Change The Communications Parameters, Fees And Value-Added Services Ordinance - Kem-V

Original Language Title: Änderung der Kommunikationsparameter-, Entgelt- und Mehrwertdiensteverordnung - KEM-V

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77. Regulation of Rundfunk und Telekom Regulierungs-GmbH, with the communications parameters, fees and value-added Services Ordinance - KEM-V is amended

On the basis of § 24 para 1 and para. 2 and 63 of the Federal law, a telecommunications law is adopted with the (Telecommunications Act 2003 - TKG 2003), Federal Law Gazette I no. 70/2003 as amended by Federal Law Gazette I no. 133/2005, is prescribed:

6 regulation be set of Rundfunk und Telekom Regulierungs-GmbH, with the provisions for communications parameters, fees and value-added services (communications parameters, fees and value-added Services Ordinance - KEM-V), published by Edition to the insight at the Rundfunk und Telekom Regulierungs-GmbH, last amended by Federal Law Gazette II No. 219/2007, is amended as follows:

1. in the table of contents, the heading "Scope of service" is replaced by "Scope of services" in section 24 d.

2. in section 24c 2 and 3 are added to Z 1 following Z:

"Search 2. 116 111 hotline for help children, 3. 116 123 hotline to life help."

3. § § 24 d up to 24 g together with the header are:

"Scope of services

section 24 d.

 Licence holder must services in the area of 116 to make, that the following criteria is met:

1. the service addressed by the number 116 000 receives messages about missing children and forwards it to the police, advises and supports those responsible for missing children, and supports the search for missing children.

2. the service addressed by the number 116 111 will help children who need care and protection, and brings them with adequate services and resources in contact. Also has the service opportunity to these children, expressing their concerns, to talk to her about the directly concerned problems and to find a contact in emergency situations.

3. the service addressed by the number 116 123 offers the caller one open-minded listener, human contact person who has to provide psychological assistance for those callers who suffer loneliness, going through a life crisis or have suicidal thoughts.


section 24e.

 Service providers that meet the following requirements are eligible to apply for a phone number in the area of 116:

1. at least three years experience in professional telephone care for people in problem situations, in particular in the family environment, as well as in the cooperation with police departments. In the case of numbers 116 000 and 116-111, the focus of the previous activity in the work with children and young people to lie, 2. membership in at least one international organization or Association for the protection of children and young people, in the area of Pastoral Ministry or personal life help and 3 proof of an appropriate capital adequacy has so a provision of the service in the form proposed by the applicant for the next three years, anyway.

Numbers allocation

section 24f.

 The allocation of numbers 116 000, 116-111 and 116-123 is carried out according to the following rules:

1. upon receipt of a request for allocation, the RTR-GmbH provides information on their website about the fact that there is a proposal and are interested from publication for a period of one month, you can also make requests for allocation the phone number. All applications received during this period are introduced as at the same time.

2. apply several applicants who meet the legal requirements under section 24e to allocation for a phone number, so the lot decides."

Codes of conduct

section 24 g.

 (1) the licence holder of's phone number in the area of 116 has

1 together with the communications network operators and communication services providers to ensure the availability of the service from all public communications networks, 2. to operate the corresponding public short number in the entire Federal territory, 3. the operating 24 hours a day to ensure and to equip, that no significant latency when receiving calls, to ensure exclusive use within the set scope of services of section 24 d 4 with other organizations that use this number in other States to work together and 5.

(2) contrary to the provisions of paragraph 1 Z 3 no obligation of a daily, 24-hour operation for the 116-111 and 116-123 numbers. If the service is not always available, the service provider must ensure however that information on the availability of the service are publicly accessible and at times, to which the service is unavailable, the next office hours are announced the calling."

4. in § 109 paragraph 10a replaces the phrase "31 March 2008" in the second sentence "30.09.2008". Section 110 subsection 4 that replaces date "may 12, 2009" by "12.05.2014".

5. in article 110 shall be inserted after paragraph 4 following paragraph 4a, 4B, 4 c and 4 d:

"(4a) communications service providers have to inform in an appropriate manner about the shutdown in accordance with paragraph 4, in accordance with the following:"

1. new participants in the local network of Linz in the wake of the conclusion of the contract at the latest starting with 01.06.2008 and 2. all the participants at the latest beginning with May 12, 2009 at intervals of not more than six months, from 12.05.2012 at intervals not exceeding two months.

(4B) communications service operators para have section 18 in accordance with the provisions of § 2003 for participants in the local network of Linz respectively to lead the area code 732 1 and 100 TKG.

(4c) operators of telephone information services within the meaning of § 30 para 2 KEM-V have to specify only the area code 732 in the provision of the information service for phone numbers in the local network of Linz.

(4 d) communications service operators have the RTR-GmbH on demand

1. current evaluations of to provide regarding the development of monthly usage of the area code 70 on their associated communication network, as well as to submit 2. a comprehensible informative documentation about dates, type and content of made information measures referred to in paragraph 4a."

6. in article 110, paragraph 5, that will be replaced date "may 12, 2008" by "12.05.2013".

7. in section 111 following paragraphs 9 and 10 are added:

"(9) the change in the table of contents, as well as the sections 24 c 24 g, § 109 paragraph 10a and section 110 subsection 4, 4a, 4 d and 5 as amended by Federal Law Gazette II No. 77/2008 29 February 2008 into force."

"(10) section 110 subsection 4 b and 4c as amended by Federal Law Gazette II No. 77/2008 12 May 2009 into force."


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