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Smart Gas Meters Anforderungsvo 2012 - Igma Vo 2012

Original Language Title: Intelligente Gas-Messgeräte-AnforderungsVO 2012 – IGMA-VO 2012

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501. Regulation of the Executive Board of E-Control, which determines the requirements for intelligent measuring instruments (Intelligent Gas-Measuring Instruments-Requirements VO 2012-IGMA-VO 2012)

Pursuant to Section 128 (2) of the Gas Economic Act 2011 (GWG 2011), BGBl I No. 107/2011, iVm § 7 paragraph 1 Energy Control Act (E-ControlG), BGBl. I No 110/2010 in the version of the Federal Law BGBl. I No 51/2012, shall be arranged:


§ 1. This Regulation defines the requirements to be met by intelligent measuring instruments in accordance with § 7 (1) Z 26 GWG 2011 and in accordance with § 79 of the GWG 2011 in determining the cost base for the fee determination in approach.


§ 2. The requirements according to § 3 concern those measuring instruments according to § 128 paragraph 1 GWG 2011, with which end users are to be equipped, whose consumption is not measured by a load profile counter.

Requirements for intelligent measuring instruments

§ 3. Intelligent measuring instruments according to § 7 paragraph 1 Z 26 GWG 2011 have to meet the following minimum functional requirements:


The intelligent measuring devices have the possibility to offer commands and data in a method which is correspondingly secured to the state of the art and, with the exception of the measuring devices mentioned in accordance with Z 6, to be able to receive.


The intelligent measuring instruments must be equipped in such a way that the gas temperature is correctly taken into account and the counter reading is correspondingly mapped.


The intelligent measuring instruments, which have an internal memory and display capability, must be equipped in such a way that a measurement and storage of meter readings can be carried out in an interval of 60 minutes. Furthermore, the devices are to be equipped in such a way that they enable the storage of the time stamp belonging to the recorded counter reading for the assignment of the date and time as well as an integrity check. The intelligent measuring devices also have the possibility to store and display a daily counter reading (06:00 clock). The intelligent measuring devices with internal storage facilities also have the possibility to store the data of the maximum last 60 days in the device itself.


The intelligent measuring instruments according to Z 3 have the option of providing, via a communication interface, at least once a day all the data collected by 06:00 of the respective day in accordance with Z 3, in such a way that they can be transmitted by 12:00 at the latest. The clock of the respective day at the network operator.


Devices which have an internal storage facility shall also ensure that in the event of a failure of the data transmission, all data shall be maintained as long as a complete reconstruction, limited to the intended use of the data, shall be maintained. Memory duration is possible.


The intelligent measuring instruments, which do not have an internal storage facility, must be equipped in such a way that at least the transmission of the daily counter reading at 06:00 with the associated time stamp, date and time as well as a Integrity checking is made possible through a communication interface to the network operator until 12:00 o'clock of each day. For these devices, the reception of instructions and data in a method according to the state of the art is to be provided only if necessary.


The communication interface, which is used for the transmission of the measured values to the network operator, must be configured in such a way that maximization of the battery life, in any case over a calibration period, can be achieved.


Access as well as the specification of this communication interface shall be harmonized with all authorized persons at the latest when they are used together with other divisions, and shall be made available on request of the beneficiaries without discrimination. ,


The intelligent measuring instruments as well as their communication are to be secured and encrypted according to the state of the art in order not to allow unauthorized persons to access them. According to the state of the art, the communication is to be authenticated and encrypted with an individual device-specific key.


The possibility of a software update from a distance is to be provided with the exception of the measuring instruments mentioned in Z 6, subject to compliance with the legal provisions of the law.


The intelligent measuring instruments have to comply with the legal and data protection regulations as well as the state of the art.

entry into force

§ 4. This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 2013.

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