Frauenförderungsplan Bmbf

Original Language Title: Frauenförderungsplan BMBF

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387. Regulation of the Federal Minister for education and women concerning the woman promotion plan for the Federal Ministry of education and women (Frauenförderungsplan BMBF)

On the basis of section 11a of the federal equal treatment Act (B-GlBG), Federal Law Gazette No. 100/1993, as last amended by Federal Law Gazette I no. 65/2015, is prescribed:


1 article - objectives and measures to achieve targets

Section 1 objectives

§ 2 equality and advancement of women as part of human resources and organizational development


§ 3 tenders

§ 4 selection procedures

§ 5 preferred recording

§ 6 preferred appointment or order

§ 7 involvement in personnel procedures

Article 8 protection of dignity in the workplace

§ 9 linguistic equal treatment

Article 10 information work

§ 11 resources


2 section - special measures


§ 12 increasing the proportion of women through measures of education and training


§ 13 career and career planning


§ 14 cast of executives


§ 15 promotion of the re-entry level


§ 16 childcare


Article 17 part-time employment, and leadership


Article 18 representation of women in committees and advisory boards


Article 19 responsibility


Article 20 duties


3 section - final provision


Article 21 entry into force and expiry







1 article - objectives and measures to achieve targets


1. (1) the Federal Ministry of education and women is committed to an active equality and equal opportunities policy, to ensure equal opportunities for women and men.

(2) with the implementation of woman promotion plan, you want track and reached in particular the following objectives:

1. the promotion of consensus about the equivalence of the work of women and men at all levels, as well as the removal of existing disadvantages for women, 2. raising the proportion of women to 50% in all use and remuneration groups, particularly in leadership positions, functions, commissions and bodies, 3. promoting an equal representation of women in all decision-making structures in accordance with their share in employment, 4 creating a discrimination-free work environment for women and men , 5. to improve the reconciliation of work and family for men and 6 women and the promotion of the acceptance of the mobilisation of parents waiting period, part-time equally by women and men and early parental leave at the resort.

(3) the objective of achieving equality between women and men, should be using the strategy of gender mainstreaming (systematic implementation of a gender equality perspective at all levels and in all actions).

Equality and advancement of women as part of human resources and organizational development

2. (1) the equal treatment and equal opportunities for women and men is to realize the highest management level.

(2) structure and reorganization programs have carefully best the objectives of the advancement of women to take.

(3) the measures to promote women are to integrate into the system of human resources planning and human resources development. In working groups for the implementation of administrative reform measures, personnel planning and staff development, reorganization and future projects, as for example at management innovation programs, is to work towards a reasonable proportion of women.

(4) existing differences in the working conditions for women and men are to compensate for staffing and organisational measures.

(5) the HR departments have to take all the measures and to understand.

Invitations to tender

All specifications are § 3 (1) to be worded in the form of female and male or gender-equitable. To include in the specification text are all relevant to the position to be filled qualifications (requirement profile).

(2) as long as the requirements of §§ 11, no. 100/1993, are not met b and 11 c of the federal equal treatment Act (B-GlBG), Federal Law Gazette, tender texts have Z 2 B GlBG note to contain that the service Authority (personnel office) which aims at increasing the proportion of women and therefore qualified women explicitly calls on to the application, as well as women with the same qualifications are primarily taken or ordered for the occupation of positions and management positions pursuant to § 7 para 3.

(3) if the proportion of women in the area of effect of the service Authority (personnel office) in a use (classification) or function is below 50%, pursuant to § 7 para 3 Z 1 B GlBG in the specification text expressly to point out that applications from women for positions of this use (classification) or function are particularly desirable.

(4) prior to the tender of a function is to check whether this function with decreased week stint (working part) can be exercised. Is a note to include in the specification text.

(5) procurement of positions and functions are to announce staff of the unit concerned during a prescribed form of the absence of the service in a timely manner.

(6) in the tenders of jobs and functions, the monthly minimum wage proper for the advertised job or the advertised feature or minimum wage within the meaning of § 7 5 is to announce B GlBG.

(7 following written information in the form of automated function calls are) or the Chairman of the Working Group for equality issues to convey: specification coinciding with the information on the staff, cast the Evaluation Commission, names and ranking of the candidates, as well as the name of the person who has been entrusted with the function.

Selection procedure

Are issues discriminatory to women § 4 (1) in job interviews inadmissible. In assessing the suitability of candidates no selection and evaluation criteria may be used, based on a discriminatory, role-stereotyped understanding of equality.

(2) in the case of the selection decision in particular the following criteria must be non-discriminatory used: existing or previous interruption of employment, part-time work, age and marital status. The existence of a pregnancy may be not reason to reject inclusion in the employment relationship. Criteria for job interviews are to create that they neither directly nor indirectly discriminate against women. Also social competence is to attract criterion for assessing leadership skills. The skills acquired during a maternity leave and qualifications are to pay tribute.

Preferred recording

§ 5. If all use and remuneration groups with an under-representation of women in accordance with § 11 b B GlBG of applicants, which are equally suitable for the desired position as the best competitors, prefers to record.

Preferred appointment or order

Applicants who are equally suitable for the desired position as the best competitors, are § 6 (1) to appoint c B GlBG preferred under section 11 or to order.

(2) applications from women during a prescribed form of absence from service pari passu with other applications to consider.

Involvement in personnel procedures

§ 7. That or the Chairman of the Working Group for equality issues is to enlist to B GlBG in staff selection procedures B GlBG as per § 29 in connection with article 31. The required documents shall be timely and complete her / him. Before the occupation of functions in the area of the subordinate offices the nomination and order Act is the or the Chairman of the Working Group for equality issues before completion to the opinion and before depositing to prescribe.

Protection of the dignity at work

Section 8 (1) is to protect the dignity of employees in the workplace. Practices which violate the dignity of the human person, in particular a derogatory statement and procedure, bullying, gender-based and sexual harassment must be avoided. Any form of discriminatory action or behaviour towards employees is to confront.

(2) the employer must take appropriate measures to raise awareness. The leaders have to ensure an atmosphere of mutual respect.

(3) the employer has discriminatory behavior immediately to remedy the situation.

(4) employees are of the appropriate legal and other ways to inform.

Linguistic equal treatment

§ To formulate gender are 9 legislation, internal and external documents and publications of the Department. References are to use in female and male or gender-friendly form.

Information work

§ 10 (1) all - in particular new entrants - is employees of the Frauenförderungsplan by the human resources department or Office Management note. The current wife promotion plan is to put in each Department for inspection and to publish in the intranet.

(2) in the respective business divisions and telephone directories, the names of the compliance officer, their representatives and alternates are to take the women's representative (how to contact with women) and the members of the working groups for equal treatment issues, quotes their functions.

(3) the Federal Ministry of education and women has training and information events for the compliance officer, for their representatives and alternates regularly to hold for the women's representative (how to contact with women) and the members of the working groups for equal treatment issues.

(4) participation in information meetings of the compliance officer is employees, to enable women's representative (how to contact with women) and of the working groups for equal treatment issues in individual departments.

(5) must be from a co-worker or an employee of the human resources Department for the women and parents relevant service legal issue agendas is in the business division.


11. (1) the leaders or heads of service agencies (staff positions) have administrative support or the compliance officer as well as the working groups for equal treatment issues, and for providing the necessary resources (personnel, space and expenses) to ensure.

(2) compliance officer, the representatives and Deputy and members of the working groups for equal treatment issues which are entitled to perform their tasks at their place of work and for that purpose to use the facilities available to the workplace available.

(3) travel movements are in pursuit of activities as equal treatment, as equality officer, as their representatives and alternates, as women's Affairs (contact Ms.) or as a member of the Working Group for equality issues as mission within the meaning of the travel fees provision in 1955, BGBl. to apply AB No. 133/1955, as amended.

(4) the Working Group on equality issues a separate is to make adequate budget available to carry out their tasks.

(5) B GlBG are part of section 31 the compliance officer, their representatives and deputies, and the members of the working groups for equal treatment issues to provide information and to provide all requested information, such as evaluations from pm/sap or other statistical analyses available on request. There are statistical data into the desired shape and preparation to to provide.

2 section - special measures

Increasing the proportion of women through measures of education and training

§ 12 (1) service managers have to make sure that all service workers, including part-time workers - are informed during the absence of a legally designated by the service - about events of the in-service training and educational sessions for executives. It is pointed out that applications are particularly appreciated by women.

(2) the authorisation to the basic training course, as well as seminars and training courses is to provide even part-time workers.

(3) to training, in particular to those who qualify for import into higher-value uses and functions, women are primarily to achieve a rate of 50% women to admit. An already reached 50% women must be true. This also applies to training and continuing education courses with limited participation.

(4) in the selection of training courses, in particular leadership courses and school management seminars, women are primarily to achieve a rate of 50% women to admit. An already reached 50% women must be true.

Career and career planning

13. (1) service supervisors have under their funding obligation to encourage employees to attend training and continuing education events and also about the individual, eligible for it education and training opportunities to consult comprehensively and in a timely manner.

(2) the advancement of women has to apply not only in management positions, but must on all organizational and hierarchical levels actively by the employer as well as be integrated by the immediate supervisor.

(3) in the staff - and employee interviews are issues such as the transfer of tasks on their own responsibility to address (project management, issue and extension of approval authority).

Cast of executives

§ 14 is no application by women for leadership roles by the service Authority (personnel office) suitable measures, are in the context of succession planning to qualify women for taking leadership responsibility, and to motivate.

Promotion of the re-entry level

Employees are 15 (1) by the responsible personnel Department of all models of a flexible organisation of working time in connection with parental leave and part-time work arrangements to inform. In particular, there are also men on the legal possibilities of the use of parental leave, to indicate the Division of the parental leave between mother and father, as well as the possibility of the early maternity leave.

(2) officials are proven to inform about the conditions and consequences of the reduction of the weekly service time.


§ 16. The Office management has regularly carry out necessary surveys in particular in accordance with the special regulations for the granting of aid for operating kindergartens of the Federal Government, and to take all appropriate measures to cover the demand of child care for the children of employees of the respective departments.

Part-time work and leadership

There are 17 (1) the organisational prerequisites to create that leadership can be exercised also in part time.

(2) part-time employment, teleworking should be possible in all areas and on all functions and levels of qualifications, where this is compatible with the tasks of the workplace.

Representation of women in committees and advisory boards

Section 18 (1) in the composition of the commissions referred to in article 10, paragraph 1 B GlBG has of the members to be ordered by the employer at least one Member female and to be a member of the male. Or the Chairman of the Working Group for equal treatment issues or a servant designated made by him or her or a staff member designated by him or her has the right to all negotiations and meetings of the Commission or of the Senate of the collegial organ or Advisory Board - except at the meetings of the disciplinary commissions - Advisory to participate.

(2) in the case of the composition of other commissions, advisory boards, working groups or similar Fed's decision-making or advisory bodies, the employer when ordering the members on a gender balance has to work. In particular caution is to take that women as Chairperson and ordinary members be ordered also.


§ 19. The implementation of affirmative action specified in this regulation is whether the institutions that have decisions or proposals with regard to the personnel to meet financial, organisational or concerning the education and training issues or refund according to the regulations of the organization.

Official duties

§ 20. The implementation of the measures referred to in this regulation is one of the duties of this competent organ Walterinnen and officials. The violation of the provisions contained in this regulation is to be punished according to the staff regulations.

3 section - final provision

Entry into force and expiry

21. (1) this regulation with 1 December 2015 enter into force.

(2) the regulation of the Federal Minister for education and women concerning the woman promotion plan for the Federal Ministry for education, arts and culture (BMUKK Frauenförderungsplan), Federal Law Gazette II No. 240/2013, occurs at the end of the 30th November 2015 override.