Change Of The Student Aid Act 1983

Original Language Title: Änderung des Schülerbeihilfengesetzes 1983

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154. Federal law changes with the student aid Act 1983

The National Council has decided:

The student aid Act 1983, BGBl. No. 455/1983, as last amended by Federal Law Gazette I no. 9/2012, is amended as follows:

1. in article 1, the introductory phrase is b paragraph 1:

"As a polytechnic schools, special schools, middle schools and high schools within the meaning of this Federal Act shall apply"

2. in section 1, the last sentence is omitted b para 4.

3. paragraph 2 together with the heading:


§ 2. prerequisite for the granting of school aid and home (including travel grants) is out in §§ 1a, 9, 11 and 11a conditions, that is the student 1, and 2. the school attendance for the student aid is requested before the age of 35. year of life began; This age limit increase no. 2 and 3 a for self holder within the meaning of article 12, paragraph 2) to an additional year for each full year in which they have get longer than four years entirely themselves, and b) to half of the time who have maintained her children due to a legal obligation to end of second year of life and brought up ", but no more than to a total of five years."

4. in article 3, paragraph 6 the phrase is omitted ", apart from investment income within the meaning of § 97 para 1 and 2 EStG 1988 up to a maximum of € 364,--,".

5. Article 8 together with the heading is eliminated.

6 the following paragraph 6 is added after paragraph 5 in article 10:

"(6) the students of orphan's pension is, so is the special school aid to the amount of orphan's pension, which is obtained for the same period decreased."

7. in article 11, paragraph 1, the introductory part is:

"Home aid is due in accordance with this Federal Act for visiting a Polytechnic School, a special school or a middle or higher school from the 9th grade as regular students, as well as for visiting a school referred to in § 9 para 1 as ordinary students, if the school outside the place of residence of the parents, because"

8 paragraph 4 deleted § 12.

9. in article 12, paragraph 5, Z 1 is replaced by the phrase "ABS 2 Z 2, 3 or 4" the twist "ABS 2 Z 2 or 3".

10. in article 12, paragraph 9, the phrase "of the student," is inserted after the word "Income".

11 § 14 para 3 is as follows:

"(3) the amendments are to bring together with the prescribed evidence authority in the first instance, provided that this evidence does not automatically obtained from the student aid authority."

12 paragraph 14 para 6:

"(6) student aid applications may be filed in electronic proceedings. "The Federal Minister responsible for the student aid has the beginning and the implementation of this form of submission in accordance with the technical and organisational possibilities and the use of secure electronic signatures according to the signature Act, Federal Law Gazette I no. 190/1999, by regulation to determine."

13 paragraph 15 paragraph 5:

"(5) the tax authorities have requested this for people, which are to be used is to announce established and significant for the establishment of tax data in relation to their sphere of competence, in the investigation the authorities specified in § 13 unless the aid seekers or who have not or not sufficiently referred to persons of their obligation of participation in proceedings before the State aid authority in para 1 to assess the means within the meaning of § 3 and the authority pursuant to article 13. The tax legal obligation of confidentiality under section 48 of the federal tax code, Federal Law Gazette No. 194/1961 i.d.g.F., shall apply mutatis mutandis. The information disclosure of the tax authorities does not refer to such data that are shown in proposed tax assessments."

14. the section 15 be added following paragraphs 6 to 10:

"(6) in the procedure for the granting of aid under this federal law, the aid authorities are entitled automatically to handle the necessary personal data of the persons, whose coming is to prove to the determination of Social Neediness. The following data are: 1. name, title, address and telephone number, 2. date of birth and insurance number in accordance with § 31 of the General Social Security Act, Federal Law Gazette No. 189/1955 i.d.g.F, 3. citizenship, 4. marital status and gender, 5 Professional or activity, 6 duration of insurance conditions, 7. name and address of the service authority, 8 the data required for the determination of the student aid income within the meaning of § 4 para 1 , 9 proof of school aid affiliate, 10 bank data of aid advertiser or its representative, 11 granting of family allowance, 12 height and duration of the study grant, 13 height and duration of sickness benefit, 14 height and period of maternity benefit.

(7) the following facilities have the student aid authorities on request to review the eligibility requirements to provide necessary and available in their area information enumerated in paragraph 6, if possible in the automation-supported data traffic: 1 the tax authorities of the Confederation, 2. the bearers of social security, 3. the labour market service, 4. the Federal Office for Social Affairs and Disability Affairs, 5th the Federal Computing Centre, 6 the central population register, 7 the study grant authority.

(8) the schools visited by the applicant have the necessary to verify the eligibility and available in their area data on school enrollment and financial statements, if possible in the automation-supported data traffic to send the student aid authority on request.

(9) the description of the data, the beginning and the implementation of the automation-supported data traffic in accordance with para 7 and 8 are to determine by regulation by the Federal Minister responsible for the student aid in accordance with the technical and organisational possibilities.

Links the data determined in accordance with paragraph 6 to 8 feature (10) student aid authorities."

15. in article 16 the following paragraph 3 is inserted after paragraph 2:

"The student aid authority can right anytime by virtue (3) inaccuracies in decisions that were effected by the incorrect or incomplete delivery of data in accordance with § 15 paragraph 6."

16 the following paragraph 8 is added to article the 16:

"(8) the student aid authority has written traffic with the pupils or students possible modern communication technologies, especially the automation-supported data transfer to operate."

17 the following sentence is added to the section 17, paragraph 1:

"An application for aid from the date of above mentioned event can be made even after obtaining a notice repellent due to lack of neediness under these conditions."

18 17 the following paragraph is added after paragraph 16 § 26:

"(17) § 1b para 1, § 2, including heading, § 3 par. 6, § 10, section 6, article 11, paragraph 1, article 12 par. 5 Z 1, section 12, paragraph 9, article 14, para. 3 and 6, § 15 para 5 to 10, § 16 para. 3 and 8 and § 17 para 1 as amended by Federal Law Gazette I no. 154/2013 with 1 September 2013 into force." At the same time § 1 b paragraph 4 the last sentence, article 8 and article 12 par. 4 override kick."