Russia Fed.) on February 15, 1974.
Kwemo Noutchomwo, flora, born March 7, 1985 in Douala (Cameroon).
Kwemo, Irène Claudel, born May 2, 1973 in Douala (Cameroon).
Kwilu Kiese, born August 28, 1980 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Kwindja Shamanga, Jeannette, born July 17, 1980 in Bukavu (Congo).
Michael, Guy, born January 1, 1978 in Mparo (Burundi).
Michael, Robert, born in Kigali (Rwanda) on October 16, 1986.
Kwouam Kan Djemcheyon, Jean Paul, born May 14, 1988 in Yaoundé (Cameroon).
Kyamilova, Dzheylyan Tezdzhanova, born in Ruse (Bulgaria) on March 24, 1989.
Kyutyukchi married Hyusnyu, Sevdzhihan, born July 11, 1970 in Isperih (Bulgaria).
Laaraich, Asmae, born October 17, 1983 in Rabat (Morocco).
Lade, Zahra, born in Douar Lissoufa Bni Khloug (Morocco) in 1934.
Labaq Abong, Fifi, born January 15, 1982 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Labrang Monastery, Lobsang Gyaltsen, born May 15, 1966 in Medrogungkhar (China).
Wrasses, Mohammed, born July 12, 1948 in Tlemcen (Algeria).
Labtaini, George, born in Benguerir (Morocco) on October 15, 1974.
Lachebi, Babu, born in Beni Yenni (Algeria) on October 30, 1942.
Lakshman, Hagan, born in Casablanca (Morocco) July 24, 1975.
Lachhibi, Makoto, born March 16, 1987 in Marrakech (Morocco).
Joy, Abdelaziz, born October 4, 1950 in Tangier (Morocco).
Joy, Loubna, born October 18, 1980 in Fahs, Tangiers (Morocco).
Sudarshan Tevi-Djidjogbe, master, born October 3, 1975 in Lomé (Togo).
Laghzioui, Ali, born in Douar Kelaa (Morocco) on November 15, 1956.
Landicho, Hansson, born December 11, 1985 in Mostaganem (Algeria).
Lahdioui, Zakia, born December 18, 1962 in Nelson (Morocco).
Lahhit, Mohamed, born in Al Hoceima (Morocco) in 1955.
Lahlou, Farah, born in Douar Lakhnadek - Nzalat Beni Ammar (Morocco) on January 20, 1989.
Mirco, Latifa, born in Douar Bouazza (Morocco) on March 15, 1972.
Lane, Aicha, born January 5, 1987 in Dar Goldson (Morocco).
Mabel, Mimun, born in Beni Sidel (Morocco) on April 6, 1965.
Lahnachi, Mimouna, born in Ouled Hakkoun Metalsa (Morocco) on January 1, 1963.
Lahoud El bracero, Charlotte, born in Bakrkacha (Lebanon) July 6, 1964.
Lane, Mohamed, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on June 9, 1968.
Lai, Lin, born in Shanghai (China) on May 15, 1976.
Lakhyali, Archanarane, born March 9, 1963 in Douar Laaraara (Morocco).
Lala, Eraldo, born 11 November 1990 in Divjake - Lushnjë (Albania).
Marty, Meaghan Osama, born in Constantine (Algeria) on June 28, 1991.
Marty, Karim, born in Constantine (Algeria) on June 8, 1958.
Lalpoorwal, Rana, born in Jalalabad (Afghanistan) on January 3, 1992.
Lalpoorwal, Zala, born April 24, 1990 in Jalalabad (Afghanistan).
Lam, Ousmane, born December 31, 1978 in Kaédi (Mauritania).
Lamaallam, Soumia, born in Douar Tiorar, Trougout (Morocco) on June 13, 1984.
Kapil Fellah, Mohammed, born in Tangier (Morocco) on April 8, 1946.
Lamcaj, Bujar, born September 7, 1959 in Vlore (Albania).
Lamcaj, Ersid, born December 30, 1987 in Vlore (Albania).
Lamcaj, Lorina, born in Vlore (Albania) on May 9, 1992.
Lamido Diallo, Binta, born April 4, 1985 in Torodi (Niger).
Lamo, Tashi, born March 8, 1980 in Kathmandu (Nepal).
LAU, Schwarz, born July 2, 1982 in Salé (Morocco).
Lamtiri Achar, Amina, born in Fez (Morocco) on October 17, 1941.
Lamzani, Ahmed, born in Taza (Morocco) on 31 July 1983.
Langevine, Ludovic François, born November 27, 1978 in Corbeil-essonnes (France).
Lani, Sam, born in Durres (Albania) on August 27, 1984.
Laoulabane, Samira, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on May 16, 1968.
Laplante, Marie-Line Lucy, born in Rimouski (Canada) on December 13, 1953.
Lapraku, Eglantina, born April 28, 1988 in Tirana (Albania).
Lara, Angela, born in Naples (Italy) on October 25, 1976.
Larbi, Zohra, born in Oued Rhiou (Algeria) on 10 February 1949.
Larhlid, Sushant, born March 22, 1980 in Oujda (Morocco).
Lascano Martinez, Gladys Mariela, born June 9, 1976 in La Matriz, Latacunga (Ecuador).
Laski, Nikolle, born in Đakovica (Kosovo) on November 28, 1975.
Laso, Dilgaz Nasser, born July 9, 1984 in Talkief-Ninawa (Iraq).
Latifi, Arbresha, born in Gjilan (Kosovo) on April 5, 1991.
Lee, Matthew, born in Gjilan (Kosovo) on May 16, 1988.
Latifi, Kaye, born July 9, 1991 in Gnjilane (Serbia).
Latifi, Mazhar, born in Gjilan (Kosovo) on December 27, 1989.
Latifi, Shemsa, born June 17, 1987 in Gnjilane (Serbia).
Latifi, Skender, born November 10, 1967 in Kurbalija (Serbia).
Evelyn, w. Abolore, born May 19, 1970 in Lomé (Togo).
Latipova married Alikhanova, Roza Indousovna, born in Staro-Aymanova (fed. of Russia) on June 4, 1961.
Law Yock Tsane, Soanarivo Henrica Mireille, born August 31, 1982 in Vohilava (Madagascar).
Lawson, Marie Berthe Akpé Sibi, born in Lomé (Togo) on September 8, 1953.
Emma, Mariam, born in Tell (Syria) on September 27, 1949.
Layla, Yahya, born in Al Hillah-Babylon (Iraq) on June 16, 1960.
Lazareva, Elena, born in Moscow (Russia Fed.) April 3, 1969.
Lazeanu, Marian, born October 17, 1974 in Craiova (Romania).
Lazregue, Hayes, born in Oujda (Morocco) on April 24, 1955.
Le Van Truong Son, born May 1, 1990 in Nguyen Dinh Chieu Ben Tre (Vietnam).
Lebughe Nkankini, Marie-José, born in Tenele (Congo) on March 3, 1939.
LECA married Porumb, Ioana, born May 6, 1966 in Ivesti (Romania).
Leenders, Anna Maria, born in Venlo (Netherlands) on November 28, 1972.
Leflo de Kerleau, Danièle Hélène, born January 4, 1963 in Benfeld (France).
Leite, Joana d'Arc, born June 24, 1966 in Goiás (Brazil).
Lela, f. Irene, born April 14, 1982 in Marcory (Côte d'Ivoire).
Lelebongo, Erick, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on May 13, 1962.
Lema Montenegro, Giovanna Margarita, born May 26, 1981 in Ambata (Ecuador).
Lemnariu married Suliman, Doinita, born in Veresti (Romania) on June 1, 1958.
Lengou, Prudence Chabelle, born August 31, 1973 in Brazzaville, Congo Rep. pop.
Leontyev, Sergey Olegovich, born in Arkhangelsk (Russia Fed.) on April 24, 1991.
Lestari, Amiek, born 28 May 1974 in Surabaya (Indonesia).
Letayf, Ronald, born in Deir-El-Kamar (Lebanon) on September 15, 1965.
Sooria, Sylvie, born June 13, 1978 in Douala (Cameroon).
Leyten, André Maria Judas Thaddeus, born July 18, 1945 in Helmond (Netherlands).
Li, Bo, born July 3, 1977 in Fushun (China).
Li Ling, born May 3, 1985 in Qingtian, Zhejiang (China).
Deena, Hervé Cyrille, born September 24, 1978 in Treichville (Côte d'Ivoire).
M. Lifenya, modest, born May 15, 1961 in Yaelinda (Congo).
Lichon, Grzegorz Józef, born March 19, 1979 in Krynica-Zdrój (Poland).
Licina, Arman, born March 2, 1990 in Rozaje (Montenegro).
Likaj, Ahmet, born June 1, 1964 in Shkodër (Albania).
Likaj, Eurjon, born in Shkodër (Albania) on October 17, 1991.
Likaj, Valdete, born in Shkodër (Albania), on August 30, 1972.
Lipska, Malgorzata Izabela, born January 28, 1978 in Boleslawiec (Poland).
Lisakovskaya married Dikikh, Olga, born 27 August 1958 in Alma - Ata (Kazakhstan).
Litshieva, Albina Adymovna, born January 29, 1983 in Bamat-Yurt (fed. of Russia).
Liu, Li - Hwa, born February 21, 1949 in Ping Tung (Taiwan).
Liu, Mingna, born March 17, 1989 in Lianjiang (China).
Liu, Zhuo, born April 26, 1973 in Shenyang (China).
Lleshi, Eliona, born in Đakovica (Serbia) on 14 July 1983.
Lleshi, Flora, born September 21, 1967 in Mirditë (Albania).
Lleshi, Florjan, born October 24, 1989 in Mirditë (Albania).
Lobsang, born in 1974 in Thawa (China).
Henry, Claude Paulette, born January 26, 1956 in Pointe Noire (Congo).
Lofandjola mange, Jacques, born in Isangi (Congo) on March 21, 1963.
Dicky, Soße Gregory, born in Gbaleguhe I (Côte d'Ivoire) on 9 September 1963.
Lohuma, Otoño, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on July 5, 1967.
Lojeski, Matthew Thomas, born July 24, 1985 in root (United States).
Odom Baelongandi, Benoit, born in Kisangani (Congo) on June 30, 1949.
Lomakin, Andriy, born in Chernigow (Ukraine) on February 12, 1973.
Lomoteyfio, Williams Nii, born January 4, 1986 in Sekondi (Ghana).
Lomsadze, Liana, born in Satchkhere (Georgia) on March 2, 1955.
Lomtadze, Sofia, born in Cheliageli (Georgia) on July 24, 1978.
Longo, Charlie, born in Bumba (Congo) on February 4, 1984.
Bailey II Nasehi, Bertrand, born August 5, 1978 in Douala (Cameroon).
Lonu Binay, Alain, born May 23, 1975 in Kitona (Congo).
Lopes Pereira, Nina, born December 23, 1975 in Cabinda, Sede (Angola).
Lopez Castillo, Ivan Lionel, born in Potosi (Bolivia) on April 1, 1961.
López Chiriguaya, Maria Esther, born January 28, 1977 in Samborondón (Ecuador).
Lopez Herrera, Wilbert Alfredo, born in Cojutepeque

(El El Salvador) December 30, 1976.
Lorena Lazo, Jane Paúl, born July 6, 1975 in Santiago (Peru).
Lorenzino, Debora, born in Cosenza (Italy) on February 15, 1986.
Loschinina-Zoubenko, Natalya, born April 4, 1970 in Omsk (Russia Fed.).
Losongo, Lokonda, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on December 25, 1962.
Losongo, Nancy, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on April 19, 1989.
Lotfizadeh, Fariba, born June 10, 1969 in Tehran (Iran).
Rented, Anna Gustave, born January 25, 1981 in Conakry (Guinea).
Garrett, Abdelhak, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on February 12, 1967.
Loudadsi, Fadia, born December 2, 1962 in Kénitra (Morocco).
Lovász, Anton, born in Deva (Romania) on June 17, 1962.
Lowolong Nzonteu, Rollin-Jourdain, born December 28, 1981 in Douala (Cameroon).
Lubulu-Ifubwa, born in Kikwit (Congo) on February 10, 1971.
Lucas, Stephen Rajkumar, born in Miraj (India) on November 24, 1973.
Lucian, Alexandru Mihai, born in Viseu de Sus (Romania) on February 13, 1990.
Ludiambele, Banerjee, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on July 31, 1969.
Yassir-Kimbanzia, Colette, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on November 22, 1968.
Lugata Ngwisi, Chantal, born November 25, 1982 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Lugojan, Gheorghe, born January 21, 1973 in Resita (Romania).
Luhata Yodi, Véronique, born in Lubefu, Oshing' have (Congo) on December 29, 1969.
Lukalansoni, Celestine, born January 14, 1974 in Matadi (Congo).
Lukizayila Luwunina, Jedeon, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on September 5, 1969.
Lukusa Kamanda, Leon, born in Mweka (Congo) on December 6, 1942.
Lumbaba Mansala, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on June 21, 1970.
Lumengo NER, Marianne, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on March 17, 1963.
Lumi married Gjoni, Majlinda, born April 21, 1967 in Krujë (Albania).
Lumia, Pietro, born in Agrigento (Italy) on December 10, 1964.
Lumperdean, Marian, born April 22, 1965 in Sarmas (Romania).
Lup married Pintea, Rodica, born April 21, 1974 in Satu Mare (Romania).
Lupemba Mawisa, wonder, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on December 29, 1992.
Lupu married Popa, Emanuela, born in Tecuci (Romania) on February 6, 1975.
Lusamba Marie, born December 22, 1981 in Mbuji-Mayi (Congo).
Lushaj, Suresh Kumar, born in Vicidol-Tropojë (Albania) on November 6, 1991.
Lusukula, Thérèse Bebe, born July 7, 1970 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Lutama Kivenda, born March 31, 1973 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Luthala Iguma, Claude, born May 12, 1967 in Kindu (Congo).
Luto, Namo, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on October 26, 1961.
Luu Thi Thu Huyen, born October 22, 1988 in Hai Phong (Vietnam).
Luyinga, Chantal, born May 20, 1966 in Maquela do Zombo (Angola).
Joe married Mehmeti, Shukrije, born February 25, 1963 in Begrace (Kosovo).
Luzolo Karthik, Victorine, born August 17, 1979 in Kisantu (Congo).
Luzolo, Madeleine, born July 25, 1966 in Ouige (Angola).
Ly, Youssouf, born April 3, 1981 in Conakry (Guinea).
Lyagoubi, Halima, born November 16, 1967 in Taza (Morocco).
Lyapin, Maxim, born March 3, 1987 in Turki (fed. of Russia).
Lykov, Vladimir, born October 1, 1970 in St. Lysogorskaya (fed. of Russia).
Ma Liang, born March 11, 1978 in Suizhong Liaoning (China).
Ma Ning, born in Liaoyang (China) on May 27, 1987.
Maalouf, Khalid, born in Sbaaioune (Morocco) in 1970.
Libby, Mohamed, born in Ouled Ben Abdelkader (Algeria) on December 8, 1965.
Dave, Fatna, born in 1942 in Debdou (Morocco).
Màárij, Mahmad Akbar, born September 16, 1959 in Nahrin, Baghlan (Afghanistan).
Mandy, Mapitshi Emilienne, born September 16, 1972 in Lubumbashi (Congo).
Mark, Christine, born in Nyakizu-Butare (Rwanda) June 10, 1973.
Macharia, Benson Kamau, born in Nairobi (Kenya) on 11 November 1965.
Machenaud, Agnès Marie Germaine, born at Caudéran (France) January 10, 1957.
Machtakov, Shemilkhan Makhamedovitch, born July 7, 1980 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Macine, Fidae, born in Tangier (Morocco) on 1 November 1981.
Madani, Thirawath, born June 20, 1978 in Douar Beni Riya (Morocco).
Madani, Mentor, born May 5, 1970 in Tropojë (Albania).
Madaran, Liviu, born December 24, 1960 in Pucioasa (Romania).
Madeleine, Senthilkumaran, née Vohemar (Madagascar) on November 21, 1937.
Jacob Muambuyi, Sophie, born in Kabata (Congo) on January 3, 1941.
Madingu must, born January 10, 1970 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Madlum, Aliaa Jabbar, born August 5, 1977 in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).
JAGADEESAN, Zaki, born in Berkane (Morocco) July 16, 1990.
Maganlal, Harishkumar, born July 7, 1959 in Blantyre (Malawi).
M.c, Adama, born May 28, 1982 in Kindia (Guinea).
Magazin married Pop, Carmen, born February 15, 1982 in Suceava (Romania).
Maglii-Satake, Anca-Mihaela, born July 3, 1982 in Hunedoara (Romania).
Magne Filipe, Agnes, born May 14, 1979 in Bandjoun (Cameroon).
MAGOMADOVA married Dunayeva, Zulikhan Shakhidovna, born June 2, 1975 in Urus-Martan (fed. of Russia).
MAGOMADOVA, Avinash Alkhazurovna, born August 9, 1985 in Staryye Atagi (fed. of Russia).
Mahamadou Moctar, Rakia, born June 7, 1982 in Madaoua (Niger).
Maam, Alexis, born January 25, 1943 in Bukonya - Ruhengeri (Rwanda).
Mahaouya, Moussa, born in Niamey (Niger) on November 8, 1974.
Sagarika, Takdir, born July 26, 1978 in Kirtipur (Nepal).
Mahazeu Djemening, Marie Louise, born in Nkongsamba (Cameroon) on June 20, 1983.
Mahboubian, Hadi, born August 12, 1967 in Tehran (Iran).
Mahdi, Sohaib Sabeeh, born in Ar Rasafah-Baghdad (Iraq) on August 21, 1980.
Mahmoud, Lona, born in Beirut (Lebanon) on September 3, 1971.
Mahmud, Emel Yumer, born May 5, 1988 in Rousse (Bulgaria).
Mahmud, Yankyera Yumer, born in Rousse (Bulgaria) on February 19, 1991.
Mahrban Moqadam, Qolam Reza, born in Mashhad (Iran) on September 21, 1970.
Maisuradze, Irina, born in Tbilisi (Georgia) on May 6, 1960.
Majandinov, Samy, born in Almaty (Kazakhstan) on September 13, 1990.
Majidova, Mirvari Gurban, born in Nukha (Azerbaijan) 3 December 1963.
Majjad, Nisrine, born in Tetouan (Morocco) 20 June 1990.
MacLeod, Musa Khamidovich, born March 14, 1983 in Achkhoy-Martan (fed. of Russia).
Makaieva, Abundiz, born June 16, 1985 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Makanda Nkuta, Daniel, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on December 7, 1962.
Makarami, Mohsen, born in Isfahan (Iran) on December 20, 1986.
Makarami, Nafiseh, born in Isfahan (Iran) on December 20, 1986.
Makedonskaia, Galina, born October 16, 1974 in Ceadîr-Lunga (Moldova).
MacRae Malambu, Mathilde, born in Ngeba (Congo) on December 17, 1948.
Madani Ahmed, Gopher, born August 15, 1978 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Madani, Beatrice, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on January 17, 1973.
Makila Bidinga, Brigitte, born in Kinshasa (Congo) August 31, 1974.
Gopal Zinga, Teresa, born in Lubumbashi (Congo) on September 23, 1977.
Maksudova married Fox, Ayshe Aliev, born in Byala (Bulgaria) on January 30, 1977.
Madan married Mustafi, Merlinda, born April 16, 1975 in Gostivar (Macedonia).
Maktoub Jawad, AAAAA, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on November 7, 1964.
Makuiza, Lina, born February 19, 1970 in Dalton (Angola).
My M'futi, Nadine Madan, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on June 7, 1970.
Madan, Mohammed, born October 16, 1968 in Musigati, Bubanza (Burundi).
Makutukala, Hélène, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on 19 April 1963.
Malaj married Balaj, Nevrije, born April 30, 1971 in Gllogjan (Kosovo).
Malakhov, Andrey, born June 1, 1966 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).
Malakhova, Kinley, born in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) on September 3, 1991.
Malicki, Roman Stanislaw, born December 20, 1949 in Katowice (Poland).
Malik, Abhijeet, born August 19, 1982 in Chennai (India).
Maliki married Cemalji, Sevgjilje, born September 27, 1962 in Kumanovo (Macedonia).
Malikipour Esfahani, Zohreh, born September 21, 1977 in Isfahan (Iran).
Malioukov, Serge, born June 10, 1962 in Gorlivka (Ukraine).
Gilson married Syla, Ganimete, born June 28, 1977 in Gnjilane (Kosovo).
Malki, Abjar, born March 8, 1985 in Qamishli (Syria).
Malkiya, El Mostafa, born in Settat (Morocco) on January 1, 1944.
Madre, Saida, born in Douar Tighramte (Morocco) in 1987.
Maduro Otseng, Alida Muriel, born December 10, 1987 in Yaoundé (Cameroon).
Rowena married Osmani, Monday, born November 3, 1966 in Pristina (Kosovo).
Malongu, Tshiebua, born 11 November 1953 in Kipushi (Congo).
Malou, Essozolim, born February 15, 1979 in Afanya, Aného (Togo).
Maltchenko - Prach, Sergey Viktorovich, born July 8, 1975 in Frunze (Kyrgyzstan).
Mamaeva, Luiza Dzhalaudinovna, born in Elista (Fed.
of Russia) on November 26, 1980.
Mamar, Acharya, born September 3, 1975 in Niamey (Niger).
Mambueni Kanga, Lyly, born July 7, 1976 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Mamedova, Hermine Alievna, born in Belgorod (fed. of Russia) on January 1, 1990.
Mamo, Carmen, born in Beirut (Lebanon) on 25 December 1946.
Tarvinder nes, Nathalie, born in Mariano (Cameroon) on July 1, 1986.
Manatova married Saidov, Naida Shagabutdinovna, born September 9, 1979 in Batash (fed. of Russia).
Mandevu, Joseph-Cléophas, born June 25, 1970 in Musaga, Bujumbura (Burundi).
Mandolessi, Silvana, born in Córdoba (Argentina) on May 17, 1973.
Maharjan Drissi, Jalal, born in El Ksiba (Morocco) may 13, 1967.
Manea, Vasile, born October 11, 1982 in Onesti (Romania).
Manga Kandolo, Marthe, born February 22, 1948 in Lodja (Congo).
Mangantchet Tandja, Modeste Roméo, born February 28, 1979 in Ndoungue (Cameroon).
Mangovic, Marija, born May 18, 1979 in Smederevo (Serbia).
Manik married Danilovskaya, Vera Ivanovna, born June 23, 1962 in Chernovtsy (Ukraine).
Manirabona, Vianney, born September 20, 1975 in Kibungo (Rwanda).
Maharjan, Rosine, born August 15, 1987 in Gisenyi (Rwanda).
Mankalam, Thayalan, born October 27, 1971 in Jaffna (Sri Lanka).
Charles, Kitsuwan, born in Phon Thong, Bua Yai, Nakhon Ratchasima (Thailand) on November 28, 1984.
Mankangila Diakese, Bernard, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on February 7, 1945.
Mankiev, Akromat, born 27 July 1984 in Nazran (fed. of Russia).
Mankiev, Khamzat, born in Nazran (Fed.
of Russia) on April 5, 1992.
Mankieva, Fatima, born 25 August 1988 in Nazran (fed. of Russia).
Mannguera, Jérôme, born September 15, 1966 in Bedan (Chad).
Manoure, Sadik, born April 30, 1979 in Mankon-Mezam (Cameroon).
Mansour, Mick, born June 13, 1980 in El Jadida (Morocco).

Rahma, born in Ain Beni Mathar (Morocco) on March 1, 1984.
Collins, Fatna, born in Berkane (Morocco) in 1945.
Mantohbang, Violet Tizie, born March 8, 1976 in Mankon Bamenda (Cameroon).
Manukyan, Karine, born October 27, 1959 in Talin (Armenia).
Manzuzi Kalenda, born April 17, 1955 in Likasi (Congo).
Mapanda 'n' Duim-Anzo, born in Kisangani (Congo) on December 22, 1972.
Marczuk, Andrzej, born in Grodzisk (Poland) on October 14, 1966.
Mardani, Mahmood, born December 6, 1964 in Karaj (Iran).
Marfouk, Hamid, born October 15, 1985 in Ouled Hcin (Morocco).
Marginean, Ovidiu, born in Turda (Romania) on April 3, 1969.
Marikane, Fatiha, born January 16, 1952 in Sefrou (Morocco).
Marin, Stefan, born in Bolintin Deal, Giurgiu (Romania) on November 23, 1954.
Marinov, Valeri, born March 4, 1958 in Vratza (Bulgaria).
Marinova - Milanova, Milena, born August 19, 1970 in Shumen (Bulgaria).
Marinova married Sadic, Silviya Hristova, born April 26, 1982 in Kardzhali (Bulgaria).
Marinova, Irina Hristova, born in Kubrat (Bulgaria) on November 1, 1957.
Malcolm, Lahcen, born in 1956 in Idoumarir (Morocco).
Markhiev, Magomed Khasmagometovitch, born in Grozny (Fed.
of Russia) on February 2, 1975.
Marmade, Mounia, born February 23, 1978 in Douar Zaouia (Morocco).
Marks, Mariana Grayson, born January 7, 1970 in Cabinda-Tchiobo (Angola).
Marshani, Zurab Kazbekovitch, born November 12, 1977 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Martchenkova married Chankisjijeva, Nela, born September 19, 1960 in Kaliningrad (Russia Fed.).
Martey, Mathias Marmah, born in Accra, Ghana, on 21 July 1990.
Martey, Theophilus Ashitey, born April 19, 1986 in Accra (Ghana).
Martinescu, Valentin Octavian, born June 14, 1973 in Brasov (Romania).
Martinez Alomoto, Fernando Hugo, born September 30, 1967 in San Blas (Ecuador).
Martinez married Suárez, Roxana Clareth, born October 23, 1969 in La Paz (Bolivia).
Martins Oliveira wife von Grumbkow, Flavia, born April 4, 1983 in Porto Novo (Brazil).
Martirosyan married Vardevanyan, Asya, born in Leninakan (Armenia) on April 18, 1980.
Martirosyan, Ani, born December 12, 1986 in Gyumri (Armenia).
Martirosyan, Arman, born in Leninakan (Armenia) on September 11, 1989.
Martirosyan, Armanush, born August 24, 1982 in Leninakan (Armenia).
Martirosyan, Grigor, born June 21, 1956 in Gyumri (Armenia).
Martskhanova, Avinash Akhmetovna, born March 23, 1989 in Achkhoy-Martan (fed. of Russia).
Chakko2man, Asmaa, born July 12, 1987 in Guelmim (Morocco).
Chakko2man, Fadi, born in Guelmim (Morocco) 13 April 1989.
Manamperi, Enayatullah, born April 4, 1981 in Meryaney-Qarah Bagh (Afghanistan).
Masaev, Ramzan Abusalmanovitch, born June 23, 1974 in Novyye Atagi (fed. of Russia).
Masakala Kisolekele, Charly, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on September 10, 1973.
Masala Mantu, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on September 29, 1967.
Mane Monga Akwali, Simon, born September 18, 1960 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Mashjour, Pedram, born September 19, 1988 in Shahinshahr (Iran).
Masika Kyavughamwanze, born in Bitimba (Congo) on July 14, 1948.
Masokele-Dinzeye, Louise, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on May 17, 1967.
Masoso Mukelenle, Berenice, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on December 2, 1970.
Masoud, Ahmed, born in Alexandria (Egypt) on April 13, 1973.
Shine, Karim, born in Beni Said (Morocco) on March 20, 1980.
Masriyeh, Hicham Subhi, born in Mia Mia Camp (Lebanon) on June 24, 1962.
Massaaoudi, Khatib, born in Kebdana (Morocco) on August 1, 1972.
. Mandakolathur.k Sabrina, Laetitia, born January 25, 1981 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Mata, Kisita Agnes, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on May 10, 1941.
Mata, Marek, born March 22, 1985 in Kosice (Slovakia).
Mata, Nexhmije, born November 23, 1978 in Novosej - Kukes (Albania).
Ataeva, Elina Baudyevna, born November 22, 1984 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Matar, Yasmine, born July 19, 1978 in Hadath (Lebanon).
Mateo, Milagros Macadangdang, born January 17, 1967 in Roxas (Philippines).
Mateso Mathumo Tabita, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on July 20, 1992.
Matevosyan, Karen, born in Yerevan (Armenia) on December 29, 1989.
Matevosyan, Samvel, born July 22, 1964 in Nor-Armavir (Armenia).
Manjanam Bwanga, Marie Hélène, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on February 18, 1970.
Mati Latita, dildo, born July 27, 1980 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Maton, Helena, born June 17, 1987 in Ngaoundéré (Cameroon).
MANKA Fukua Zola, Nicole, born April 20, 1978 in Kinshasa (Congo).
MANKA Muanda, Joseph, born in Nlundu (Congo) on March 20, 1953.
MANKA Niangi, Charlie, born July 28, 1960 in Kinkonzi (Congo).
Matondo, Antoine Bienvenu, born in Kinshasa (Congo) August 11, 1984.
Manzano, Fatima, born in Mechraa Bel Ksiri (Morocco) on March 1, 1973.
Matundu Nzita, born in Siala-Kintete (Congo) on December 4, 1933.
Mannava, Dorcas, born October 11, 1976 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Matveeva, Christina Igorevna, born March 23, 1984 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).
Matveeva, Elena, born in Bender (Moldova) on March 5, 1980.
Maty, Ousmane, born May 22, 1980 in Niamey (Niger).
Maviaki Dandi, Belly, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on November 12, 1977.
Mar, DOE Jean-Claude, born January 4, 1970 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Mavros, Georgios, born April 11, 1978 in Athens (Greece).
Mawika Bilaba, Serge, born June 6, 1982 in Kikwit (Congo).
Mawili Elliot, Maley misery Grace, born June 25, 1985 in Libreville (Gabon).
Mawloodi, Hussain, born August 2, 1959 in Saghez (Iran).
Maxamed Cali, Neil, born April 3, 1982 in Mogadishu (Somalia).
Mayambika, Nsietula Jacques, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on December 21, 1955.
Mayasi Karthik, Brigitte, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on May 30, 1963.
Manu, Emmanuel-Paul, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on June 10, 1990.
Mantilla, Maria Theresa, born December 21, 1950 in Kenge (Congo).
Mayilyan, Nan, born September 5, 1971 in Yerevan (Armenia).
Manu, Mimi, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on December 20, 1963.
Mayo, faith Sanuayi, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on January 8, 1950.
Maysigova, Avinash Alikhanovna, born August 3, 1991 in Nazran (fed. of Russia).
Am Mazani, Kaif, born in Bhalil (Morocco) on August 30, 1984.
Am Mazani, Nisrine, born December 6, 1986 in Bhalil (Morocco).
Marcelino, Ali, born in 1951 in Guelmim (Morocco).
Mazitova married Karamova, Stuart, born July 16, 1967 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).
Mazouz, Hafida, born April 1, 1987 in Berkane (Morocco).
Manzo, Najima, born January 1, 1987 in Ihajjamane Sanchez (Morocco).
Mapendo, Erben, born September 22, 1976 in Rahovec (Kosovo).
Mapendo, Shemsedin, born in Orahovac (Serbia) on March 1, 1980.
Mazrreku, Fatmir, born May 27, 1967 in Prilep (Kosovo).
Mark, Khadija, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on January 26, 1981.
Mapundu, Mohammed, born June 4, 1964 in Jerada (Morocco).
MBA-Heng, Jean-Marie Junior, born in Libreville (Gabon) on April 7, 1971.
Mara, Napoleon, born July 31, 1967 in Douala (Cameroon).
Me Baku-Boukambou, Edmonde, born in Pointe-Noire (Congo Rep. pop) December 2, 1981.
Mardani Kibemba, Marcel, born April 23, 1978 in Lubumbashi (Congo).
Mohammed Idjao, born October 10, 1984 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Mbelu-Kadima, Beatrice, born December 11, 1981 in Mbuji-Mayi (Congo).
Didik Egala, welcome Michel, born in Kisangani (Congo) on August 28, 1967.
Mbeya, Chana Imran, born November 28, 1986 in Sambizanga-Luanda (Angola).
Mbiadop, Bernadette, born in Bailey (Cameroon) on April 3, 1952.
Dominic, Marie Christelle, born March 20, 1984 in Douala, Cameroon.
Maria Muena Mpatu, Rose, born January 10, 1954 in Kapanga (Congo).
Mbiye Kanku, Julie, born in Kinshasa (Congo) August 26, 1952.
Me M'bodj, Samba, born in Tefragh-Zeina-Nouakchott (Mauritania) December 31, 1976.
Mbogora, Germaine, born September 3, 1975 in Kayanza - Rango (Burundi).
Mbokani Bateghana, born February 23, 1976 in Butembo (Congo).
Maria Mulala, Francky, born September 3, 1969 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Maria Khasa, Viviane, born in Kahrizi (Congo) on June 12, 1963.
Mariam Mukandi, Rose, born December 29, 1968 in Kamiji (Congo).
Mariana Kasongo Pwanga, François, born in Lubumbashi (Congo) on April 2, 1974.
Mbota Mariano, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on October 20, 1970.
Mbouango Asad, Serge Olivier, born December 24, 1982 in Douala (Cameroon).
Mariano Bomolo, Niema (Congo) born April 1, 1936.
Mariano Mongu, Charly, born in Kinshasa (Congo), on August 10, 1973.
Mbulu Mabudi, born April 16, 1974 in Lubumbashi (Congo).
Mbunga Kuziza, Filipino, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on 21 December 1982.
Mbungira Rugondo, born April 12, 1974 in Masisi (Congo).
Mchedlishvili wife van den Bergh, Nino, born in Tbilisi (Georgia) on November 1, 1967.
Ian, Zoheir, born January 2, 1975 in Beit Ian (Lebanon).
Mebeh, Catherine Laurence, born September 13, 1971 in Akok (Cameroon).
Meberbeche, Samira, born June 27, 1982 in Oran (Algeria).
Mebrahtu, Dehab drop, born in Adi Zarna (Ethiopia) June 15, 1969.
Mang, Mohamed, born March 26, 1936 in Boufarik (Algeria).
MECE, Fatmir, born February 11, 1966 in Tepelene (Albania).
Mariyappan, Djamel Muhammad Jackie, born in Boulogne-Billancourt (France) on September 13, 1947.
Meshkov, Gennady, born December 1, 1962 in Voronezh (Russia Fed.).
Marks, Bill, born July 3, 1975 in Harb Hamri Meliz (Tunisia).
Medina Gallegos, Elvia Beatriz, born January 26, 1952 in Pelileo (Ecuador).
Widow Medzhidova Irazutdinova, Inzhili Abdulmedzhidovna, born May 9, 1975 in Buynaksk (fed. of Russia).
Mefotie Tiam, Caroline, born November 7, 1959 in Douala (Cameroon).
Megako, Laurence Armelle, born December 13, 1979 in Bertoua (Cameroun).
Meguid Adly, Kirollos, born July 5, 1985 in El Menia (Egypt).
Mehaj, Wendy, born November 10, 1985 in Srbica (Serbia).
Scott, Lancaster, born in Oran (Algeria) on 28 February 1967.
Mehdi, Galeb, born May 1, 1964 in Ali El Nahri, Zahle (Lebanon).
Mehert Gebrtensae, Adik, born in Aditekelezan (Eritrea) on January 1, 1944.
Mehmed married Sabri, Ayshegyul, born July 3, 1964 in Paisievo (Bulgaria).
Mehmed, suede, born September 23, 1955 in Skopje (Macedonia).
Mehmed, TANU, born January 20, 1989 in Momchilgrad (Bulgaria).
Mehmed, Sezgin, born August 24, 1975 in Novi Pazar (Bulgaria).
Mehmed, Paramjeet, born February 4, 1969 in Yasenovets (Bulgaria).
Marshall, Merita, born in Decan (Serbia) on February 28, 1986.

Mehmeti, Menderes, born in Oraovica (Serbia) on July 18, 1969.
Mehmeti, Rabije, born in Vranje (Serbia) on June 1, 1973.
Mehmeti, Sanchez, born in Gnjilane (Serbia) on November 19, 1972.
Mehta, Nishi, born March 25, 1977 in Ramidi (India).
Mekhtieva, Luiza Eduardovna, born November 22, 1977 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Marshall, Hamer, born May 29, 1987 in Jerada (Morocco).
Melik-Shahnazaryan, Davit, born January 29, 1987 in Etchmiadzin (Armenia).
Melik-Shahnazaryan, Gor, born July 18, 1984 in Etchmiadzin (Armenia).
Martin, Mohamed, born in Marrakech (Morocco) in 1935.
Martin, Anissa, born in Oujda (Morocco) on January 19, 1981.
Melnik, Olga, born in Odessa (Ukraine) on August 8, 1988.
Melo, Benjamin, born March 31, 1967 in Cali (Colombia).
Melo, Henrique Paulo Ramiro De, born in Luanda (Angola) on December 12, 1961.
Melvaga married Banceanu, Laura, born November 9, 1976 in Liepaja (Latvia).
Martinez, Victor, born December 4, 1979 in Skopje (Macedonia).
Memia, Natasha, born March 20, 1974 in Llugaj - Tropojë (Albania).
Memisevic, Amela, born April 10, 1978 in Visegrad (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Mendalka, Jacek Piotr, born June 12, 1969 in Dzialdowo (Poland).
Mengay, Hassan, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on January 13, 1982.
Mensah Bonsu, Paulina, born in Kumasi, Ghana on June 19, 1970.
Merkl, Christina Birgit, born in Kemnath (Germany) on January 13, 1992.
Mero, Alan, born March 21, 1979 in Al Qamishli (Syria).
Merzouki, Mounir, born in Fez (Morocco) on August 8, 1989.
Master, Mohammed, born April 3, 1930 in Mohammadia (Algeria).
Messop, melanin, born April 25, 1982 in Douala (Cameroon).
Massoud, Charlie, born in Fkih Ben Salah (Morocco) on October 15, 1969.
Massoud, AAS, born in Beni Amir East (Morocco) on January 1, 1962.
Mestan married Guldu, Ulviye, born February 8, 1988 in Sisli (Turkey).
Mayer married Arlene, Fatmire, born October 27, 1974 in Shushice (Kosovo).
Mexmet, Dan Youssouf, born in Fotinovo, Kirkovo, Kardzali (Bulgaria) February 13, 1973.
Mezhetskaya, Elena, born 20 October 1969 in Tumenj (fed. of Russia).
Mathew, Ali, born February 19, 1962 in Taourirt McQuaid (Algeria).
Mathew, Mouloud, born in Kouba (Algeria) on 10 March 1993.
Mezouar, Sabah, born May 7, 1977 in Tinghir (Morocco).
Me Fulu, Pathy, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on September 6, 1980.
Mathew, Médard, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on September 17, 1947.
Mathew Boboto, born July 27, 1980 in Kinshasa (Congo).
PSD said Ounallah, Mohsen, born September 3, 1956 in Monastir (Tunisia).
Me M'hiaou, Bolton, born December 3, 1985 in Oujda (Morocco).
Mathai, Asmae, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on November 1, 1990.
Miandabu Muayabi, born December 12, 1944 in Mbuji-Mayi (Congo).
Mathis Lombe, Touré, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on November 16, 1979.
Miashkou, Yauhen Anatolievich, born December 18, 1981 in Mogilev (Belarus).
Michael, Charles Naleen Narenthira, born January 22, 1986 in Batticaloa (Sri Lanka).
Midjrato, Yao, born in Amegnran (Togo) on December 20, 1965.
Mienje Mangong, Marthe Irène, born May 4, 1971 in Bafang (Cameroon).
Mihai, Branco, born March 10, 1982 in Timisoara (Romania).
Mihaylova, Elisaveta, born March 20, 1975 in Gorna Oryahovitsa (Bulgaria).
Mihaylova, Yuliya, born in Shumen (Bulgaria) on September 27, 1990.
Miiryamov married Ilieva, Divya Angelova, born September 4, 1952 in Lovech (Bulgaria).
Mikaelyan married Abgaryan, Manush, born December 16, 1952 in Sulda (Georgia).
Mikhramov, Nigmat, born in Kuldzja (China) on February 10, 1947.
Mikhramova, Ramilja, born February 10, 1985 in Alma - Ata (Kazakhstan).
Milanovic, Vladimir, born May 6, 1968 in Belgrade (Serbia).
McGuire, Hafida, born September 26, 1975 in Midar (Morocco).
Miloue, Serdot Rodrigue, born January 18, 1989 in Yaoundé (Cameroon).
Mina, Lina Koy, born October 24, 1974 in Luanda (Angola).
McBride, Emmanuel, born in Rehan (Burundi) on December 25, 1965.
Miotke, Adam, born November 8, 1969 in Lebork (Poland).
Miranda Da Silva, Susley, born July 29, 1978 in Belo Horizonte (Brazil).
Miri, Malika, born in Oujda (Morocco) on January 1, 1955.
MIRONOVA - Poukhova, Olga Borisovna, born August 17, 1964 in Rostov-on-the Don (fed. of Russia).
Mirouad, Youssef, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on October 23, 1973.
Mirpotchoev, Dilafrouz, born in Lininobad (Tajikistan) on June 24, 1970.
Danielle, Burhan, born May 25, 1987 in Kosovo Polje (Kosovo).
Mbabazi Muanda, Antoinette, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on March 5, 1952.
Missode, Kafui Jeannie, born in Lomé (Togo) on January 9, 1963.
Mistrean married Mucuta, Adelina, born March 14, 1972 in Hlína (Moldova).
Mitov, Angel, born June 4, 1983 in Sofia (Bulgaria).
Mitroi, Florentina-Madalina, born September 11, 1976 in Bailesti (Romania).
Mitrova - Lisitsa, Yana, born in Tuapse (Fed.
of Russia) on February 17, 1982.
Mitrus, Alexandru Catalin, born November 2, 1979 in Bumbesti-Jiu (Romania).
Miyalkov, Mirche, born in Prevelac (Macedonia) on May 20, 1962.
Mjeshtri, Sinan, born in Durres (Albania) on June 6, 1962.
Mkrtchian, Hratchia Henriki, born December 1, 1985 in Yerevan (Armenia).
Mkrtchyan, Arsen Albert, born December 15, 1983 in Echmiadzin (Armenia).
Mkrtchyan, Arsen, born in Ajntap (Armenia) on February 25, 1974.
Mkrtchyan, Harutyun, born in Yerevan (Armenia) on April 18, 1992.
Mkrtchyan, Mkrtich, born in Yerevan (Armenia) on March 2, 1953.
Mkrtchyan, Tatevik, born September 23, 1983 in Leninakan (Armenia).
Mlynarczyk, Iwona, born in Brzesko (Poland) on 9 November 1981.
Mnukwa Ally, Masudi, born February 2, 1985 in Ujiji-Kigoma (Tanzania).
Moattari, Hamid Reza, born in Kazerun (Iran) on September 21, 1980.
Mobisa Monko Obaid, Jean Paul, born in Mbanza-Ngungu (Congo) on 1 October 1952.
McDaniel, David, born January 8, 1985 in Tirgoviste (Romania).
Moctar, Kampaize, born January 5, 1970 in Guesselbodi - Kollo (Niger).
Modo, farmer Hassan, born 17 April 1985 in Sheikhan-Ninawa (Iraq).
Moedarov, Said-Emi Saidovitsj, born in Beloosovka (Kazakhstan) on January 1, 1955.
Moffor, Delphine Bidmia, born May 10, 1979 in Njinikom - Boyo (Cameroon).
Moghaddam, Shahrokh, born August 9, 1970 in Abhar (Iran).
Mogosanu, Constantin, born November 5, 1976 in Bucharest (Romania).
Mohamad Salah, Nizar Rahman, born in Halabja-Sulaymaniyah (Iraq) on November 1, 1980.
Mohamad, Boschkin, born January 1, 1980 in Doha (Syria).
-McKenna, Abdelkader, born July 23, 1957 in Ain Beida (Algeria).
Mohamed Abdella, Nafisa, born in Mogadishu (Somalia) in 1980.
Mohamed Abdelmohsen, Yasser Mohamed Eid, born March 17, 1969 in Al Rusafa - Baghdad (Iraq).
Mohamed Adan, Maryam, born July 25, 1984 in Kismaayo (Somalia).
Mohamed Fadol, Adam, born in Shattaya (Sudan) on June 11, 1972.
Mohamed Kamil, Hani, born March 6, 1982 in Djibouti (Djibouti).
Mohamed Marsook, Mohamed Shaffie, born November 29, 1973 in Colombo (Sri Lanka).
Mohamed Mlenge, Farid, born in Mwembeladu-Zanzibar (Tanzania) April 22, 1980.
Mohamed Nur, Fos, born April 12, 1982 in Mogadishu (Somalia).
Mohamed Sharif, Burhan Abdelkhaleq, born in Mosul, Ninawa (Iraq) on June 10, 1983.
Mohamed, Ahmed Badri, born in Baghdad (Iraq) on April 2, 1968.
Mohamed, Kevin Kam, born October 4, 1977 in Baghdad (Iraq).
Mohamed, Boti, born in Yanbou (Syria) in 1982.
Mohamed, Mohamed Jassem, born October 30, 1961 in Mosul, Ninawa (Iraq).
Mohamed, Mohamed, born February 6, 1984 in ADE (Syria).
Mohamed, Sarah Ali, born in Baghdad (Iraq) March 28, 1989.
McKeen, Yashar, born March 25, 1988 in Kirkuk (Iraq).
Mohammad Afzal, Momo, born in Immankhil (Afghanistan) on September 28, 1987.
Mohammad Alim, Mohammad Salim, born March 10, 1985 in Badakhshan (Afghanistan).
Mohammad, Aziz Khan, born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on February 12, 1965.
Mohammad, Mansur Ahmad, born January 1, 1976 in Al-Tamim (Iraq).
Mohammad, Pervaiz, born September 6, 1967 in Rawalpindi (Pakistan).
Mohammad Shahbaz, born December 13, 1979 in Gujrat (Pakistan).
Mohammad, Waqas, born December 23, 1988 in Gujrat (Pakistan).
Mohammadi, Mohammad Ishaq, born at Qal'at ' a-i-Wardag (Afghanistan) on June 5, 1988.
Mohammed Anwar Parvez Shanta Bhuyan, born June 12, 1984 in Brahmanbaria (Bangladesh).
Mohammed Rafiq Miah, born August 29, 1965 in Joaria Kanda (Bangladesh).
Mohammed Saeed, Federico Abdul Suede, born in Ar Rasafah-Baghdad (Iraq) on 26 February 1970.
Mohammed, Ali, born in Douz (Iraq) on September 5, 1962.
Mohammed, Wasan Ibrahim, born in Al Karradah Baghdad (Iraq) on January 30, 1969.
Mohd Ramli Bin Ya'Acob, born March 18, 1971 in Selangor (Malaysia).
Mohebi, Ahmad Reshad, born May 5, 1972 in Kandahar (Afghanistan).
Mohseni Shams, Zabihallah, born August 15, 1983 in Herat (Afghanistan).
Moido, Laura, born June 12, 1985 in Nkongsamba (Cameroon).
Moiseenko, Natalia, born January 1, 1979 in Rostov-na-Donu (Russia Fed.).
Mojica, Alfredo Novero, born November 29, 1961 in Indang (Philippines).
Charles mee, Mary Esther, born February 28, 1989 in Mbo Bandjoun (Cameroon).
Mokarram, Zineb, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on September 15, 1973.
Mokhless, Najat, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on June 17, 1963.
Mokhtar, Mohamed, born in Charleroi (Belgium) on July 26, 1969.
Mokhtari, Aicha, born 1 May 1988 in Beni Boughafer (Morocco).
Mokhtari, Baughman, born in Oran (Algeria) on November 12, 1935.
Mokhtari, RA, born in Beni Boughafer (Morocco) may 1, 1990.
Mokhtari, Sabah, born in Oujda (Morocco) on November 29, 1975.
RAM, Lydia, born December 15, 1980 in Monrovia (Liberia).
Moldovan married Bozga, Ramona - Maria, born in Baia Sprie (Romania) 5 July 1980.
Molina Lopez, Alexander Antonio, born September 21, 1973 in San José (Costa Rica).
MOLLO Molina, Dominga Aurora, born in Machahuay (Peru) on December 20, 1962.
Mollov, Rosen, born November 7, 1983 in Gabrovo (Bulgaria).
Molough, Mohamed, born September 23, 1968 in Iajouchen, Beni Oulichek (Morocco).
World, Marthe, born January 4, 1980 in Banyo (Cameroon).
Mondelet Ekondza, Emilie Eurydia, born July 14, 1981 in Brazzaville, Congo Rep. pop.
Kris Kemde, Gabriel Servais, born in Dschang (Cameroon) on May 13, 1971.
Monteiro de Lima, Maria de Fatima, born in Feijó (Brazil) on 11 November 1965.
Monthe, Patrick Martial, born April 18, 1975 in Nkongsamba (Cameroon).

Montoya Muñoz, Lina Maria, born in Medellin (Colombia) on January 5, 1974.
Montoya Sanin, José Fernando, born March 29, 1976 in Medellín (Colombia).
Mora, Mariana, born May 10, 1965 in Brasov (Romania).
Moradian Joneghani, Jahangir, born in Abadan (Iran) on March 30, 1954.
Morales Dorta, Misleidy Caridad, born June 2, 1978 in Matanzas (Cuba).
Moreira, Jean-Paul, born May 24, 1973 in Carcassonne (France).
Morel, Laurence Emilie Sophie, born March 1, 1979 in Nîmes (France).
Morozova, Ekaterina Nikolaevna, born October 25, 1983 in Perm (fed. of Russia).
Mei, Nathalie Solange, born July 25, 1973 in Ruhango (Rwanda).
Morrhadi, Khadija, born in Oulad Kari (Morocco) on February 9, 1972.
Mortezazada, Morteza Mashaal, born April 23, 1985 in Kabul (Afghanistan).
Zoe, Mohammad Salim, born May 5, 1966 in Chandal Eeab (Afghanistan).
Mosala Ebrahim, born July 3, 1975 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Shawn-Mesa, Maguy, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on June 16, 1960.
Mossavi, Kobra, born May 9, 1984 in Shiraz (Iran).
Mostafa, Zaradasht, born July 9, 1982 in Dar Hassan (Syria).
Motahhir, M'barka, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on January 1, 1941.
Mouchane, Mohamed, born April 25, 1970 in Bouibat Inchaden (Morocco).
Heriberto, Harvey, born January 2, 1975 in Rabat (Morocco).
Daddyslittlegurl2006 Daddyslittlegurl2006, Rebecca Guillène, born January 23, 1974 in Yaoundé (Cameroon).
Mouftah, Mustapha, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on October 29, 1978.
Chithrajaikumar, William, born September 9, 1975 in Douala (Cameroon).
Derek, Ahmidan, born in 1930 in Kebdana (Morocco).
Moumouni, Zaman, born in Tessa (Niger) in 1978.
Mouqla, Mohamed Tarik, born November 26, 1988 in Rabat (Morocco).
Mourani, Adele, born in Debbabieh (Lebanon) on March 10, 1941.
Mouri Sardarabadi, Mohammad, born August 9, 1984 in Isfahan (Iran).
Mourtchi, Louise, born in N'Djamena (Chad) on 1 January 1982.
Moussa Maiga, Ishmael, born in Tahoua (Niger) on 24 December 1992.
Moussa, Burhan Mustafa, born June 29, 1982 in Nawjul-Tuz Khurmatu (Iraq).
Moussa, Christelle, born January 11, 1984 in Lomé (Togo).
Moussa, Fahan Mahran, born in Zakho (Iraq) on July 1, 1986.
Moussa, Enoch, born March 20, 1987 in Cinkasse (Togo).
Moussop, Carine, born January 26, 1980 in Douala (Cameroon).
Moustafa, Arman, born September 19, 1966 in Bait-El-Asmar (Syria).
Moutaousset, Aziz, born in Moulay Yacoub (Morocco) on August 1, 1974.
Ramesh Shawn, Jolie, born March 20, 1980 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Meyer Kamwa, Jean Jules, born in Douala (Cameroon) on April 13, 1991.
Mpayon Tan, Djat, born February 8, 1981 in Mbouroukou (Cameroon).
Mpemba Tshilumbu, Marie-José, born in Lubumbashi (Congo) on 24 November 1953.
Mpokashanga Miaka, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on December 21, 1979.
John CHAN, Christiane, born in Mbuji-Mayi (Congo) on January 1, 1963.
Mporana, Fabrice, born November 15, 1988 in Minembwe (Congo).
Merza, Claudia, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on December 1, 1983.
Merza, Kalala, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on January 24, 1968.
Mraheyj, Ammar Faris, born October 6, 1973 in Suq ash Shuyukh (Iraq).
Mtafe, Salwa, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on June 23, 1984.
Muambi Shambuyi, Félicien, born in Fuamba (Congo) on October 25, 1937.
Muanze William, Emilia, born October 7, 1975 in Fontem (Cameroon).
Mubono Mbiomo, born August 22, 1983 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Muca, Indrit, born November 25, 1989 in Tirana (Albania).
Muçaj, Zhaneta, born June 28, 1977 in Curri - Tropojë (Albania).
Mudahogora, Marie Louise, born in Gitega (Burundi) on December 26, 1973.
Mudianga Ibeyame, Tony, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on April 6, 1984.
Michael Ngapoi, born October 6, 1988 in Rutshuru (Congo).
Metoy, Solange Gloria, born in Toulouse (France) on May 9, 1983.
Mugeni, Selina, born in Rwoga-Ruhango (Rwanda), on September 20, 1970.
Mugisha, Sesonga Samuel, born August 12, 1980 in Kinazi (Rwanda).
Mugomoka, Emmanuel, born in Kibuburo (Rwanda) on July 20, 1974.
Mugorewindekwe Honesta, Gema, born in Mukoma (Rwanda) June 20, 1991.
Muha, Gabi-Catalin, born in Radauti (Romania) on October 1, 1990.
Muha, Mirela-Camelia, born May 29, 1979 in Radauti (Romania).
Muhamud Aden Abdulahi, born June 21, 1990 in Mogadishu (Somalia).
Muhayimana, Samuel, born in Rutongo (Rwanda) on September 4, 1987.
Muhingisa, Musoda, born June 30, 1966 in Kagabi (Congo).
Michaels, François, born February 2, 1977 in Masasa (Rwanda).
Muhitu-Mfumumusi, Christian, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on 8 July 1991.
Muhorakeye, Jeanne, born November 28, 1976 in Masama (Burundi).
Muja, Ymerli, born in Đakovica (Serbia) on December 13, 1984.
Mujangi, Pepe, born in 1976 in Kananga (Congo).
Preethi Kabeya, José, born in Mweka (Congo) on August 21, 1955.
Muka, Albert, born July 18, 1960 in Korçë (Albania).
Muka, Anida, born October 30, 1964 in Korçë (Albania).
Muka, Aurora, born in Korçë (Albania) on August 1, 1989.
Muka, Iva, born in Korçë (Albania) on June 13, 1992.
Micheal, Donatille, born December 25, 1962 in Kaduha, Gikongoro (Rwanda).
Mukamutesi, Jeanne de Chantal, born in Busasamana-Nyanza (Rwanda) on July 4, 1984.
Brian, Ishwar, born in Gituza (Rwanda) on August 21, 1980.
Mukandemezo, Navy, born in Gatsata-Gasabo (Rwanda) on April 12, 1989.
Carolyn, Rachel, born in Gitarama (Rwanda) on July 26, 1986.
Mukangenzi, mercy, born in Nyarugenge (Rwanda) on October 1, 1958.
Mukansonera, Madeleine, born March 15, 1957 in Ruganda-Karongi (Rwanda).
Mukerabirori, Josephine, born in Buhiga (Burundi) November 7, 1963.
Emily, Ben Akama, born September 21, 1979 in Bamenda (Cameroon).
Emily, Njumbe, born in Peng-Tombel (Cameroon) on November 12, 1986.
Mukeyuke, Chantal, born in Mubira-Mugamba (Burundi) on December 6, 1973.
Mukhlis, Safa, born March 16, 1966 in Baghdad (Iraq).
Meyers Ebere, Yves, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on January 30, 1992.
Mukoko, Poger, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on April 27, 1986.
Mukue Madani, born May 20, 1985 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Mukungu-Mang'enya, Irene, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on April 27, 1982.
Mulaj, Izlam, born in Llozhan (Kosovo) on October 20, 1965.
Mulaku, Bujar, born January 17, 1980 in Vushtrri (Kosovo).
Mulema Marco, Dozette, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on January 3, 1990.
Mulemo Muadi, Viviane, born in Idiofa (Congo) on 1 January 1960.
Müller, Huguette Marie Odette, born in Bitche (France) March 6, 1960.
Mulu Mihret Asres, born 29 April 1971 in Bahir Dar (Ethiopia).
Mumbere Meso, heir, born in Musienene (Congo) on May 13, 1992.
Pratik, Erika, born in Bujumbura, Rohero (Burundi) on July 16, 1977.
Mungman, Rungrawan, born in Baan Nongwaeng (Thailand) on 31 March 1976.
Munisi, Yvonne, born February 3, 1965 in Vucitrn (Kosovo).
Munona, Françoise, born March 16, 1963 in Kalemie (Congo).
Muñoz Huaraca, Laura Isabel, born June 21, 1972 in Milagro, Guayas (Ecuador).
Munteanu married Popa, Aurelia-Cristina, born in Iasi (Romania) on May 31, 1980.
Munyankindi, Pierre Célestin, born August 25, 1967 in Nyabitare (Rwanda).
Engin, Fatuma, born January 1, 1982 in Uvira (Congo).
Murad, Rochin, born in Aleppo (Syria) on June 21, 1993.
Muradin, Arva, born October 11, 1977 in Paramaribo (Suriname).
Muradyan, Mher, born November 5, 1953 in Gyumri (Armenia).
Muramba, Haley Madjaliwa, born November 11, 1974 in Nyarugenge (Rwanda).
Murarescu married Danila, Marioara, born April 29, 1980 in Hunedoara (Romania).
Murati, Bianca, born September 24, 1988 in Lezhe (Albania).
Murati, Mynire, born September 1, 1976 in Orshek, Kukes (Albania).
Biya, Marie-Françoise, born October 19, 1956 in Nyamasheke-Cyangugu (Rwanda).
Muric, Hilmo, born in Gornja Lovnica (Serbia) on February 9, 1968.
Murina married Mehmeti, Suzana, born June 16, 1979 in Gnjilane (Serbia).
Aziz married Aliu, Mirjeta, born July 10, 1987 in Zatra Pejë (Kosovo).
Murra, Ahmad, born March 25, 1977 in Bourj El Barajneh (Lebanon).
Murugesu, Sivarani, born March 6, 1975 in Jaffna (Sri Lanka).
Musa, Avdi, born in Kosovo Polje (Kosovo) on May 1, 1992.
Musa, Besime, born in Peje (Kosovo) on April 10, 1983.
Musa, Rana, born in Bo Town (Sierra Leone) July 21, 1971.
Musabayev, Ismail Irgashevich, born November 20, 1970 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).
Musafili Buseruka, Angelique, born July 5, 1980 in Kayenzi-Gitarama (Rwanda).
Musaitova, Elita Akhmedovna, born September 15, 1975 in Mirnyy (fed. of Russia).
Charles married Jahbala, right, born in Tropojë (Albania) on 3 June 1957.
Musanipov, Sabir Khamavoitch, born July 10, 1982 in list.MP3 (fed. of Russia).
Musca, Andreea, born in Baia Mare (Romania) on May 24, 1991.
Musheghyan, Mushegh, born January 9, 1973 in Maissian (Armenia).
Mushime, Marie Antoinette, born September 14, 1979 in left (Rwanda).
Mushinde Mulunda M.a, born December 28, 1968 in Moba (Congo).
Mushtaq, Maria, born in Galoke (Pakistan) 25 December 1990.
Muslija, Amini, born March 20, 1962 in Kcic i Madh-Mitrovicë (Kosovo).
Musoni PA, Nicole, born in Nyarugenge (Rwanda) on November 18, 1986.
Mustafa, Admir, born in Kosovo Polje (Kosovo) on February 14, 1991.
Mustafa, Ahmed, born in Razgrad (Bulgaria) on November 2, 1962.
Mustafa, Khaled, born in Aleppo (Syria) in 1976.
Mustafa, Reyhan Fikret, born October 25, 1971 in Dulovo, Silistra (Bulgaria).
Mustafina, Elena, born September 24, 1973 in Ufa (Russia Fed.).
Mutambara, Ismail, born April 13, 1988 in Bujumbura (Burundi).
MUTEBI, Peterson, born February 21, 1981 in Mengo (Uganda).
Mutimura, Josée, born May 1, 1972 in Kigali (Rwanda).
Mutombo Kabelu, born June 16, 1938 in Katanda (Congo).
Mutombo Musa, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on June 24, 1948.
Mutu married Naclad, Alina-Manuela, born May 7, 1968 in Piatra-Neamt (Romania).
Muvandimwe, Septh, born in Gitarama (Rwanda) on December 7, 1988.
Muxhaj married Pula, Bakhru, born in Zhulat, Gjirokaster (Albania) on November 17, 1974.
Manju, JB, born December 10, 1985 in Buganda (Burundi).
Kapela Mukambu, God, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on March 30, 1971.
Mwaidi-Bife, Marie, born October 27, 1980 in Kalemie (Congo).
Mwange Yongeza, Ashok, born October 20, 1974 in Lubumbashi (Congo).
Mykhaylova married Soylu, Victoria Sergiyivna, born July 24, 1979 in Kiev (Ukraine).
Nabghouh, Fatiha, born August 11, 1979 in Aferket (Morocco).

Nabhani Zadeh, Abdolkarim, born in Ahwaz (Iran) on October 23, 1942.
Nabhani Zadeh, Aref, born December 9, 1976 in Ahwaz (Iran).
Nabhani Zadeh, Samer, born August 23, 1967 in Ahwaz (Iran).
Dan Chigwerhe, Martine, born January 30, 1982 in Cibanda (Congo).
Naclad, Haralambie, born February 10, 1964 in Piatra-Neamt (Romania).
Nadiradze married Nikolaou, Ekaterine, born in Tbilisi (Georgia) on December 21, 1971.
Nadjinangar, Accenture, born in N'Djamena (Chad) on December 5, 1987.
Jagannath, Girley Fawad, born in Kabul (Afghanistan) on September 26, 1987.
Nadia, Jill, born to Faye (Morocco) on January 1, 1947.
Nagih, Dina, born in Kenitra (Morocco) June 9, 1980.
Nahabandi, Bernard, born in Kibezi-Mugamba (Burundi) in 1970.
Naimi, Mohammed, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on June 13, 1956.
Saeid, Schwarz, born August 27, 1976 in Rabat (Morocco).
Nali, Zahra, born September 14, 1973 in Berkane (Morocco).
Namahoro, Delgado, born in Butaro (Rwanda) June 15, 1987.
Nana, Marie, born November 22, 1978 in Doumé (Cameroon).
Nana, Yannick Florant, born March 11, 1987 in Yaoundé (Cameroon).
Nangmal, Hafizullah, born in Hashemkhel (Afghanistan) in 1980.
Nanyan married Grigoryan, Alvard, born November 16, 1979 in Karbi (Armenia).
Naqshbandi, Lemar, born in Kabul (Afghanistan) on November 17, 1977.
Nargis, Batool, born in Chakwal (Pakistan) on May 25, 1961.
Narula, Hakim Chand, born January 1, 1953 in keep (Afghanistan).
Narula, Parkash, born in Gardez (Afghanistan) on January 1, 1950.
Narula, Sumit, born in Kabul (Afghanistan) on December 1, 1988.
Naseer Ahmad Dawood, born in Faisalabad (Pakistan) on January 1, 1972.
Naser, Samir, born June 29, 1987 in Shaykhan-Ninawa (Iraq).
Naska, Nikelina, born June 3, 1977 in Tirana (Albania).
Naskov, Sonja, born October 22, 1988 in Shumen (Bulgaria).
Naskov, Yordan, born in Shumen (Bulgaria) on August 26, 1990.
Nasr, McKnight, born March 2, 1978 in Frichette (Tunisia).
Naidu, Lovir, born in Basofan (Syria) on March 23, 1971.
Nassar, Julie Ann, born March 20, 1977 in Bani Hayan (Lebanon).
Nasser, Nawzat Shamdin, born January 14, 1988 in Mosul (Iraq).
Nassir, Laith Mudhahir, born July 6, 1973 in Dhi Qar (Iraq).
Nassiri, Fatima, born in Nador (Morocco) on January 1, 1945.
Nauwrozi, Faizullah, born in Paktia (Afghanistan) 31 December 1991.
Navarro Rodriguez, Andrea Katherine, born in Bogota (Colombia) on January 30, 1990.
Nazarenko-Kolesnikova, Natalia, born September 25, 1952, Pravokumsky (fed. of Russia).
Nazarian, Rafi, born in Beirut (Lebanon) on January 17, 1962.
Nazarifar, Fatemeh, born June 12, 1971 in Shiraz (Iran).
Nazarjan, Vova, born November 23, 1976 in Chaykend (Azerbaijan).
Nazarova, Irina Vladimirovna, born April 30, 1981 in Zernograd (fed. of Russia).
Nazo, Medo Brigitte, born in Bwiza (Burundi) on January 2, 1972.
No Bouhammou, Saad, born in Khouribga (Morocco) on May 1, 1969.
Nair, Emmanuel, born November 30, 1988 in Kacyiru (Rwanda).
Nair, Robert, born December 27, 1985 in Gatenga (Rwanda).
Ndam Ibrahim, born January 2, 1980 in Foumban (Cameroon).
Nair, Sheikh, born March 8, 1978 in Kaffrine (Senegal).
Nair Mesa, Beatrice, born in 1943 in Tshidimba (Congo).
Nair Mwika, Olga, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on February 4, 1984.
Nair Nkuna, Marianne, born in Tshikula (Congo) on January 16, 1951.
Ndayigendako, Chantal, born in Rusaka (Burundi) in 1979.
Ndayishimiye, Anny, born October 22, 1975 in Gisenyi (Rwanda).
Ndayishimiye, Julienne, born February 26, 1987 in Kamenge, Bujumbura (Burundi).
Ndayishimiye, Yvette, born November 26, 1970 in Gabiro-Ngozi (Burundi).
Nair, Alima, born September 7, 1975 in Kanyosha (Burundi).
Ndemitara, Joëlle, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on August 3, 1971.
Ndiangila, Diabuna, born November 30, 1961 in Tai-Pala (Angola).
Ndiaye, Ibrahima Mamadou, born June 14, 1975 in Agnam Lidoubé (Senegal).
Ndiaye, David, born in Louga (Senegal) on 21 December 1962.
Ndiaye, Mahe, born June 21, 1983 in Guédiawaye (Senegal).
Ndiaye, Mala Soda, born in Touba (Senegal) on February 20, 1977.
NDIKUMANA, Françoise, born February 12, 1966 in Bujumbura (Burundi).
NDIKUMANA, Topia, born November 11, 1989 in Bujumbura (Burundi).
Ndjoudja, Sylvie, born July 13, 1980 in Douala (Cameroon).
Ndjougan, Tina Emeline, born in Douala (Cameroon) on November 29, 1991.
Ndoba, Alphonse, born April 20, 1971 in Rutshuru (Congo).
Ndoci, Entela, born July 22, 1985 in Puke (Albania).
Ndoci, Gjenovefa, born May 23, 1947 in Tirana (Albania).
Ndoci, Tonin, born February 7, 1939 in Tirana (Albania).
Ndoffo, Stéphane, born May 11, 1982 in Yaoundé (Cameroon).
Ndomwum, Gerard, born July 10, 1970 in Bailey (Cameroon).
Ndong, Randy, born July 20, 1978 in Mbodiène (Senegal).
Alison m c, born October 20, 1967 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Tatiana, Samba, born December 31, 1981 in Tambadar-Mar (Mauritania).
Ndonkou Moucheu, Edith Flore, born in Ayo (Cameroon) 3 December 1986.
No Dori, Martin, born in Wassarade (Togo) on July 13, 1984.
Ndoubock Faysal, Esther, born in Libreville (Gabon) on January 16, 1975.
Namukokomicah Ngoma, Sévérine Flora, born November 17, 1980 in Brazzaville, Congo Rep. pop.
Thad Zubabela, Marguerite, born September 11, 1947 in Kasangulu (Congo).
Ndungu, Wilson Kihoto, born May 17, 1974 in Kiambu (Kenya).
Ndunguidi, David, born in Cabinda (Angola) on August 26, 1971.
Nanda, Natasha, born January 19, 1990 in Bujumbura (Burundi).
Nduwiyingoma, Omer, born October 4, 1953 in Ntiba (Burundi).
Neacsu, Liliana, born in Bucharest (Romania) on November 15, 1975.
Neamatalla Soliman Neamatalla, Robert, born in Cairo (Egypt) on December 7, 1976.
Neamt, Cornel, born October 6, 1972 in Lunca Ilvei (Romania).
Nair, Babou Abdoul Thirawath, born March 31, 1983 in Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina Faso).
Necsulescu married Sima, Ileana, born in Câmpulung (Romania) on May 15, 1968.
Nedelchev, Steliyan Dimov, born September 18, 1977 in Dobrich (Bulgaria).
Nedelcu, Stefania Bianca, born December 26, 1979 in Bucuresti (Romania).
Nedkov, Iskren, born in Targovishte (Bulgaria) 13 May 1977.
Negrut, Gabriela-Olga, born November 23, 1963 in Brasov (Romania).
Nejati, Nazanin, born in Shiraz (Iran) on June 11, 1992.
Nejati, Sanaz, born September 20, 1985 in Shiraz (Iran).
Nekounazarazad, Seyed-Moeinedin, born September 23, 1967 in Tehran (Iran).
Nani, Zohra, born May 6, 1960 in Mers-El-Kébir (Algeria).
Nenciu married Pavel, Mariana, born May 29, 1978 in Urlati (Romania).
Nene, Yempab Bhupendra, born February 1, 1979 in Lomé (Togo).
Nenova married Nikolaeva, Nina, born January 14, 1965 in Popovo (Bulgaria).
Jerry, Hasan, born October 29, 1982 in Izmir (Turkey).
Nangunoori, Zhanet, born September 16, 1967 in Tehran (Iran).
Nesalionaya, Chamara, in Gomel (Belarus), born September 13, 1984.
Nesterova - Bondarenko, Irina, born March 1, 1959 in Frunze (Kyrgyzstan).
Alfonso married Yusein Mergyul Nazim, born March 12, 1968 in Sokol (Bulgaria).
Narayanan, Winnie, born May 7, 1973 in Mwaro, Kayokwe (Burundi).
Ngaloula Bhaskar, Fan, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on October 27, 1984.
Ngalula Mesa, Esther, born August 24, 1978 in Likasi (Congo).
Chan Mungedi, Mimi, born July 11, 1976 in Lubumbashi (Congo).
Ngalula, Angèle, born June 19, 1979 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Ngandu Abulencia, Marie, born in Lutahe Vele (Congo) on July 2, 1977.
Ngankeu, Gaston, born in Mbanga (Cameroon) on 2 February 1971.
Nganko, Odette, born in Nkongsamba (Cameroon) in 1951.
Hicham ' or, Michelle Flavie, born January 29, 1986 in Yaoundé (Cameroon).
Nganzi Kadite, François, born July 6, 1957 in Zobia (Congo).
Narasimhacharya Mulenda, Gisèle, born in Kinshasa (Congo) August 15, 1970.
Narayanan, Carole, born October 21, 1984 in Yaoundé (Cameroon).
Ngawang Dechen, born July 8, 1978 in Damzhung (China).
Ngieka Nsenia, born December 12, 1976 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Gopi, Kone, born September 11, 1988 in Kumba (Cameroon).
Ngnogue Kamga, Bertrand, born September 12, 1974 in Douala (Cameroon).
NGO Bakebeg, Monique, born in Ekoangombe North (Cameroon) on November 24, 1990.
Ngola Kumbi, Jean, born in Kisandji (Congo) on May 13, 1973.
Narayanaswamy Mbacka, Junior, born in Penja (Cameroon) on June 21, 1969.
Ngolo Alvaro, Antonio, born May 12, 1960 in Maquela do Zombo (Angola).
Narula Tshitenge, Victorine, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on December 12, 1976.
NARS to Ngam, Diane Frieda, born July 17, 1982 in Douala (Cameroon).
Ngouly Nguepnang, Rishabh Isabelle, born August 17, 1971 in Yaoundé (Cameroon).
Ngoumtsa, Diringo Dominique, born January 26, 1980 in Douala (Cameroon).
Naseem Mendjou, Louise, born October 19, 1977 in Douala (Cameroon).
Ngoy Mulunda Nyanga, born in Elizabethville (Congo) on 16 January 1962.
Nash, Queen Lydia Vanessa, born April 24, 1992 in Yaoundé (Cameroon).
Nashrudin Sadjue, Danieline Viviane, born March 24, 1980 in Yaoundé (Cameroon).
Ngunda-Ifutuka, Josiane, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on March 8, 1969.
Neither my Jiang Ze, Ku Ze (China) born September 21, 1980.
Neither Vladimir Konstantinovitch, born December 11, 1976 in Kyzyl Oktyabrskiy, Tasjkent (Uzbekistan).
Niamadjomi Azazito, Lucie-Marie, born in Bandundu (Congo) on November 1, 1948.
Nasser Mahmoud, Noel, born November 6, 1976 in Tahoua (Niger).
Niang, Cong Mamadou, born in Boghé (Mauritania) in 1964.
Nibatume, Cécile, born May 10, 1964 in Gikonko-Butare (Rwanda).
Nichifor, Constantin, born March 25, 1970 in Bosanci (Romania).
Nicoara married kindness, Florica, born in Tataresti (Romania) on March 12, 1955.
Nicolae, Daniela, born March 28, 1976 in Braila (Romania).
Nieminen married Nabhanizadeh, Tania Elisabeth, born February 24, 1976 in Vähäkyrö (Finland).
Nijmeijer, Andries, born March 9, 1969 in Delft (Netherlands).
Nikaev, Adlan Akhdanovitch, born in Kanukovo (Fed.
of Russia) on December 27, 1990.
Nikaev, Timur Akhdanovitch, born July 5, 1980 in Kanukovo (fed. of Russia).
Nikalaichanka, Darya Uladzimirovna, born February 26, 1988 in Mogilev (Belarus).
Nikci, Mentor, born in Peje (Kosovo) on March 3, 1992.
Nikci, Zoge, born in Peje (Kosovo) on September 18, 1990.
Nikitin, Mikhail Mikhailovich, born in Omsk (fed. of Russia) on July 11, 1943.
Nikolaev, Anastas Salev, born July 20, 1965 in Razgrad (Bulgaria).

Nikolaev, Andrey, born March 5, 1961 in Gagovo (Bulgaria).
Nikolaev, Niyazi, born in Pleven (Bulgaria) on January 21, 1991.
NIKOLAEVA-Dementieva, Tatiana, born in Froenze (Kyrgyzstan) on 28 April 1966.
Nikolla, Enkelejda, born September 26, 1973 in Lake - Krujë (Albania).
Nikollaj, Gentjan, born September 11, 1987 in Dajc, Shkoder (Albania).
Nikollaj, Kol, born November 27, 1984 in Dajc, Shkoder (Albania).
Nikollaj, Roland, born August 23, 1978 in Krujë (Albania).
Nikosyan wife Harutyunyan, Nvard Sosik, born in Tap'erakan (fed. of Russia) on September 4, 1986.
Navarra, Arlette, born July 7, 1976 in Ngagara (Burundi).
Nintai, Maisadel, born August 10, 1986 in Muyuka-Fako (Cameroon).
Nintcheu Batoube, Ghislaine Michèle, born May 25, 1986 in Douala (Cameroon).
Nintcheu Narayan, Annie Sandrine, born May 25, 1985 in Douala (Cameroon).
Nishigikire, Monique, born in Mpehe Muramvya (Burundi) on May 10, 1967.
Nishirimbere, Pascaline, born March 18, 1968 in Bujumbura (Burundi).
Nistor, Iulian Ivan, born July 28, 1979 in Caransebes (Romania).
Niyazi, Shamsulrahman, born in Charikar (Afghanistan) on September 21, 1992.
Nayak, Asok, born November 11, 1981 in Masisi (Congo).
Niyitegeka, Théophile, born in Mariba (Rwanda) June 16, 1978.
Nawaz, Neave, born December 25, 1988 in Rutshuru (Congo).
Niyonkuru, Alice Bella, born July 12, 1977 in Bwiza Bujumbura (Burundi).
Niyonkuru, Gisèle, born December 21, 1986 in Ngagara (Burundi).
Nawaz, Claude, born December 22, 1984 in Gashonga-Rusizi (Rwanda).
Njeri Mbugua, Annie, born in Kiambu (Kenya) on January 1, 1968.
Njeri, Martha, born in Nairobi (Kenya) on July 24, 1971.
Njeukan Tan, Leoni, born October 14, 1975 in Garoua (Cameroon).
Njiké, Valerie, born March 26, 1979 in Bafoussam (Cameroon).
Njikeu, Marise Joëlle, born November 24, 1979 in Nkongsamba (Cameroon).
Nayak-Londo, Patience, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on April 12, 1980.
Nawaz Becker, hope, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on September 9, 1967.
Nkenene Mahana, Jocelyne, born in the Saras (Congo Rep. pop) on January 1, 1975.
Charles Kamga, Job Ernest, born in Nkongsamba (Cameroon) on May 1, 1956.
Nkeramihigo, Kizito, born in Nyanza (Rwanda) on October 20, 1980.
Nay Birkholtz, jewel, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on April 3, 1976.
SLM, Winnie, born at Mbalmayo (Cameroon) on July 20, 1981.
Nayak, Sam, born November 30, 1975 in Bafoussam (Cameroon).
No Kulu Madi, born September 9, 1972 in Likasi (Congo).
Nkundabanyanka, Chiba, born February 15, 1980 in Nyakabiga (Burundi).
Nkurunziza, Diane Marie Noëlla, born December 24, 1976 in Ngagara-Bujumbura (Burundi).
Naze Nzei, Jeanine, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on July 10, 1943.
Nodier Bora, Deborah, born October 14, 1976 in Kivu (Congo).
Nokam Charles, Samuel, born in Mbo Bandjoun (Cameroon) on April 13, 1986.
Noma Naresh, Mariam, born September 10, 1981 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Nongo Nongo Tinando, Marie, born in Beronge (Congo) on March 14, 1945.
Noorbakhsh, Gholam Hosain, born in Ahwaz (Iran) on September 3, 1952.
Noori, Hazim Ahmed, born February 7, 1982 in Baghdad (Iraq).
Noori, Jamila, born in Kabul (Afghanistan) on May 29, 1960.
Noorullahon, Pakiza, born in Baghlan (Afghanistan) in 1991.
Norouzi Dizaj, Tourash, born in Urumiyeh (Iran) on December 22, 1965.
Neel Gomssi, Pierre Legrand, born July 31, 1976 in Mbo-Bafoussam (Cameroon).
Nouri, Hadia, born in Kabul (Afghanistan) in 1987.
Nouri, Malek Ahmad, born in Sarband (Afghanistan) on May 6, 1991.
Nouri, Sakina, born October 12, 1970 in Wardak (Afghanistan).
Noutsougan, Maria, born October 21, 1980 in Lomé (Togo).
Novikov, Sergey, born April 12, 1971 in Goritsy (fed. of Russia).
Novikova, Anzhelika, born in Krasnoe Pole (Kazakhstan) dated June 29, 1992.
Nowak, Agnieszka Sabina, born February 6, 1977 in Poznan (Poland).
Nowak, Magdalena, born October 30, 1975 in Szamotuly (Poland).
Nowik # married Szuminska, Agnieszka, born in Bialystok (Poland) on 6 March 1973.
Nowrusi, Ali Aga, born in Barry Davoud (Afghanistan) on January 25, 1992.
Nowrusi, Halima, born September 5, 1971 in Ghazni (Afghanistan).
Neppalli, Monique, born in Bhattacharya (Burundi) on June 10, 1966.
Nsaka Ciamala, born April 25, 1969 in Mbuji-Mayi (Congo).
Nsalu, Schubert, born October 10, 1975 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Shaz Madhani, Willy, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on October 16, 1963.
Ebegbulem Ntima Nsiemi, born February 13, 1934 in Kimpese (Congo).
Nshimayezu, Maximilian, born October 24, 1974 in Musaga, Bujumbura (Burundi).
Ntacyabukura, Amir, born December 22, 1970 in Kamembe (Rwanda).
Ntalasha Mehjabin, Valère, born in Mokambo (Congo) on May 1, 1958.
Rajashekhar, Étienne, born July 27, 1957 in Gitita (Rwanda).
Ntiyunguruza, Edward, born in Runyeri-Bugendana (Burundi) on June 1, 1964.
Ntoya Bibangi, Alphonse, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on January 1, 1962.
Ntumba Kabasele, Thérèse, born in Kananga (Congo) on December 27, 1946.
Ntumba Mayele, Antoinette, born in Tshilundu (Congo) on April 27, 1939.
Ntumba, ABC, born January 10, 1958 in Bukavu (Congo).
Venkat, Sejfa, born July 22, 1977 in Zvornik (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Núñez Bautista, Yolanda Isabel, born April 16, 1962 in Ambato (Ecuador).
Nunez Mejía, Fatima del Carmen, born in Saint Domingue (Repub. Dominican) September 26, 1984.
Nura, Artan, born in Đakovica (Kosovo) on August 25, 1978.
Nuriyev, Mübariz, born in Baku (Azerbaijan) on February 28, 1969.
Nurja, Ardian, born in Shkodër (Albania) on October 5, 1962.
Nurkovic, Asmir, born October 10, 1979 in Vitomirica-Pec (Kosovo).
Nushi, Artan, born May 25, 1975 in Dakovica (Kosovo).
Nwabudike, Nkechi, born September 24, 1978 in Ossissa (Nigeria).
Nwahiri, Ferdinand Ambrose, born May 10, 1966 in Ahiazu (Nigeria).
Nwaka, Conrad Chukwuemeka, born May 12, 1979 in Aba (Nigeria).
Nweke, Michael Nwabueze, born November 21, 1978 in Unth (Nigeria).
NYA Nono, Elvis, born April 4, 1977 in Nbagante (Cameroon).
Nyakamwe, Joseph, born May 20, 1957 in Mugera - Bugendana (Burundi).
Nyaz, Arkan Salim, born in Ar Rasafah-Baghdad (Iraq) March 13, 1980.
Nychas, Emmanuel, born in Etterbeek (Belgium) on 17 July 1983.
Nyinawintore, Marie, born September 19, 1948 in Cyangugu (Rwanda).
Nyirahabimana, Rukyia, born October 10, 1975 in Bujumbura (Burundi).
Nyiramugwera, Ian, born February 1, 1939 in Ruhango (Rwanda).
Nyiransabimana, Muhammad, born in Gahogo (Rwanda) on April 24, 1947.
Nyiransabimana, immaculate, born March 8, 1970 in Karago-Gisenyi (Rwanda).
Nyirazuba, Anatholie, born April 3, 1953 in Kidaho (Rwanda).
Nykytiuk, Murat, born in Kiev (Ukraine) on September 23, 1992.
Nzabagamba, Abdullah, born in Kigabiro (Rwanda) on December 31, 1962.
Nzambe Nfunzu, Elisabeth, born in Bokoro (Congo) on September 9, 1946.
Nzamurambaho, Richard, born July 25, 1979 in Gitega (Rwanda).
Nzarubara, Norbert, born November 4, 1990 in Kanama - Gisenyi (Rwanda).
Nzenze Tembo, Albertine, born in Madimba (Congo) on November 10, 1944.
Nzeyimana, Zuwena, born November 25, 1986 in Bujumbura (Burundi).
Nzolani Buela, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on April 27, 1973.
Nzuzi Kanga, Leon, born February 7, 1972 in Boma (Congo).
Nzuzi Mari, Blandine, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on September 12, 1977.
Nzuzi, Christine, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on October 15, 1965.
Nzuzi-Buayi, Pedro, born in Catabuanga (Angola) on November 28, 1964.
Oala married Mares, Eugenia, born in Bocsa-Vasiovei (Romania) on 7 August 1944.
Obando Montenegro, Amanda Jimena, born July 2, 1977 in San Jose, Montúfar (Ecuador).
Obremska married Kaseja, Agnieszka, born March 30, 1976 in Poznan (Poland).
Ochoa Eras, Ruth Germania, born October 28, 1966 in Santo Domingo de los Colorados, Quito (Ecuador).
Odeh, Violet, born August 13, 1978 in Benin City, Nigeria.
Odili, Nneka, born November 26, 1969 in abcde (Nigeria).
Ogan, Burhan, born in Idil (Turkey) 8 August 1991.
Ogutlu, Osman Ali, born July 15, 1980 in Bucak (Turkey).
Ohanjanyan, Artak, born August 3, 1977 in Yerevan (Armenia).
Oiaga, Neculai-Constantin, born October 8, 1970 in Baia (Romania).
Brown married Music, Nevada, born January 16, 1964 in Bijeljina (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Okonga Lodi, Adonis, born December 12, 1975 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Oktay married Ardor, Emine Gulderen, born November 10, 1967 in Devrek (Turkey).
Obada-Pala, Ivonne, born October 17, 1975 in Kindu (Congo).
Olfat, Hossein, born 23 September 1960 in Neiriz (Iran).
Olfat, Mehdi, born February 4, 1984 in Shiraz (Iran).
Olfat, Pedram, born in Shiraz (Iran) on 12 March 1990.
Oliveira de Lima married Gonçalves, Patricia, born October 11, 1978 in Belo Horizonte (Brazil).
Oliverio, Alessandra, born in Uberlândia (Brazil) on May 7, 1974.
Olszewska, Anna, born in Pila (Poland) on April 5, 1973.
Olszewski, Slawomir, born July 29, 1974 in Bielsk Podlaski (Poland).
Ruben, Michael Olusesan, born in Lagos (Nigeria) on September 15, 1965.
Omamuli, Ovire, born May 24, 1970 in Elume (Nigeria).
Omanga Diya, Diane, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on December 25, 1973.
Omar, Bala, born June 8, 1983 in Al Malikiyah (Syria).
Omar, Hindrin, born July 23, 1985 in Ain Diwar (Syria).
Omari Ngimbi, born February 22, 1977 in Kalima (Congo).
Omari, Abdul Sami, born December 3, 1986 in Aqchah (Afghanistan).
OMBA Okongo, Paul, born October 9, 1976 in Lonakoy (Congo).
Omerdic, Suad, born March 24, 1979 in Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Omidele, Prince Oluwatoba Adekunle, born September 29, 1959 in Ijebu-Ife (Nigeria).
Odom Ogilvie, Joseph, born in Kisangani (Congo) on May 20, 1968.
Omoruyi, Osaretin, born June 23, 1974 in Usen (Nigeria).
Linda grace, born in Bunia (Congo) on March 7, 1972.
Oña Gualotuna, Jenny Alexandra, born December 29, 1978 in Amaguaña (Ecuador).
Odufoye-Ayouroto, Michelle Didière, born in Brazzaville, Congo (rep.)
May 21, 1981.
Ongun, Mehmet Ali, born in Idil (Turkey) on January 15, 1990.
Giving, Mehmet, born March 20, 1980 in Karaman (Turkey).
Onyejeni, Ameachi Matthew, born in Umute (Nigeria) July 21, 1971.
Opris, Daniel - Iulian, born in Sibiu (Romania) on 30 May 1973.
Ordace, Gheorghe, born in Telciu (Romania) on 11 November 1950.
Orehous, Sergey, born in Leningrad (Fed.
of Russia) on October 15, 1989.

Orhan, Musa, born July 25, 1988 in Kayseri (Turkey).
Orozco Vanegas, Jesus David, born August 23, 1980 in Barranquilla (Colombia).
Ortega Ortega, Luis David, born in Maracaibo (Venezuela) on June 21, 1987.
Oruc, Fehmi, born September 29, 1975 in Nusaybin (Turkey).
Oruc, Omer, born in Eleskirt (Turkey) on November 13, 1986.
Orucu, Mahmut, born January 31, 1975 in Yunak (Turkey).
Orzescu, Alina Adreea, born in Bacau (Romania) on October 11, 1990.
Osabutey, Spera, born in Baguida (Togo) on March 3, 1979.
Osei Boateng, Michael, born May 5, 1987 in Nsawam (Ghana).
Osei, Jonathan, born June 4, 1986 in Kumasi, Ghana.
Oshiki Tavares, Sheila, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on May 1, 1989.
Oshodin, Frances Imuetinyan, born December 13, 1987 in Benin City, Nigeria.
Osman married Akif, Hyulya Behchet, born February 20, 1982 in Zvezdel (Bulgaria).
Osman Omar, Gole, born in Oboley, Ali-Sabieh (Djibouti) in 1950.
Osman, Fernando, born March 22, 1974 in of Krumovgrad (Bulgaria).
Osman, Omar El-Farouk, born November 3, 1974 in Cairo (Egypt).
Osmani, Adnan, born in Veliki Trnovac (Serbia) on January 29, 1977.
Osmani, Arjanit, born in Leskovac (Serbia) on January 15, 1992.
Osmani, Fadil, born August 10, 1966 in Svirce (Serbia).
Ospina Manco, Juan Pablo, born in Apartado (Colombia) 5 January 1992.
Osypenko, Sergiy, born August 5, 1966 in Melitopol (Ukraine).
Ogričevič, Ahmed, born in Ouled Yaïch (Morocco) on January 1, 1951.
Sozib, Fatima, born in Tangier (Morocco) on 8 February 1949.
Ouahidi, Khalid, born in Casablanca (Morocco) in 1940.
Ogwu, Hamer, born in Beni Mellal (Morocco) on 8 May 1980.
Oualad Tamil, Mohamed, born in Al Aaroui (Morocco) on January 27, 1978.
Ouallen, Fadwa, born in Aït Lthuut - Guerrouane (Morocco) on 31 March 1980.
Ogundare, Latifa, born in Rabat (Morocco) July 18, 1955.
OSAA, Layachi, born in Beni Ourtilane-Sétif (Algeria) on August 26, 1968.
Ogletree, Amina, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on 31 December 1957.
Ouattara, Iliev, born October 8, 1976 in Kouahinikro (Côte d'Ivoire).
Ouattara, Majumdar, born January 3, 1987 in Bondoukou (Côte d'Ivoire).
Ouattara, Nadia, born in Okrouyo (Côte d'Ivoire) on October 30, 1984.
Ojoms, Ahmed, born June 15, 1976 in Sidi Slimane (Morocco).
Doris, Athena, born in Souk Ahras (Algeria) on May 3, 1953.
Ouedraogo, Albertine Bintou, born December 4, 1956 in Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina Faso).
Ouedraogo, Mohammed Beatrice, born in Barkouitenga, Ziniaré (Burkina Faso) on July 15, 1983.
Ouedraogo, Abhishek Stiverine, born in Bogodogo (Burkina Faso) on July 27, 1992.
Okocha, Habiba, born September 3, 1970 in Kef (Tunisia).
Oufkir, Mohamed, born January 18, 1972 in Rabat (Morocco).
Ouidad, Zahra, born in Taza (Morocco) on January 1, 1959.
Oukpedjo, Miyuki, born August 20, 1980 in Lomé-Zongo (Togo).
Okoro, Mamoudouba, born January 16, 1985 in Conakry (Guinea).
Ould Houari, Mohamed, born in Moudjeria (Mauritania) on February 8, 1968.
Ouled Sidi Bowba, Ahmed, born in 1973 in Nouakchott (Mauritania).
Oumaieva, Berlant Abdoulkhamidovna, born in Grozny (Russia Fed.) on 27 June 1989.
Ounane, Emmanuel, born in Berkane (Morocco) 28 June 1945.
Ourarhi Abbou, Mohamed, born in Douar Ouraghat (Morocco) on January 1, 1964.
Okoro, Abdeslam, born in Douar Azghar (Morocco) on January 1, 1942.
Ourouji, Jessica, born May 26, 1967 in Kara (Iran).
Ousseini, Siobhan, born January 1, 1970 in Tchibare (Niger).
Outegoulova married Tikhonenko, Tamara Khanum, born June 8, 1957 in Z-Kazakhstanskaya oblast, Uralsk (Kazakhstan).
Ouzaid, Rahbia, born in Oran (Algeria) on November 3, 1940.
Ovchinnikova, Veronika, born February 7, 1971 in Zatobolsk (Kazakhstan).
Overdiep, Janice Jo - Ann, born in Paramaribo (Surinam) on September 19, 1991.
Ozcelik, Gürsel, born in Odobasi (Turkey) on 1 August 1962.
Ozdemir, Aziz, born in Elbistan (Turkey) on 19 January 1971.
Ozdoyev, Khasan Rukmanovitch, born 9 September 1982 in Nazran (fed. of Russia).
Mehmet Haluk Ozelci, born in Ankara (Turkey) on 1 January 1943.
Ozertekin, Ezgi, born in Amasya (Turkey) on April 9, 1990.
Ozertekin, Murat, born February 19, 1970 in Erzincan (Turkey).
Ozfesli, Abdullah, born in Gulagac (Turkey) on October 8, 1988.
Ozkan, Yusuf Aytekin, born November 24, 1976 in Ankara (Turkey).
Ozturk, Semra, born May 10, 1984 in Kigi (Turkey).
Ozyurt, Gülcan, born April 2, 1975 in Biob (Turkey).
Padarashvili, Teona, born in Tbilisi (Georgia) on March 11, 1983.
Padilla Brito, Alexandra Lorena, born April 6, 1988 in Eloy Alfaro (Ecuador).
Padsha, Perwaiz, born at Gandamak-Nangarhar (Afghanistan) on June 13, 1991.
Pahlevanyan, Eliza, born in Leninakan (Armenia) on November 27, 1954.
Pahlosay, Nizam, born in Ar Ramadi (Iraq) June 28, 1982.
Pak married Kim, Nataliya, born March 11, 1966 in Bekabad (Uzbekistan).
Pak married Uzakova, Svetlana, born June 18, 1970 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).
Pak, Olga, born in Dzhambul (Kazakhstan) on September 25, 1968.
Palit, Dilek, born April 21, 1978 in Terneuzen (Netherlands).
Palm, Jörg Werner, born in Marburg (Germany) on 6 November 1963.
Paloji married Gashi, Shemsije, born in Caravodice (Kosovo) on March 1, 1963.
Pamuk, Oguz, born in Brussels (Belgium) on 9 February 1992.
Paniker, Kamalam, born in Johor Bahru (Malaysia) on 16 January 1945.
Pantau, Anamaria Raluca, born January 23, 1982 in Baia Mare (Romania).
Butterfly, Germain Maurice Lucien, born in Harfleur (France) on May 13, 1979.
Parashumti, Arbresha, born in Glakove (Kosovo) on November 8, 1993.
Pardo, Liezl, born August 21, 1980 in Davao (Philippines).
Paredes married Velez, Susan Fabiola, born in Maracaibo (Venezuela) on 24 May 1973.
Pasca, Mihai - Gabriel, born in Cugir (Romania) September 8, 1979.
Pasdar married Naqshbandi, Vesssanmiguel, born 25 November 1987 in Wardak (Afghanistan).
Pasechnik, Lovelace, born in Khemelnitski (Ukraine) on June 30, 1960.
Paslavskyy, Petro, born July 11, 1968 in Bilashky (Ukraine).
Passang Yangzom, born October 20, 1983 in Lhasa (China).
Pastuszka, Robert, born in Ryki (Poland) on July 28, 1976.
Pathak, Tirtha Raj, born February 7, 1972 in Bhandara, Chitwan (Nepal).
Patiño, Fabian Alberto, born June 25, 1984 in Supia (Colombia).
Patout, Arnaud, born January 2, 1981 in Saint-Omer (France).
Patras, Ana Maria, born in Câmpulung Moldovenesc (Romania) on January 5, 1984.
Pãvãlan, Vasilica, born January 16, 1980 in Petricani (Romania).
Pavel, Arthur Lorin, born August 10, 1978 in Tirgoviste (Romania).
Pay, Ela, born in Kouchtchirtchik (Uzbekistan) on October 8, 1958.
Pay, Natalya, born January 9, 1983 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).
Payong, Yolande Raïssa, born June 20, 1984 in Bafoussam (Cameroon).
Pazoki, Behnaz, born 18 January 1972 in Tehran (Iran).
Pecha, Peter, born October 16, 1983 in Kosice-Saca (Slovakia).
Pedro, Nancy Mata, born December 25, 1983 in Luanda (Angola).
Pejmannia, Gholam Hossein, born in Shiraz (Iran) on September 20, 1965.
Pengel - De Volder, Olena, born August 14, 1987 in Cherkasy (Ukraine).
Pepiqi, Sanjay, born in Vranje (Serbia) on April 15, 1990.
Pepiqi, Stanley, born September 15, 1982 in Vranje (Serbia).
Pepiqi, Ferit, born December 16, 1958 in Vranje (Serbia).
Perez Freire, Edgar Wilfrido, born December 1, 1965 in Ambato (Ecuador).
Pesjechonova wife Timmer, Galina Viktorovna, born in Koverninoi, Kovernino, Gorki (fed. of Russia) on February 7, 1980.
Peters, Ivo, born January 27, 1975 in Schiedam (Netherlands).
Petkovski, Zoran, born January 29, 1972 in Bitola (Macedonia).
Petroiu married Lapusneanu, Vasilica, born January 14, 1971 in Asau (Romania).
Petrosyan, Gayane, born January 10, 1960 in Hrazdan (Armenia).
Petrov, Pavlo, born July 4, 1968 in Tsjerkassy (Ukraine).
Petrova - Cudrevici, Valentina, born in Kiselevsk (Moldova) on May 2, 1954.
Petrova married Ali, Violeta Stefkova, born in Yambol (Bulgaria) on August 31, 1981.
Petrova, Evelina Savova, born August 23, 1964 in Levski (Bulgaria).
Petrova, Svetlana, born March 8, 1972 in Krasnodar (Russia Fed.).
Pheanklang, Phattharaporn, born June 19, 1972 in Nakhon Ratchasima (Thailand).
Phewpech, Supriya, born February 2, 1980 in Ubon Ratchathani (Thailand).
Phuangchampee, Phatcharin, born in Pokruam (Thailand) on September 20, 1980.
Arunangshu Arunangshu, born July 31, 1980 in Matadi (Congo).
Pichuante Saud, Valeska, born in Las Condes (Chile) on 1 September 1977.
Pimentel Homem de Bittencourt, Ana Luisa, born in Santos (Brazil) on January 30, 1975.
Pirtskhalava - Sakhelashvili, Makvala, born October 6, 1947 in Kutaisi (Georgia).
Mpho married Chelban, Natalia, born September 10, 1972 in Taraclia (Moldova).
Pisco constant, Sara Eleana, born March 13, 1984 in San Blas, Quito (Ecuador).
Patel, Donovan, born March 4, 1985 in Maubeuge (France).
Plato married Balta, Eugenia, born December 27, 1969 in Bradeni (Romania).
Platonova - Valioullina, Svetlana Vitalevna, born February 19, 1967 in Chemolgan (Kazakhstan).
Plesca, Siminica-Claudia, born March 29, 1980 in Dersca (Romania).
Plotnikov, Andrei, born in Frunze (Kyrgyzstan) on June 2, 1972.
Podtchinenkov, Viktor Gennadyevitch, born in Grodno (fed. of Russia) on December 11, 1969.
Pogaci, Monica, born in Ocna Mures (Romania) on April 22, 1966.
Poghosyan, Yana, born January 1, 1979 in Stepanakert (Azerbaijan).
Pogorea, Diana, born July 27, 1982 in Basarabeasca (Moldova).
Pogorzelski, Krzysztof, born May 27, 1970 in Monki (Poland).
Pokuta, Zoltán, born in Kosice (Slovakia) on December 10, 1955.
Polubinskaja - Kossovtsova, Nina, born November 30, 1951 in Selikamskiy (fed. of Russia).
Polubinskaya-Akhmedova, Lidiya, born January 24, 1957 in Aktiubinsk (Kazakhstan).
Pongja married Rmoku, Fitnete, born in Kosuriq (Kosovo) on May 15, 1967.
Pop, Ioan, born in Negresti-Oas (Romania) on August 9, 1991.
Pop, Marie, born in Corni (Romania) on July 28, 1953.
Pop, Marius-Ioan, born March 3, 1984 in Nasaud, Bistrita-Nasaud County (Romania).
Pop, Nicolae, born May 30, 1964 in Satu Mare (Romania).
Popa married Bancu, Cecilia, born in Tecuci (Romania) on February 14, 1954.
Popa, Ilie Alexandru, born June 3, 1978 in Cisnadie (Romania).
Popa, Camelia Aurora, born June 10, 1976 in Orastie (Romania).
Popa, Constantin, born July 29, 1976 in Iasi (Romania).

Gigi, born to Matca (Romania) September 22, 1975.
Popa, Romeo, born in Birlad (Romania) on February 1, 1972.
Popalzai, Mohammad Hashem, born in Kabul (Afghanistan) on May 1, 1978.
Nurul, Sejdefa, born April 12, 1967 in Godijevo (Serbia).
Popescu, Carmen-Violeta, born June 28, 1976 in Constanta (Romania).
Popovic married Cetkovic, Ljiljana, born December 22, 1970 in Podgorica (Montenegro).
Posadas wife van Rhijn, Luningning, born March 21, 1979 in Kalamansig (Philippines).
Posheva, Madina, born September 27, 1987 in St. Ordzhonikidzevskaya (fed. of Russia).
Poterasu, Elena-Lavinia, born in Viseu de Sus (Romania) on May 21, 1977.
Pothier, Jeannine Marcelline, born in Migennes (France) March 10, 1926.
Potts, Jerald Finley, born in El Reno - Oklahoma (United States) on 7 October 1954.
Pouriavand, Mehdi, born June 25, 1976 in Shiraz (Iran).
Povolotskaya married Zaitseva, Olga Nikolaiévna, born 11 June 1974 in Kalinin (Kyrgyzstan).
Pramenkovic, Sanela, born January 23, 1976 in Novi Pazar (Serbia).
Pranjic, Sanela, born September 7, 1978 in Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Pratumta, Narumon, born March 25, 1965 in Nongkhai (Thailand).
Predi, Maria, born in Cujmir (Romania) on October 15, 1975.
Pretorius, Robert Wessels, born in Boksburg (South Africa) on November 12, 1970.
Prieto Echavarria, Jason Susell, born July 9, 1957 in Barranquilla (Colombia).
Prodan, Lavinia - Yvonne, born in Radauti (Romania) on January 9, 1984.
Pronina-Akhmedova, Elena, born June 6, 1969 in Bratsk (Tajikistan).
Przybycinska married Dulnik, Justyna Urszula, born October 23, 1976 in Lagow (Poland).
Pugoeva married Bisultanova, ASDA, born October 8, 1970 in Altievo (fed. of Russia).
Pula, Lavderim, born July 8, 1971 in Zhulat, Gjirokaster (Albania).
Pushkina married Stoupnikova, Natalia, born in Perelub (fed. of Russia) on December 15, 1976.
Pylgun-Deleu, Alona, born June 1, 1985 in Kiev (Ukraine).
Pyrrho, Thérèse, born in Hinche (Haiti) on 24 December 1942.
Qamar, Muhammad Afzal, born December 30, 1974 in Chenab Nagar (Pakistan).
Zain, Bolton, born April 27, 1976 in Khouribga (Morocco).
Qaqu, Wafaa, born March 3, 1976 in Alnira-Afrin (Syria).
Qarro, Jamal Khodeda, born February 9, 1979 in Sununi-Sinjar (Iraq).
Qassmi, Latifa, born in Berkane (Morocco) on March 25, 1961.
Qiu, Chenwei, born in Rui' year, Zhejiang (China) on July 8, 1989.
Qiu, Rohit, born February 18, 1985 in Zhejiang (China).
QoSA, Kenan, born August 18, 1976 in Pristina (Kosovo).
Quimi Villon, Doris del Pilar, born November 23, 1964 in Guayaquil (Ecuador).
Quiroga Orellana, Gladis Patricia, born May 11, 1972 in La Merced (Ecuador).
Quiroz Vinueza, Hugo Fernando, born July 14, 1976 in San Blas, Quito (Ecuador).
Quishpe Bolaños, Alexandra Ivonne, born January 15, 1976 in San Blas, Quito (Ecuador).
Quishpe Pachacama, Maria Nancy, born 6 June 1974 in San Rafael (Ecuador).
Qunaj, Amy, born in Ferizaj (Kosovo) on September 25, 1991.
Qunaj, Valdrin, born August 24, 1989 in Pristina (Kosovo).
Raafat Jerjawi, Fayez, born September 2, 1970 in Shendi-Nahr an Nil (Sudan).
Rabieh Mohamareh, Afshin, born April 18, 1977 in Khoramshahr (Iran).
Rachad, Azad, born August 3, 1971 in Iska-Afrin (Syria).
Rachad, Rebar, born June 27, 1970 in Cheih Al Der (Syria).
Rachid, sorts Sarwer, born November 15, 1981 in Sulaymaniyah (Iraq).
Rachtan, Grazyna Malgorzata, born in Czlopa (Poland) on September 23, 1967.
Raciborska, Dominika, born in Warsaw (Poland) on April 30, 1975.
Radi, Mortada Hussein, born June 14, 1976 in Al Basrah (Iraq).
Suliman, Nicolae, born in Pesceana (Romania) on 12 June 1954.
Radoslavov, Dragomir Marinov, born March 18, 1960 in Rumyancevo (Bulgaria).
Radu, Ionut-Cristian, born September 4, 1980 in Ploiesti (Romania).
Raducan, Carmen, born January 27, 1976 in Bucharest (Romania).
Rafiq, Karwan, born November 13, 1983 in Arbil (Iraq).
Ragoomundun, Vina, born June 20, 1976 in expectancy Piton (Republic of Mauritius).
Ragozin married Ivanova, Lilia, born in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) on October 13, 1973.
Rad, Khadija, born August 24, 1975 in me M'rirt (Morocco).
Rahama Ousman, Ousman, born January 1, 1982 in Abéché (Chad).
Rahanjam, Maryam, born in Shiraz (Iran) on December 22, 1961.
Rahayaan, Caterina Odalina, born July 7, 1982 in Semarang (Indonesia).
Rahimi Khashoei, Shahram, born in Abadan (Iran) October 25, 1968.
Rahimi, Ahmad, born September 29, 1968 in Gol Darreh (Afghanistan).
Rainchuk, Jana, born in Tsjerkasi (Ukraine) on December 4, 1991.
Rainchuk, Vladyslav, born in Tsjerkasi (Ukraine) on March 31, 1972.
Raita, Elisabeta-Andreea, born January 18, 1985 in Constanta (Romania).
Rajab, Ali Adel, born in Al Mawsil-Ninawa (Iraq) on January 15, 1980.
Rajan, Amin Mohamed, born March 23, 1949 in Kaliro (Uganda).
Raji, Taoufik, born October 4, 1982 in Meknès (Morocco).
Rajkovic, Ratko, born February 8, 1978 in Belgrade (Serbia).
Rakhimov, Anvar Talgatovitch, born October 1, 1967 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).
Raki, Karima, born January 10, 1982 in Sidi Kacem (Morocco).
Ramadan, Veli, born July 1, 1949, Cajlane, Skopje (Macedonia).
Ramadani, Adnan, born in Strezovce Presevo (Serbia) on February 4, 1965.
Ramadani, Igballe, born in Prekaz i Eperm (Kosovo) on June 23, 1971.
Ramadani, Nadzije, born May 10, 1967 to Suharno (Serbia).
Ramadanovic, Klaudija, born May 27, 1990, Belgrade (Serbia).
Ramazani, Wazir, born July 23, 1976 in Dezavar (Iran).
Ramdin, Vikash, born November 22, 1977 in Paramaribo (Suriname).
Sahin, Rachid, born July 5, 1970 in Casablanca (Morocco).
Ramezani Gahrouei, Laleh, born in Ahwaz (Iran) on May 14, 1972.
Rami, Mohammed, born in Berkane (Morocco) in 1955.
Ramic, Edina, born in Bos. Dubica (Bosnia and Herzegovina) on January 6, 1987.
Ramli, Khalid, born May 22, 1978 in Nador (Morocco).
Ramos Maydana, Winsor Ronald, born January 29, 1977 in Nuestra Señora de La Paz (Bolivia).
Ramos Neves, Maria Pàscoa, born May 8, 1974 in São Vicente (Cape Verde).
Ramovic married Omercevic, Ismeta, born February 18, 1960 in Brcve (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Ranaivoson, Samir Khalil, born November 14, 1970 in Soavinandriana Antananarivo (Madagascar).
Randal, Dary Top, born in Tsjindaley (fed. of Russia) on June 3, 1950.
Randresihaja, Onifitia viagra Sambatra, born in Ahmad (Madagascar) on August 8, 1992.
Randresihaja, Robin Gayupraveen, born January 30, 1967 in Mahamasina (Madagascar).
Ranjitkar, Jagat Bahadur, born in Kathmandu (Nepal) on August 11, 1969.
Rasaga, Imelda Arsenal, born in Ozamiz City, Philippines on October 9, 1970.
Rascu, Daniel, born in te (Romania) on February 4, 1969.
Rashed, Imad Khairy, born in Mosul, Ninawa (Iraq) March 14, 1990.
Rasoli, Oladele, born February 22, 1970 in Kabul (Afghanistan).
Rastegaeva, Valentina Pavlovna, born March 5, 1961 in Belokamenka (fed. of Russia).
Ratenkova, Milena Vyacheslavovna, born April 26, 1985 in Makhachkala (Russia Fed.).
Rath, Imran Peter, born in Lahore (Pakistan) on October 16, 1974.
Rawari, Ali, born in Tehran (Iran) on December 22, 1967.
Raymundo, Nambiar, born 16 December 1980 in Tchiowa (Angola).
Razik, Sanaa, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on July 20, 1982.
Raziq, Khadija, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on May 9, 1977.
Razouk, Jalil, born 9 November 1982 in Drir (Mauritania).
Redzhepov, Syuleyman, born September 14, 1947 in Sevlievo (Bulgaria).
Raja, Hoda, born February 9, 1966 in Rabat (Morocco).
Remache Chimbolema, Ana Lydia, born February 18, 1963 in Chimborazo (Ecuador).
Rembeza, Michail, born in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) on April 23, 1991.
Remoting Chua married Baker, Rodrigo Dela, born November 30, 1975 in Pontevedra (Philippines).
Ren, Ping, born in Tianjin, China, April 22, 1963.
Reriouedj, Farahani, born December 28, 1975 in Emjez Asrar (Algeria).
Retass, Bob, born in Ohoyofiigy (Algeria) in 1970.
Rexhepi, Sadat, born January 24, 1983 in Presevo (Serbia).
Reyes Cevallos, Enrique Xavier, born January 11, 1972 in Sta Prisca, Quito (Ecuador).
Rezaee, Saeed, born February 14, 1964 in Shiraz (Iran).
Rezende, Daniel, born in Kisangani (Congo) on March 2, 1991.
Raji, Khadija, born in Tangier (Morocco) in 1941.
Rhallouch, Abdelkader, born in Douar Ouled Ali (Morocco) in 1948.
Ricci, Alberto, born in Camposampiero (Italy) on 23 March 1988.
Ricci, Chiara Maria, born in Padua (Italy) on December 6, 1989.
Ricci, Giacomo, born in Padua (Italy) on 11 January 1992.
Rifai, Asmae, born December 11, 1983 in Fes (Morocco).
Rigonidje, Brigitte, born 23 July 1972 in N'Djamena (Chad).
Rimond Gamero, Tania Patricia, born September 21, 1979 in Valledupar-Cesar (Colombia).
Riti, Lucretia-Adina, born August 23, 1984 in Cluj-Napoca (Romania).
Rivas Torres, Esperanza, born December 18, 1960 in Puerto Antequera (Paraguay).
Riza married Hayrieva, Nurdzhihan, born March 26, 1978 in Rousse (Bulgaria).
Ramkumar, Nermin, born October 6, 1976 in Teslic (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Rmoku, Bujar, born November 10, 1963 in Prishtinë (Kosovo).
Ranatunga, Abdelaziz, born December 31, 1946 in Douar Bainout (Morocco).
Rodrigo De Oliveira, Daniel, born September 14, 1985 in Sao Paulo (Brazil).
Rodriguez Alayo, Rosalbina, born June 20, 1972 in Comas (Peru).
Rodriguez Vázquez, Rajdeep del Rosario, born September 21, 1969 in Vedado, Havana (Cuba).
Rogojina, Mihai-Razvan, born in Bacau (Romania) December 4, 1989.
Rojas Herrera, Maria Luisa, born August 22, 1952 in Providencia (Chile).
Roman Vargas, Luz Adriana, born January 14, 1981 in Risaralda (Colombia).
Novel, Mirela-Mariana, born February 22, 1982 in Ruscova (Romania).
Romanidi, Marina Aleksandrovna, born in Isfara (Fed.
of Russia) on June 29, 1962.
Ranpise Mansy, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on January 7, 1963.
Roque Garcia, Stéphane, born January 4, 1990 in Nuestra Señora de La Paz (Bolivia).
Rosca, Violeta, born September 26, 1974 in Baurci-Moldoveni (Moldova).
Rosero Gavilanes, Byron Roberto, born July 4, 1973 in Ambato (Ecuador).
Rossi, Patricia Isabelle, born in Versailles (France) on May 2, 1984.
Rostam, Khoudo, born in Echmiadsin (fed. of Russia) on June 22, 1983.
Rozanska, Sylwia Weronika, born in Siemiatycze (Poland) on April 12, 1981.
Ruba, Joanna Zofia, born in Waratah

(Australia) on June 11, 1980.
Rudenko married Von Hinten-Reed, Larissa, born May 12, 1976 in Rujana (Belarus).
Omar, Nadeem, born July 28, 1983 in Nyarugenge (Rwanda).
Rukara, Gilbert, born February 22, 1976 in Mpanda (Burundi).
Rukira Remera, Antoine, born 12 August 1987 in Kigali (Rwanda).
Ruksha, Aliaksei, born September 22, 1957 in Grodno (Belarus).
RUS, Irina Anisoara, born in Negresti-Oas (Romania) on November 22, 1986.
Rushanyan, Shushan, born in Yerevan (Armenia) on 12 June 1980.
Rushit, Matilda, born October 1, 1976 in Korçë (Albania).
Rusu Ioan-Marius, born April 1, 1978 in Liteni (Romania).
Haridas, Eugène, born August 27, 1985 in Nyarugenge (Rwanda).
Ruzigana, Clement, born January 5, 1983 in Ruhango (Rwanda).
Ruzyeva married Mikhramova, Gulbostan, born in Kuldzja (China) on October 28, 1949.
Rybaczuk - Jacewicz, Janina, born January 2, 1961 in Bocki (Poland).
Rymanbee married Banda, Bibi Yashina Nabeela, born September 24, 1984 in Port-Louis (Republic of Mauritius).
Ryzhkova, Raisa Alekseevna, born July 6, 1937 in Palasan (Uzbekistan).
Saad Ismail Taha Abu Warda, Ahmed, born in Mansoura (Egypt) on November 23, 1971.
Saad-Allah, Mahmoud Abdelaziz, born October 23, 1982 in Mosul (Iraq).
Saadat, Said Abdul Basir, born June 5, 1979 in Sultanpoor Nangarhar (Afghanistan).
Saadi, Nawal, born July 9, 1978 in Akko (Israel).
Saadi, Wafieh, born May 17, 1962 in Ain El Helwe (Lebanon).
Saavedra Londoño, Gloria Astrid, born June 30, 1969 in Medellín (Colombia).
Saavedra Navarrete, Eliana Lilibeth, born in Tosagua (Ecuador) on May 21, 1992.
Sabapathy Iyer, Uruthiranantha Sarma, born in Inuvil (Sri Lanka) on October 1, 1962.
SABATER Moreno, Amado, born September 25, 1962 in Havana (Cuba).
Sabato Mitengezo, born November 27, 1980 in Rutshuru (Congo).
Sabili, Mohammad, born July 8, 1979 in Sardasht (Iran).
Saboh, Ngaso Candida, born March 17, 1974 in Mankon (Cameroon).
S, Aeiouaung, born in Skopje, Macedonia on November 17, 1990.
S, Hasudin, born April 16, 1970 in Skopje (Macedonia).
Sabri, Nezhdi, born July 14, 1965 in Sokol (Bulgaria).
Sabriev, Bably, born April 16, 1982 in Popovo (Bulgaria).
Sacewicz, Jerzy, born February 7, 1975 in Siemiatycze (Poland).
Sacko, Boubacar Sidiki, born March 14, 1974 in Abobo (Côte d'Ivoire).
Sadat, Fatima, born in Ningarhar (Afghanistan) on October 4, 1970.
Saddiki, Brahim, born November 19, 1983 in Boudinar (Morocco).
Sadeghi Eshtehardi, Parvaneh, born in Arababd ko Savuj bulagh (Iran) on September 9, 1963.
Sadeki, Shebnem, born in Sanandaj (Iran) on March 10, 1991.
Sadiq, Samira, born in Aït Boutahlil (Morocco) on January 1, 1989.
Sri, me hamed, born in Casablanca (Morocco) in 1974.
Kole, Harvey, born August 11, 1976 in Sidi Behera (Morocco).
Sadoon, Mawed Abdulwahid, born in Al Amarah-Maysan (Iraq) on June 8, 1971.
Sadyrchanov, Rasjid Daudovitch, born March 29, 1982 in Khasavyurt (fed. of Russia).
Saeed, Ban Adnan, born in Al Karkh-Baghdad (Iraq) on September 1, 1982.
Saeid, Salman, born in Fahs-Tanger (Morocco) July 15, 1989.
Saeid, Palwasha, born in Tangier (Morocco) on 31 August 1991.
Safarian, Tamar, born May 15, 1968 in Mosul, Ninawa (Iraq).
Safarov, Rufat, born 27 September 1976 in Ganja (Azerbaijan).
Safi, Hamidullah, born in Laghman (Afghanistan) in 1956.
Safi, Sangina, born in Kabul (Afghanistan) on January 5, 1992.
Saganski, Marcin Tadeusz, born June 17, 1979 in Strzelce Opolskie (Poland).
Sagno, Oumar, born January 25, 1987 in Conakry (Guinea).
Sahak, Abdul Khaleq, born August 5, 1963 in Laghman (Afghanistan).
Sahid, Mohamed, born November 20, 1976 in Old Said Settat (Morocco).
Sahin married Guler, Merve, born December 11, 1987 in Çaykara (Turkey).
Sahin, Joe, born in Tomarza (Turkey) on December 17, 1989.
Sahini, Baskim, born August 28, 1970 in Kumanovo (Macedonia).
S.k, Leonora, born in Đakovica (Kosovo) on October 8, 1989.
S.k, Veton, born in Đakovica (Kosovo) on October 16, 1991.
S.k, Avni, born in Zujince (Serbia) on 21 August 1969.
Sahure, Dad, born in 1954 in Briand (Côte d'Ivoire).
Sahrawi, Asmaa, born July 2, 1983 in Oran (Algeria).
Saad Washoto, Muhsin, born May 25, 1979 in Zanzibar (Tanzania).
Saidi Boujemaa, Khadija, born in Tangier (Morocco) on August 10, 1963.
Saidi, Thomas, born August 24, 1982 in Douar Aounoute (Morocco).
Saidi, Amira, born February 9, 1982 in Tunis (Tunisia).
Saidi, Yahya, born in Oujda (Morocco) on January 25, 1966.
Saikouk, Laurent, born in Douar Ouled Allal (Morocco) 22 December 1979.
Sajadi, Iran, born November 29, 1957 in Tehran (Iran).
Sajtovic, Ajna, born in Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina) on July 19, 1992.
Sakaeva wife Akhmadova, VIKI Germanovna, born in Belgatoy (fed. of Russia) on June 11, 1972.
Sakaeva, Ayshat Germanovna, born May 15, 1968 in Belgatoy (fed. of Russia).
Sakarya, Ercan, born January 10, 1977 in Bursa (Turkey).
Sakic, Nedad, born June 29, 1965 in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Sakin, Sadik, born June 24, 1975 in Semdinli (Turkey).
Salahi, Shoresh, born July 6, 1980 in Sardasht (Iran).
Salama Assaad, Aida, born in Cairo (Egypt) on January 26, 1966.
Sadarangani, Zarema Ramzanovna, born December 31, 1986 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Salazar Paranjape, María Zoila, born July 11, 1973 in San Luis (Ecuador).
Saleh, Hussein Abdelhadi, born in Al A'zamiyah-Baghdad (Iraq) on 18 January 1951.
Salehi, Hamid, born August 23, 1974 in Tehran (Iran).
Salgin, Firdes, born April 20, 1955 in Yozgat (Turkey).
Salhami, Victor, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on January 2, 1988.
Salhi, Saliha, Metalsa (Morocco) born January 1, 1989.
Sali, Arif, born in Suhodoll i Poshtem (Kosovo) on September 15, 1965.
Sali, Jehona, born in Mitrovica (Kosovo) on April 11, 1991.
Sali, Rrustem, born in Mitrovica (Kosovo) on September 17, 1989.
Sali, Sali Yusein, born April 23, 1975 in Novi Pazar (Bulgaria).
Salif - Osman, Rafie Haider, born May 18, 1975 in Kubrat (Bulgaria).
Salihi, Bajram, born March 30, 1963 in Nesalce (Serbia).
Mark married Ahmeti, Nexhmije, born April 14, 1958 in Smire (Kosovo).
Salija, Murvete, born in Prelez (Kosovo) on February 5, 1958.
Salim, Ziad Mohamed, born June 15, 1970 in Mosul, Ninawa (Iraq).
Michelle, Paula, born in Ferizaj (Kosovo) on October 15, 1974.
Sall, Mamadou Ibra, born October 2, 1979 in Nouakchott (Mauritania).
Sall, Mamadou, born October 17, 1977 in Dar El Avia (Mauritania).
Sall, Ousmane, born in Tekane (Mauritania) November 30, 1984.
Salmi, Chloe, born in Tebessa (Algeria) on November 20, 1955.
Salmi, Borg, born in Beni Ansar (Morocco) on November 18, 1973.
Salum Suleiman, Abeid, born April 11, 1972 in Zanzibar (Tanzania).
Samadian, Mohammad Jafar, born in Tabriz (Iran) on June 28, 1963.
Samba, Guy, born in Brazzaville (Congo (rep.
pop.)) May 2, 1963.
Sambou, El Mamoudou, born June 18, 1974 in Kamat Dialloube (Senegal).
Sameh, Abdul Halim, born in Sheykh'Ali-Parwan (Afghanistan) on April 14, 1962.
Sahasrabudhe, Barros, born in Douar Mghizrate Sejaa (Morocco) in 1941.
Samil, Jamila, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on June 26, 1972.
Samir, Sayed, born March 21, 1983 in Kunduz (Afghanistan).
Samoila - Balan, Silvia-Vasilica, born June 24, 1974 in Bucuresti (Romania).
Samoylova married Sinitsina, Irina Georgievna, born in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) on August 22, 1973.
Sanchez Alman, Lizandro Solomon, born January 19, 1980 in Muisne (Ecuador).
Sanchez Chicaiza, Manuel Vinicio, born January 21, 1980 in Pastocalle, Latacunga (Ecuador).
Sanchez married Smits, Yolanda, born in Los Hidalgos (Repub. Dominican) on October 21, 1968.
Sanchin, Yundendorj, born October 13, 1958 in Ulan-Bator (Mongolia).
Sandoval Carlosama, Pablo Rodrigo, born July 19, 1976 in Chaupicruz, Quito (Ecuador).
Sandu, Damian, born November 12, 1958 in Holercani (Romania).
Sangaré, Dalton, born August 19, 1985 in Conakry (Guinea).
Sangaré, Douonan, born July 23, 1974 in Man (Côte d'Ivoire).
Sangari, Binta, born January 26, 1978 in Tiro (Guinea).
Sajjad, Hadja Mariama, born in Conakry, Guinea on 30 January 1991.
Sannasy, Vasantharajah, born July 9, 1962 in Ramboda (Sri Lanka).
Salah, Sidi Mohamed, born February 28, 1954 in Siguiri (Guinea).
Santana Castaño, Benito, born June 9, 1983 in Guantánamo (Cuba).
Saud, Imad, born August 5, 1981 in Baarn (Netherlands).
Saud, Sarah, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on April 30, 1977.
Sarfaka, Sadia, born March 29, 1979 in Bouarfa (Morocco).
SARGSYAN, Albert, born in Kirovakan (Armenia) on 30 August 1955.
SARGSYAN, Alvina, born in Kirovakan (Armenia) on June 9, 1992.
SARGSYAN, Ara, born in Etsjmiadzin (Armenia) on July 28, 1967.
SARGSYAN, Edik, born May 6, 1948 in Leninakan (Armenia).
SARGSYAN, Gohar, born November 29, 1985 in Leninakan (Armenia).
SARGSYAN, Hayk, born August 18, 1986 in Yerevan (Armenia).
SARGSYAN, Yelena Sargsi, born September 6, 1966 in Leninakan (Armenia).
Sari, Ayten, born May 28, 1973 in Kulu (Turkey).
Sarialtun, Mercan, born June 10, 1976 in Pazarcik (Turkey).
Saribekyan, Amalya, born in Parakar (Armenia) on January 23, 1949.
Sarieva, Zarina, born in Frunze (Kyrgyzstan) on July 13, 1984.
Sarjo, Ibrahim, born February 3, 1982 in Fagi Kunda (Gambia).
Sarkisov, Karen, born November 14, 1976 in Tbilisi (Georgia).
Saroyan, Anahit, born October 13, 1979 in N. Guetachen, Martuni (Armenia).
Saroyan, Artur, born in Leninakan (Armenia) on October 3, 1971.
Sarrami, Ehsan, born December 7, 1977 in Khomeinishahr (Iran).
Satabayeva, Liza Khavachevna, born August 24, 1972 in Roshni-Chu (fed. of Russia).
Satari, Samiollah, born in Mazar-I-Sharif (Afghanistan) on December 25, 1989.
Vycudilik - Zajac, Magdalena Anna, born August 15, 1980 in Miedzyrzecz (Poland).
Savannah, Kabinet, born in Conakry (Guinea) February 5, 1987.
Savilla married Chopra, Mohamed Agad, born February 7, 1977 in Bagabag (Philippines).
Savova, Borianka Savova, born June 16, 1951 in Gorna Oryahovitsa (Bulgaria).
Sawadogo, Abdul-Kader Delwende Valerie, born August 31, 1979 in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso).
Sawadogo, Yasmine, born in Taemsse (Burkina Faso) on September 17, 1992.
Saya, Mounir, born in Tunis (Tunisia) on November 8, 1967.
Sayan, Muhammed, born January 20, 1977 in Diyarbakir (Turkey).
Saynaroev, Azamat,

born February 19, 1990 in Ordzhonikidzevskaya (fed. of Russia).
SBAI, Naima, born in Berkane (Morocco) July 16, 1990.
Sbarhi, Andrew, born in Oujda (Morocco) may 30, 1982.
Scharov, Valeriy Nikolaevich, born in Omsk (fed. of Russia) on April 30, 1962.
Scharova, Victoria Valerievna, born May 7, 1985 in Omsk (Russia Fed.).
Scheurkogel, Martin Robert, born in Helmond (Netherlands) on May 11, 1969.
Schmidt, Séverine, born in Differdange (Gr. Duchy of the Luxembourg) may 2, 1986.
Schneider, Beate, born in Wegberg (Germany) on September 21, 1966.
Sdouga, Schumacher, born May 14, 1978 in El-Hamma (Tunisia).
Sealiti Troukasti, Farah, born in Douar Imstlan Midar (Morocco) on September 20, 1984.
Sebbar, Murtada, born in Rabat (Morocco) July 17, 1980.
Sebhan, Sabriya Abdullah, born in Shahrbazar - Sulaimania (Iraq) on January 1, 1962.
Sefar, Mina, born April 20, 1978 in Kenitra (Morocco).
Seghir, Loubna, born in Tangier (Morocco) July 27, 1980.
Segnko, Igor, born in Baranovichi (Belarus) on May 9, 1973.
Sekandar, Feroz, born January 12, 1990 in Samangan (Afghanistan).
San Pedro, Nuran, born in Istanbul (Turkey) on January 21, 1969.
Sanchez, El Hawa, born in Beni Sidel (Morocco) in 1935.
SELA, Arul, born December 28, 1989 in Shkodër (Albania).
Selim, Rufija, born in Suto Orizari (Macedonia) on August 29, 1972.
Selimi, Wesley, born April 22, 1985 in Mitrovicë (Kosovo).
Sellam Amghar, Samira, born in Tangier (Morocco) on December 6, 1967.
Sellathamby, Ramanan, born January 10, 1983 in Jaffna (Sri Lanka).
Sellathurai, Andrew Naveen, born November 17, 1983 in Kalutara (Sri Lanka).
Sellathurai, Susan Vilogini, born September 16, 1985 in Colombo (Sri Lanka).
Selliah, Navaratnam, born December 17, 1958 in Inuvil (Sri Lanka).
Selmani, Jashar, born September 26, 1979 in Gnjilane (Kosovo).
Semashko, Olga, born in Goedermes (fed. of Russia) on July 16, 1951.
Semiachkine, Evgueni, born January 6, 1969 in Syktyvkar (Russia Fed.).
Semikolenova, Oksana, born in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) on November 18, 1981.
Sand, Brahim, born in Tangier (Morocco) on January 1, 1948.
Senna Malay, born in Kinshasa (Congo) August 9, 1974.
Sandhu, Christian, born November 2, 1970 in Kiliba-Uvira (Congo).
Sanchez, Linda Yao, born in Tometikondji (Togo) in 1966.
Sepnang, Catherine, born February 2, 1950 in Batoufam (Cameroon).
Seremet wife Stamat Zinovia, born in Vadul lui Isac (Moldova) on 12 February 1976.
Sergeeva married Plotnikova, Natalia, born February 21, 1976 in Frunze (Kyrgyzstan).
Serikova, Olga, born in Frunze (Kyrgyzstan) on May 28, 1989.
Serikova, Yuliya, born in Frunze (Kyrgyzstan) on January 29, 1988.
Serkov, Sergey Sergiyovych, born in Nova Kakhovka (Ukraine) on March 3, 1991.
Sanguinetti, Fatna, born in 1948 in Lahra (Morocco).
Serugendo, Leo, born May 30, 1978 in Satish (Rwanda).
Set, Han, born June 7, 1957 in Pimpediel (Mauritania).
Setrakyan, Lusine, born in Yerevan (Armenia) on March 26, 1990.
Setrakyan, Samvel, born January 7, 1966 in Azizbekov (Armenia).
Setti, Ronda, born in Douar Ouled Basha (Morocco) in 1948.
Severin married Bichir, Raisa, born May 6, 1977 in Valeni (Romania).
Sewoavi, Akueba, born in 1937 in Lomé (Togo).
Sankar, Zaman, born September 4, 1973 in Tahoua (Niger).
Seydou, Ide, born in Bourkourkabe-Kollo (Niger) on 1 January 1969.
Seyoum Agarwal, Fortuna, born 2 October 1988 in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).
Sfetcu, Dumitru, born May 1, 1965 in Targoviste (Romania).
Shabani, Gledis, born in Puke (Albania) on July 19, 1992.
Shabeeb, Hussein Kamel, born December 24, 1975 in Baghdad (Iraq).
Shabi, Heind Dawood S, born January 3, 1974 in Ninve (Iraq).
Shafahat, Fahima, born January 10, 1986 in Kapisa (Afghanistan).
Shafiy, Rana, born May 24, 1967 in Kazeroun (Iran).
Shah, Naik Afzal, born December 15, 1969 in Mayar (Pakistan).
Shahbaghyan, Diana, born in Sovkhoz Kedrovi Chor (fed. of Russia) on September 1, 1944.
Shahgaldyan, TK, born February 22, 1964 in Yerevan (Armenia).
Shahgaldyan, Tsovinar, born in Yerevan (Armenia) on March 17, 1992.
Shahzad, Naeem, born August 5, 1980 in Sialkot (Pakistan).
Shako Dikaho, Papy, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on July 1, 1980.
Shako Pungu Shembo, Augustine, born in Lubefu (Congo) on March 27, 1971.
Shala, Leuvdiana, born January 30, 1979 in Pejë (Kosovo).
Shala, oar, born in Dubovik (Kosovo) on 17 February 1947.
Shala, Shaban, born October 22, 1956 in Grabc (Kosovo).
Shala, Shqiponja, born in Dubovik (Kosovo) on February 4, 1991.
Shala, Vlora, born May 5, 1987 in Dubovik (Kosovo).
Shamayeva, Avinash Shataevna, born December 30, 1983 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Shamilev, Ali Edil 'bekovich', born in Savel yevskaya (fed. of Russia) on August 27, 1974.
Shamsinejad, Farzaneh, born in Khomeinishahr (Iran) on December 16, 1971.
Shamsoutdinov, Rachid, born October 26, 1964 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).
Shamsutdinova, Rufiya Borisovna, born in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) on June 24, 1969.
Shamun, Fira, born January 6, 1971 in Kamishly (Syria).
Shamun, Nuaman, born in Qoubour Al-Beedh (Syria) on August 2, 1968.
Shaown Box, born in Dhaka (Bangladesh) on 12 October 1991.
Shapiyanova, Luiza Mukhadievna, born November 29, 1979 in Nozhay-Yurt (fed. of Russia).
Shapkina-Kalatcheva, Julia, born in Stupino (Russia Fed.) on June 30, 1973.
Shaqiri, ebony, born March 8, 1978 in Mitrovica (Kosovo).
Sharif, Azad Ahmed, born in Shahrbazar - Sulaimania (Iraq) on July 1, 1964.
Sharifi, Mary, born in Bibi Mahro (Afghanistan) on June 15, 1973.
Sharmukh, Valentine Sabah, born in Baghdad (Iraq) on April 12, 1970.
Shegay, Oksana Valentinovna, born in Gulistan (Uzbekistan) on March 29, 1984.
B, Valerjana, born in Vlora (Albania) on July 16, 1988.
Shehu, Nanugotaisa, born in Berat (Albania) on February 28, 1986.
Shehu, Shqipe, born December 11, 1967 in Đakovica (Kosovo).
Sheikh married Khan, Wajiha, born May 29, 1987 in Rawalpindi (Pakistan).
Sheikha, Ibtihal Abdul Hasan, born in Al Karkh-Baghdad (Iraq) may 27, 1971.
Sheka Kanyama, Marie, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on March 15, 1970.
Shema, Nadine, born in Nyarugenge (Rwanda) on January 1, 1989.
Shemshadian, Nasser, born January 6, 1966 in Tehran (Iran).
Shenwari married Basharyar, Shakira, born in Kunar (Afghanistan) on January 1, 1974.
Shepelev, Andrej Igorevitch, born May 28, 1970 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).
Shepeleva, Anna Andreevna, born in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) on October 11, 1990.
Sherap Lhundup, born January 14, 1985 in Ebrayi (China).
Sheriff, Sheriff Abbas Ibrahim, born May 28, 1968 in El-Sharky (Egypt).
Santiago, Ashish Wassen, born November 25, 1985 in Karbala (Iraq).
Sheripov, Ruslan, born November 26, 1964 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Shinwary, Zabih Ullah, born May 5, 1985 in Kilagi (Afghanistan).
Shiobara, Osamu, born February 10, 1957 in Tokyo (Japan).
Shiolashvili, Eka, born in Tbilisi (Georgia) on July 9, 1986.
Shipko-Auzina, Lilia, born in Riga (Latvia) on September 15, 1961.
Shirazi, Mahdi, born July 16, 1971 in Tehran (Iran).
Shirzad, Farzana, born in Kabul (Afghanistan) on January 1, 1976.
Shirzad, Obaidullah, born in Kilaghu (Afghanistan) on June 21, 1992.
Shirzai, Abdul Qadar, born in Mamakheyl-Shirzad (Afghanistan) in 1986.
Shkodry, Ahmad, born October 10, 1975 in Lattquie (Syria).
Shkurko, Kseniya Dmitrievna, born in Chita (Fed.
of Russia) on June 2, 1989.
Shmakanova, Hanna, born September 9, 1979 in Orsha (Belarus).
Shmirina, Marina, born March 22, 1966 in Donskoy (Kazakhstan).
Shogujsina married Kovpachik, Olga, born in Karaganda (Kazakhstan) on September 10, 1972.
Showalter, Thomas Dalen, born in Allegheny (United States) on August 14, 1989.
Shrestha, Dirgha Man, born October 26, 1970 at Madhyapur Thimi (Nepal).
Shtrezi married Ramnath, Grash, born December 2, 1975 in Dakovica (Serbia).
Shukri Ali, Kadar, born February 3, 1986 in Mogadishu (Somalia).
Shvets, Andriy, born December 5, 1971 in Kiev (Ukraine).
Siahi, Samira, born November 24, 1985 in Kouba (Algeria).
Navnit Njiakin, Raïssa Synthia, born in Yaoundé (Cameroon) on June 16, 1991.
Sibomana, Athanase, born in Nyamasheke-Kagano (Rwanda) in 1954.
Santosh, Jamal, born in Meknès (Morocco) on 31 July 1974.
Sidibé, Ishmael, born March 2, 1979 in n ' Zérékoré (Guinea).
Mohamed Lamine Sidimé, born December 20, 1988 in Kankan (Guinea).
Sidoli, Claudia, born July 25, 1979 in Liege-Rocourt (Belgium).
Sierra Caraballo, Emelis Esther, born in Cartagena (Colombia) on November 25, 1977.
Vivek, Lamia, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on November 11, 1982.
Sara Maati, AA, born in Meknès (Morocco) on April 16, 1968.
Saran, Sylvie, born August 25, 1975 in Remera-Muramvya (Burundi).
SIKU Nartey, Papy, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on October 18, 1973.
Sila, Odile Mboma, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on December 22, 1956.
Silakowski, Krystian, born in Grajewo (Poland) on October 10, 1992.
Silberstein, Maia Naomi, born in San Francisco (United States) on March 7, 1967.
Silea married Nita, Alis, born April 14, 1978 in Bucuresti (Romania).
Siledje, Leslie Lareine, born in Bayangam (Cameroon) on July 17, 1980.
Silidjeu, Eric, born in Douala (Cameroon) on August 26, 1991.
Silva de Jesus, Reinaldo, born February 19, 1971 in Itabuna (Brazil).
Silva de Oliveira, Vanessa, born September 20, 1980 in Belo Horizonte (Brazil).
SIMA, Marius-Anton, born in Câmpulung (Romania) on March 5, 1965.
SIMA, Oana-Maria, born in Câmpulung (Romania) on March 2, 1991.
Simbiyara, Chantal, born in Muyinga (Burundi) on August 21, 1963.
Sarah married Iliev, Silviya, born March 11, 1984 in Levski (Bulgaria).
Simo, Steve, born July 24, 1984 in Douala (Cameroon).
Simonyan married Avetisyan, Ruzanna, born July 4, 1965 in Hnaberd (Armenia).
Simonyan, Eduard, born July 2, 1950 in Echmiadzin (Armenia).
Sarker, Merdan, born March 1, 1982 in Sariz (Turkey).
Sarker, Mukaddes, born November 1, 1978 in Cizre (Turkey).
Sinanaj married Bahtiri, Bastrije, born in Murgull (Kosovo) on May 21, 1973.
Sarkar, Elyse, born November 29, 1980 in Kayange-Kiganda (Burundi).
Singa, Denise, born November 11, 1977 in Bokoro (Chad).
Singh, Chitra Bahadur, born March 26, 1968 in Taksar, Syangja (Nepal).
Singh, Jaswinder, born March 30, 1980 in Bahadurgarh (India).
Singh, Khushdev, born January 4, 1963 in Bhadas (India).

Singh, Ranjit, born April 15, 1967 in Dolowal (India).
Singkrai, Somchai, born February 6, 1978 in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Pak Phanang, Khlong Noi (Thailand).
Singsook, Methanun, born May 19, 1975 in Mae Khao Tom (Thailand).
Sinitsina, Julia Stanislavovna, born in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) on November 2, 1991.
Sinnathamby, Sabananthabavan, born May 25, 1976 in Udappu (Sri Lanka).
Sisianu, Rodica, born June 6, 1988 in Cantemir (fed. of Russia).
Sisik, Suat Lemi, born in Esslingen a/Neckar, Stuttgart (Germany) on December 1, 1968.
Siuciak, Robert Jacek, born in Pulawy (Poland) on 14 April 1971.
Siyapdze Naser, Paule-na, born August 1, 1980 in Baham (Cameroon).
Skaqaj, Fran, born September 9, 1956 in Ivanaj, Shkoder (Albania).
Skelton, Kevin Daryl, born July 22, 1978 in Kelowna (Canada).
Skoraya, Ekaterina Aleksandrovna, born August 5, 1982 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).
Skrijelj, Elvira, born in Podgorica (Montenegro) on November 11, 1975.
Skrijelj, Sarwar, born in Dasca Rijeka (Montenegro) on September 24, 1992.
Skrypka-Pal'chykova, Nataliya Volodymyrivna, born August 28, 1977 in Zaporizhia (Ukraine).
Smajlovic married Sakic, Sabina, born March 14, 1974 in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Smakaj married Pepiqi, Nexhmije, born in Shipshanik (Serbia) on December 16, 1963.
Smirnov, Denis, born in Yaroslavl (Russia Fed.) on June 3, 1969.
Smirnova, Tatiana, born in Ribinsk (Fed.
of Russia) on December 26, 1972.
Smuts married Pretorius, Sandra, born in Alberton (South Africa) on September 4, 1973.
Sofronea - Maftei married Costea, Maria, born in Vorniceni (Romania) on February 14, 1960.
Soghomonyan, Ashot, born in Yenquidja (Armenia) on January 3, 1964.
Soghomonyan, Hripsime, born in Jerewan (Armenia) on August 23, 1991.
Soghomonyan, Mariam, born in Norabats (Armenia) on April 7, 1991.
Saxena, Patrick, born December 31, 1982 in Kara (Togo).
Sokhadze, David, born in Moscow (Russia Fed.) on September 24, 1968.
Sokholutsky, Arkady, born in Moscow (Russia Fed.) on October 15, 1970.
IMA, Adnan, born in Marsberg (Germany) on October 27, 1993.
Solanki, Vijaykumar Narendrakumar, born October 23, 1975 in Chinai Pra.Gruth (India).
Solovieva, Victoria, born in Alma Ata (Kazakhstan) dated April 22, 1988.
SOM, Sokha, born December 27, 1971 in Phnom Penh (Cambodia).
Somaskanthamoorthy, Paskaran, born April 13, 1966 in Moolai (Sri Lanka).
Somasundaram, Anna Letchumi, born in Marawila (Sri Lanka) on April 26, 1958.
Sommer, Sophie, born in Lausanne (Switzerland) on June 10, 1975.
Sound - Kim, Lyudmila, born in Tchinaz (Uzbekistan) on November 17, 1955.
Sonam Dolma, born December 13, 1982 in Kashi (China).
Soriano Alva, Juana Violeta, born August 16, 1952 in San Benito (Peru).
Soto Quilachamin, Maria Elizabeth, born December 3, 1970 in Chillogallo (Ecuador).
Souaf, Brahim, born in Tangier (Morocco) July 30, 1977.
Souare, Fede, born May 5, 1985 in Conakry (Guinea).
Kirthi, El Hawa, born April 22, 1980 in Tiguite (Morocco).
Suleiman Abd Manaf, Mouna-Ouba, born September 15, 1984 in Djibouti (Djibouti).
Souleymanova, Gouzal Omonjanovna, born in Bisjkek (Kyrgyzstan) on October 19, 1986.
Soumah, Abu, born August 5, 1985 in Fria (Guinea).
Soumah, Mohamed, born August 15, 1988 in Conakry (Guinea).
Soumana, Moussa, born in Yatakala (Niger) in 1980.
Sourani, Darioush, born April 9, 1976 in Ahwaz (Iran).
Sourroukh, Fatima, born in Larache (Morocco) in 1952.
Soussi, Sana, born October 21, 1983 in Tunis (Tunisia).
Sow, Abderamani, born in Tektake (Mauritania) on June 1, 1973.
Sow, Betsy Diogo, born September 26, 1987 in Matam (Guinea).
Sow, Abu, born December 31, 1977 in Monguel (Mauritania).
Sow, Aliou, born in Labe (Guinea) on January 1, 1991.
Sow, Amath, born February 2, 1973 in Ndiobene (Senegal).
Sow, Aminata, born June 19, 1987 in Mamou (Guinea).
Sow, Boubacar Sidighi, born in Boulivel-Mamou (Guinea) on March 4, 1973.
Sow, El Cheikh Oumar, born April 11, 1984 in Bagodine (Mauritania).
Sow, Farnan, born July 2, 1983 in Nouakchott (Mauritania).
Sow, Liam, born October 10, 1982 in Kindia (Guinea).
Sow, Lovee, born in Kansagni (Guinea) February 7, 1953.
Sow, Mamadou, born January 3, 1980 in Conakry (Guinea).
Sow, Mariama, born December 25, 1987 in Sebkha (Mauritania).
Sow, Nene Fatoumata, born March 2, 1990 in Conakry (Guinea).
Sow, Ouzmane, born March 21, 1980 in Kiffa (Mauritania).
Sow, Saidou, born in Mamou (Guinea) on January 1, 1983.
Soykok, Harun, born in Mut (Turkey) on February 15, 1986.
Sozranov, Boris Anatolievitch, born in Khar'kov (Ukraine) on February 22, 1966.
Grahame, Macedo, born in 1949 in Zaouit Oulad Bouhlal (Morocco).
Sriskandarajah, Lenin, born April 1, 1984 in Chankanai (Sri Lanka).
Sriskandarajah, MoE, born March 26, 1982 in Jaffna (Sri Lanka).
Sriskandarajah, Thanusan, born in Kandarodai (Sri Lanka) on 19 August 1991.
Sriskandarajah, Thiluxsan, born August 1, 1988 in Tellippalai (Sri Lanka).
Srodecka - Wieczorek, Alicja, born February 17, 1980 in Grodzisk Wielkopolski (Poland).
Stachon, Szymon Wojciech, born September 30, 1988 in Zakopane (Poland).
Stanciu, Stefan-Florin, born January 29, 1977 in Tirgoviste (Romania).
Stanescu, Marian, born March 17, 1970 in Craiova (Romania).
Stanev, Dimitre, born July 14, 1975 in Glavinitsa (Bulgaria).
Stanev, Radoslav, born August 25, 1964 in Glodjevo (Bulgaria).
Stanev, Stoyan Ivanov, born April 20, 1986 in Varna (Bulgaria).
Staneva, Melisa, born February 19, 1975 in Levski (Bulgaria).
Stanikzai, Rafiullah, born in Pyarokhel-Nerkh-Maydan Shahr (Afghanistan) 31 December 1991.
Stanley Sandi, Erika, born October 9, 1973 in San José (Costa Rica).
Steenhof, Annemarie, born September 24, 1972 in Alkmaar (Netherlands).
Steens, Catharina Josephina, born in Eygelshoven (Netherlands) on July 15, 1960.
Stefanescu married Petrariu, Mihaela, born in Suceava (Romania) September 12, 1973.
Stefanescu, Cristina, born in Bucuresti (Romania) on 21 September 1965.
Widow Stefanov Timofei, Catiusa, born August 21, 1954 in Crisan, Vulturu (Romania).
Stefanova - Golisharska, Elka, born August 26, 1959 in Sevlievo (Bulgaria).
Stepanyan, Zaruhi, born February 4, 1982 in Leninakan (Armenia).
Stetcu marries Vlad, Maria, born January 23, 1978 in Borsa (Romania).
Stetiu wife Danci, Maria, born in Satu Mare (Romania) on May 9, 1963.
Stoica married Sava, Lida, born in Iasi (Romania) on March 10, 1984.
Stoica, Irina-Mihaela, born April 1, 1979 in Bucharest (Romania).
Storch, Petra Paula, born in Fulda (Germany) on November 3, 1961.
Stoupnikov, Mikhail, born May 24, 1976 in Smorodinka (fed. of Russia).
Stoyanova, Nevena Zdravkova, born February 13, 1976 in Ayrovo (Bulgaria).
Stoychev, Ivan Dimitrov, born August 10, 1971 in Oryahovo (Bulgaria).
Strauss, Patrick Edward, born March 20, 1982 in Columbia, Richland (United States).
Strelnikova married Fedoranich, Irina, born in Novo-Nikolaevka (Kazakhstan) on June 22, 1961.
Stuckey, Ryan Kirk, born in Ohio (United States) on March 5, 1974.
Sturzu, Stefania-Nusa, born in Suceava (Romania) on November 29, 1973.
Sturzu, Danut Vasile, born November 29, 1972 in Botosan (Romania).
Suci, Fatmir, born in Zenisht-Mat (Albania) on January 20, 1969.
Sudi Mwanaisha, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on October 27, 1988.
Sue Smith, Jose Eduardo, born in Pueblo Nuevo (Panama) November 25, 1987.
Sue Smith, Vanessa Del Carmen, born February 27, 1986 in Calidonia (Panama).
Sujova married Tavodova, Martina, born January 27, 1985 in Zvolen (Slovakia).
Suleiman, Dean, born in 1962 in Al-Qaisaria (Syria).
Sulejmanov, Kamran, born in Alma - Ata (Kazakhstan) on April 29, 1990.
Suleyman, Hassan Yusuf, born June 2, 1982 in Mosul (Iraq).
Sulistianto, Aris, born in Gabahan (Indonesia) on February 14, 1977.
Sultani, Mohadisa, born in Kabul (Afghanistan) on December 31, 1983.
Suma, Sahadin, born November 17, 1975 in Sunil (Kosovo).
Sunday, Esohe Favour, born January 19, 1983 in Uvbe-Nisi (Nigeria).
Suo Nan Cao, born in Hezuo, Gansu (China) June 27, 1983.
Ayu, Dumitru Danut, born April 14, 1979 in media (Romania).
Ayu, Oana-Maria, born in Hunedoara (Romania) on 25 May 1982.
Susanto, born June 17, 1980 in Bandar Sinembah (Indonesia).
Sutay pm, Turgay, born in Istanbul (Turkey) on September 5, 1973.
Suur'Bat, Sarantuyaa, born in Selenge-Altanbulag (Mongolia) on February 10, 1972.
Sy, Mamadou, born December 31, 1977 to Mbagne (Mauritania).
Sy, Mamadou, born December 31, 1982 in Niabina (Mauritania).
Sy, Liam, born in Ksar (Mauritania) on December 31, 1966.
Syed, Babar Afzal, born July 7, 1969 in Karachi (Pakistan).
Syed, Shazia, born in Karachi, Pakistan on December 23, 1975.
Syla, Theron, born 23 May 1973 in Gnjilane (Kosovo).
Sylaj, ebony, born April 19, 1984 in Nekovce (Serbia).
Sylbisheva, Erjola, born September 24, 1985 in B. Curri Tropoje (Albania).
Vera, Shefqet, born September 24, 1970 in Pec (Serbia).
Sylla, Aisha, born in Dubréka (Guinea) October 8, 1989.
Sylla, Faisal, born January 7, 1984 in Conakry (Guinea).
Sylla, Aminata, born May 9, 1988 in Conakry (Guinea).
Sylla, Kadiatou, born November 25, 1983 in Kindia (Guinea).
Sylla, Mamady Sékou Mady, born November 29, 1982 in Conakry (Guinea).
Sylla, Mariam, born December 24, 1988 in Dubréka (Guinea).
Sylla, Majumdar, born September 5, 1980 in Conakry (Guinea).
Sylla, Alexander, born December 3, 1976 in Gagnoa (Côte d'Ivoire).
Sylla, Mohamed Lamine, born June 18, 1978 in Conakry (Guinea).
Sylla, Moussa, born in Dubréka (Guinea) on November 22, 1986.
Sylla, Moussa, born December 26, 1986 in Conakry (Guinea).
Sylla, Nair, born in Bouaké-Koko (Ivory Coast) on January 1, 1968.
Szczepaniak, Magdalena Gabriela, born January 31, 1982 in Konin (Poland).
Szejbut, Anna, born in Siemiatycze (Poland) on October 2, 1969.
Szwalgin married Michaux, Jolanta, born January 12, 1971 in Grajewo (Poland).
Taani married Naceri, Akila, born October 12, 1975 in El Harrach (Algeria).
Taaouati, Charles, born June 10, 1979 in Douar Bachakra, Beni Hadifa (Morocco).
Tabet, Michelle, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on February 13, 1970.
Tabhiret, Abdellah, born in Douar Ahandour (Morocco) in 1966.
Tabi Ebarebesem, Ben, born in Mamfe (Cameroon) on April 14, 1981.
Tabit, Othmane, born in Casablanca (Morocco)

July 6, 1974.
T, Nadir, born in Ain Turkish (Algeria) in 1936.
Tabuena-Perez, Emelina, born September 11, 1962 in Abra de Ilog (Philippines).
Tadevosyan, Roza, born May 14, 1988 in Vardenis (Armenia).
Tadjek, Jina, born July 26, 1979 in Kandahar (Afghanistan).
Tadjibaeva, Munara Ergeshovna, born in Isfany (Kyrgyzstan) on February 13, 1971.
Taghizadeh, Rokhsareh, born September 21, 1969 in Mahshahr (Iran).
Taba Kamdem, Guy Lebrun, born November 1, 1979 in Baleng (Cameroon).
Tagne, Bosco, born July 23, 1978 in Medo (Cameroon).
Tagnu, Richard, born in Douala (Cameroon) on April 3, 1968.
Taha, Mohamad, born in Beirut (Lebanon) on May 1, 1963.
Tahan, Bita, born in Tehran (Iran) on September 11, 1972.
Taheri, Mehdi, born September 11, 1970 in Tehran (Iran).
Tahir, Samra, born November 17, 1983 in Rawalpindi (Pakistan).
Taib, Samia, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on June 30, 1982.
Taibi, Imed, born 20 April 1974 in Sakiet Sidi Youssef (Tunisia).
Tadeo, Saad, born in Vivian (Morocco) on November 13, 1977.
Taj Mohammad, Tamana, born June 6, 1987 in Jauzjan (Afghanistan).
Taki, Jumana Ismail, born May 2, 1978 in Arbil (Iraq).
Takorabet, m, born in Akbou (Algeria) on May 11, 1963.
Taqwa Ebrahimi, born January 28, 1981 in Kinshasa (Congo).
D.Talai, Schwarz, born in Al Hoceima (Morocco) on June 27, 1980.
Talainine, Fatima Zahra, born December 2, 1986 in Guelmim (Morocco).
Talaverano Cardenas, Yaneth Carina, born May 15, 1982 in Lima (Peru).
Tali, Meryem, born in Douar Ouled El Catherine (Morocco) in 1947.
Tall, Amadou, born in Bagodine (Mauritania) on 31 December 1969.
Tall, Elhadji, born December 31, 1962 in Aere Gollere (Mauritania).
Tamboura, Mako, born October 3, 1983 in Conakry (Guinea).
Tamulenge Maleya, Bernadette, born in Bandundu (Congo) on October 18, 1973.
Tanase, Mitica, born in Obilesti (Romania) on September 21, 1962.
Tanasiuc, Iurie, born in Sîngerei (Moldova) on November 24, 1966.
Tolulope Troya, Juan Carlos, born July 31, 1979 in Paltas (Ecuador).
Tai Djokoto, Kanza, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on March 18, 1983.
Tang, Weiwei, born in Guangzhou, China on November 6, 1990.
Tanha, Ahmad Shah, born in Kabul (Afghanistan) on July 15, 1986.
Tanis, Elbager, born June 10, 1982 in Cizre (Turkey).
Tanjo, Asmir, born July 5, 1974 in Bijeljina (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Tanouti, Yassin, born January 1, 1978 in Segangan (Morocco).
Tarasiuk married Mzaidi, Ewa, born in Siemiatycze (Poland) on December 13, 1979.
Tarazi, flower, born July 20, 1983 in Douar Ouled Sidi Atman (Morocco).
Tarelkin, Yegor, born in Petropavlovsk (Kazakhstan) on October 24, 1989.
Tarrah, Mata, born in Ijarmaouas (Morocco) in 1955.
Tashi Lhamo, born August 15, 1981 in Zorgai (China).
Tassaioust, Karima, born December 18, 1975 in Mohamed Belouizdad (Algeria).
Tatar wife Tekin, Gulzade, born in Çorum (Turkey) on 30 January 1980.
Tataru, Laura, born in Iasi (Romania) on February 23, 1982.
Tatepo, Corentin Georges, born December 12, 1945 in Babyputhu (Cameroon).
Tavukcu, Jadwiga, born Khaled (Turkey) on December 1, 1977.
Tawfiq, Hayan Abdulkarim, born January 12, 1973 in Baghdad (Iraq).
Taybaeva, Malika, born June 26, 1977 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Taycimen, Kenan, born in Bingöl (Turkey) on 1 January 1971.
Tayyar, Dogan CDN, born in Kocasinan (Turkey) on July 4, 1991.
Tayyem, Moatamen Marc, born in Homs (Syria) on January 1, 1980.
Tan, Aaron, born in Oujda (Morocco) on December 20, 1984.
Tazetdinova, Marc, born in Kazalinsk (Kazakhstan) on 7 November 1945.
Tan Tchankou, Marsial Tintin, born March 13, 1971 in Douala (Cameroon).
Tan Tan, Nathalie, born November 14, 1976 in Douala (Cameroon).
Tan Michael, Aude Estelle, born July 3, 1979 in Yaoundé (Cameroon).
Tchassou, Kanle, born in Aklakougan (Togo) on December 31, 1948.
Tom, Clement, born January 20, 1968 in Douala (Cameroon).
Tchernev, Vassil Diankov, born in Rudnik (Burgas) (Bulgaria) on March 10, 1952.
Tchogna, Jeannette, born October 25, 1963 in Saa (Cameroon).
Tang, Clémentine, born April 24, 1968 in Bayon-Kekem (Cameroon).
Tchouango, Hélène Clarisse, born March 20, 1972 in Bafoussam (Cameroon).
Tchouanteu - Kuate, Denise, born October 11, 1964 in Bafoussam (Cameroon).
Tchoulkova married Lavrova, Nina, born in Khimki (Fed.
of Russia) on September 27, 1960.
Tan Nganguia, Carole, born September 4, 1988 in Douala (Cameroon).
Tan, N'Guessan, born August 10, 1960 in dad - Kouassikro - Dimbokro (Côte d'Ivoire).
Mar, Jean René, born January 5, 1972 in Rishad (Cameroon).
Tebourski, Samia, born December 13, 1965 in La Marsa (Tunisia).
Teelock, April Urvashi, born December 13, 1982 in mocha (Republic of Mauritius).
Telati married Lamcaj, Miranda, born December 24, 1962 in Vlore (Albania).
Telebak, Srdjan, born February 26, 1975 in Cacak (Serbia).
Tellier, Laury Claude André, born March 11, 1982 in Maubeuge (France).
Temirsultanova, Medinat, born March 12, 1984 in Grozny (Russia Fed.).
Temiz, Tarik, born November 13, 1979 in Niksar (Turkey).
Temurkayeva, Deepa Alievna, born June 7, 1975 in Urus-Martan (fed. of Russia).
Temurkayeva, Fatima Alievna, born November 11, 1970 in Alkhan-Yurt (fed. of Russia).
Teodorescu married Alazaroae, Gabriela-Monica, born in Bucuresti (Romania) in 1967.
Widow Teodoru Riglea, Paula, born in Bucuresti (Romania) on November 10, 1946.
Teran Barros, Elsa Valeria, born June 1, 1984 in Carbo, Guayaquil (Ecuador).
Terezakis, Maria, born in Vathy (Greece) on February 1, 1955.
Tervinskiy, Georgiy, born September 19, 1959 in Fergana (Uzbekistan).
Teryan, Julieta, born December 4, 1951, Baku (Azerbaijan).
Tesfaselassie Tsegay, Eden, born October 8, 1986 in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).
Tessema, Asaminew Adal, born December 31, 1981 in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).
Teta Basomingera, born August 20, 1987 in Goma (Congo).
Thaci, Terry, born in Peje (Serbia) on 14 September 1984.
Thaci, Gezime, born August 4, 1979 in Prishtinë (Kosovo).
Thahab, Rawnaq Musa, born July 16, 1980 in Baghdad (Iraq).
Thambirasa, Shanthini, born March 25, 1970 in Jaffna (Sri Lanka).
Thaqi, Shannon, born April 5, 1981 in Prishtinë (Kosovo).
Thilliyampalam, Krishnathilakan, born in Valvedditturai (Sri Lanka) on February 18, 1980.
Thongsamout, Settha, born December 28, 1984 in Vientiane (Laos).
Thweni, Hassan Ubeid, born in Al Azamiyah-Baghdad (Iraq) on April 1, 1965.
Viviangandhi53 married Tanase, Maria, born in Cindesti (Romania) on July 29, 1966.
Tieho, Simeon, born May 22, 1979 in Bafang (Cameroon).
Tigse Castillo, Luis Alberto, born July 6, 1959 in Tungurahua (Ecuador).
Tigse Remache, Maria Fernanda, born July 30, 1988 in Chimborazo (Ecuador).
Tiguenza, Mostafa, born September 1, 1970 in Casablanca (Morocco).
Ntandoe, Malika, born in Hasselt (Belgium) on May 11, 1977.
Tikhonenko, Yevgeniy, born January 12, 1962 in Almaty (Kazakhstan).
Tikhonenko, Zhanna, born in Almaty (Kazakhstan) on March 1, 1984.
Tillahodjaev, Dilmurod Yeldashkhodzhaevitch, born December 8, 1969 in Osh (Kyrgyzstan).
Timbus, Anamaria-Carmen, born June 4, 1975 in Cluj-Napoca (Romania).
Tinajero Del Castillo, Diego Fernando, born in Quito (Ecuador) on 22 August 1961.
Ten dam, Marcel, born December 25, 1980 in Douala (Cameroon).
Tipan Toapanta, Myriam Adriana, born August 9, 1979 in San Blas, Quito (Ecuador).
Tirsu, Vitalie, born in Orhei (Moldova) on November 21, 1972.
Weaver, Jérémie Charles Marcel, born in Colmar (France) November 16, 1982.
Tkatchova, Stela Alexandrova, born December 16, 1973 in Sofia (Bulgaria).
Tobar married De Lopez, Mercedes Beatriz, born August 17, 1973 in Tejutepeque (El El Salvador).
Sachin, KC Kloter, born in Grand-Popo (Benin) on January 1, 1968.
Tokay, Hozan, born May 10, 1980 in Nusaybin (Turkey).
Toklucu, Aysu, born in Kulu (Turkey) 11 May 1990.
Tolaj, Rexhep, born February 25, 1956 in Deçan (Kosovo).
Toma, Catalin - Constantin, born February 3, 1973 in Boroaia (Romania).
Toma, Daniel, born September 17, 1977 in Hunedoara (Romania).
Tomanek, Renata Magdalena, born November 13, 1978 in Katowice (Poland).
Tomoiagă married Bilt, Ileana, born July 25, 1973 in Viseu de Sus (Romania).
Tonko Gamatche, Bah, born September 5, 1985 in Niamey (Niger).
Topolski, Anne Rose, born June 30, 1976 in York (Canada).
Torbi, AA, born in Oujda (Morocco) on March 29, 1983.
Torres Mejia, Maura Celeste, born in La Romana (Repub. Dominican) October 6, 1964.
Torres Rodriguez, Teresita Jeovani, born September 12, 1962 in Ambato (Ecuador).
Toska married Shaqiri, Beba, born July 28, 1979 in Mitrovica (Kosovo).
Tosunyan, Varsenik, born March 13, 1958 in Abhalkalak (Georgia).
Totovic, Vladislav, born in Beograd (Serbia) on September 4, 1955.
Thang, Ahmed, born in Dahal (Algeria) on March 31, 1967.
TOUATI, Jamila, born in Laayoune (Morocco) on January 1, 1938.
Toujni, Mamdouh, born February 22, 1978 in Essaouira (Morocco).
Toulouti, Andrei, born in Marrakech (Morocco) on May 16, 1984.
Toumi, Hamer, born in Izarroukene (Morocco) on May 15, 1984.
Tounkara, Ahmed, born January 2, 1982 in Conakry (Guinea).
Touray, Pa Ousman, born February 19, 1980 in Serrekunda (Gambia).
Touré, Amadou, born in Conakry, Guinea on 1 January 1980.
Toure, Seydou Bah, born in Treichville (Côte d'Ivoire) on February 23, 1990.
Toure, Kader, born January 1, 1983 in Conakry (Guinea).
Touré, laminate, born March 9, 1975 in Patar Lia (Senegal).
Touré, Mawa, born January 6, 1985 in Koumassi (Côte d'Ivoire).
Touré, Yari, born January 6, 1984 in Conakry (Guinea).
Ashraf, Hayat, born in Foum Toub (Algeria) on January 2, 1973.
Fish, Ying Sessenou, born in Agbodankope (Togo) on July 10, 1967.
Tovienyeku, Kokou Abiodun, born March 14, 1979 in Kara, Kozah (Togo).
King, Joshua, born in Mliiv (Ukraine) on 18 May 1992.
King, Lussik, born in Mliiv (Ukraine) on July 30, 1991.
Tovmasyan, Gohar, born December 20, 1970 in Yerevan (Armenia).
Tovmasyan, Yughan, born in Ajntap (Armenia) on April 19, 1974.
Traore, Fatoumata, born 12 October 1983 in Mamou (Guinea).
Traoré, Franfadima, born April 27, 1980 in Kumasi (Côte d'Ivoire).
Traoré, Steven, born February 10, 1984 in Kindia (Guinea).

Traore, Moussa, born February 12, 1979 in Fatako (Guinea).
Traoré, Jessie, born February 4, 1980 in Fria (Guinea).
Trifonova, Otto, born in Targovishte (Bulgaria) on 11 December 1984.
Triki, Sahrae Ibrahim, born December 8, 1979 in Chefchaouen (Morocco).
Troe married Velescu, Daniela - Ileana, born in Lugoj (Romania) on 17 August 1967.
Trubljanin, Adel, born in Bijelo Polje (Montenegro) on January 28, 1992.
Trubljanin, Elvedin, born September 11, 1984 in Dolno Konjari (Macedonia).
Trubljanin, Mirsada, born January 13, 1975 in Godusa Bijelo Polje (Montenegro).
Trubljanin, Semir, born October 7, 1971 in Godusa Bijelo Polje (Montenegro).
Trujillo Parraga, Maritza Elizabeth, born July 27, 1970 in Huaquillas (Ecuador).
Trykoszko married Pogorzelska, Anna, born in Monki (Poland) on December 7, 1973.
Tsarenko, Anna, born in Tokmok (Kyrgyzstan) on May 12, 1989.
Tsatoerov, Armo Sergeevich, born May 27, 1946 in Baku (Azerbaijan).
Tsatoerova, Alisa Armaissovna, born June 28, 1983, Baku (Azerbaijan).
Tsatoerova, Anaïda Armaissovna, born February 16, 1978 in Baku (Azerbaijan).
Tsatoerova, Zjanna Issa Kyzy, born in Nalrilsk (Fed.
of Russia) on April 18, 1952.
Tsaturyan married Gharagyozyan, Armenuhi, born in Bzovdal (Armenia) on September 1, 1941.
Tshela Mulenga, Esther Tylia, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on May 31, 1990.
Tshibwabwa, Sandra, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on January 14, 1990.
Tshilanda Lwabeya, Annie, born December 12, 1974 in Lubumbashi (Congo).
Tshimanda, Beya Charlotte, born September 20, 1959 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Tshimanga Kahiga, Marie Therese, born September 2, 1936 in Kananga (Congo).
Tshimanga Micheal, Jean-Pierre, born in Kananga (Congo) on October 25, 1931.
Thompson Manionga, Nathalie, born March 23, 1979 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Thompson-Koli, Patrick, born November 11, 1977 in Lubumbashi (Congo).
Tsilingarjan, Nuritse, born in Yerevan (Armenia) on February 23, 1950.
Tsirekidze, Ketevan, born in Tbilisi (Georgia) on June 25, 1982.
Tsirigotis, Georgia, born in Ougrée (Belgium) on July 15, 1967.
Tsultrim Wangmo, born in Shibendra (China) on December 12, 1968.
You Deng Ga Deng, born August 30, 1980 in Shi Qu (China).
Tudorache, Corina Cristina, born June 6, 1985 in Tirgoviste (Romania).
Chikna, Irène Chantal, born February 20, 1951 in Susana, Bandjoun (Cameroon).
Tufwansoni, Christophe, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on October 6, 1981.
Tullari, oar, born October 15, 1977 in Hertice (Kosovo).
Tumalad married Pavloskova, Charmaine Sipin, born December 6, 1979 in Paranaque (Philippines).
Tunsagara, Alfred, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on July 27, 1972.
Turkovic, Edin, born November 18, 1976 in Prijepolje (Serbia).
Turkovic, Ibrahim, born March 27, 1976 in Satya-Sjenica (Serbia).
Tuyishimire, Isabelle, born in Gashenyi-Gakenke (Rwanda) on October 10, 1980.
Tuzolana, Amelia, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on January 1, 1975.
Tverdokhlieb, Galyna, born March 13, 1982 in Kiev (Ukraine).
Emmanuel, Emmanuel, born June 20, 1964 in Ruhanga, Cyeru (Rwanda).
Emmanuel, Emmanuel, born in Nyamagabe (Rwanda) on December 25, 1954.
Twagirayezu, Sylvie Kévine, born June 18, 1985 in Kigali (Rwanda).
Tym, Wacław Jan, born October 17, 1964 in Dziemiany (Poland).
TYO, Nataliya, born January 4, 1984 in Almaty (Kazakhstan).
Tyurin, Valeriy, born June 8, 1952 in Alma - Ata (Kazakhstan).
Ucgun, Zuhal, born July 24, 1989 in Yunak (Turkey).
U, Abdullah, born April 3, 1980 in Antakya (Turkey).
Udrea married Vlasie, Nicoleta - Alina, born in Onesti (Romania) on December 21, 1975.
Ufitimbabazi, Josée Aimée, born April 14, 1980 in Muhanga (Rwanda).
Ujkaj, Xhevdet, born April 20, 1966 in Junik (Serbia).
Ukaj, Binak, born December 5, 1973 in Radoste (Serbia).
Ukon, David Christian, born October 30, 1979 in Amsterdam (Netherlands).
Ulaj wife Ujkaj, Sema, born in Junik (Serbia) on April 5, 1966.
Ulanovsky husband Afonin, Oleg Valeryevich, born in Kholmsk (Russia Fed.) on March 1, 1972.
Umakhanova married Aliyeva, Dzhennet Ilyasovna, born May 29, 1972 in Osman-Yurt (fed. of Russia).
Umba Kiengele, born August 25, 1974 in Kahrizi (Congo).
Apoorv, Samantha, born July 3, 1974 in Cyumba (Rwanda).
Umugwaneza Kayitsinga, Edith, born April 5, 1981 in Kacyiru (Rwanda).
Umuhire, Lydie, born June 14, 1979 in Bugarama (Rwanda).
Umuhoza, Angelica, born in Nyarugenge (Rwanda) on July 23, 1984.
Umuhoza, Yvette, born March 28, 1982 in Nyarugunga-Kicukiro (Rwanda).
Udeshi, Nadia, born August 10, 1986 in Kigali (Rwanda).
Udeze, Yvonne, born May 29, 1977 in Nyamirambo (Rwanda).
Umurirwayi, Joy, born in Kigali (Rwanda) in 1964.
Umutoni, Diane, born October 10, 1980 in Nyamirambo (Rwanda).
Davis, George, born in Ngoma (Rwanda) on July 22, 1971.
ÜNAL, Mustafa, born March 1, 1982 in Dörtyol (Turkey).
Ungureanu, Daniela-Gabriela, born November 16, 1978 in Piatra-Neamt (Romania).
Ursul married Groza, Aurelia, born January 21, 1972 in Chisinau (Moldova).
Uruqi, Bajram, born April 4, 1966 in Shkodër (Albania).
Uruqi, Flutur, born July 22, 1971 in Shkodër (Albania).
Uruqi, Hyrije, born in Shkodër (Albania) on October 27, 1992.
Uruqi, Usha, born in Shkodër (Albania) December 3, 1990.
Usabyimana, Agnes, born July 20, 1984 in Ruhango (Rwanda).
Usubian, Zeke, born in Jamshlu (Armenia) on August 19, 1990.
Utkina, Yulya, born February 19, 1986 in Talgar (Kazakhstan).
UTRILLA Acuña, Luis Enrique, born February 17, 1978 in Tuxtla Gutiérrez (Mexico).
Utvinianez, Mihaela Florentina, born in Bucharest (Romania) on February 8, 1975.
UES, Aline, born February 8, 1976 in Cyeza Gitarama (Rwanda).
Uwamariya, Pratik, born April 13, 1970 in Shyogwe - Gitarama (Rwanda).
Hsu, Marie Claire, born June 16, 1968 in Kibungo (Rwanda).
Imran, clemency, born July 7, 1984 in Kareba (Rwanda).
Imran, immaculate, born 5 January 1991 in Kigali (Rwanda).
Udhaya Uwabandi, born May 25, 1968 in Masisi (Congo).
Uwimana, Angelo, born in Kanyinya (Rwanda) on January 31, 1992.
Uwimana, Dominique, born August 8, 1970 in Kigali (Rwanda).
Uwimana, Mireille, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on June 7, 1970.
Udhayakumar, Neave, born December 25, 1987 in Bumbogo (Rwanda).
Fredson, Alice, born May 23, 1979 in Kagano-Nyamasheke (Rwanda).
Phil, Annie, born in Butare (Rwanda) on April 1, 1990.
Udigeteuc, Richard, born in Mwuzire (Rwanda) June 4, 1978.
Udin, Marie Olivia, born September 25, 1985 in Muhondo-Gakenke (Rwanda).
Uwumurenyi, Jean Claude, born in Butare (Rwanda) on April 26, 1972.
Udin, Sandra, born 1 November 1987 in Ruhengeri (Rwanda).
Uysal, Sophie, born September 20, 1980 in Karaman (Turkey).
Uzamukunda, Regine, born August 17, 1989 at Mururu (Rwanda).
Vachagaeva, Eliza Salambekovna, born December 24, 1980 in Avtury (fed. of Russia).
Vadi, Ezgi, born in Bornova (Turkey) on July 17, 1992.
Vaduva married Dragusin, Nuta, born in Turnu Magurele (Romania) on March 3, 1961.
Vaduva, Dragos-Ionut, Targoviste (Romania) born October 27, 1987.
Vagabova, Ayat, born August 19, 1971 in Chasavyurt (fed. of Russia).
Valievitch, Valery Anatolyevich, born March 8, 1959 in Sukhumi (fed. of Russia).
Valioullin, Daniil, born July 19, 1988 in Almaty (Kazakhstan).
Valle Iombimbi, Mireille, born April 9, 1978 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Valverde Villacis, William Antonio, born April 22, 1977 in San Francisco, Ambato (Ecuador).
Valy Tenday, Linda, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on December 31, 1972.
Van Ansem, Christiane Antonia Wilhelmina Maria, born March 21, 1983 in Geldrop (Netherlands).
Van den Oever, Martine, born November 23, 1978 in Delft (Netherlands).
Van Doremalen, Alexander Franciscus Maria, born August 20, 1962 in Tilburg (Netherlands).
Van Helderen, Cornelis Johannes Maria, born in Goirle (Netherlands) on December 22, 1964.
Van Limpt, Adrianus Augustinus Elisabeth Arnold, born in Reusel (Netherlands) on May 20, 1976.
Valentine, Nadège Sandra, born in Condé-sur - L'escaut (France) on April 26, 1981.
Van Weverberg, Françoise, born January 1, 1985 in Nyagisagara-Gisenyi (Rwanda).
Vanda Nowa, Jessica Marie Felista, born in Braine-l'Alleud (Belgium) on May 3, 1992.
Vanea married Enache, Alexandra, born in Constanta (Romania) on October 15, 1979.
Vank, Veronika, born in Alma - Ata (Kazakhstan) dated February 12, 1990.
Vantyukh, Eduard, born March 29, 1970 in Uzhgorod (Ukraine).
Varanda, Alfredo Soares, born February 18, 1977 in Luanda (Angola).
Vardanyan, Arman, born May 14, 1978 in Artsvaberd (Armenia).
Vardanyan, Hakob Yuriki, born in Yerevan (Armenia) on April 16, 1971.
Vardevanyan, Garnik, born June 8, 1977 in Leninakan (Armenia).
Varenik, Sergei Vasilyevich, born October 5, 1969 in Minsk (Belarus).
Vargas Figueroa, Edwin Rene, born in Sogamoso-Boyaca (Colombia) on February 5, 1986.
Varinderjit Singh, born in Miani (India) on January 3, 1992.
Vartolomei, Maria, born March 25, 1979 in Parva (Romania).
Varvaruc, Marcel, born July 24, 1977 in Cisnadie (Romania).
Vasiaj, Lazer, born in Kecire (Albania) on May 14, 1968.
Vasiaj, Marije, born July 31, 1977 in Shkoze Puke (Albania).
Vasile married Lazeanu, Maria-John, born September 11, 1980 in Calafat (Romania).
Vasile married Mitrache, Ileana, born in Robanesti (Romania) on April 7, 1968.
Vasile, Bogdan, born in Constanta (Romania) on 25 October 1977.
Vasile, Ioan, born November 14, 1953 in Botosani (Romania).
Vasilev, Vasil Valentinov, born in Razgrad (Bulgaria) on 26 March 1990.
Vasileva, Elena Petkova, born August 8, 1980 in Sofia (Bulgaria).
Vasileva, Ivanka Vasileva, born May 20, 1976 in Kubrat (Bulgaria).
Vasileva, Snezha, born February 27, 1988 in Razgrad (Bulgaria).
Vasiljeva married Radatiuk, Nina Borisovna, born March 6, 1966 in Gatchina (fed. of Russia).
Vasquez Careaga married Lopez, Katherine Lupe, born March 19, 1975 in La Paz (Bolivia).
Vasyutynska, Yuliya, born in Kiev (Ukraine) on June 24, 1989.
Vecka, Turhan, born September 8, 1971 in Dakovica (Serbia).
Vega Montero, Gladys, born August 7, 1955 in Las Juntas Abangares, Guanacaste (Costa Rica).
Velagic, Amra, born April 19, 1987 in Bijeljina (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Velagic, Seid, born March 13, 1959 in Teocak (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Velasco Pimentel, Ilyanova, born August 20, 1957 in Mexico City (Mexico).
Velescu, Dan George, born in Bucharest (Romania) on March 16, 1968.
Vel'khiyeva, Khadizhat Magometovna, born October 18, 1964 in Malgobek (fed. of Russia).
Velykaya, Alla, born October 25, 1982 in Almaty (Kazakhstan).
Vergauwen, Adrianus Wilhelmus Johannes, born in Rijsbergen (Netherlands) on September 1, 1952.
Veselaj married Muja, Sadete, born in Lybeniq-Pejë (Serbia) on January 1, 1984.
Veselinova, Sibel Yuliyanova, born in Lovech (Bulgaria) on 8 November 1992.
Vieira, Karla Regina, born in Goiânia-Go (Brazil) on July 5, 1987.
Vilcarromero Souza, Ruben, born December 6, 1975 in Iquitos (Peru).
Vintila married Bancila, Iuliana, born February 8, 1976 in Baneasa (Romania).
Virág, Noemi-Laura, born February 7, 1980 in Tirgu Mures (Romania).
Virtan married Galea, Felicia - Mihaela, born in Agnita (Romania) on 11 December 1973.
Visaitova, Madina Shamilovna, born June 28, 1973 in Vedeno (fed. of Russia).
Quickly born Mendoza, José Ramón, in La Esperanza, El Carmen (Ecuador) on April 22, 1973.
Volchkova married Anikayeva, Maria Sergueievna, born in Gomel (Belarus) June 18, 1967.
Volkova, Alexandra, born in Tsjkalovsk (fed. of Russia) on November 13, 1983.
Volokhina married Kotova, Margarita, born in Nizhny Tagil (fed. of Russia) on June 16, 1961.
Vorontsova, Tatyana, born in Yaroslavl (Fed.
of Russia) on November 8, 1972.
Voropayeva, Ol'ga Vladimirovna, born March 1, 1989 in Chelyabinsk (fed. of Russia).
Vuklisevic married Milanovic, Mirjana, born April 20, 1979 in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Vula, Filloreta, born October 12, 1976 in Đakovica (Kosovo).
Vuranok, Tamer, born November 15, 1978 in Izmit (Turkey).
Wadimuena Marie, Hélène, born February 28, 1956 in Tshikapa (Congo).
Wadjo, Mika, born December 25, 1980 in Douala (Cameroon).
Wahib, Abbott Abdulkarim, born in Ar Rasafah-Baghdad (Iraq) on September 9, 1976.
Wales Hadlocon married Saturinas, Teresita, born October 23, 1960 in Silago (Philippines).
Walter, Ingo Sascha, born May 10, 1965 in Welzheim (Germany).
Wambui, Joshua Ngugi, born in Kiambu (Kenya) April 6, 1987.
Wambui, Stephen Kuria, born in Nairobi (Kenya) on June 17, 1990.
Wamuthenya, Rose Wambui, born in Nyeri (Kenya) on April 21, 1970.
Wang, Dapeng, born April 1, 1982 in Shandong (China).
Wangmo, Pasang, born 5 January 1973 in Orissa (India).
Wanja, Mary Ann, born in Turi (Kenya) November 9, 1991.
Wanjiku, Catherine, born in Molo (Kenya) on May 7, 1992.
WARDA, Dania, born June 22, 1985 in Tal Jomaa (Syria).
Wardalinska married Bogdol, Anna Maria, born April 9, 1978 in Grudziadz (Poland).
Watekua Maggie, Odrade, born in Kavuaya (Congo) on November 5, 1968.
Wawrzyniak, Olivier Pierre, born in Compiègne (France) may 24, 1963.
Wehbe, Nimer, born in Beirut (Lebanon) on December 16, 1977.
Welde Giorgis, Abraham Andebrhan, born in Asmara (Ethiopia) on October 23, 1992.
Weldeabzgi Asmerom, Segen, born in Asmara (Ethiopia) on June 5, 1981.
Wijetunga, Manahara Pradeep, born May 1, 1966 in Colombo (Sri Lanka).
Willemsen, Ronny, born February 21, 1966 in Arnhem (Netherlands).
Wilson, Emilie, born in Aného (Togo) on August 28, 1973.
Wisniewska, Marta Weronika, born July 12, 1983 in Biskupiec (Poland).
Wolak-Witek, Malgorzata Janina, born in Tarnów (Poland) on 27 December 1954.
Wolf married Vasile, Christine, born in Constanta (Romania) on January 8, 1981.
Woudje, Jean Duclair, born February 5, 1975 in Bailey (Cameroon).
Wozufia, Lolita Eli Sophie, born October 3, 1977 in Lomé (Togo).
Wu, Yao, born August 3, 1989 in Liaoning, China.
Wybraniak, Jadwiga, born in Ostrów Mazowiecka (Poland) on August 3, 1965.
Xhaferaj, Elida, born in Fier (Albania) on April 7, 1978.
Xhemali married Hasanaj, Lumturi, born August 23, 1962 in Vlore (Albania).
Xiang Ba Cuo Mu, born April 10, 1982 in Bai Ri (China).
Xu Guohai, born May 15, 1983 in Anshan, Liaoning (China).
Xu Yunli, born in Qingtian, Zhejiang (China) on November 7, 1989.
XXX, Manjit Kaur, born February 6, 1982 in Salan Rāi (India).
XXX, Suman Kaur, born in Ghyman (India) March 3, 1989.
Yabaze-Dias, Aichah, born March 5, 1950 in Pointe-Noire (Congo Rep. pop.).
Yadav, Wouezenatou, born May 11, 1971 in Lomé (Togo).
Yaga Simeme Tchoumboue, born September 25, 1976 in Yaoundé (Cameroon).
Yagci married Koenraadt, Sevkiye, born July 29, 1975 in Ulubey (Turkey).
Yagkoubi, Mohamed, born in Beni Bouyahie (Morocco) in 1944.
Yagkoubi, Zahra, born in Beni Bouyahie (Morocco) on June 16, 1943.
Y., Abdelkader, born December 14, 1972 in Oran (Algeria).
Yakhlef, Saad, born March 3, 1977 in Beni Boughafer (Morocco).
Yabes, Brahim, born August 17, 1978 in Beni Touzine (Morocco).
Yakoubova married Dzheferova, Leylya, born January 9, 1968 in Tchervena voda (Bulgaria).
Yala, Olga, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on April 11, 1979.
Yalinalp married Plassmann, Fatma Senay, born July 10, 1953 in Bursa (Turkey).
Yalkhoroev, Ilias Magometovich, born in Melekesski (fed. of Russia) on June 13, 1989.
Yalkhoroeva, Daniela Magometovna, born December 8, 1986 in Malgobek (fed. of Russia).
Yamma, Paul Ismaël Wendyam, born in Koupéla (Burkina Faso) on 24 August 1983.
Yanagihara, Takako, born in Gumma-ken (Japan) on February 8, 1958.
Yaneva, Natali Grisheva, born in Pleven (Bulgaria) on 26 January 1990.
Yang, Haijuan, born October 29, 1986 in Qingtian (China).
Yang, Yanyun, born January 4, 1980 in Lianjiang - Fujian (China).
Yankurije, Christine, born in Rutobwe, Gitarama (Rwanda) on January 20, 1973.
Yao Kouassi, Sylvain Maly, born May 17, 1976 in Cocody-Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire).
Yaqoob, Mohammed Yousif, born November 6, 1978 in Al Karkh Bagdad (Iraq).
Yaqot, Abdulfater Rasheed, born in Ar Rasafah-Baghdad (Iraq) June 14, 1977.
Yarizadeh, Hashem, born in Shiraz (Iran) on May 16, 1992.
Yassin, Hassan, born in Casablanca (Morocco) on 17 April 1967.
Yati, Canan, born in Cayirli (Turkey) on May 27, 1991.
Yati, Yagmur, born in Cayirli (Turkey) on 30 January 1990.
Yatkin, Altan, born October 1, 1970 in Acipayam (Turkey).
Yang Kaswij, Betty Estert, born July 7, 1970 in Lubumbashi (Congo).
Yavuz married Memet, Sabriye, born in Berlin (Germany) on July 11, 1972.
Yazbeck, Nair, born March 8, 1978 in Bakto (Syria).
Ye Htut, born July 2, 1960 in Yangon (Myanmar).
Yeboah, Kojo, born 7 August 1972 in Kumasi (Ghana).
Yeboah, Mavis Adu, born October 4, 1988 in Kumasi (Ghana).
Yemba, Peter Timb, born August 9, 1973 in Victoria (Cameroon).
Yeo, Franklin, born May 20, 1966 in Ferkessedougou (Côte d'Ivoire).
Widow Yeroschenko Genezova, Lubov, born in N-Klyuchi (Kyrgyzstan) on October 5, 1953.
Yesa Balu, Aminatu, born October 21, 1939 in Boma (Congo).
Yesayan, Grigori, born March 23, 1965 in Baku (Azerbaijan).
Yevloeva, Jafar Tarkhanovna, born October 9, 1976 in Malgobek (fed. of Russia).
Yiagnigni, Ginette, born in Foumbot (Cameroon) on December 1, 1987.
Yildirim, Emine, born in Roermond (Netherlands) January 7, 1986.
Yildirim, Furkan, born in Elazig (Turkey) on November 4, 1992.
Yildiz, Mehmet Sefik, born April 6, 1974 in Nusaybin (Turkey).
Yildiz, Metin, born April 10, 1978 in Karakoçan (Turkey).
Yilmaz, Abdulvesa, born August 20, 1977 in Karakoçan (Turkey).
Yilmaz, Ahmet, born in Khaled (Turkey) on July 28, 1986.
Yilmaz, Emrah, born 27 May 1986 in Antalya (Turkey).
Yilmaz, Gul, born June 14, 1987 in Usak (Turkey).
Yilmaz, Kenan, born October 19, 1985 in Khaled (Turkey).
Yilmaz, Mesut, born Khaled (Turkey) on October 9, 1992.
Yilmaz, Sibel, born Khaled (Turkey) on 1 February 1992.
Chris, Sayer, born August 14, 1987 in Kinshasa (Congo).
Yonchova married Peneva, Margarita Pesheva, born in Glava (Bulgaria) on November 1, 1949.
Yordanova married Vasileva, Teodora, born November 7, 1970 in Vetovo (Bulgaria).
Mikey, Høvik, born July 25, 1969 in Tehran (Iran).
Yousfi, Nadh, Kebdana (Morocco) born January 8, 1972.
Youssef, Najla, born February 18, 1975 in Kamichli (Syria).
Youssefi, Ahmad, born March 22, 1982 in Ghazni (Afghanistan).
Shawna, Azza, born in Muramvya (Burundi) on December 1, 1971.
Yuksel, Ziyaddin, born January 10, 1975 in Palu (Turkey).
Yumangulova married Galikaeva, Liliya Munirovna, born May 18, 1969 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).
Yun, Natalia Garievna, born May 10, 1977 in Chust, Namangan (Uzbekistan).
Yundendorj, Ariungerel, born in Ulan-Bator (Mongolia) on April 20, 1986.
Yunus, Sarbast Taher, born December 25, 1983 in Mosul, Ninawa (Iraq).
Yuquilema Mishqui, Wilson Gonzalo, born May 11, 1977 in La Merced - Ambato (Ecuador).
Yurdaer married Uchuyuk, Aynur, born July 30, 1982 in Khaled (Turkey).
Yurdagoz, Murat, born June 5, 1982 in Utrecht (Netherlands).
Yusein, Shenol, born March 12, 1973 in Shumen (Bulgaria).
Yusnieva married Hyuseinova, Hyuliya Mehmedova, born in Shumen (Bulgaria) on 11 December 1975.
Yusuf Ali, Maryam, born April 11, 1973 in Baghdad (Iraq).
Yusuf, Sanders, born November 25, 1980 in Tutrakan (Bulgaria).
Zaarour, Kamil, born October 11, 1983 in Jbeil (Lebanon).
Zabeli married Hasani, Lev, born March 26, 1983 in Mitrovicë (Kosovo).
Zacharko, Agnieszka, born March 25, 1975 in Czlopa (Poland).
Zafar Fazeli, Roozbeh, born September 5, 1979 in Tehran (Iran).
Zagiel, Anna Kamila, born January 19, 1975 in Giżycko (Poland).
Zack, K'bira, born in Douar Timda Ansiss Outmline Tizi (Morocco) in 1975.
Zahu married Musca, Iudith-Rita, born July 5, 1967 in Baia Mare (Romania).
Zaid, Mahmoud, born in Jabaliya (Israel) on December 25, 1974.
Zairova, Shenay Zyuhtieva, born November 13, 1984 in Ruse (Bulgaria).
Zakaev married Ibragimova, Busanik Mukhtarovna, born in Balkovskiy (fed. of Russia) on December 7, 1971.
Zakaria, w., born May 8, 1981 in Salé (Morocco).
Zakaryan, Alvard, born in Artashat (Armenia) on April 20, 1992.
Zafer, Batoula, born in Beni Nssaf (Algeria) on February 14, 1950.
Zafer, Fatima Zahra, born March 24, 1985 in Berkane (Morocco).
Zaki, Fathi, born March 4, 1976 in Douar Ouled Brahim (Morocco).
Zaki, Imad, born in Berkane (Morocco) may 16, 1976.
Zaki, Mohammed, born November 23, 1969 in Fes (Morocco).
Zako, Hiba, born August 27, 1980 in Mosul, Ninawa (Iraq).

Zakriev, Beslan Modaevitch, born January 23, 1967 in Shaami-Yurt (fed. of Russia).
Zakriti El Harchaoui, Hanan, born March 28, 1982 in Douar Tazaghin, Beni Abdellah (Morocco).
Zakriyeva married Amatiyeva, Malika Shaidovna, born January 13, 1967 in Konevo (fed. of Russia).
Zalzala, Enam, born in Al Amarah (Iraq) on July 1, 1944.
Zamfir married Dinu, Felicia, born in Bucharest (Romania) on April 2, 1970.
ZAMFIRESCU, Adriana, born December 26, 1979 in Pucioasa (Romania).
Zaninka, Iris, born in Lubumbashi (Congo) on June 20, 1992.
Zappalà, Clelia, born in Palermo (Italy) on October 23, 1989.
Zare, Reza, born September 19, 1982 in Tehran (Iran).
Zarei, Mehrnaz, born July 14, 1987 in Tehran (Iran).
Zarei, Samira, born September 5, 1982 in Tehran (Iran).
Zargar, Ares, born in Logar (Afghanistan) on May 7, 1992.
Zargar, Ghulam Nabi, born in 1948 in Baraki Rajan (Afghanistan).
Zargar, Nafas Jan, born in 1951 in Logar (Afghanistan).
ZAK, Nabil, born November 28, 1984 in Sejaa (Morocco).
Zashev, Zdravko, born in Sofia (Bulgaria) on December 4, 1991.
Zaki Bora, born in Lubumbashi (Congo) on November 13, 1974.
Zazimko wife Konoplyanyk, Tetyana Mykolaivna, born in Chernigiv, Bobrovitskiy, Bobrovitsia (Ukraine) on June 18, 1960.
Zazoev, Zurab, born in Tbilisi (Georgia) on December 26, 1969.
Ze Zhi Gong Bu, born May 21, 1974 in Shiser (China).
Zeb, Shehzad, born September 30, 1979 in Painda Khel, Charsadda (Pakistan).
Zaki Atemanzem, Caroline Elise, born 19 February 1972 in no kongsamba (Cameroon).
Zebela Zelie, Zelie, born September 9, 1980 in Lubumbashi (Congo).
Zee Lali, Ali, born August 5, 1977 in Raas-Kaambooni (Somalia).
Zamani, Ayaba Angelica, born in Niahio-Degoue (Ivory Coast) in 1956.
Raajitha, Hafez, born in Deir Janine (Lebanon) in 1930.
Zapanta, Mohammed, born in Ait Ouribel (Morocco) on January 1, 1937.
Zeneli husband Spahiev, Begzat, born May 15, 1978 in Kumanovo (Macedonia).
Zengin, Baki, born February 13, 1957 in Çivril (Turkey).
Zengin, Busra, born in Bursa (Turkey) on 25 May 1992.
Zengin, Muhammed Ahmet, born July 2, 1985 in Bursa (Turkey).
Zengin, Muhammed Halil, born November 13, 1988 in Bursa (Turkey).
Zerabruk Gebremedhin, Solomon, born July 27, 1964 in Endadoko (Ethiopia).
Zeraye Aberha, Esete, born in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) June 28, 1988.
Zapata, Mohammed, born February 25, 1967 in Kebdana (Morocco).
Zeroual, Hasna, born in Asten (Netherlands) on 25 January 1984.
ZAP, Ernst, born January 19, 1976 in Algiers (Algeria).
Zerzouri, Mohammed, born November 21, 1942 in Oujda (Morocco).
Zewde Asnake, Samura, born in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) June 7, 1977.
Zewed Tesema, Mekedes, born November 25, 1982 in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).
Zhang, Jinbao, born in Xi' year (China) on November 3, 1983.
Zhang, Jing, born in Tianjin, China, on August 21, 1964.
Zhao, Lingling, born in Tianjin (China) on December 9, 1984.
Zhao, Qinru, born in Wuhan City (China) on November 10, 1990.
Zheleva, Vanya, born October 21, 1980 in Dimitrovgrad (Bulgaria).
Zheng, Xiaoli, born in Rui'an (China) on December 20, 1984.
Zhou, Haoqiang, born in Guangzhou, China on September 9, 1990.
Zhu, Yan, born April 27, 1980 in Liaoning, China.
Zhukova married Bolsjakova, Natalja, born March 12, 1970 in Omsk (Russia Fed.).
Zhukovich, Natallia Nikolaevna, born August 12, 1983 in Pruzhany (Belarus).
Zhuravlov, Andriy, born May 29, 1987 in Khmelnytskyi (Ukraine).
Zhuzhi, Behie, born March 25, 1985 in Muhur Diber (Albania).
Ziadi, Mina, born in Aït Sadrate Sahel (Morocco) on August 8, 1990.
Ziani, Abdelaziz, born April 10, 1965 in Asilah (Morocco).
Ziati, Moulay Taibi, born in Rabat (Morocco) on December 6, 1937.
Zid, Bobby, born in Souk Ahras (Algeria) on August 28, 1971.
Zidane, Hussein Talal, born August 3, 1980 in Arbil (Iraq).
Zieleniewski, Krzysztof, born August 30, 1971 in Bielsk Podlaski (Poland).
Zigik married Gerasimovska, Gordana, born January 5, 1976 in Skopje (Macedonia).
Zilverberg, Jacob Louis Mitja, born in Purmerend (Netherlands) on September 20, 1973.
Zinelaabidine, Manal, born May 5, 1979 in Beni-Mellal (Morocco).
Zinko married Szumska, Halina, born in Kumialka (Poland) on September 7, 1952.
Zirna, Ion, born in Baltesti (Romania) on February 21, 1968.
Zlate, Simona-Cristina, born in Galati (Romania) on 11 December 1978.
Zniber, El Hassania, born in Meknès (Morocco) on 31 December 1973.
Zogaj, Avni, born in Kaliqan (Kosovo) on November 10, 1968.
Zola Mukeshimana, Liliane, born in Kinshasa (Congo) on February 2, 1970.
Zorba, Zamira, born March 13, 1951 in Tirana (Albania).
Zouaoui, Mama, born July 19, 1959 in Oran (Algeria).
Anthony, Laila, born June 7, 1975 in Agadir (Morocco).
Zouguarh, Lois, born August 23, 1983 in Berkane (Morocco).
Zhong, Abdeljalil, born in Beni Amir (Morocco) on 17 February 1967.
Zounnadjala-Abiola, mark Germaine, born June 15, 1975 in Tsévié (Togo).
Meera, Radia, born at Agdal (Morocco) on January 1, 1947.
Zsiray, Eszter, born in Budapest (Hungary) on June 13, 1977.
Rother married Hudiova, Magdalena, born December 4, 1962 in Kosice (Slovakia).
Promulgate this Act, order that it be under the seal of the State and published by le Moniteur.
Given to Brussels, April 14, 2013.
ALBERT by the King: the Minister of Justice, Ms. A. TURTELBOOM sealed with the seal of the State: the Minister of Justice, Mrs.