Home Work Rate For The Manufacture Or Processing Of Brushes And Brushes Of All Kinds (Commercial And Industrial) By Homeworkers

Original Language Title: Heimarbeitstarif für die Herstellung oder Bearbeitung von Bürsten und Pinseln aller Art (Gewerbe und Industrie) durch Heimarbeiter

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193. Ordinance of the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and consumer protection by means of a home-work tariff for the manufacture or processing of brushes and brushes of all kinds (commerce and industry) by home workers

The Federal Office of the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection is the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection in accordance with Section 34 (1) of the Home Labour Act 1960, BGBl No. 105/1961, in the version of the Federal Law BGBl. I n ° 74/2009 authorises the adoption of domestic labour tariffs at the request of a collective contractual body of employees.

The Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection has issued a decision of 21 June 2011 following the implementation of a senate hearing:

Homework tariff

for the manufacture or processing of brushes and brushes of all kinds (commercial and industrial) by home workers


§ 1.


Spatially: for the federal territory of Austria.


Technical: for the production or processing of brushes and brushes of all kinds, insofar as their manufacture or processing does not fall within another branch of production and is not already covered by a home employment contract or a home labour tariff.


Personal: for all clients who employ homeworkers for the works listed under (b).

Working Hours

§ 2. The following working hours shall be fixed for the drawing-in of 1 000 bundles, without cutting together the material and without winding the wire, in the case of properly drilled brushwood (the piercing of the drilling needles is not part of the working time):


Glossy brushes with a 3 mm bore as well as lubricating and pastel brushes

161 minutes


Horse brushes over 3 mm bore and similar short cut goods

152 minutes


Wet and wall brushes with a similar Facon with double beard made of any material

246 minutes


Template bundle of bristles, fibris, B-Chinese or riffling with cutting edges

197 minutes


Template bundle of C-Chinesborsten with cutting

213 minutes


Carpenters without stencil from bristles, Fibris, B-Chinese or Riffling

187 minutes


Room brushes without stencil from C-Chineserborsten

206 minutes


Rubbing, washing, cooking brushes and scrubbers with a simple beard of any material

197 minutes


Carpets, brooms, tar scrubbers and narrow bassines, two-and three-row from any material including cutting

222 minutes


Piassavabesen from Bassin

296 minutes


Brooches, fibris or coconut fibres

187 minutes


Bartwish made of horsehair, fibris or coconut fibres

197 minutes


Clove brushes made of any material, including cutting

317 minutes


Polishing discs two-to six-row hair

274 minutes


Malt slices, bakery and flour wipers as well as inlet brows drawn in on the knobs

280 minutes



213 minutes


Glass brushes

181 minutes


Clothes brushes, horse brushes and cleaning brushes as well as brushes under 3 mm bore

145 minutes


Head brushes, also high-bombated

157 minutes


Billiards and upholstery brushes made of bristles and hair

180 minutes


Billiard or furniture brushes made of coconut fibres or fibris

169 minutes


§ 3.


All unit charges (also for the work items not listed in § 2) of the employees working in the home in the framework of commercial enterprises are to be calculated with an hourly wage of 7, -- €.


For companies belonging to the trade association of the wood-processing industry, the collective contract for the wood-processing industry is to be calculated according to the wage group V with an hourly wage of 8.80 €.

Home surcharge

§ 4. In the case of unit charges calculated in this way, the employees working at home will receive a separate home employment supplement of 10%, which is to be identified separately when using their own tools, and will receive a separate allowance of 20% for the home employment.

Onset of effectiveness

§ 5. The start of this home-work tariff is set at 1 May 2011 for the industry and for industry.