Resolution Of The President, With The Substantive Management Certain Transmitted A Separate Federal Minister To The Sphere Of The Federal Chancellery Of Related Matters

Original Language Title: Entschließung des Bundespräsidenten, mit der die sachliche Leitung bestimmter, zum Wirkungsbereich des Bundeskanzleramtes gehörender Angelegenheiten einem eigenen Bundesminister übertragen wird

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37. Resolution of the Federal President, with which the factual management of certain matters belonging to the sphere of action of the Federal Chancellery is transferred to its own Federal Minister.

On the basis of Article 77 (3) B-VG, I transferred to the Federal Minister of the Federal Chancellery, Dr. Josef OSTERMAYER, the factual management of the following matters pertaining to the sphere of influence of the Federal Chancellery:

(1) 1. Affairs of the State Constitution, in particular:

Matters of the Federal Constitution, with the exception of the financial constitution and the elections provided for in the Federal Constitution, referendums, referendums and referendums; constitutional affairs of the state organization. Affairs of the Constitutional Court; matters of administrative jurisdiction with the exception of the affairs of the Federal Financial Court. Matters of fundamental rights and freedoms. Constitutional affairs of the everlasting neutrality of Austria. Matters of state emblem, insofar as they do not fall within the competence of another Federal Ministry. General affairs of officalliability and organ liability. The Federal Republic of Germany; the Federal Government's legal information system. Matters of national constitutions. General affairs of national legislation.


General affairs of the state administration, insofar as they do not fall within the scope of action of the Federal Ministry of Finance, in particular:

General affairs of the legal system, of the legislature and of the legal language, including the maintenance of the uniformity of the Federal Ministries ' activities preparatory to the law-making process; matters relating to legal redress. General affairs of the organisation and procedure of the administrative authorities, offices and other bodies responsible for the tasks of the State administration. General administrative law matters, including administrative criminal law and administrative enforcement law. To work towards the timely and full implementation of the European Union directives. Representation of the Republic of Austria before the Court of Justice of the European Union.


General affairs of management management, in particular:

General matters relating to the safeguarding of an administrative organisation, close to the citizen, economic, economical, effective and effective, and administrative management, in so far as it does not enter into the sphere of action of the Federal Ministry of Finance; general affairs of administrative reform and innovation and cross-departement of action, including coordination with the exception of the matters of legal redress; central coordination of gender equality in the focus of action by the Federal Office of action; general affairs of the administrative tools; general matters relating to the form system; provision of a cross-departsive electronic citizen information system.


General affairs of the state administration with regard to automation-supported data processing, in particular:

General affairs, including coordination, planning and use of automation-assisted data processing, as well as the assessment of applications of automation-assisted data processing, from the point of view of the Economic efficiency, expediency and rigour and cross-disciplinary action controlling as well as administrative reform and data protection; coordination in matters of electronic information transmission; matters of a The Federal Republic of Germany ' s backup computer centre. General affairs of the registries, the authorities ' libraries and the statistics. Comprehensive treatment and coordination in matters affecting the sphere of action of two or more federal ministries.


General staff matters of public servants, in so far as they do not fall within the scope of the Federal Ministry of Finance's activities, in particular:

Law on service and remuneration, pension rights, service procedures and the organizational measures required. Staff plan of the federal government and job evaluation. Personnel capacity controlling. General affairs of initial and continuing training of public servants. General affairs of the service audits. General affairs of the professional representation of public servants. General affairs of remuneration as well as the personnel information and reporting system. To work towards an equal development of the duty, the right of personnel representation and the protection of the employees of the public servants of the Federal Government, the Länder and the municipalities. Matters of the Personnel Representation Supervisory Authority. General affairs of the recruitment of federal employees and the setting-up of measures to promote mobility in the Federal Service (mobility management).


Matters relating to radio and television, insofar as they do not fall within the competence of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology; other media matters, with the exception of judicial media law.

General affairs of information and documentation as well as data protection.


Affairs of the archives, in particular: Guided tour of the Austrian State Archives.


Affairs of Art; Federal Theatre.


Issues of film promotion.


Affairs of the Museums, insofar as they do not fall within the scope of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the Federal Ministry of Defence and Sport or the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and the Economy; the Austrian National Library.


Matters of monument protection.


Affairs of the public libraries and the Hofmusikkapelle.


Matters of the cult.


Affairs of cultural and ecclesiastic foundations and funds.


Affairs of the Office of the Bar for Equal Treatment.

(2) Paragraph 1 shall not apply to the tasks of the personnel administration and the organisation.

(3) Paragraph 1 shall not apply to matters reserved to the Federal Chancellor by federal constitutional law.

(4) This resolution shall enter into force on 1 March 2014. The resolution of the Federal President, BGBl, will take place on 28 February 2014. II No 454/2013, except for force.