Amendment Of The 1985 Citizenship Regulation

Original Language Title: Änderung der Staatsbürgerschaftsverordnung 1985

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323. Regulation of the Minister of Home Affairs, citizenship regulation 1985 modifies the

According to the Citizenship Act of 1985 (StbG), Federal Law Gazette No. 311/1985, amended by the by-laws Federal Law Gazette I no. 188/2013, is prescribed:

Ordinance of the Federal Minister of the Interior of 31 July 1985 for the implementation of the citizenship law of 1985 (citizenship Ordinance 1985), Federal Law Gazette No. 329/1985, as last amended by the regulation Federal Law Gazette II No. 307/2013, is amended as follows:

1 the following paragraph 4 is added to § the 2:

"(4) a duty to the submission of documents referred to in paragraph 1 is not, if the facts to public or legal relationships can be determined by inspection in the central register of citizenship (ZSR, section 56a StbG), or in other registers related to the authorities."

2. in article 8, paragraph 2, the phrase "in the documents referred to in paragraph 1" by the phrase is "documents the pattern of appendices 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 and 8a" replaced the phrase "in the Österreichische Staatsdruckerei" is replaced by the phrase "through a service provider" and the third sentence added:

"The plants 4 and 6 are on white paper with a minimum weight of 100 g / m2."

3. articles 6 and 7 together with headings, as well as the articles 9, 11, 12, 13 and 15 are eliminated.

4. in paragraph 14, the phrase "on the tab sheet" is replaced by the phrase "in the ZSR".

5. paragraph 16:

"§ Are 16 tab, note sheets, and connection leaves to keep up to the end of the subsequent acquisition (§ 64a para 16 StbG) under lock and key. Then to destroy them either by virtue or to be archived under lock and key are."

6. in article 19 the phrase is replaced "this is the documentation referred to in § 18 to civil status documents" by the phrase "A civil status certificate as a basis for an entry has been used according to § 18".

7. in section 24 "has been granted" is inserted after the phrase the word sequence "and the data is not already covered in the ZSR".

8. in article 25 is in paragraph 1 after the phrase "The body of evidence is" the phrase ", as far as the data are not already recorded in the ZSR," added and the phrase is replaced in paragraph 3 "a clearly visible note to install" "the record clearly to mark" the phrase.

9 §§ 31 and 32 para 3 accounts for in § 34 is the phrase in paragraph 1 "Has the State Government" by the phrase "unless the State Government pursuant to § 56 para 7 b StbG makes no registration, has she" replaced and the quote "section 9" by the quote "§ 39a para 1 No. 1 to 3" will be replaced in para 1 and 2 respectively.

10 paragraph 36 along with heading:

"To section 53 StbG"

section 36. "Issued a citizenship certificate or other confirmation of the acquisition or possession of citizenship are the data pursuant to § 39a para 1, if not already in the ZSR exist to communicate the location of evidence."

11 in section 37 replaced the quote "section 9" by the quote "§ 39a para 1", deleted the phrase "article 53 No. 5 lit. a StbG according to § 18 No. 7 lit. a or lit. b or article 23;"and is the title:

"To section 53 No. 5 lit. "c to f StbG"

12. in article 38, the quote "section 9" by the quote "§ 39a para 1" will be replaced and is the title:

"To article 55 StbG"

13. after section 39, following articles 39a and 39B and heading shall be inserted:

"To section 56a StbG

Article 39a. (1) in the central register of citizenship (ZSR, section 56a StbG) must be at least: 1 personal data in accordance with § 10.

2. previous names and names that operate legally if there is other citizenships due to foreign legislation;

3. comments relating to the acquisition, loss, ownership or possession of the citizenship and 4th entries relating to the exhibition, rectification, delivery or sending proof of citizenship.

(2) a registration may only on the basis of the central civil status register (ZPR; § 44 civil status law 2013 - PStG 2013, Federal Law Gazette I no. 16/2013), public documents or be made on the basis of official surveys or communications.

(3) the registration is to complete by sharing in the ZSR.

To § 64a para 16 StbG

section 39 b. (1) unless the person in the ZPR recorded, are data pursuant to § 39a para 1 in the ZSR and the acquisition and reason of loss of, as well as previously issued citizenship certificates to add. The person not in the ZPR is captured, the data referred to in § 39a para 1 in the ZSR is according to erfassen.

(2) to data is at least on the occasion of the acquisition and loss of citizenship and issuing proof of citizenship and citizenship legal confirmations."

14. in paragraph 40, the phrase "by the Austrian State printing house" in paragraph 2, in the first sentence is replaced by the phrase "through a service provider", eliminates the last sentence in paragraph 2, and 5 the following paragraph shall be added.

"(5) the evidence of citizenship are to continue in accordance with § 64a para 16 StbG between November 1, 2013 and 1 November 2014. The §§ 8 par. 2, 14, 16, 19, 24, 25 para 1 and 3, 34, 36 and heading, 37 and 38 and headings, 39a and 39B II No. 323, including headings, and the plants 4 and 6 in the version of regulation BGBl. / 2013 come 1 November 2014 into force; the §§ 6 and 7 together with heading, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 31, 32 (3) and the equipment 9 and 10 override happening."

15. the equipment 9 and 10, the plants 4 and 6 are in conformity with the enclosed.