Parties Support Act 2012 - Partförg

Original Language Title: Parteien-Förderungsgesetz 2012 - PartFörG

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57. Federal law on funding of federal political parties (parties support act 2012 - PartFörG)

The National Council has decided:

Party funding at the federal level

§ 1 (1) the Federal Government encourages political parties in their activities in the participation in the political decision-making process at the federal level through the annual appropriation of funds.

(2) the funding of the Federal Government are calculated by multiplying the number of Wahlberechtigen to the National Council the amount of 4.6 euros. These are to be awarded to the individual political parties in the following ways: 1. each political party represented in the National Council, who have at least five members (Club strength within the meaning of article 7 of the rules of Procedure Act 1975, Federal Law Gazette No. 410/1975) has, receives annually a basic sum amounting to 218 000 euros;

2. the remaining after deducting the grants referred to in subpara 1 funds be distributed to the political parties represented in the National Council in the ratio of votes cast for them in the last national election.

(3) political parties that are not represented in the National Council, but received more than 1 vH of the valid votes cast in an election to the National Council, are entitled to receive funding for the election year for their activity. These political parties receive an amount ever for them in the National Council election of given out voice of 2.5 euros; These funds are to pay out 6 months after the national election.

(4) the funds referred to in paragraph 2 are paid in two instalments, with the first rate until the end of the first quarter and the second will be paid until the end of the third quarter.

Special party support for the political activity at the European Parliament § 2 (1) every political party, which is represented by an election to the European Parliament, with MEPs in the European Parliament, has the discretion entitled to funding of the Federal Government in accordance with the following provisions.

(2) the total amount of the aid referred to in paragraph 1 is calculated by the number of voters with an amount of 2 euro will be multiplied in the election to the European Parliament.

(3) the total amount calculated in accordance with paragraph 2 is distributed to the political parties in proportion of the votes cast in the election to the European Parliament for them.

(4) funding pursuant to paragraph 3 may a political party only to be granted to the extent the for election advertising in the sense of § 4 paragraph 2 political parties act 2012 - PPA, Federal Law Gazette I no. 56/2012, actually incurred expenditure corresponds to. For this document is the desire on granting of funds (§ 3 para 1) a statement of expenditure actually for purposes of campaigning to attach that an auditor within the meaning of § 9 2012 - I no. 56/2012, reviewed by party law PPA, federal law and must be signed.

(5) the funding referred to in paragraph 1 are to pay out 6 months after the elections to the European Parliament.

Desire on granting of subsidies

Desire on granting of subsidies are § 3 (1) to incorporate at the Federal Chancellery. Desire in accordance with § 1 para 2 subpara 1 and 2 must no later than 15 December of the previous year and desire in accordance with § 1 section 3 or section 2 must until no later than the last day of the third on the concerned national election or long election to the European Parliament of next month.

(2) the conditions of eligibility in accordance with § 1 para 2 due to the results of a national election, change the results of this election are so for the first time in the six months following on the national elections to consider.

Accountability report

§ 4. Any political party that receives funding under this Federal Act, has records to do about funding. The use is in the first section of the report the report within the meaning of § 5 political parties act 2012 - PPA, Federal Law Gazette I to prove n ° 56/2012, in a separate section.

"Valorisation" rule of § 5. From the year 2015, reduce or increase the amounts in section 1 para 2 and 3 as well as article 2 par. 2 in that measure in the 2010 consumer price index announced by the Federal "Statistics Austria" or his place index of last year changed, whereby changes as long as the are not to take into account, as they 5 vH of this index number and in the order of 5 per cent not exceed the last governing in the valorization index number. In the calculation of the new amounts, amounts that do not exceed 50 cents are rounded to the next lower whole euro and to round up to the nearest whole euro amounts exceeding 50 cents. The new amounts are following next month at the announcement of the index changes by the Federal Statistics Austria. The Court of Auditors has the amounts changed through the valorisation and the time in which the change to take effect, be published in the Federal Law Gazette II.

Enforcement and application to other federal laws

Section 6 (1) with the execution of this federal law is entrusted the Federal Chancellor.

(2) as far as other federal laws are referenced in this federal law, these are to apply in their respectively valid version.

Entry into force and transitional provisions

7. (1) this Federal Act July 1, 2012 into force.

(2) the amount of the difference, the himself in 2012 between the calculation of the funding of the Federal Government under the rules of section 2 party Act, Federal Law Gazette No. 404/1975, in the version of Federal Law Gazette I is no. 111/2010, and the calculation in accordance with § 1 para 2 of the Federal Act, is in section 1 subsection 2 2 listed key among the political parties represented in the National Council to distribute Z and together with the first installment of the year promotion for 2013 pursuant to § 1 para 4 will be paid.