Legislation To Approve The General Account Of The General Administration For The Year 2013 And The Accounts For The Implementation Of The Budgets Of The State Services To Managed Separately For Previous Years

Original Language Title: Loi visant à approuver le compte général de l'administration générale pour l'année 2013 et des comptes d'exécution des budgets des Services de l'Etat à gestion séparée pour des années précédentes

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25 NOVEMBER 2015. - An Act to approve the General Administration Account for the Year 2013 and the Separate Management Services Budget Implementation Accounts for previous years

PHILIPPE, King of the Belgians,
To all, present and to come, Hi.
The House of Representatives adopted and sanctioned the following:
Article 1er
This Act regulates a matter referred to in Article 74 of the Constitution.
Annual accounts of state general administration services
Results and balance
Art. 2
The summary of the balance sheet and the results account is summarized in table A.
Summary of budgetary transactions
Art. 3
The summary account of budgetary transactions according to the economic classification is included in table B.
Budget performance
the general administration of the State
Art. 4
The year's fees in line with the Ways and Means Budget are determined in accordance with summary table C.
Art. 5
The fees collected for the year are reflected in summary table D.
Art. 6
The commitments charged to the commitment credits and liquidations charged to the liquidation credits are set out in summary table E.
Art. 7
To cover the expenses of the year 2013 incurred beyond or in the absence of the commitment credits, additional commitments are allocated for an amount of EUR 17,353,232.30.
Art. 8
To cover the expenses of the year 2013 incurred beyond or in the absence of the appropriations, limiting additional appropriations are allocated for an amount of EUR 23,033,416.04.
Art. 9
Operations on the 2013 organic funds are finalized in accordance with summary table F.
Restitution and allocation funds
Art. 10
Revenues and expenses, as well as the beginning and end-of-year balances on restitution and allocation funds, are included in Table G.
Implemented operations
the budgets of the separate management state services (new regime)
Art. 11
Operations on the budgets of the Separate Management State Services for previous years are stopped in accordance with the summary table H.
Given in Brussels, 25 November 2015.
By the King:
The Minister of Budget,
Seal of the state seal:
Minister of Justice,
(1) 2015-16 session
House of Representatives
54- 1285/1: Bill
54-1285/2: Report
54- 1285/3: Text adopted by the Finance and Budget Committee
54- 1285/4: Text adopted in plenary and subject to Royal Assent
Full report: November 3, 2015.
Table A summary of results and results account
Table B Summary of Budgetary Operations by Economic Classification
Table C summary budget performance account 2013 - revenue
Table D summary budget performance account 2013 - recipes - annex
Table Summary of the budget implementation account expenditure (commitments and liquidations)
Table F summary of the budget performance account of organic funds
Table G budget execution account: restitution and allocation funds
Table H Execution Accounts for the Separate Management State Services Controlled by the Court of Accounts
Table I overexpenditure

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