Act Amending The Act Of 21 December 1998 On The Establishment Of The 'belgian Technical Cooperation' In The Form Of A Company Public (1)

Original Language Title: Loi modifiant la loi du 21 décembre 1998 portant création de la "Coopération technique belge" sous la forme d'une société de droit public (1)

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Posted the: 2014-02-04 Numac: 2014015038 FEDERAL Foreign Affairs, external trade and development COOPERATION PUBLIC SERVICE January 20, 2014. -An act to amend the law of 21 December 1998 on the establishment of the "Belgian Technical Cooperation" in the form of a company public (1) PHILIPPE, King of the Belgians, to all, present and to come, hi.
The Chambers have adopted and we endorse the following: Article 1. This Act regulates a matter referred to in article 78 of the Constitution.
2. article 2 of the law of 21 December 1998 on the establishment of the "Cooperation Belgian technical" in the form of a public company is replaced by the following: 'article 2 § 1.
The definitions contained in article 2 of the Act of March 19, 2013 the Belgian Development Cooperation shall apply in this Act.
§ 2. In this Act shall mean: 1 ° "expert in technical cooperation": expert occupied in a partner country under mandate of the SCG.
2 ° "technical assistant": expert occupied in a programme or project under the mandate of the country partner;
3 ° "personnel overseas": ties of international cooperation, technical cooperation and experts in a country partner under the mandate of an organization subsidized by the Minister;
4 ° "financial cooperation": initiative agreed between the Belgian State and the partner country, in which a financial contribution is provided to the partner country. This can take the form of donations in cash, loans and lines of credit, guarantees, contributions to reduce a charge interest, budget aid, a relief of debt or aid in the balance of payments.
Budgetary aid and mutual funds ('basket fund') are specific forms of financial cooperation, settled in a vade-mecum agreed upon between the Minister and the Minister that Budget. "."
3. in article 5, § 1 and § 2, 1 °, 2 ° and 6 °, of the same Act, amended by the acts of July 20, 2006 and December 27, 2012, the words "bilateral direct" are each time replaced by "Government".
S. 4. in article 6, § 1, of the Act, as amended by the law of December 30, 2009, the following changes are made: has) 1 °, the words "bilateral direct, bilateral indirect" are replaced by the words "governmental, non-governmental".
(b) to 2 °, the words "bilateral indirect" shall be replaced by the word "non-governmental".
(c) subsection is supplemented by a 7 °, as follows: "7 ° management of homes in Belgium for scholars from developing countries.".
5. article 8 of the same Act is supplemented by the following: ", including the conclusion of agreements with governmental, non governmental, parastatal or multilateral, private or public organisations and institutions, and for the granting of subsidies.
The granting of subsidies is done on the basis of the following criteria:-the beneficiary is a public institution or a private non-profit; association
-the beneficiary account the development among its objectives cooperation;
-the recipient is based or represented in the concerned partner country;
-its activities fit within the programs or projects implemented by the SCG;
-the subsidy convention includes the description of the activities, the amount, the funding arrangements, the obligations of reporting including the justification of the use of the means, the conditions leading to the binding of the subsidy refund if the Organization remains in default and the mechanisms for control by the CTB. "."
6. in article 9ter of the Act, inserted by the law of 27 December 2005, the following changes are made: 1 ° in the § 1, the words "bilateral direct referred to in article 6, § 1, of the Act of 25 May 1999 on Belgian international cooperation" and the words "referred to in articles 7 and 8 of this Act" are replaced by the words "referred to in the law of March 19, 2013 on Belgian cooperation development";
2 ° in § 2, the words "9 and 10 of the Act of 25 May 1999" are replaced by the words "25 and 26 of the Act of March 19, 2013".
S. 7. article 22 of the Act, as amended by the Act of June 12, 2012, is complemented by a § 9 worded as follows: "§ § 9 9" The Director-general of Development Cooperation and humanitarian aid represents the Directorate-General of Cooperation for development and humanitarian aid of the FPS Foreign Affairs, foreign trade and Cooperation to development within the Board of Directors. It does however not the right to vote. His compensation is identical to that of administrators and is dependent of the CTB. "."
Promulgate this Act, order that it self under the seal of the State and published by le Moniteur.
Given in Brussels, January 20, 2014.
PHILIPPE by the King: the Minister of Cooperation for development, p.. Lady sealed with the seal of the State: the Minister of Justice, Ms. A. TURTELBOOM _ Note House of representatives: Doc 53-3061 (2013/2014): 001: Bill.
002: Amendments.
003: Report.
004: Text corrected by the commission.
See also: Compte rendu intégral: 5 December 2013.
Senate: Doc 5-2386 - (2013/2014): project not referred by the Senate.