Amendment Of The Öaec Jurisdiction Regulation

Original Language Title: Änderung der ÖAeC-Zuständigkeitsverordnung

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409 Ordinance of the Federal Minister for transport, innovation and technology, which modifies the ÖAeC jurisdiction regulation

On the basis of § 140b of the aviation law (LFG), Federal Law Gazette No. 253/1957, as last amended by Federal Law Gazette I no. 61/2015, is prescribed:

The ÖAeC responsibility regulation, Federal Law Gazette No. 394/1994, as last amended by the regulation BGBl. II No 261/2012, is amended as follows:

1. paragraph 1 section 1:

"(1) the following acts will be the Austrian Aeroclub responsibility for:"

1 issuance of licences (including issuance of permissions associated with such licences, as well as carrying out of certifications) for Ultraleichtpiloten, glider pilot, skydiver, free balloon pilots, pilots of slopes - or para gliders and pilots of motorized slopes - or paragliders (§ 1 civil aviation personnel Ordinance 2006, Federal Law Gazette II No. 205/2006-ZLPV 2006) and revocations and banned on these bills (§ 43 aviation law - LFG), 2. determination and announcement of publications in relation to the certificates referred to in subpara 1 including the definition and by-laws of education content and curricula in accordance with § 44 par. 3 LFG as well as civil aviation staff notes (ZPH) and civil aviation staff instructions (ZPA) in accordance with article 1 b ZLPV 2006, 3. recognition of foreign certificates for the categories referred to in subpara 1 (§ 40 LFG), 4 renewal of licences and such associated permissions for the categories referred to in subpara 1 (§ 9 ZLPV 2006), 5 renewal of dormant permissions for the categories referred to in subpara 1 (§ 11 ZLPV 2006) , 6th exhibition of instructor rating for the categories referred to in subpara 1, 7 education of the audit commissions and appointment of Auditor for the categories referred to in the Nos. 1 and 6 (sections 37 and 38 LFG), 8 for approval of civil air driver schools in accordance with section 119 ZLPV 2006, prohibition of the training company (§ 47 LFG) and revocation of the permit (§ 48 LFG) each for civil air driver schools for Ultraleichtpiloten, gliders, pilots of slopes - or paragliders , Pilots of motorized suspended or paragliders, skydivers, and free balloon pilots, 9 maintaining of the aircraft register for gliders, free balloons, microlights and motorized slopes and para-glider (§ 16 LFG), 10 certification of airworthiness for motorized slopes and para-glider (§ 68 of the civil aircraft and aviation equipment regulation 2010, BGBl. II Nr 143/2010-ZLLV 2010) and exhibition of the noise certificate for motorized slopes and para-glider (§ 4 of the civil aircraft noise admissibility Decree 2005, BGBl. II No. 425/2005-ZLZV 2005) , 11 review of motorized slopes and paragliders and establishment of shorter intervals for the periodic review (section 69 ZLLV 2010), 12 recognition of foreign certificates of allowed use on the fly, revoked this recognition (§ 18 para 2 and 19 para 2 LFG) and approval of the extension of the time limit pursuant to § 15 para 4 LFG for motorized slopes and para-glider, 13 finding of the lack of requirement for use in flight (article 70 ZLLV 2010) for motorized slopes and para-glider , 14 review of gliders in accordance with annex II of to Regulation (EC) No. 216/2008 establishing common rules for civil aviation and establishing a European Agency for air safety, repealing Directive 91/670/EEC, Regulation (EC) No 1592/2002 and Directive 2004/36/EC, OJ No. L 79 of the DHV S. 1, amended (article 40, paragraph 1 Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 ZLLV 2010), 15 review of Microlight (section 40 para 1 Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 ZLLV 2010), 16 approval of maintenance and maintenance assistance facilities for motorized slopes and para-glider (§§ 72 ZLLV 2010) and maintenance manual, 17th publication air efficiency hints , Notices of payment due and aviation-usual proclamation of airworthiness directives pursuant to § 76 ZLLV 2010, as well as performing the duties as supervisory authority in accordance with article 79 ZLLV 2010 for parachutes, suspension and para-glider and motorized slopes and para-glider, 18 tasks as the supervisory authority pursuant to § 141 para 4 LFG with regard to suspension or para-glider, parachutes and motorized slopes or paragliding, 19 granting of the operating permit for flight models over 25 kg (§ 24 c par. 3 LFG) , Granting of derogations for model aircraft in accordance with § 24 c paragraph 5 LFG, issuing and aviation-usual announcement of airworthiness and operation efficiency hints for flight models over 25 kg (§ 24 h LFG), 20 draw up reports on the air and operating efficiency by unmanned aerial vehicles of class 1 (art. 24f LFG) for Austro Control GmbH.

Operation is compulsory for these tasks. The aviation-usual proclamations of the municipality have to the Internet on the homepage of the Austrian Aero Club generally accessible and permanently be done."

2. in article 1, paragraph 2, the citation "ABS 1 Z 13, 16, 17 and 18" is replaced by the citation "ABS 1 Z 11, 14 and 15".

3. in article 1, para. 3, the citation "ABS 1 Z 16 to 18" is replaced with the citation "ABS 1 Z 14 and 15".

4. in section 2, paragraph 2, the citation is "article 1 par. 1 Z 11" through the citation "§ 1 para 1 Z 9" replaced.

5. the heading to § 3 is as follows:

"Higher authority"

6. in section 3, the sales designation (1) and the phrase "and immediate parent instance" are eliminated.

7. According to article 8, the following paragraph 8a and heading shall be inserted:

"Linguistic equal treatment

§ 8a. So far as the terms used in this regulation relate to natural persons, the selected form applies to both sexes. When applying these terms to certain natural persons the respective gender-specific form be used."

8 10 the following paragraph is added to article 9:

"(10) § 1, § 2 para 2, the heading to § 3, § 3 and § 8a and heading in the version of regulation BGBl. II Nr 209/2015 with the day following the announcement in the Federal Law Gazette into force."