Smart Meters Anforderungsvo 2011 - 2011 Ima Vo

Original Language Title: Intelligente Messgeräte-AnforderungsVO 2011 – IMA-VO 2011

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339. Regulation of E-control will be used to determine the requirements for smart meters (smart meters AnforderungsVO 2011 - 2011 IMA VO)

On the basis of § 83 para 2 of Elektrizitätswirtschafts and Organization Act 2010 (ElWOG 2010), Federal Law Gazette I no. 110/2010, is prescribed:


§ 1. This Regulation determines the requirements for intelligent instruments in accordance with § 7 paragraph 1 have to correspond to Z 31 ElWOG 2010 and are according to § 59 2010 when determining the cost base for the determination of remuneration in approach to bring ElWOG.

Scope of application

§ 2. The requirements pursuant to article 3 concerning those instruments in accordance with article 83, paragraph 1 ElWOG 2010 to equip are consumer, whose consumption is measured not during a load profile meters.

Requirements for intelligent instruments

§ 3. intelligent instruments in accordance with § 7 paragraph 1 Z 31 ElWOG 2010 have to meet following minimum functional requirements:

1. the smart meters are a bidirectional communications interface to have.

2. the Intelligent measuring instruments are amended to provide that a measurement and storage of counter readings, performance means or energy consumption values in an interval of 15 minutes is possible. The measurement refers to reference and supply of active energy or power. The units are in addition to equip, to enable the storage of the time stamp associated with the covered counter reading, performance average or energy consumption value and the corresponding date. The Intelligent measuring devices have also the possibility to offer to store a daily consumption value.

3. smart meters have to offer the possibility to place all data indicated in no. 2 the maximum last 60 calendar days in the device itself. The devices should also ensure that in the event of failure of the supply voltage all data maintained remain, that a complete reconstruction is possible.

4. smart meters have to offer the possibility, via a communication interface once a day until no later than 12:00 noon of the next calendar day on the network operator to spend all until midnight of the calendar day according to Z 2 collected data.

5. smart meters have to offer the possibility, via a communication interface with at least four external quantity measuring devices to build the communication in both directions and to ensure the data transfers for these external devices. Should communicate this communication interface external measurement instrumentation battery-powered, this is under possible maximize the battery life of this external measurement instrumentation to ensure. Access, as well as the specifications of this interface are to harmonise in common use with other divisions with all legitimate from installation and upon request of entitled without discrimination to make it.

6. the Intelligent measuring instruments are equipped so that they with can communicate existing external devices via a communication interface in the customer's system as well as one-way spend at least all data recorded in accordance with no. 2. If required of all eligible upon their request from installation of the Intelligent measuring instrument without discrimination to make access as well as the specifications of this interface. This interface is used to configure the one-way Edition of data and information. Beyond the above use use of this interface to control the meter is not provided.

7. the Intelligent measuring instruments, as well as their communication to external devices in accordance with Nos. 5 and 6, are recognized State of the art secure and encrypt, do not enable access unauthorized. The communication also to external devices in accordance with Nos. 5 and 6, is the State of the art with an individual customer-related key to authenticate and encrypt.

8. the smart meters are to equip, accordingly, that the possibility to block the customer's system from a distance or to assist the restarting and approval by the customer from a distance and to limit their maximum reference to electrical power.

9. the smart meters are with an internal clock and a calendar function to equip. In addition, the instruments have the possibility to offer to provide a remote synchronization of the internal clock and calendar function.

10. the Intelligent measuring devices have to support a status or error log and an Access Protocol. In addition, the devices with a tamper detection are to equip.

11. the ability of a software update from a distance is to be provided in accordance with the calibration regulations.

12. the smart meters have the size and calibration-legal and privacy regulations as well as the recognized State of the art to suit.

Entry into force

§ 4. This Regulation shall enter into force 1 November 2011.

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