Bangladesh Handloom Board Act, 013

Original Language Title: বাংলাদেশ তাঁত বোর্ড আইন, ২০১৩

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Bangladesh Handloom Board Act, 013 (Act 64 of Law No. 013) [7 November, 013] Bangladesh Handloom Board Ordinance, 1977 rahitakrame the restoration pranayenara made to the handloom sector development, expansion, and to ensure the welfare of the weavers of Bangladesh Handloom Board Ordinance , 1977 (Ordinance No. LXIII of 1977) rahitakrame the restoration to promulgate; Therefore, you hereby enacted as: - Short title and commencement 1. (1) The law of Bangladesh Handloom Board Act, may be called 013. (Ii) It shall be effective immediately. Definitions. Unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context, in this Act, - (1) '' Chairman 'Chairman of the Board; (Ii) the weaver association '' means any of the weaver association registered under section 11 of this Act; (3) '' regulations '' means the regulations made under this Act; (4) '' Rules '' means the regulations made under this Act; (5) '' Board '' means the Bangladesh Handloom Board established under section 3 of this Act; (6) 'member' means a member of the full-time than part-time member of the Board; (7) full-time members of the 'meaning of section 5 sub-section (1) of clause (a) and (b) no such member; And (8) 'handloom' sense by the labor of fabrics for textile machines, looms and nimnabirnata thereof; Namely: - (a) semi-automatic or CR loom; (A) particular types of houses used by tribal weavers; (C) hole in the carpet loom and shuttle loom tamtasaha tape; (D) the homestead is established more than weird power loom weaving cottage; (E) fly shuttle loom holes and fly shuttle loom frame; (F) any other heavy or light clothes, looms for the production of the homestead is established; And (g) hyatarasali loom. 3. Establishment of the Board. (1) after the commencement of this Act, for the purposes of this Act, the Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, "Bangladesh Handloom Board" shall be established as a board.
(Ii) The Board shall be a body corporate having perpetual succession and a common seal and it is a subject to the provisions of this Act, to acquire its property both movable and immovable, movable and immovable, and shall be filed with the Board may in its own name and it may be sued. 4 main and branch offices. (1) The head office of the Board shall be in Dhaka. (Ii) The Board may, with the approval of the Government, may establish branch offices anywhere in the country. 4. Composition of the Board. (1) The Board shall consist of the following members, namely: - full-time member of the (a) any person appointed by the Government, who is also its chairman; (B) by the Government, from among persons working in the public service, designated more than four (4) members; Part-time member (c) the Director General of the Bangladesh Sericulture Board; (D) nominated by the Ministry of Textiles and Jute Ministry Joint Secretary level officer in the least; (E) the category nominated by any officer of the rank of Joint Secretary in the least; (F) Legislative and Parliamentary Affairs Division of the Department nominated by an officer of at least the rank of Joint Secretary; (G) under the department director of the Ministry of Textiles and Jute; (H), Bangladesh Textile Mills Corporation, its directors nominated by the representative of the ranks; (I) the President of the Bangladesh National Cooperative Industry Association Limited; (J) national president of the weaver; (K) by the Government from among the weavers, chosen less than two (two) were reticent, and (l) the Secretary of the Board, who shall be the Member Secretary. (Ii) sub-section (1) of clause (c), (g), (i), and (j) shall be on the person described in padadhikarale. (3) sub-section (1) of clause (k) from the date of appointment of the members stated in 3 (three) years shall be employed, however, that the government may resign from his office signed letter to:
Provided that, until the resignation is accepted by the government's resignation will not be effective. 6. Functions of the Board. The functions of the Board shall be as follows: (a) the handloom sector survey, census and rational growth of the activities undertaken or planned; (B) save the handloom industry-related statistics; (C) concerning the investigation and the search for the handloom industry operates; (D) the development of handloom units, and provide advisory services; (E) for the handloom sector stakeholders with the creation of credit facilities; (F) handloom weavers societies support the development of the industry; (G) the weaver societies tamtiganake textile chemistry, spare parts, cotton, etc. sarababahera fair use provision of goods; (H) the hand-weaver societies tamtasilpasamuhake purchasing raw materials and products produced from them Godowns for warehousing, maintenance and design for everyone, spinning, bleaching, rankarana, istrikara, printing and finishing facilities to take action; (I) for domestic sale and export of hand tamtajata pramitakarnera specific standards for product development and expansionary opportunities and quality of product and certificate of manufacturer; (J) in the country and abroad for the purpose of publicity and promotional activities of tamtapanya popular; (K) the weaver societies tamtajata product marketing at home and abroad to take action; (L) To provide training facilities weaving and weaving industry and the people involved in its development; (M) a weaver bayanottara bayanapurba and facilities planning and implementation; And (n) For the purposes of this Act, considered necessary by the Board or any of the functions indicated by the Government to implement the program. Sadasganera chairman and full time employment, etc.
7. (1) full-time members appointed by the Government and the Board shall be nominated and they shall be full-time officers. (Ii) the Chief Executive shall be the Chairman of the Board. (3) The term of office of the chairman, salaries, status and conditions of service shall be determined by the Government. (4) of this Act or the rules prescribed by the permanent members of the decisions taken by the Board, upon exercise the powers and perform the functions and duties vested shall be performed. 8 disqualification and removal of members. (1) No person shall remain a member of the board members shall not be eligible or not, if he (a) the time for government employment, disqualified or dismissed from government service; (B) convicted of an offense involving moral turpitude; (C) has been declared bankrupt by a competent court; (D) has been declared of unsound mind by a competent court; Or (e) without the consent of the chairman of the three (3) refused to join the meeting. (Ii) of section 5 sub-section (3) of the bidhanasattbeo, by order in writing the permanent members of the government or a member may be removed from his post, if he (a) performance as chairman or member of the physical or mental disabilities; (B) the dereliction of duty or breach of trust bestowed on him, or any financial or other benefits received illegally; (C) if the misuse of his office; (D) the non-payment of his responsibility that is involved with this Act for any other purposes are involved. 9. Meetings of the Board. (1) Subject to the provisions of this section, the Board shall determine the procedure for its meetings. (Ii) determined by the Chairman of the date, place and time of such meetings shall be held. (3) to two (two) in a meeting of the Board shall be held not less. (4) The Chairman shall preside over all meetings of the Board and in his absence, one member nominated by the chairman of the meeting shall preside.
(5) Each member of the Board shall have one vote and decisions shall be taken by a majority vote of the meeting, but in case of equality of votes, the person presiding over the meeting shall have a second or casting vote. (6) The quorum at a meeting of the Board to meet its total number of members shall be not less than one-third of the members present, the adjourned meeting, no quorum shall be required. (7) No member of the Board or the formation of a vacancy in the office of error due to the continuing acts of any action or proceeding shall be invalid or can not be called in question. 10 honorarium for attendance at the meeting. Every full-time member, and other members for attendance at meetings of the Board by the Board, with the approval of the Government, shall be paid at the rate prescribed. Weaver Formation, registration, etc. 11. (1) loom weaving industry development for the benefit of otamtidera be formed. (Ii) Formation of weavers and its classification, registration, inspection, audit and control, as determined by the rules of procedure and, where applicable, shall be subject to payment of a fee. Secretary 1. (1) There shall be a Secretary of the Board shall be appointed by the Government. (Ii) The Secretary of the Board shall be responsible for the implementation and direction of the Chairman of the Board as he will perform. (3) sub-section (1) of jute and textiles until the secretary is appointed from among the elected officials of any officer shall act as Secretary. Officers and employees, etc. 13. - Notwithstanding anything contained in section 1, for the efficient performance of the functions of the board, the chairman of the organizational structure approved by the government, may appoint the required number of officers and employees and their terms and conditions of employment shall be determined by regulation. Fund Board
14. (1) The following sums shall be deposited in a fund, namely: - (a) Government grants and loans; (B) approval of the government of any foreign government, organization or grants from international organizations; (C) Income from investments and properties; (D) fees collected by the board of management, if any; And (e) received from any other sources approved by the Government. (Ii) the board of the fund, according to the budget approved by the government, the official rules of the Board shall be required expenditures. (3) approved by the Board of the Fund shall be maintained in any scheduled bank. (4) The fund shall be approved by the Government to invest in the sector. (5) The Secretary and the Chairman nominated by the joint signature of an officer of the fund shall be calculated. Explanation: - In this section, "scheduled bank" means Bangladesh Bank Order, 1972 (PO 127 of 1972) of article 2 (j) defined "Scheduled Bank" means a. Budget 15. The board determined each year by the government's annual development budget for the next financial year and shall submit to the budget statement of revenue in the financial year the amount of money from the Government, the Board nirbahakarana spent from the fund in accordance with its specifications shall be required. Accounts and audit 16. (1) the manner directed by the board shall maintain proper accounts of the financial year, and shall prepare an annual financial statement. (Ii) The Comptroller and Auditor General, and the Auditor General called, every year the Board shall audit the accounts and audit report to the Board shall send a copy of the government.
(3) sub-clause (ii), according to the audit, the Auditor General, or any person authorized by him in this behalf of the Board of etadaddusye all records, documents, cash or bank accounts, securities, and other property that may examine and board No member, officer and employee. (4) sub-section (ii) In addition to the audit by the Board once every year, Bangladesh Chartered Accountants Order, 1973 (PO No. 2 of 1973) of Article 2 (1) (b) defined by the Board of Chartered Accountants tested and ekaunatenta shall be audited. (5) the completion of each financial year, 6 (six) months after the audit report of the Board shall be authorized. 17 Annual Report. (1) The Board of each financial year an annual report on its affairs for the next financial year shall be submitted to the Government in January 31. (Ii) The Government, if necessary, to the Board on any matter at any time of the statement, and the board may call returns and reports to the Government shall furnish. 18. Delegation of authority. (1) The Board of its powers under this Act or the rules or regulations, by order in writing, the chairman, or any officer may delegate any of the permanent members. (Ii) the Chairman, in accordance with this Act or the rules or regulations, which apply to sub-section (1) except under the authority of the chairman, the powers of any full-time member of the board, member or officer may delegate. 19 use of information technology. Performances under this Act, in the exercise of powers and responsibilities, Information and Communication Technology Act, 006 (Act 39, Act No. 006) to the provision of information technology shall be used. 0 Power to make rules. For the purposes of this Act, the Government, by notification in the official Gazette, make rules.
1 Power to make regulations. For the purposes of this Act, the Board, with the approval of the Government, by notification in the official Gazette, not inconsistent with this Act or rules may make such regulations. Twenty have English lessons. (1) after the commencement of this Act, the Government, by notification in the official Gazette, an English translation of the text of the law Bengali authentic text (Authentic English Text) shall publish. (Ii) in the case of conflict between the Bengali and English text, the Bengali text shall prevail. 3 Repeals and savings. (1) This Act comes into force with the Bangladesh Handloom Board Ordinance, 1977 (Ordinance No. LXIII of 1977), hereafter 'the Ordinance' 'as specified, shall be repealed. (Ii) With the repeal of the said Ordinance: (a) established under the Bangladesh Handloom Board, hereinafter referred to as the extinction loom board, Article 3 (1) to be published in the Gazette with, shall be abolished; (B) Handloom Board, all assets, rights ,, power, authority, facilities, funding, cash and bank accounts and all the movable and immovable property and the property of the dissolved sikiuritisaha Handloom Board, all rights and interests, the ledgers, registers and records and all documents relating to the board and the board shall have the rights to be transferred; (C) Handloom Board abolished all debts, liabilities and thereof, by or on behalf of the Board, respectively, all agreements concluded with its debts, liabilities and thereof, by or on its behalf shall be deemed to be made with the agreement; (D) all suits filed by or against the dissolved board of the Loom or initiated any legal proceedings instituted by or against the Board or suit or proceeding shall be initiated;
(E) Centers textile facilities, hereafter referred to as the defunct Centre, all assets, rights, powers, authority, facilities, funding, cash and bank accounts and the abolition of all property in the center of all its activities related to the rights and interests of all the books of accounts , registers, records and other documents shall be deemed to have been placed on board and transferred; And (f) any agreement, notwithstanding anything contained in the document or the service conditions, all officers and employees of the defunct Handloom Board, officers and employees of the Board immediately before the commencement of this Act shall be and that they were the conditions of service, in accordance with the provisions of this Act, until it is changed, The Board shall be employed on the same terms. (3) Despite the repeal of the Ordinance any rules or regulations made thereunder, issued a notification, issued orders, instructions, approval, recommendation, made all the plans or activities, approved the budget and the work done there and in force immediately before such repeal not inconsistent with any provision of this Act under such provisions of this Act, made, issued, given, shall be deemed to be approved and made in the period until the end or under this Act shall remain in force until repealed or amended.