Red Deer-Tbc Regulation

Original Language Title: Rotwild-Tbc-Verordnung

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181. Regulation of the Federal Minister of health to combat tuberculosis in deer populations (deer TBC Regulation)

On the basis of the article 1, par. 5 and § 2c of the animal diseases Act (TSG), RGBl. No. 177/1909, as last amended by Federal Law Gazette I no. 36/2008 and the amendment of the Federal Ministry of Law Gazette I no. 3/2009, is prescribed:

Scope of application

§ 1 (1) this regulation is subject to red deer, which described TSG way is held (wild animals) not in the § 1 para 1 and resides in an infected area made known in accordance with article 2, paragraph 1.

(2) on red deer pursuant to paragraph 1, paragraphs 2, 2B, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 22 par. 2 and 3, 23, 24 ABS. 4, 25, 28, 30, 46, 59, 61 par. 1 lit. c, d and g TSG to apply subject to the following provisions. While that person is called to the exercise of protection of hunting, as the owner of the animals and pet owners is hunting exercise legitimate as pet owners or, if there are no such in each case - to see the Europaallee or the property owner. The infected area is considered farmstead.

Infected area

2. (1) areas, where the Red Deer stock based on current, statistically meaningful scientific or official research

1 the causative agent of tuberculosis in regulation of bovine tuberculosis, BGBl. II No. 322/2008 in the currently valid version, (Mycobacteria of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex) and Z 8 of bovine tuberculosis confirmed in the national reference laboratory for tuberculosis in accordance with § 2 was, 2. to assume a prevalence of this pathogen at least in individual parts (habitats or epidemiological units) of the area of at least 35% is, occurrences of identical agents in the local pet population by the national reference laboratory for tuberculosis was detected 3. , and to accept a transfer of this pathogen on cattle or goats held together with cattle 4. based on the epidemiological situation is to be published by the Minister or the Federal Minister of health in the "official veterinary news" as infected area within the meaning of this regulation.

(2) the Governor has, if he becomes aware of a disease activity within the meaning of this regulation, as well as by investigations referred to in paragraph 1, to report a disease suspected area stating the affected hunting grounds and jurisdiction by the district administrative authorities, as well as submitting all data referred to in paragraph 1 the Federal Ministry of health. The disease suspected area is bordered by another federal country, also the Governor shall inform this State. When a State cross-infected suspect area, the message by the Governor of that State has to be in the part of the disease suspected area covers the largest area, where of the country main men of the countries concerned in addition the data referred to in paragraph 1, as well as the data on there concerned hunting grounds and district administrations are to this.

Control plan

3. (1) an infected area will be published, the respective Governor without delay, taking into account the current state of the science as well as consultation of official veterinarians or veterinarian and after consultation of representatives or representatives of the hunting community has to set a control zone and a surveillance zone in the infected area and to create a combat plan to prevent the spread of the disease and whose rapid repayment as soon as possible in accordance with this regulation. The fight plan is also a cost and financing plan for the carried out control and monitoring measures to connect. The outbreak involves more than one federal land, is in the zone definition and creation of the fight plan by mutual agreement to proceed.

(2) the control plan and the cost and financing plan are to present the Federal Ministry of health for testing immediately after completion. If no objection is made within six weeks after submission of the plans, the fight plan by the Governor by regulation is to be issued. In the case of a federal state cross-infected area is the fight plan of each affected country captain for part of the infected area, which is located in the respective province to adopt by regulation.

Measures in the infected area

§ 4. The fight plan has in any case the arrangement to include, that

1. the hunting exercise legitimate conditions to prevent the spread of the disease, meet

2. the influx of deer to the combat zone through appropriate measures (E.g. Steering, Kirrung, decommissioning of the feedings in the adjacent areas) is to make sure;

3. the killing as many seuchen - and infection-suspicious deer pieces in the combat zone is accomplished within a certain period of time - if necessary, taking advantage of existing station facilities - appropriate measures;

4. the killing of the in the combat zone deer pieces that could not be removed by conventional methods has to be carried out by persons with appropriate experience in an or a hunting expert assistance and use of appropriate equipment, with possible animal welfare meet and if possible to proceed without interference of the population;

5 so making killing of wildlife animals in the infected area is that no unnecessary concern of wildlife, which could lead to a displacement of deer to other areas, is carried out;

6. the killed deer pieces by the veterinary authority on signs that tuberculosis suggest, are to examine, where in particular pay attention to open forms of TB and all animal material (in any case, the retropharyngeal lymph nodes) to the national reference laboratory for tuberculosis for laboratory testing to forward is, where are the findings by the veterinary authority, and by the reference laboratory to document;

7. the removal and disposal of the animals killed, which has to be made according to the regulations of the animal materials Act by the veterinary authority to monitor and document transparent is;

8. after completion of killing measures and the disposal of animal carcases the combat zone - if a corresponding reduction of the deer herd has been reached - is part of the surveillance zone, or - if the required reduction is not achieved - the measures are to repeat as soon as possible;

9 to make an adequate reduction of the deer herd in the surveillance zone for epidemiological reasons by refactoring the launching arrangements according to veterinary technical aspects and a restriction of the winter feeding practice is;

10 to order the veterinary authority in the fulfillment of the launching arrangements by persons with appropriate experience at the expense of hunting exercise entitled has, if not the Auslangen is found with conventional methods and the launch arrangement was not fulfilled;

11. in the surveillance zone facilities for feeding to wild after the feeding period after veterinary official instructions and under official veterinary supervision to clean and disinfect;

12. the salt licks the keepers before the start of the Alpine lift operated in pasture areas are to clean and disinfect and offering a lick on pasture areas; not take place during the midsummer period

13. the monitoring of further development in the surveillance zone by official veterinary controls the entire wild animal body of all imposed deer pieces and pathological morphological studies of heads, including the deep cervical lymph nodes (LN. retropharyngeales) as well as (after appropriate labelling to ensure the attribution to the respective animal body) to be the lungs and adherent lymph nodes has hunting exercise of legitimate, as well as the persons who appointed the exercise of hunting protection being , have to provide for the proper template.

14 in the presence of tuberculosis the altered body parts and associated lymph nodes of the veterinary authority to send the national reference laboratory for tuberculosis are speak of changes in organs, which are found in the investigations according to Z 13 and that of the existence of,

15. the official veterinarian or the official veterinarian in the creation and control of the launch plans to include is, as long as investigative - or special control areas in accordance with regulation of bovine tuberculosis in the cattle population of the region concerned are required.

Extinction of the disease

§ 5 (1) are completed successfully the control and monitoring measures according to fight plan, the disease is considered extinct.

(2) the Governor has to inform the Federal Ministry of health, following a report on the success of the fight against the extinction of the disease. In the case of a federal state cross-infected area, this communication by the Governor is to reimburse, in whose province is the largest area of the disease. Previously, the Governor communication to make the agreement with the or the otherwise affected provincial Governor or main compatriots has.

(3) the removal of the infected area will be announced by the Federal Minister or the Federal Minister of health in the "official veterinary news"