Amendment Of The Epidemic Act 1950

Original Language Title: Änderung des Epidemiegesetzes 1950

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43. Federal Law, which changes the Epidemics Act 1950

The National Council has decided:

The Epidemic Law 1950, BGBl. N ° 186, as last amended by the Federal Law BGBl. I n ° 76/2008, shall be amended as follows:

1. § 1 (1) reads:

" (1) The notification obligation shall be subject to:


Suspicion of cholera, yellow fever, virus-related haemorrhagic fever, infectious hepatitis (hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, G), dog worms (Echinococcus granulosus) and fox tapeworm (Echinococcus multilocularis), infections with influenza virus A/ H5N1 or another avian influenza virus, paralysis, bacterial and viral food poisoning, leprosy, leprosy diseases, measles, anthrax, psittacosis, paratyphus, plague, smallpox, rickettsiose by R. prowazekii, Rotz, transferable Ruhr (Amöbenruhr), SARS (Schweres Acute Respiratory Syndrome), Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies, Tularaemia, Typhus (Abdominaltyphus), Puerperalfieber, Wutsickness (Lyssa) and Biss injuries caused by wutkranke or suspicious animals,


Diseases and deaths of Bang ` s disease, diphtheria, virus-related meningoencephalitis, invasive bacterial diseases (Meningitis and sepsis), Keuchcough, Legionary disease, malaria, rubella, scarlet fever, relapse fever, trachoma, Trichinosis, tuberculosis, caused by mycobacterium bovis and severe clostridium difficile associated diseases. "

2. In § 4 (4) (1) (1) the word "Year of birth" by the word "Date of Birth" replaced.

3. The following sentence shall be added to Article 4 (15):

"In doing so, the laboratories shall be responsible for taking the data security measures provided for in paragraphs 12 to 14."

4. The following paragraph 17 is added to § 4:

" (17) The Federal Minister of Health may, by means of a regulation in accordance with the technical possibilities, provide for the reporting obligation pursuant to § 3 (1) (1) of the notification obligation pursuant to § 1 also to be entered electronically by means of the notification in the register. can be done. In this connection, the data security measures provided for in paragraphs 12 to 14 shall be taken by the notifiers in accordance with the relevant provisions. "

5. According to § 50a, the following § 50b is inserted:

" § 50b. With the entry into force of this federal law in the version of the Federal Law BGBl. I n ° 43/2012 is the Federal Minister of Health for Notifiable Communicable Diseases 2009, BGBl. II No 359, as last amended by the BGBl Regulation. II No 359/2011, except for force. '