List Of Harmonized Standards For The Safety Of Personal Protective Equipment

Original Language Title: Verzeichnis der harmonisierten Normen für die Sicherheit von Persönlichen Schutzausrüstungen

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81. Announcement of the Federal Minister concerning of Economy, Family and Youth, the list of harmonized standards for the safety of personal protective equipment on the basis of § 71 para. 4 of the Commercial Code 1994, BGBl. Nr. 194, last amended by Federal Law Gazette. I No. ...... 85/2012, in connection with § 67 para 1 of the PSA Security Regulation - PSASV, Federal Law Gazette No. 596/1994, as amended by the promulgation Gazette II No 154/2012, is made known: 1. the revised Annex 5 of the PSA Security Regulation on the list of harmonized European standards for the safety of personal protective equipment and the relevant Austrian standards is regulated in the plant with the 20. December 2012 Design. 2. With this announcement the Community obligation is met, which arises from Article 5, paragraph 4 of Directive 89/686 / EEC for personal protective equipment and in the Commission Communication 2012 / C 395/01 from 20.12.2012. 3. The promulgation of 7 May 2012 BGBl. II Nr. 154/2012 is hereby irrelevant. Mitterlehner