Change The Iacs-Gis-V 2011

Original Language Title: Änderung der INVEKOS-GIS-V 2011

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210. Decree of the Federal Minister for agriculture and forestry, environment and water management, the IACS-GIS-V 2011 modifies the

On the basis of § 28 para 3 of the market organisation Act 2007 (MOG 2007), Federal Law Gazette I no. 55/2007, last amended by Federal Law Gazette I no. 189/2013, is prescribed:

Ordinance of the Federal Minister for agriculture and forestry, environment and water management on an area identification based on a geographical information system, BGBl. II changed no. 330/2011 in the version of regulation BGBl. No. 249/2013혼다 II is as follows:

1 paragraph 3 Z 5: "5. yard map: a cartographic document created using computer-based geographical information techniques, which certainly includes an orthorectified aerial photo, the graphical database of individual plots of land within the meaning of the measurement (limits, numbers, use lines and symbols of use of) and the field piece limits of a company."

2. paragraph 3 shall be added following Z 6: ' 6 Landschaftselementelayer: in IACS GIS as a point or polygon as defined according to annex digitized landscape elements, which are on reference plots - except Z are 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 and pasture - with the types of use referred to in section 6 or adjacent to such. "

3. § 4 para 3 lit. d: d) elements of the landscape and other natural features with a size of less than an AR, if their total value does not exceed 6% of the reference area; "Alpine meadows and pasture no deduction of wasteland this applies only to areas, where and through use of shielded areas has to be done."

4. § 4 para 3 the following final sentence shall be added: "lit. b shall apply to d regardless of a digital collection of landscape elements in the Landschaftselementelayer."

5. paragraph 7 together with the heading:

"Laying down the reference parcel and digitization

Section 7 (1) in the course of digitalisation are able to set degree and type of use of the reference parcel.

(2) for the digitization, the last available farm map is to be used.

(3) the digitalization of ALM reference plots and the elements of the landscape in accordance with annex has to be carried out by the Agrarmarkt Austria. Appropriate legal entity can be used for the digitization of all other reference plots.

(4) the applicant is obliged to get required updates of the reference parcel at the latest on the occasion of the next submission to the authority in accordance with paragraph 3.

(5) all changes must be documented by the authority in accordance with paragraph 3. Anyway, better knowledge on the basis of the further development of the basics of digitisation as to change liability shall be disclosed."

6 paragraph 8:

"Section 8 (1) the digitization under compulsory participation of the applicant must be made.

(2) the opinion of the applicant on the digitisation differs from the findings of pursuant to § 7 para 3 competent authority, at any rate, this shall be documented. The findings of the competent pursuant to § 7 para 3 are of prejudice to consider the result of digitisation as far as the applicant can demonstrate conclusively that the information on the farm map no longer applies to. The applicant may assert his objections to the digitisation in the procedure for granting or recovery of the aid, insofar as this has implications for the aid.

(3) the applicant confirmed his participation including any differences in opinion about the digitization and the information on the basis of the justice card by his signature on the documentary about the digitization.

(4) section 3 does not apply to the digitisation of the Alm reference parcels through the Agrarmarkt Austria.

(5) the applicant of Agrarmarkt Austria for all elements of the landscape in the Landschaftselementelayer has to announce whether they are at his disposal."

7. the following annex is added:




Additional criterion


< 100 m²



≥ 40 m²

Hedge/waterfront Woods

Length: ≥ 20 m

Width: ≥ 2 m ≤ 10 m in the Ø


≥ 40 m²

Ditch / edge shoreline

≥ 40 m²

Rain/embankment/dry stone wall

≥ 100 m² up to < 1000 m²

Box wood/tree / shrub group

≥ 10 m wide or long

≥ 100 m² up to < 1000 m²

Stone/Stone Hage

≥ 100 m² up to < 1000 m²