Amendment Of The 1985 Citizenship Regulation

Original Language Title: Änderung der Staatsbürgerschaftsverordnung 1985

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3. Regulation of the Minister of Home Affairs, citizenship regulation 1985 modifies the

According to the Citizenship Act of 1985 (StbG), BGBl. No. 311, last amended by Federal Law Gazette I no. 135/2009, is prescribed:

The regulation of the Federal Minister for interior of 31 July 1985 on the implementation of the citizenship law 1985 (citizenship Ordinance 1985), BGBl. No. 329, last amended by the regulation BGBl. No. 982/1994, is how the following changed:

1. the previous paragraphs 1 to 36 received the paragraph names 5-40 and following sections 1 to 4 and headings are inserted:

"To section 19 StbG"

The documents required for the submission of award or extension of the awarding of citizenship and evidence are § 1 (1) to submit the authority both in the original and in copy.

(2) the authority checks the submitted, to be connected to the application copies on their full compliance with the original and confirms this with a note on the copy.

(3) documents and evidence which are not written in German, are at the request of the authority, to submit a translation into German in addition.

(4) documents and evidence must be submitted upon request by the authority according to the applicable regulations in certified form.

Following documents and evidence to connect are the application for award or extension of the awarding of citizenship § 2 (1):

1. valid travel document (§ 2 para 4 Nos. 4 and 5 FPG);

2. birth certificate or these same documents document;

3. current photograph of the applicant (from 3.5 x 4.5 cm up to 4.0 x 5.0 cm);

4. If necessary, marriage certificate, certificate of divorce, partnership deed, certificate about the dissolution of a registered partnership, certificate about the adoption of a child, proof or certificate of the family relationship, death certificate, proof of change of name;

5. proof of a safe living, in particular pay slips, wage receipts, service contracts, legal pre-contracts, confirmations about pension, pension or other insurance benefits and proof of own assets in sufficient amount. These proofs are to teach for the last three years. The applicant relies on services committed third-party, a proof of this power by the third party is so each to join;

6. in the cases of § 11a paragraph 2 Z 1 and 2 StbG a proof of employment and the place of service of the Austrian citizen, in particular service contract.

(2) Nos. 1, 2 and 4 may be waived by the submission of documents and evidence referred to in paragraph 1, if the procurement is demonstrably impossible and the identity of the applicant on the basis of other safety documents can be determined, and to assess the safety, in particular in accordance with § 5 can be used to StbG.

§ 3 requests for ceremony and extension the awarding of citizenship under article 19 are StbG authority in writing or niederschriftlich, in particular through application forms submitted by the authorities, to make.

Sections 22 and 23 StbG

§ 4 (1) in the case of § 22 para 4 is StbG be issued a copy of the transcript to the stranger before the ceremony or the extension of the citizenship ceremony.

"(2) the stranger pushes the oath orally and the decision subsequently issued him (§ 23 para 3 first sentence StbG), this has in solemn dignified frame that is appropriate, to be carried out on this occasion."

2. in §§ 7 para 1 (new) and 39 para 1 is the quote "section 64 StbG" by the quote "section 63 c para 2 StbG" replaced.

3. paragraph 8 par. 1 and 2 (new):

"(1) of the following legal citizenship documents are according to the patterns of the plants 1-8a to be issued; this connection affects

Appendix 1: the decision on the awarding of citizenship without extension of the award (article 23, para. 1 StbG).

Appendix 2: the decision on the awarding of citizenship with extension of the award (article 23, para. 1 StbG).

Appendix 3: the notification with the retaining of citizenship is granted a citizen in case of acquisition of a foreign citizenship (§ 28 StbG);

Appendix 4: the confirmation of the departure from the Austrian State Association in the case of acquisition of a foreign nationality (§ 30 para. 1 StbG).

Appendix 5: the decision about the loss of nationality as a result of renunciation (article 38 para. 3 StbG);

Appendix 6: the proof of citizenship (§ 44 StbG);

Annex 7: the decision on the acquisition of nationality by displaying the residence grounds (§ 58 c para 2 StbG);

Annex 8: the decision on acquiring citizenship by display again (§ 58 c para 2 StbG);

Appendix 8a: the decision regarding the acquisition of citizenship by declaration pursuant to § 59 of the 1985 Citizenship Act (§ 59 StbG).

(2) manufactured forms on security paper (annex 13) for the copy of the documents referred to in paragraph 1 may be used only in the Austrian State printing house. The forms are strictly to charge by the authorities."

4. in article 8, paragraph 3 (new) the phrase "Attachments 2 and 5" replaces "appendices 2 and 4" the twist.

5. in article 8, para. 3, no. 1, 2 and 3 lit. a and b (new) is inserted after the word "Spouse" the phrase "or registered partner" respectively.

6. in article 8 para 3 Z 3 is the phrase "'This ceremony shall be extended in accordance with article 16 on the spouses' and the lines provided to the spouse" by the phrase ""This award shall be extended in accordance with article 16 on the spouse / registered partner"and the lines provided," replaced.

7. in article 9, paragraph 1 (new) the word "Staatsbürgerschaftsrevidenz" is replaced by the word "Citizenship evidence" and it eliminates the phrase "and where known the home address,".

8. in article 9 paragraph 1 (new) are the quote 'paragraph 6 lit. a"by the quote"section 10 lit. a"and the quote"§ 6 lit. (b)"by the quote"section 10 lit. (b)"replaced.

9. in section 18 (new) first sentence replaced the quote "§§ 16 and 17" by the quote "articles 20 and 21".

10 the point is in section 18 (new) each at the end of the Z 23 lit. (b) and 24 with a semicolon replaced and added following Z 25:

"25 declaration pursuant to section 59 para 1 of the Citizenship Act, 1985 as amended by Federal Law Gazette I no. 135/2009: the provincial government, which has adopted the acquiring of citizenship retroactive determination decision, and the date and number of the business;" the date of retroactive purchase of citizenship."

11 the quote "section 14" replaced by that quote "section 18" is in the §§ 19-21 (new).

12. in article 22 (new) is the quote "§ 14 No. 8 lit. b"by the quote"article 18 No. 8 lit. (b)"replaced.

13. in article 25, paragraph 2 (new) is the quote "section 15" replaced by that quote "section 19".

14. in paragraphs 26, 29 par. 1, 30 para of 2 and 32 para. 2 (new) each quote "sections 14 to 17 and 19" by the quote "sections 18 to 21 and 23" replaced.

15. in article 31, paragraph 1 (new) is the quote of "(§ 8 Abs. 2)" by the quote "(§ 12 Abs. 2)" replaced.

16 § 31 para 2 (new) penultimate sentence reads:

"Notes (§ 15 No. 4) are still on the old index sheet or on the connection page (§ 15 Z 5) to carry out."

17. in §§ 34 para 1 and 2 (new) and 36 paragraph 4 (new), the quote "section 5" by the quote "section 9" is replaced each.

18. in article 34, paragraph 3 (new) the phrase "or in any other way removed from the legislation" is inserted after the phrase "raised by the Administrative Court".

19. in article 36, paragraph 3 (new) will be lit. a the quote "section 26" with the quote "section 30" and lit. (d) replaced the quote "section 17" by the quote "section 21".

20 paragraph 37:

"§ 37. The communication has as far as as possible all information to include, which required pursuant to § 9 and - depending on the nature of the message - the body of evidence in the following regulation places when a notice referred to in section 53 No. 5 lit. a StbG according to § 18 No. 7 lit. a or lit. b and section 23; Article 53 No. 5 lit. c StbG according to § 18 No. 8 lit. a or lit. b; the information according to § 18 No. 8 lit. b have also to contain the address of the legitimate and of his legal representative; Article 53 No. 5 lit. d StbG according to § 30 par. 1 Z 1 to 4 and 2; Article 53 No. 5 lit. e StbG according to § 32; "Article 53 Z 6 StbG according to § 18 Z 11."

21. in paragraph 38, the quote "section 5 and sections 14 to 28" by the quote "section 9 and sections 18 to 32" will be replaced.

22. in paragraph 40, the quote "section 9 para 2" by the quote "§ 13 para 2" is replaced in para 2.

23 paragraph 40 para 2 and 3:

"(2) established by the Austrian State Printing Office Forms on security paper pursuant to § 8 para 2 (annex 13) should be used from April 1, 2010 at the latest. Remaining stock of prints that were made on the basis of the valid on 31 December 2009 version of this regulation, may be used until March 31, 2010, if them the patterns of plants 1 to 8 of this Regulation as amended by Federal Law Gazette II No. 3/2010 through modification of the text will be adjusted. Section 13, paragraph 2 shall apply mutatis mutandis.

(3) where reference is made in this regulation to the family name, these provisions apply to the surname accordingly."

24. under section 40, 41 the following paragraph and heading is attached:

"Linguistic equal treatment

section 41. As far as this regulation to natural persons are related names only in the male form, they relate to women and men in the same way. In applying the term to certain natural persons the respective gender-specific form be used."

25. the appendices 1 are up to 8a:

(see attachments)

26. pursuant to annex 12, following Annex 13 is attached:

(see attachment)


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