Change The Iacs-Gis-V 2011

Original Language Title: Änderung der INVEKOS-GIS-V 2011

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210. Ordinance of the Federal Minister for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, with which the INVEKOS-GIS-V 2011 will be amended

On the basis of Section 28 (3) of the Law on the Market Order 2007 (MOG 2007), BGBl. I n ° 55/2007, as last amended by the Federal Law BGBl. I No 189/2013, shall be arranged:

The regulation of the Federal Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management on a geographical information system based on a geographical information system, BGBl. II No 330/2011, as amended by the BGBl Regulation. II No 249/2013. is amended as follows:

1. § 3 Z 5 reads:

" 5.

Court card: a cartographic document prepared using computer-aided geographical information techniques, which in any case is an orthorectified aerial view, the graphic data set of the individual land in the sense of the Surveying law (borders, numbers, usage lines and usage symbols) and the field unit boundaries of a holding. "

2. § 3 shall be added to the following Z 6:

" 6.

Landscape element ayer: in the Invekos GIS as a point or polygon in accordance with the definitions according to the Annex, digitised landscape elements, which are based on reference parcels-other than those with the types of use according to § 6 Z 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 and Hutweiden- or limit it to such a system. "

3. § 4 para. 3 lit. d is:

" (d)

Landscape elements and other natural features with a size of less than one Ar if their total size does not exceed 6% of the reference surface; in the case of alms and Hutweiden, this shall apply only to sub-areas where no deduction of wasteland and have to be parachuted. "

4. § 4 (3) the following final sentence shall be added:

"lit. b to d shall apply irrespective of the digital capture of the landscape elements in the landscape element ayer."

5. § 7 together with headline reads:

" Definition of the reference plot and digitisation

§ 7. (1) In the course of digitisation, the location, extent and type of use of the reference parcels shall be defined.

(2) The last available court card shall be used for digitisation.

(3) The digitisation of the Alpine reference parcels and the landscape elements in accordance with the Annex has to be carried out by the agricultural market Austria. Suitable legal entities can be used for the digitisation of all further reference parcels.

(4) The applicant shall be obliged to arrange for any necessary updates of the reference parcels at the latest on the occasion of the next submission of the application to the body responsible pursuant to paragraph 3.

(5) All amendments shall be documented by the body responsible pursuant to paragraph 3. In any case, better knowledge is to be expunged on the basis of the further development of the fundamentals of digitisation as a change of status. "

6. § 8 reads:

" § 8. (1) The digitisation shall be carried out under the obligation of the applicant to participate.

(2) In any case, this should be documented in the opinion of the applicant on the digitisation of the findings of the competent authority according to § 7 (3). Without prejudice to this, the findings of the competent authority in accordance with § 7 (3) shall be based on the digitisation result, unless the applicant can demonstrate conclusively that the information on the court card no longer applies. The applicant may, in the procedure for the grant or recovery of the aid in question, submit his objections to the digitisation, in so far as the aid has an impact on the granting of aid.

(3) The applicant confirms, through his signature on the documentation on digitisation, his participation, including any differences of opinion on the digitisation and the information on the grounds of the court card.

(4) Paragraph 3 does not apply to the digitisation of the Alpine reference parcels by the agricultural market Austria.

(5) The applicant shall disclose to the agricultural market Austria for all the elements of the landscape covered by the Landscape Element Ayer whether they are standing in its disposal authority. "

7. The following Annex is added:

" Annex



Auxiliary criterion


< 100 m²



≥ 40 m²


Length: ≥ 20 m

Width: ≥ 2 m to ≤ 10 m in Ø


≥ 40 m²


≥ 40 m²

Rain/Bow/dry stone wall

≥ 100 m² to < 1000 m²

Field wood/tree/shrug group

≥ 10 m wide or long

≥ 100 m² to < 1000 m²


≥ 100 m² to < 1000 m²

Pond/Pontoon "