Amendment Of The Radiation Protection Act

Original Language Title: Änderung des Strahlenschutzgesetzes

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106. Federal law that modifies the radiation protection act

The National Council has decided:

The Federal Act on measures for the protection of life or health of people including her offspring from damage caused by ionizing radiation (radiation protection act - StrSchG), Federal Law Gazette No. 227/1969, as last amended by Federal Law Gazette I no. 35/2012, is amended as follows:

1. the title of article 17 is as follows:

"Review of the management of radiation sources"

2. § 17 para 1 is replaced following paragraphs 1 and 1a:

"By the authorities to review 17 (1) are

1 the operation referred to in §§ 6 or 7 granted facilities for dealing with sources, 2. dealing with radiation sources approved which pursuant to section 10 and 3. use devices type-approved in accordance with articles 19 and 20, unless the approval envisages a reporting obligation.

The inspections referred to in Nos. 1 and 2 are of the granting authority, carry out the inspections referred to in no. 3 of the radiation protection authority responsible for the location of the user.

(1a) which have inspections referred to in para 1 to be carried out at least:

"1. einmal pro Jahr bei a) research reactors, b) plants for the treatment, conditioning, storage and disposal of radioactive waste, c) highly radioactive sources, d) particle accelerators, e) high dose gamma irradiation facilities and f) nuclear medicine facilities for therapy, 2. all four years at a) dental X-ray equipment, b) veterinary X-ray equipment and c) devices type-approved in accordance with sections 19 or 20, if they contain any highly radioactive sources, 3. every three years in all other cases."

3. the first sentence of article 17, paragraph 3 reads:

"To carry out checks for that under § 1a No. 2 and 3 incident sources and facilities the authority of accredited bodies can use."

4. in article 41, paragraph 1 1 Z get the lit. d to n the letter designation e) to o). the lit. c is by following lit. c and d are replaced:

(c) (the particle accelerator in the area of the universities and the research institutions of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, d) the particle accelerator used for irradiation of patients or for the manufacture of radiopharmaceuticals, 5. § 41 para 1 No. 3 is as follows:

"3. in all other cases the Governor."

6 paragraph 3 deleted § 41.

7 § 41 para 4 No. 2 and 3 are:

"2. the Federal Minister for science and research for the nuclear and particle accelerator in the universities and the Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, 3. the Federal Minister of health for the particle accelerator in accordance with para 1 subpara 1 lit. d, the type approvals of devices, which are intended to be used in medicine, the appropriations referred to in article 35 and the recognition of training of medical physicists,"8. The following paragraph 6 is added to article 42:

"(6) in the version of Federal Law Gazette I no. 106/2013 enter into force:"

1. the title of § 17, § 17 para 1, 1a and 3 first sentence, article 41, paragraph 1 subpara 1 lit. "c and d, Z 3 and paragraph 4 Nos. 2 and 3 and section 43 para. 5 and 6 with 1 July 2013, with the proceedings at this time to continue under the previously applicable law, 2. the Elimination of article 41 paragraph 3 with 1 January 2014."

9. in section 43, paragraph 6 is paragraph named (7); of paragraph 5 is replaced by the following paragraph 5 and 6:

"(5) with regard to § 41 para 1 subpara 1 lit. a and c regarding the nuclear reactors and accelerator in the area of the universities and the research institutions of the Austrian Academy of Sciences of the Federal Minister for science and research,

(6) with regard to radiological emergencies, as far as schools, the federal inspection law, BGBl. No. 321/1975, that subject are affected, the Federal Minister for education, art and culture in consultation with the Federal Minister of agriculture and forestry, environment and water management "