Agreement Between The Federal Government And The Countries Referred To In Article 15A B-Vg To Increase Selected Cost Limits Of Article 9 Of The Basic Supply Agreement

Original Language Title: Vereinbarung zwischen dem Bund und den Ländern gemäß Artikel 15a B-VG über eine Erhöhung ausgewählter Kostenhöchstsätze des Art. 9 der Grundversorgungsvereinbarung

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Agreement between the Federal Government and the Länder in accordance with Article 15a B-VG on an increase of selected cost ceilings of Article 9 of the Basic Supply Agreement

The Federal Government, represented by the Federal Government, and the Länder of Burgenland, Carinthia, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Styria, Tyrol, Vorarlberg and Vienna, represented by the Governor of the State of Austria, respectively, respectively. the provincial governor, hereinafter referred to as the contracting party, agrees to agree, in accordance with Article 15a B-VG, on the agreement between the Federal Government and the Länder in accordance with Article 15a B-VG on joint measures to be taken in accordance with Article 15a B-VG. Temporary basic services for foreigners in need of assistance and protection (asylum seekers, asylum-seekers, displaced persons and other persons not able to be deported for legal or factual reasons) in Austria (Basic Supply Agreement-Art. 15a B-VG) to close:

Article 1


The contractual partners agree to increase selected cost ceilings of Art. 9 of the Basic Supply Agreement-Art. 15a B-VG.

Article 2

Increase of selected cost maxims

The increase is in accordance with the following cost limits of Art. 9 of the Basic Supply Agreement-Art. 15a B-VG including all taxes and charges:


Art. 9 Z 1

€ 2,-


in Art. 9 Z 2 for adults

€ 20,-


in the case of Art. 9 Z 2 for minors

€ 10,-


in Art. 9 Z 3 for a single person

€ 10,-


in Art. 9 Z 3 for families (from two persons)

€ 20,-


Art. 9 Z 7 in residential groups (with care key 1:10)

€ 2,-


Art. 9 Z 7 in dormitories (with care key 1:15)

€ 2,-


in accordance with Art. 9 Z 7 in supervised housing (with care key 1:20), or

in other appropriate accommodation

€ 2,-.

Article 3


In terms of costs and costs, Articles 10 and 11 of the Basic Supply Agreement-Art. 15a B-VG are applicable.

Article 4

Retroactive offsetting of increased cost limits

The maximum cost rates of Art. 9 Z 1 and 7 of the Basic Supply Agreement-Art. 15a B-VG may be retroactive from the contracting parties as from 1. January 2012 will be counter-charged.

Article 5

Duration and dismissal

(1) This Agreement shall be concluded for an indefinite period.

(2) If a contractual partner is to terminate the agreement, this termination shall be effective at the earliest 18 months after the termination of the termination to all contractual partners.

(3) The dismissal pursuant to paragraph 2 shall be made in writing.

Article 6

entry into force

(1) This Agreement shall enter into force between the Federal Government and the countries with the first of the following month as soon as:


the conditions for entry into force required by the Federal constitution are met; and


the communications of all countries have arrived at the Federal Chancellery for the existence of the conditions required by the respective country constitution.

(2) After 30 June 2013, the conditions for the entry into force of the agreement can no longer be fulfilled.

(3) The Federal Chancellery shall communicate to the Federal Ministry of the Interior and to the Länder the fulfilment of the conditions.

Article 7


This Agreement shall be drawn up in a single original. The original text will be deposited with the Federal Chancellery. The Federal Chancellery has to transmit certified copies of the agreement to all the contracting parties.

The agreement shall enter into force on 1 March 2013 in accordance with the provisions of Article 6 (1) of this Agreement.