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Red Deer-Tbc Regulation

Original Language Title: Rotwild-Tbc-Verordnung

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181. Regulation of the Federal Minister of Health for Combating Tuberculosis in Red Wildlife Stocks (Rotwild-Tbc-Regulation)

On the basis of § 1 (5) and § 2c of the Animal Health Act (TSG), RGBl. No 177/1909, as last amended by the Federal Law BGBl. I n ° 36/2008 and the amendment of the Federal Ministries Act (BGBl). I No 3/2009, shall be ordered:


§ 1. (1) This Regulation is subject to Rotwild, which is not kept in the manner described in § 1 (1) TSG (wild animals) and is held in a disease area declared in accordance with § 2 paragraph 1.

(2) On Rotwild in accordance with paragraph 1, § § 2, 2b, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 22 para. 2 and 3, 23, 24 para. 4, 25, 28, 30, 46, 59, 61 para. 1 lit. c, d and g TSG shall apply in accordance with the following provisions. As an animal keeper, the person who is called to exercise the hunting protection is the owner of the animals and the owner of the animal. the hunting rights holder or, if it does not exist in the respective case, the basic owner or of the landowners. The disease area is considered to be a part of the disease.

Disease area

§ 2. (1) Areas in which the species of red game stock is based on current, statistically meaningful scientific or official studies


the pathogen of tuberculosis in the sense of the bovine tuberculous system, BGBl. II No 322/2008, as amended in each case, (Mycobacterium tuberculosis-complex) and confirmed in the National Reference Laboratory for Tuberculosis in accordance with § 2 Z 8 of the bovine tuberculosis regime,


a prevalence of this agent is to be assumed at least in individual parts (habitats or epidemiological units) of the area of at least 35%,


the occurrence of the identic agent in the local livestock population has been demonstrated by the National Reference Laboratory for Tuberculosis, and


be adopted on the basis of epidemiological conditions, a transfer of this agent to bovine animals or to goats kept in common with bovine animals,

shall be made known by the Federal Minister of Health or the Federal Minister of Health in the "Official Veterinary Messages" as a disease area within the meaning of this Regulation.

(2) The Governor of the State shall, if he becomes aware of an outbreak within the meaning of this Regulation and of inquiries pursuant to paragraph 1, the Federal Ministry of Health, has a disease suspected area, indicating the hunting grounds concerned; and To report the sprengeling of district administrative authorities and to submit all the data in accordance with paragraph 1. If the infected area borders on another federal state, the regional governor of this federal state shall also be informed. In the case of a national disease suspected area, the report shall be made by the regional governor of that country, in the part of which the infected area covers the largest area, with the latter being the main men of the disease. in addition, the data referred to in paragraph 1 and the data relating to the hunting grounds and district administrative authorities concerned are to be made available to the countries concerned.

Combat Plan

§ 3. (1) If a disease area is made known, the respective governor of the country shall immediately take into account the current state of science as well as with the education of the official veterinarians. Official veterinarians and after hearing of representatives representatives of the hunters shall establish a control zone and a surveillance zone in the area of the disease, and, ehest possible, a control plan for the continuation of the spread of the disease and its rapid repayment in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation to create. The plan shall also be followed by a cost and financing plan for the control and monitoring measures to be carried out. Where the outbreak affects more than one federal state, the zone setting and the establishment of the control plan shall be taken as a consensual action.

(2) The control plan as well as the cost and financing plan must be submitted to the Federal Ministry of Health without delay after the completion of the project. If no objection has been made within six weeks from the date of submission of the plans, the control plan shall be adopted by the Governor of the Land by Regulation. In the case of a national disease area, the control plan shall be adopted by each of the provincial authorities concerned for that part of the infected area, which is located in the respective federal state, by means of a regulation.

Measures in the disease area

§ 4. In any event, the plan shall include the arrangement that:


they must comply with the conditions of hunting rights to prevent the spread of the disease;


ensure that the turn of the Rotwilds to the control zone is to be ensured by appropriate measures (e.g. steering, Kirrung, decommissioning of the feeding in the adjacent areas);


the killing of as many as possible of suspected red game pieces of red game in the control zone within a specified period, possibly using existing facilities, is made possible by appropriate measures;


the killing of red game pieces in the control zone, which could not be obtained by conventional methods, by persons with appropriate experience, with the assistance of one or more persons. a hunting expert and the use of suitable equipment must be carried out, taking as far as possible the right to animal protection as well as the population as far as possible without any disturbance;


the killing of the wild in the infected area must be carried out in such a way that there is no unnecessary concern for the wild, which could lead to an expulsion of the wild into other areas;


to examine the red game pieces killed by the veterinary authority for indications of tuberculosis, in particular with regard to open forms of the Tbc and material corresponding to all animals (at least the Retropharyngeal lymph nodes) should be forwarded to the National Laboratory for Tuberculosis Laboratory reference laboratory, the results of which are to be documented by the veterinary authority and the reference laboratory;


the removal and disposal of the animals killed, which must be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Animal Material Act, must be monitored and documented in a comprehensible manner by the veterinary authority;


after completion of the killing and disposal of the carcases, the control zone shall become part of the surveillance zone, provided that a reduction in the stock of rota has been achieved, or-if the necessary reduction is not achieved -the control measures have to be repeated as soon as possible;


for epidemiological reasons in the surveillance zone, an adequate reduction of the red-wild population must be carried out by redesigning the shooting arrangements in accordance with veterinary aspects and by restricting winter feeding practice;


the veterinary authority must arrange for the fulfilment of the launching arrangements by persons with appropriate experience at the expense of the rights of the hunting persons, if conventional methods are not found to be long, and if the firing order is not found has not been complied with accordingly;


shall be cleaned and disinfected under veterinary supervision and under veterinary supervision in the surveillance zone at the end of the feeding period in accordance with the instructions of the veterinary authorities;


to purify and disinfect salt licks operated in grazing areas from the keepers before the start of the Almauftriebs, and to prevent the arrival of salt licks on pasture areas during the summer pasture;


the monitoring of further development in the surveillance zone by veterinary checks of the whole wild animal body of all the red game pieces and pathomorphological examinations of the heads, including the deep throat lymph nodes (Ln. Retropharyngeal) as well as the lungs and the adherent lymph nodes (after appropriate identification to ensure the availability of the respective animal), the persons entitled to hunting as well as the persons responsible for carrying out the exercise of the protection of the hunting grounds for the proper presentation of have ensured;


in the presence of changes in organs which are found in the studies according to Z 13 and which speak for the presence of tuberculosis, the altered organ parts and associated lymph nodes from the veterinary authority to the national the reference laboratory for tuberculosis must be sent;


the official veterinarian or the official veterinarian must be involved in the preparation and control of the plans for the closure of the bovine species, as long as special surveillance or special surveillance areas are required in the bovine tuberculosis regime in the bovine population of the region concerned.

Extinguisher of the disease

§ 5. (1) If the control and surveillance measures have been successfully completed in accordance with the control plan, the disease shall be deemed to have been granted.

(2) The provincial governor has to inform the Federal Ministry of Health that the disease has been extinguissed, following a report on the success of the disease. In the case of a national disease area, this notification shall be reimbursed by the country head of the country in whose province the largest area of the infected area is situated. Prior to this, the Governor of the State of the State has agreed to the agreement with the the country head of the country concerned or To produce the country's main men.

(3) The withdrawal of the infected area shall be made known by the Federal Minister of Health or the Federal Minister of Health in the "Official Veterinary Messages"