27 Regulations Amendment

Original Language Title: 27. StVO-Novelle

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123. Federal law, with the highway code is changed (27 regulations Amendment) 1960

The National Council has decided:

The road traffic Act (StVO 1960), BGBl. 1960 No. 159/1960, as last amended by Federal Law Gazette I no. 88/2014, is amended as follows:

1. in article 2, paragraph 1, 24a is inserted after Z 24 following Z:

"24a. trolley bus: without prejudice to article 5 par. 3 Railway Act 1957 and § 39 para 1 motor vehicles line Act a bus, which is used in regional transport and whose power is taken from overhead"

2. in article 2 the following paragraph 3 is attached

"(3) as far as provisions of this Federal Act relating to the haulage line driving, company or vehicles of line road driving or steering of vehicles of the haulage line driving, these apply also to trolley buses, the traffic with and insert the handlebar by trolley buses as well as company, the trolley buses in regional transport."

3. § 24 para 1 lit. l is as follows:

"l. before ramp to barrier-free access to traffic areas or if guidance non-intended use can be used for people with visual impairments," 4. § 29 para 2 lit. a is as follows:

"(a) to road authorities, for through the road signs"stopping and parking prohibited"or a non-interrupted, attached to the edge of the road yellow line (section 24 para 1 lit. (p) a holding and parking is prohibited is made manifest,"5. § 29 b para 3 lit. a is as follows:

"(a) on road sites, for which the road sign"Parking prohibited"or a broken yellow line attached to the edge of the road (section 24 para 3 lit. (a) a park ban is made manifest,"6 § 29 b para 3 lit. d is as follows:

"(d) in a pedestrian area during the time in which may be made a charging activity or pedestrian according to § 76a para 2a drive on," 7 § 29 reads b paragraph 4:

"(4) in the case of the holding referred to in paragraph 2, as well as when driving on a pedestrian street in accordance with § 76a para 2a has para 1 the holder of a card in accordance with these street regulators upon request. When parking your car in accordance with paragraph 3, as well as when stopping or parking on the according to § 43 para 1 lit. "d held free Street adjusting the card holder has the card for multitrack vehicles behind the windscreen and through this clearly, other vehicles anywhere else appropriate good perceptible to install."

8. in article 31, paragraph 1 is inserted after the phrase "Leite in directions of traffic," the phrase "Leading facilities for people with Visual impairment,".

9. in article 45, paragraph 3, the phrase "(Abs. 1, 2, 2a oder 4) is" through the "(Abs. 1, 2, 2a, 4 oder 4a) phrase" replaced.

10 § 46 paragraph 4 lit. c is as follows:

"(c) invert of the operation to drive, except with vehicles of road service, the road authority, the breakdown service or the inspection bodies in the discharge of their statutory duties," 10a. Article 48 par. 5 is as follows:

"(5) the distance between the bottom of a road sign and the carriageway not less than 4.50 m and road signs only in exceptional cases or when using illuminated more than 5.50 m exceed not less than 0.60 m and only in exceptional cases more than 2.50 m, when mounted above the roadway during lateral fixing, unless otherwise specified in the provisions of this Federal Act on individual road signs; the distance between the bottom of a road traffic sign and a surface intended for pedestrian traffic must be when mounted on such a surface only in exceptional cases less than 2.20 m. During lateral fixing the lateral distance between the first underlying the roadway of a road sign and the edge of the road may be less than 1 m and more than 2.50 m not less than 0.30 m and only in exceptional cases more than 2 m, on free roads only in exceptional cases in the local area. Are attached, on a mounting device more than a road traffic sign shall the measurements regarding the height distance between attached character for the lower trigram, attached side by side characters the measurements on the page distance for the attached sign closer to the roadway. The other characters are to apply in such a case according to the proportions."

11 paragraph 70 paragraph 1:

"(1) which must link of a Fuhrwerks unless otherwise stated in the rules governing economic loads, be at least 16 years old; derogation is driving by teams within the framework of the training at an agricultural school in the presence of tested Fahrinstruktoren or instructors from 15 years of age is allowed."

12. in article 76a, after paragraph 2, the following paragraph 2a is inserted:

"(2a) the authority may in addition in the regulation according to para 1 in accordance with the requirements (such as in particular the accessibility of medical centers, outpatient clinics, social security institutions and the like) and taking on the local conditions also determine that holders of a card in accordance with section 29 is a she b paragraph 1 or driver of vehicles at the time, holders of a card in accordance with § 29 b paragraph 1 carry" , the pedestrian must navigate permanently or at certain times. The authority in the regulation has referred to in paragraph 1 periods determined, within which a charging activities must be carried out, holders of a card in accordance with section 29 may drive on the pedestrian b paragraph 1 or driver of vehicles in the period in which they carry a holder of a document in accordance with § 29 b paragraph 1, at these times, at least."

12A. Article 84 paragraph 3 reads:

"(3) the authority shall exemptions from the prohibition contained in paragraph 2 to approve, if the commercials and announcements"

1. an urgent need of road users serve or 2 for this, after all, of significant interest are 3rd in an area to be built, that is dedicated to, and not to expect a degradation of road transport and road safety - especially with regard to the permitted top speed - of the projects according to the spatial planning laws and building codes of the countries as building land. Last sentence shall apply for a such exemptions the provisions of section 82 para 5 mutatis mutandis."

13 § 89a para 2a lit. g is:

(g) when a car on a pedestrian crossing, a cyclist crossing or contrary to the provisions of § 24 para 1 lit). "l is turned off or" 14 Article 96, paragraph 1 b is eliminated.

15 paragraph 96 paragraph 2:

"(2) the authority has to verify that they are still required at least every five years under assistance of the road holder all attached devices to the control and safety of traffic. No longer required facilities of this kind must be removed."

16 paragraph 97 paragraph 5:

"(5) the officers of the road authority are entitled, by clearly visible or audible character required another vehicle handlebar to handlebar or vehicle control, for others, the drivers or a person concerned acts or to urge to stop for the purpose of conducting traffic surveys (such as traffic counts, etc.)." The driver has the prompt must be followed. The organs of the supervision of the road are also entitled to arrange if necessary for reasons of traffic safety traffic restrictions (E.g., so-called speed funnel) and to be published by road signs and to make a possibly necessary provision with light signals when such acts. "Art, time and duration of the ordered traffic restrictions are in a file notation (§ 16 AVG) to hold."

17. in article 97, according to paragraph 5, the following paragraph 5a is inserted:

"(5a) the soldiers mentioned bodies of street supervision during the prescribed administrative decision accompanied by special transport, as well as in the section 29, subsection 3 and relatives of army administration while accompanying a special transport pursuant to § 97 3 1967 not are KFG to the provisions on the behavior of ground markings bound and also entitled, through installation of road signs and signals in accordance with § 52 Z 4a and 4 c of the moving behind the heavy support vehicle drivers overtaking to prohibit" , as far as this in the notification or according to the rules developed by the Federal Ministry for defence and sports for transport security and transport assistance is provided. With regard to the installation of signs and their scope § 48 para 3. applies"

18 paragraph 3 deleted § 100.

19 paragraph 100 para 5:

"(5) in the case of an administrative offence pursuant to section 99 para 1, 1a, 1B, 2, 2a, 2 c, or 2e find the provisions of § 50 VStG no application."

20. at § 104 12 the following paragraph is added:

"(12) road signs, whose mounting I no. 123/2015 does not comply with the provisions of this Federal Act in the version of Federal Law Gazette, are to install at a possible new attachment according to the provisions of this Federal Act."