Amendment Of The Regulation On The Establishment Of A Bioethics Commission

Original Language Title: Änderung der Verordnung über die Einsetzung einer Bioethikkommission

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335. Regulation of the Federal Chancellor, modifies the regulation on the establishment of a bioethics Commission

On the basis of § 8 para 1 and 2 of the Federal Ministry of law of 1986, BGBl. No. 76, last amended by Federal Law Gazette I no. 35/2012, is prescribed:

The regulation on the establishment of a bioethics Commission, Federal Law Gazette II No. 226/2001, as last amended by regulation Federal Law Gazette II No. 362/2005, is amended as follows:

2. in article 3, paragraph 2, of the parenthetical expression (in particular reproductive medicine, Gynecology, psychiatry, Oncology, Pathology) eliminates Z 1.

3. in article 3 paragraph  The word "Sociology" is replaced by "Social sciences" 2 Z 4.

4. in section 3 para 2 No. 6 is the point replaced with a semi-colon and following Z 7 added:

"7 psychology."

4. in article 3 the following paragraph 3 is added:

"(3) the Federal Chancellor can order observers or observers as needed. Their number must not exceed one-fifth of the members of the Commission. You can advise participate in the meetings of the Commission without voting rights. In addition § 4 para 1, § 5, 4 and 5 shall apply."

5. paragraph 4:

"§ 4 (1) the members of the Commission are appointed by the Chancellor for three years. May be reappointed. The three-year term of office begins with the first appearance of the members of the newly appointed Commission. New orders are a member retires prematurely, on the remainder of the term of Office. After the expiry of the term of Office, the Commission has to continue the business so long, until the newly appointed Commission meets.

(2) in the case of the appointment of the members, especially carefully on a gender balance is to take.

(3) from among the members, the Chancellor ordered the Chairman or the Chairman of the Commission and two people as a substitute or Deputy.

(4) the members have in the Commission's first meeting after their order to disclose potential conflicts of interest in the performance of duties in the Commission. Then are changes in the conflict of interest immediately to announce the or the Chairman. The Office has disclosed conflicts of interest to make publicly available.

(5) the membership of the Commission is an unbesoldetes voluntary work. However, there is entitled to reimbursement of travel expenses."

6 sections 5 to 10 including headings following provisions including headings shall be replaced:

"Termination of membership

5. (1) the membership ends by lapse of time.

(2) the Chancellor may recalled members of the Commission before the expiry of the term of Office for an important reason.

(3) members can at any time take their function by means of letter to the Chancellor.

Convening of meetings

The Federal Chancellor or the Chairperson convened the Commission at least however quarterly, 6 (1) as needed, to meetings.

(2) members and possibly ordered observers and observers are with the provisional agenda in writing (by mail, email or fax) to invite to the meeting.

(3) the Commission may invite to its meetings respondents to the technical discussion of an agenda item.

Management and running of the meetings

Section 7 (1) or the Chairman opened and initiates the session. At the beginning of the session, the final agenda of the Commission is to decide.

(2) the Commission may decide that on their deliberations and the confidentiality to keep is this underlying documents or document parts.

(3) on the results of the deliberations of the Commission is to create a protocol. Therein are also different from the predominant opinion views to hold.

(4) the meetings of the Commission shall not be public. The Commission shall sit in plenary session. The Commission can use working groups to prepare items.

(5) the presence of at least one third of the members is required to the quorum of the Commission. The Commission has to seek a maximum consensus in decision-making. It turns their decisions by a majority vote; an abstention is not permitted. Vote decides the voice of presiding.

(6) a member of the Commission may entrust in writing another Member by notice to the Secretariat its representation in a single session. Each Member can take over just such a representation. The represented Member shall not be counted in determining the quorum. The right to hold the Presidency, cannot be transferred. Chairman as well as representatives or alternates are prevented, the oldest years Member presides on the duration of prevention.

(7) the Commission reimbursed an annual activity report to the Chancellor.

Rules of procedure

§ 8 further regulations concerning the conduct of business puts in rules of procedure, the Commission firmly. It needs the approval of the Federal Chancellor.


§ 9 (1) supports the Federal Chancellor's Office as Office the Commission and its bodies in carrying out the tasks.

(2) this is the Clerk's Office in particular:

1. guide the ongoing business of the Commission;

2. preparation of the sessions of the Commission;

3. preparation of the minutes of meetings;

4. documentation of the working documents of the Commission;

5. processing of the payment of travel expenses of members, observers, and observers of the Commission.

Entry into force, transitional provisions

§ 10 sections 2 to 9, as amended by Federal Law Gazette II No. 335/2012, enter into force with October 1, 2013. The next term of Office of the Commission begins with October 1, 2013."