Agreement In Accordance With Article 15A B-Vg Between The Federal Government And The Countries On The Cooperation In The Field Of Transport Data Infrastructure With The Austrian Graph Integration Platform Gip

Original Language Title: Vereinbarung gemäß Artikel 15a B-VG zwischen dem Bund und den Ländern über die Zusammenarbeit im Bereich der Verkehrsdateninfrastruktur durch die Österreichische Graphenintegrationsplattform GIP

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4. agreement in accordance with article 15a B-VG between the Federal Government and the countries on the cooperation in the field of transport data infrastructure with the Austrian graph integration platform GIP

The Federal Government, represented by the Federal Government, and the signatory countries, each represented by the provincial Governor, hereafter referred to as Contracting Parties, have agreed to close B-VG the following agreement in accordance with article 15a, paragraph 1:

Article 1

The aim of the agreement

(1) based the parties on subsequent since 2009 working on a nationwide uniform transport reference system for traffic information, traffic management and traffic control in all administrative units agree, the common interests in the area of the Austria-wide infrastructure of data through administrative cooperation for the continuous operation and the development of the Austrian graph integration platform GIP - the following when referred to GIP - as to carry out multimodal nationwide transport reference system.

(2) in order to achieve the objective of the agreement, the Contracting Parties establish an association within the meaning of the Club 2002, BGBl. I no. 66/2002, as amended by Federal Law Gazette I no. 22/2015, of the term "Austrian Institute for transport data infrastructure" - hereinafter referred to as society - bears. Tasks of this Association are to provide at least:

der dauerhafte Betrieb der GIP,

die Weiterentwicklung der GIP,

die Weitergabe der GIP-Daten namens der Vertragsparteien an Dritte.

(3) the Contracting Parties shall grant is mutually the right to unpaid non-exclusive use of GIP data - the absence of special interests in secrecy. The property rights and copyrights of the GIP data remain with the respective Contracting Parties.

(4) the GIP data exclusively for the performance of his statutory duties are left to the Association.

Article 2

Association "Austrian Institute of transport data infrastructure"

(1) the Association have to stipulate that the Contracting Parties 1 para 2 as regular members belong to the Association pursuant to article. The Association may provide that in addition to the parties more members can be recorded in the Association, if it achieve the objective referred to in article 1 is conducive.

(2) the establishment of the Association is the General Assembly under the Association Act in 2002.

(3) in the Association, it is also provided that the organs of the Association to thrifty, economical and proper use of funds placed at the disposal are required and they have to perform their duties according to the principles of objectivity and equal treatment.

Article 3


(1) to the support and financing of the Association, the Parties shall technical resources and funding in the form of membership fees, grants and performance fees available to the Club.

(2) the Contracting Parties undertake to make the Club an annual funding amounting to a total maximum EUR 750.000,--available to fulfil its statutory tasks. An evaluation results in a need for additional resources, the General Assembly may decide unanimously these funds. The funds to be paid pro rata are unanimously set by the General Assembly.

(3) through the Association other resources or income obtained, these are exclusively for the financing of the Association and to the purpose of the Association to be used.

Article 4


(1) the Contracting Parties shall waive a notice for a period of ten years from the entry into force of this agreement.

(2) the agreement may be terminated by written notice to the other Contracting Parties after the deadline of each Contracting Party in accordance with a notice period of six months to the end of the calendar year. The agreement remains unchanged in effect for the other Contracting Parties.

Article 5


(1) this agreement is open to those countries which have not yet signed the agreement at the time of entry into force, to join.

(2) the accession will take effect within 30 days of the receipt of the membership agreement and the communication on the required by the State Constitution conditions for accession at the Federal Chancellery opposite the existing parties. The Federal Chancellor's Office has communicated the date of effect of the accession of the acceding country and the previous parties.

Article 6

Entry into force

(1) this agreement enter into force 30 days after the end of that day where

1 after the Federal constitutional requirements for the entry into force have been met, and 2nd at the Federal Chancellery the messages from at least eight countries on the fulfilment of the preconditions for the entry into force according to the constitutions of the country, arrived at the earliest however on January 1, 2016.

(2) notifications of another country on the fulfilment of the preconditions for the entry into force in the Federal Chancellor's Office according to the constitutions of the country long after that day where the conditions referred to in paragraph 1 have entered Nos. 1 and 2, the agreement with this country into force occurs 30 days after the receipt of the respective notice.

(3) the Federal Chancellor's Office has to inform the countries fulfilling the conditions laid down in paragraph 1 or 2, as well as the date of the entry into force.

Article 7

Original; Copies

This agreement is issued in a single original. The original copy is deposited with the Chancellor's Office. This has to transmit certified copies of the agreement to all Contracting Parties.



The agreement enters into force in accordance with article 6 para 1 with 2 January 2016 between the Federal Government and the laender Burgenland, Carinthia, lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Tyrol, Vorarlberg and Vienna.