Establishment And Maintenance Of Vet List As Well As The Form And Content Of The Vet Card

Original Language Title: Einrichtung und Führung der Tierärzteliste sowie Form und Inhalt des Tierärzteausweises

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421. Ordinance of the Federal Minister for health through the establishment and maintenance of vet list as well as the form and content of the vet card

On the basis of § 5, article 6, section 6 para 2, § 10 para 1 and 2 of § 73 of the veterinary Act, Federal Law Gazette No. 16/1975, as last amended by the Federal Act Federal Law Gazette I no. 86/2012, is prescribed:

1 section

Vet list

§ 1 (1) the Austrian Veterinary Association (hereinafter: Chamber) has a list of for veterinarians authorised to the profession in Austria and veterinarians (animal doctor list) with the following data:

1. name and surname;

2. academic degrees;

3. date and place of birth;

4. nationality;

5. proof of completed veterinary higher education or professional qualification (section 3 para 2 veterinary Act);

6 main residence;

7. delivery address;

8 professional domicile or place of employment; Animal doctors, that the reference to the cross-border activities; practice the profession pursuant to Section 4a, paragraph 1 veterinary Act,

9. ordination telephone number;

10 start and end dates of veterinary activities;

11 official titles, awarded titles and foreign titles along with proof of eligibility for their guidance;

12 completion of a technical education or training and passing the Physikatsprüfung;

13 specialist veterinarian title;

14 setting, interruption, suspension, prohibition and resumption of the exercise of the profession;

15 opening and closure of veterinary house pharmacies;

16 participation in a veterinary company in accordance with § 15a of the veterinary Act;

17 TGD-Mitgliedschaft(en);

18 official orders;

19. date of the handing over of the vet card.

(2) a unique number (veterinarian) every person entered on the list is to assign.

2. (1) the list is Nos. 1, 2 and 8 to 15 with regard to the data referred to in article 1, paragraph 1 publicly, where the para 4 known given veterinary Act special veterinary activities, the other special knowledge relating to the exercise of the profession and skills, and using the telephone number of the ordination and beyond communication facilities also may be published by the veterinarians and animal doctors in accordance with § 5.

(2) the Board has to ensure, that during the Office hours fixed for the party transport the inspection in the public part of the vet list (para 1) for everyone is possible. Also is the making of copies thereof with anyone; a reimbursement of costs to be determined by the Board shall be payable for copies.

§ 3. The veterinarian list is to lead, so that after a sort

1 veterinarians/veterinarians employed independently self-employed veterinary surgeons/veterinarians, 2nd in a labour relationship, 3. veterinarians/veterinarians, who have declared the professional setting or are excluded from the compulsory membership to the Chamber and 4 veterinarians/veterinarians, Section 4a, paragraph 1 veterinary Act in Austria exercising the profession in accordance with, is possible. Must be sort of vets/veterinarians referred to in no. 1 until 3 (professional domicile or place of employment, is not one such prior primary residence) possible according to federal States and district administrations.

4. (1) has the Chamber each create a form for the application for registration in the vet list, as well as for the signature performance referred to in paragraph 3.

(2) in the form specified under paragraph 1 further information according to § 5 ABS. 4 can be recorded except for the information required pursuant to section 1 para 1 veterinary Act.

(3) any veterinarian every veterinarian has to make his or her handwritten signature (name and surname) when the application for registration in the veterinarian list on the fair of the Association form in corresponding copies.

§ 5 (1) has the Board depending on the selected professional seat or place of employment of the competent district administrative authority, as well as the competent Landeshauptmann communicate with each entry in the list of veterinary surgeon without delay. These messages shall contain the data specified in article 1.

(2) Furthermore, the Chamber has every change and addition in section 1 para 1 subpara 1, to inform the competent district administrative authority, as well as the provincial Governor 6 to 10, 14 and 16 above data.

(3) the Board has the Federal Ministry of health in January, April, July, and October to provide a complete, current list of veterinarian including the vet numbers in electronic form free of charge.

Section 6 (1) is a removal from the veterinarian list to be made by the Chamber, if

1. the permission for the veterinary profession in accordance with § 10 veterinary Act goes out, 2. the removal from the vet list by a final realization of the disciplinary Commission ordered is or 3. the veterinarian / the vet permission to the veterinary profession in Austria in writing waived and - insofar as not only a cross-border activities in accordance with Section 4a of the veterinary Act - requires their/his vet card the removal from the veterinarian list under default.

(2) the data about veterinarians and veterinarians who have been removed from the list are at least 15 years, indicating the reason of the deletion, to be kept by the Chamber. This data may be used I no. 86/2012, for the assessment of renewed applications for registration in the veterinarian list, and especially to the disclosure in accordance with § 4 para 2 and 3 veterinary medical association law (TÄKamG), Federal Law Gazette.

2. section

Veterinarian identification

Section 7 (1) the veterinarian statements (§ 6 par. 2 veterinary Act) 150 x 100 mm - are foldable to make so that they form a four-page booklet - in format in the middle of the long side. You have to wear the coat of arms with the inscription "Austrian Veterinary Association" on the front. The color of the card may be different for ordinary Board members and other veterinarians registered in the list of vet and veterinary surgeons.

(2) any veterinarian badge has Z 1 to 4 in section 1 para 1 a card number that is identical with the number of the veterinarian, as well as the, to include 6, 8, and 11 data listed, a photograph and the handwritten signature of the card holder or of the card holder. A specialist vet titles may also (§ 1 Z 13) be entered.

(3) any veterinarian card is before his handing over of the President the President of the Chamber to sign by hand in case of incapacitation of the competent Vice President the Vice President.

(4) the handing over of the card is to be noted in the non-public part of the vet list.

(5) the loss or theft of the vet card is the card holder or the cardholder to report immediately to the Chamber. The new issue of the card is at the same time to apply for. On the first page of the newly issued card is the word "Duplicate".

(6) a reissue of the veterinarian certificate is to apply for the card holder or the cardholder at the Board within four weeks:

1. when changing the / forward or surname/first or surname, 2 change which when damaged photograph is nationality or 3. when information referred to in article 1, paragraph 1 Z 1 to 4 are not more clearly readable, 4 or 5 If the photograph does not correctly identify the card holder or the cardholder.

(7) issued veterinarian cards are - if not in loss are advised or stolen - to collect a new exhibition by the Chamber and destroy. The Board is obliged to keep a register in loss of crisis or stolen veterinarian passes.

3. section

Entry into force and transitional provisions

8. (1) effective this regulation with December 15, 2012.

(2) at the end of the December 14, 2012, Ordinance of the Federal Minister for health and environmental protection on the establishment of the veterinary surgeon list as well as the contents and the form of the vet card, Federal Law Gazette acts no. 133/1975, override.

(3) veterinarians and veterinarians, who at the time of entry into force of this regulation already in the veterinarian list are registered and practise their profession, have the indications referred to in article 1, paragraph 1 Z 7, 9 and 12 to 18 - without prejudice to the obligations of the § 10 ABS. 4 TÄKamG - up to announce no later than May 1, 2013 the Chamber by written notice (form according to § 4).

(4) until the entry into force of this regulation on the basis of the regulation of the Federal Minister for health and environmental protection on the establishment of the veterinary surgeon list as well as the contents and the form of the vet card, Federal Law Gazette No. 133/1975, issued statements of veterinarian keep until a reissue their validity.