1. Fahrradverordnungs Novel

Original Language Title: 1. Fahrradverordnungs-Novelle

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297. Regulation of the Federal Minister for transport, innovation and technology, the bicycle regulation modifies the (1 Fahrradverordnungs-Novelle)

On the basis of article 66 par. 2 of the road traffic Act 1960, Federal Law Gazette No. 159, as last amended by BGBl. I no. 39/2013, and on the basis of § 11 of the product safety Act 2004 - PSG 2004, Federal Law Gazette I no. 16/2005, last amended by Federal Law Gazette I no. 71/2013, is the regulation of the Federal Minister for transport, innovation and technology of bikes, bike trailers and associated equipment (bicycle Regulation), Federal Law Gazette II No. 146/2001 that changed with regard to the provisions of § 1 para 1 and 3, 4 para of 2 and 6 para 2 in agreement with the Federal Minister of labour, Social Affairs and consumer protection, as follows:

1. paragraph 1 section 1:

"§ 1 (1) each bicycle that is placed on the market must – unless otherwise stated in the following terms - be provided: 1. with two independently-acting braking on dry pavement, a mean deceleration is achieved by 4 m / s2 at an output speed of 20 km/h, 2. with a device to make an acoustic warning, 3. with white" , after acting front reflectors or rear beam materials that correspond to the provisions of ECE Regulation No. 104 R, with a light entrance surface of at least 20 cm2; the reflector connected to the headlight must, 4th with red, according to acting rear reflectors or rear beam materials that correspond to the provisions of ECE Regulation No. 104 R, with a light entrance surface of at least 20 cm2; the reflector must be connected to the headlight, 5th with yellow reflectors on the pedals; These can be replaced by equivalent facilities, 6 tires, whose sides are circular contiguous white or yellow back beaming, or on each wheel with reflectors acting on either side or rear beam materials representing the provisions of ECE Regulation No. 104 R is 7 if the bicycle for transporting more than one person with a light entrance surface of at least 20 cm2, for every additional person with an own seat ", with an own holding fixture and own pedals or support devices."

2. paragraph 1 para 3:

"(3) if operated headlight or taillight with a Dynamo, is paragraph 4 with the proviso that the there called effect from a speed of 15 km/h must be reached.

3. paragraph 1 paragraph 4:

"(4) bicycles must be equipped with a bright bright, tightly associated with the bicycle headlamp lighting the roadway to the front with white or pale yellow, stationary light with a brightness of at least 100 cd and a red rear light with a brightness of at least 1 cd. In daylight and good visibility this equipment may be omitted."

4. § 2 No. 3 replaces the digit "9" by the digit "7".

5. paragraph 3 section 2:

"(2) for racing bicycles, used to tow trailers, the provisions of § 3 para 1 shall apply mutatis mutandis."

6 paragraph 4 section 2:

"(2) racing bicycles may without that in § 1 Z 2 to 6 called equipment on the market are brought. Race bikes may be used in daylight and good visibility without this equipment."

7 § 6 para 2 No. 3 is: "3. with a device which ensures that the legs not the spokes can enter and" 8. In § 6 is added after paragraph 2, the following paragraph 2a:

"(2a) by way of derogation from the provisions of paragraph 1 and 2 is the transportation of one or allowed, if it is fitted with a belt system according to the manufacturer for the transport of children, that not can be opened easily multiple kids with bicycles in a transport box of children the transport box may be attached before or behind the handlebars."

9. According to § 10 the following section 11 including heading is added:


§ 11. The regulation in the version of Federal Law Gazette. No. 297/2013 II was in compliance with the provisions of Directive 98/34/EC establishing an information procedure in the field of technical standards and regulations, which codifies the procedures under Directive 83/189/EEC, notified under the Notifikationsnummer 2013/184/A."

10 Annex I first sentence reads:

"Since children are exposed to a particular risk in a bicycle trailer in an accident (fall), you should transport never unangegurtet them; pay attention to helmet for children 12 years."

11. in annex II, the phrase "As children on the bicycle seat in a crash (crash) are exposed to a particular risk, you should never transport them without a bicycle helmet." is replaced by the phrase "Please note the helmet for children.".