Handlebar Allowance Regulation 2012 / Ltg-Vo 2012

Original Language Title: Lenkertaggeld-Verordnung 2012 / LTG-VO 2012

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285. Regulation of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Österreichische Post Aktiengesellschaft concerning the measurement of the steering day money for the Austrian Post Company pursuant to § 17 Abs.1 a of the Austrian Post Aktiengesellschaft Act (PTSG) or one of the Austrian Post Aktiengesellschaft Statutory provision of subsidiary companies of Österreichische Post Aktiengesellschaft assigned to the service of assigned civil servants (steering allowance-ordinance-regulation 2012/LTG-VO 2012)

Pursuant to Section 68 (1) of the Travel Fee Regulation (RGV) 1955, Federal Law Gazette (BGBl). No. 133 in the version BGBl. I n ° 130/2003, in conjunction with Section 17 (a) (3) (1) of the PTSG (PTSG), BGBl. No 201/1996 in the BGBl version. I n ° 96/2007:

§ 1. (1) The steering allowance is due to


the staff of the postal service staff where each day the activity is greater than that associated with the compulsory steering of a two-lane motor vehicle for those purposes of the postal service and its jobs the following usage codes are assigned: 0801 (land delivery service), 0802 (total delivery service), 0805 (parcel delivery service), 0807 (other delivery services), 0818 (motorized letter collection), 0819 (motorised depot supply, Support point trips), 0880 (KFZ-Lenkerdienst B [ KFZ, excluding passenger cars, with a Permissible laden weight up to 3,500 kg]), 8722 (letter delivery service in a sliding-time conversion model),



the drivers of the freight transport and value logistics services whose jobs are associated with the following usage codes: 0779 (professional drivers in motor vehicle steering service C [ KFZ, excluding buses, with a maximum permissible weight of more as 7,500 kg]), 0880 (KFZ-Lenkerdienst B [KFZ, excluding passenger cars, with a permissible gross vehicle weight of up to 3,500 kg]), 0879 (KFZ-Lenkerdienst C [KFZ, excluding buses, with a permissible gross vehicle weight of up to 7,500 kg]).

(2) The steering allowance shall be paid in principle for each calendar day of service with a stay of more than four hours, except in the case of Saturday services, where a shorter duration is sufficient. In the case of a leeway up to three hours, the steering allowance is subject to tax in accordance with § 26 Z 4 EStG 1988. The period of absence shall be the duration of the absence from the office from the time of departure from the office to the return to the service.

(3) On the basis of the ratio of the two wage-setting rules to travel-fee legislation (RGV) and this Regulation: staff charged pursuant to Section V of the RGV ("allocation fee") as a result of the allocation of services. , basically, there is no steering allowance. If the percentage of the daily fee part of the allocation fee is less than 100% (from 31 December 2013), in accordance with Section 22 (2) (2) (2) of the RGV). Day of service allocation), supplementary steering allowance is due in the same amount as the handlebar's allowance (para. 4).

(4) The handlebars ' allowance for staff members. Par. 1 lit. a (postal service) is for trips in the place of employment and for trips to the outside of € 8,20.

(5) The persons referred to in paragraph 1 (1). b (freight transport, value logistics) staff members are due, for the duration of their membership of the staff, to the steering allowance as a monthly allowance in the amount of twenty-six times the steering day allowance in accordance with paragraph 4.
The entitlement to the monthly allowance shall start from the date of the assignment to the staff and shall end at the end of the day with which the staff member leaves the stand of the driver ("departure from the driving service"). By way of derogation, paragraphs 2 to 4 shall also apply to the persons in accordance with the provisions of paragraphs 2 to 4 in months in which the allocation fee is due to the allocation of services. Par. 1 lit. b apply.

(6) In addition to the monthly allowance in accordance with Par. 5 is due for travel to the outside, which is carried out on a regular basis (course, regular, regular), with a stay of more than eight hours per day of travel a supplement of € 3.70.

(7) The monthly allowance (par. 5) is shortened


in the case of holidays, sickness or withdrawal from the driving service for each working day (holidays, sick persons, etc.) Day,


in a month in which no driving service is provided because of holidays or illness, in addition to the holidays and sick days (lit. (a) also for the holidays falling on a working day;

(8) The Amount Of Reduction (para. 7)


for the cases of paragraph 7 lit. a from the Division of the Monthly Spare (Para. 5) by the number of working days per month,


for the cases of paragraph 7 lit. b from the Division of the Monthly Spary (Para. 5) by the number of working days, multiplied by the number of public holidays of the month that fall on a working day,

(9) Days of service which are granted as a period of time for hours paid for overtime or for exceeding the average daily duty are not holiday days within the meaning of paragraph 7 (lit). a.

(10) As a deduction from the driving service referred to in paragraph 7 (lit). (a) does not apply to services other than the handlebar service if it is due to reasons not to be represented by the staff member and the duration of such use does not exceed four days a month; if it exceeds this Extent, then the monthly fee (par. 5) for the entire period (working days) of this use.

§ 2. This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 September 2012 and shall replace the BGBl Regulation. II No 463 /2010.