Data Format And Verbrauchsinformationsdarstellungsvo 2012 - 2012 David Vo

Original Language Title: Datenformat- und VerbrauchsinformationsdarstellungsVO 2012 – DAVID-VO 2012

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313. Regulation of the Board of E-control, which sets the requirements for data transmission network operator to supplier and the consumption information to the final customer (data format and VerbrauchsinformationsdarstellungsVO 2012 - DAVID VO 2012)

On the basis of section 84 (4) electricity economic and Organization Act 2010 (ElWOG 2010), Federal Law Gazette I no. 110/2010 in conjunction with article 7, paragraph 1 energy control law (E-ControlG), Federal Law Gazette I no. 110/2010 in the version of Federal Law Gazette I is no. 107/2011, prescribed:


1. (1) this Regulation determines the requirements pursuant to article 84, paragraph 2 ElWOG 2010 data to be the supplier of the network operator as well as the level of detail and the form of the provision of consumption information pursuant to § 84 para 1 to 3 ElWOG 2010.

(2) personal terms have no gender-specific meaning. You are to apply when applying to certain individuals in the form of each gender.

Transmission of data from the network operator to the supplier

2. (1) daily consumption data of end user, the consumed is measured by using a smart meter are the suppliers monthly operator in a consistent format that is specified by the regulatory authority without delay, at the latest however to submit to the 10th day of the following calendar month.

(2) it is to ensure that the data state of the art access third parties are protected. The transmission of data must be encrypted.

Requirements to represent the consumption data by the operator

§ 3. The consumption data of end user, the consumed is measured using an intelligent instrument are to provide the end user by the operator by means of a customer-friendly Web site.

1. the website has to meet the following minimum requirements: a. you has to be each individual consumer available;

It is neutral to make and must contain in particular, no reference to the suppliers of consumer;

c. has the State of the art to match; in their safety design

d. She has the privacy provisions to comply with in particular as regards the access rights.

2. end users are the following data and functions to provide: a. all consumption data (in kWh) and load curves (in kW) in the smallest available unit of time, and different temporal pelletizing systems accessible by the end user;

At the request of the end user all consumption data and load curves from the time of availability, but no longer than the past three years;

c. indicators on base generally and individually adaptable data;

d. comparisons and representative comparison values in relation to the available consumption figures with and without connection to the individual situation of the end user;

e. the possibility of customised adjustment options of data for end users.

3. the site has how consumers can reduce electricity consumption and are what energy advice centre for this purpose available evidence include. At least two relevant energy advisory bodies are discriminatory to lead, or it is pointing to the appropriate Web site of E-control.

§ 4 data and information retrieval are according to § 3 for the end user and the end user to provide authorized third parties on the website in the memory - and printable, and machine-readable form for further processing. Also can be provided for the information pursuant to § 3 depending on the technical possibility, that the format defined by the E-control pursuant to section 2 is provided for download on the website of the system operator in accordance with § 3 available.

Requirements to represent the consumption information by the supplier

§ 5 (1) the supplier has the consumer, whose Verbrauch is measured using a smart meter to send a monthly consumption and electricity costs information free of charge. The requirements pursuant to § 3 No. 1 lit. c and d are taking into account.

(2) on request, the information is the end user free in paper form to submit.

§ 6. The information according to § 5 must contain at least the following information:

1. a simple and clear presentation of consumption (in kWh) prepared in numerical form and graphically;

2. comparative values for defined and comparable periods of time (weeks or month and year);

3. If possible integration of key figures and representative comparison values.

4. evidence suggests how the end user can reduce its power consumption and which energy advice centre for this purpose at the disposal are available. At least two relevant energy advisory bodies are discriminatory to lead, or it is pointing to the appropriate Web site of E-control.

5. a simple and clear information on current costs, including taxes and fees for a period that coincides with the consumption information.

Consumption information by the operator for end users without using a smart meter

Section 7 (1) is those consumers, the consumed is measured, not using a smart meter to provide a detailed consumption information, which has to comply with the requirements pursuant to § 6 No. 1 to no. 4 with the invoice.

(2) in the case of a quarterly publication of the count is to provide usage information, which has to comply with the requirements pursuant to § 6 Nos. 1, 3 and 4.

Transition periods

§ 8 (1) compared to those end users, smart meters were installed in their systems already before entry into force of this regulation, have carriers and suppliers no later than May 1, 2013 to comply with their obligations under this regulation.

(2) the prescribed pursuant to § 2 para 1 and published from 1 January 2013 format can be used as of 1 July 2013.

Entry into force

§ 9. This Regulation shall enter into force the day following the announcement.

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