Frauenförderungsplan Bmeia

Original Language Title: Frauenförderungsplan BMEIA

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217. Regulation of the Federal Minister for Europe, integration and exterior on the woman promotion plan for the Federal Ministry for Europe, integration and exterior (Frauenförderungsplan BMEIA)

In accordance with section 11a of the federal equal treatment Act (B-GlBG), Federal Law Gazette No. 100/1993, as last amended by Federal Law Gazette I no. 210/2013, is prescribed:

1 section

Personnel measures

Goal of woman promotion plan

§ 1. The woman promotion plan aims

1. actions and guidelines to set keep in accordance with the section 11F of the federal equal treatment Act (B-GlBG), Federal Law Gazette No. 100/1993, the percentage of female staff in all grades, receive remuneration schemes, use and remuneration groups as well as all jobs associated with a particular function group is reached an extent of at least 50% or the achieved percentage of 50% and raising the percentage of women in management positions in accordance with the mandatory requirements of article 4 (2) and annex 2, Appendix 1 or § 5 (2) , 2. the advancement of women in the human resources planning and development to integrate, 3. to promote the reconciliation of work and family.

Measures to achieve targets

§ 2. To achieve this objective, the following measures be taken:

1 mentoring programs for women are integrated in the system of human resources planning.

2 the aspect of the advancement of women is taken into account at MitarbeiterInnengesprächen. The form for MitarbeiterInnengespräche will be adapted for this purpose.

3 executives are sensitised with their role model for the implementation of women-promoting measures through accompanying measures (E.g. in training).

4. executives, in particular the persons entrusted with personal agendas, are continually more measures to promote women and implement where appropriate.

Protection of human dignity in the workplace

§ 3 (1) the employer shall take appropriate measures of awareness (E.g. training), in order to protect the dignity of women and men in the workplace. This is also on a working atmosphere, which is supported by mutual respect.

(2) the employees are periodically to remind that they can turn to discrimination within the meaning of the B GlBG not only to the employer, but also to the Working Group for equality issues.

Priority recording

§ 4 (1) in all those grades, pay schemes, use and remuneration groups in which applicants are employees less than by § 11 para. 2 B GlBG provided 50% (representation), the proportion of women in the total number of permanent the part in section 13 of the Federal Act on tasks and organization of the foreign service - statute, Federal Law Gazette I no. 129/1999 (Statute), selection procedure for the posts to be filled equally suitable prove primarily recorded as the best competitors.

(2) mandatory targets in this regard are provided in Appendix 1.

Priority in the cast of highlighted uses (functions)

5. (1) who are equally suitable for a desired position as the best competitors, are primarily appointed or ordered, if the proportion of occupied by women jobs at the total number of jobs associated with a particular function group less than that of article 11, paragraph 2 B GlBG provided 50%.

(2) binding targets for the cast of features are provided in Appendix 2.

Invitation to tender

6. (1) all tender texts according to the tender law 1989, ed. Federal Law Gazette No. 85/1989, as well as internal tendering under the staff regulations be drafted in female and male form.

(2) as long as the objectives of articles 11F B GlBG are not reached, is that the Federal Ministry for Europe, integration and external aims to increase the proportion of women in posts and in management positions, and women are strongly invited to apply explicitly point out in all tenders of posts and functions in the specification text. In the specification is pointed out also that same suitable applicants are primarily added to or ordered.

(3) as far as the not the § 50a para 4 and 50 para. 1 of the official service law (BDG 1979), Federal Law Gazette No. 333 are prior to the tender of a function checks whether this function with decreased week stint can be exercised. Furthermore, where appropriate, a note is recorded in the specification text. Part-time employment must not discriminatory affect the career and career planning for staff.

(4) of the Chairperson of the Working Group for equal treatment issues or her / his Deputy or her / his Deputy delivered each a copy of the tender (including the internal tenders) prior to or at least simultaneously with the publication. After completion of the procedure, she or he will be informed how many men and how many women have applied and who was entrusted with the function.

Selection procedure

Discriminatory questions have § 7 (1) in job interviews and selection procedures prescribed pursuant to article 13 of the Statute to be avoided. No assessment criteria used in assessing the suitability of applicants and candidates during the may selection procedures provided in § 13 statute which, based on a discriminatory, roll stereotypical understanding of equality.

(2) if all the conditions are true, the existence of a pregnancy not using the discretion of reason to reject the recording or the transfer to the public service employment may be.

Career and career planning

Section 8 (1) the employer works, that is a baby break not detrimental on the career and career planning for women and men.

(2) advancement of women is not only for leadership positions, but must be pursued actively by the employer and by the immediate supervisor on all organizational and hierarchical levels.

(3) in the case of the MitarbeiterInnengespräch provided for pursuant to § 45a BDG 1979 are topics that are relevant to the concerned officials in connection with achieving the objectives of this woman promotion plan to address explicitly.

(4) the task of the Manager is to motivate suitable staff and employees to take on management positions or to participate in special training seminars and to promote it by transferring tasks in personal responsibility (project management, grant and extension of approval authority).

(5) the employer shall examine the expansion of job sharing opportunities abroad.

(6) depending on the way in some cases, requests be considered to Doppelposten abroad (if both partners are servants of the MFA).

Composition of committees

§ 9. When ordering or filling of members of the commissions envisaged by the service of legislation, including the Statute, who are called to prepare decisions or to the decision in personnel matters, at least one member of the members to be ordered by the employer is female and a male member. Of the people to be ordered by the employer women should be ordered while in the number, corresponding to the numerical ratio of male and female employees in the Group of persons affected by the competence of the Commission. Or the Chairman of the Working Group for equal treatment issues or a servant designated made by him or her or a staff member designated by him or her has the right to participate in the meetings of the Commission with an advisory vote. The provisions relating to the membership and confidentiality also apply to officials with an advisory vote.

Public relations

§ 10 (1) information sessions, professional and study information fairs, in which participates the Federal Ministry for Europe, integration and exterior, and the self-presentation of the Federal Ministry for Europe, integration and appearance in the Internet are treated especially women to an application for the foreign service.

(2) in the relevant publications of the Department, in particular in digital media, issues of equal treatment according to space is given.

2. section

Organisational measures

Reform measures and future programs/work groups

§ 11 (1) in working groups concerning administrative reform measures, personnel planning and staff development, reorganization and future projects or management-innovation programs is to be taken into account on the ratio of female and male work group members.

(2) in structure and reorganization programs for personnel planning and staff development will be taken into consideration on the advancement of women.

Linguistic equality

Person names in female and male form are § 12 (1) decrees and all other official documents to use.

(2) all female employees concerned names as well as all official titles and using names of women are used, as far as it is pertinent in the ordinary language in the female form.

Information of staff

Section 13 (1) which is wife promotion plan to bring all employees and employees. In addition, the Frauenförderungsplan also on the intranet will be.

(2) sectional, group, departmental and Dienststellenleiterinnen and head, human resources advisors and programme should be made periodically aware on the B GlBG.

(3) an intranet on equality issues is provided by the employer.

(4) participation in information sessions of the compliance officer or the individual contact allows all employees and employees / the competent compliance officer within the service period, as far as there are no official requirements.

Support for and information rights of the Working Group for equal treatment issues

Section 14 (1) in the performance of their duties after the B GlBG the compliance officer are supported. The required free time and necessary resources be provided them. The compliance officer shall be entitled to take advantage of the existing material and personnel resources according to the principles of efficiency, expediency and economy. To carry out its tasks, the Working Group for equal treatment issues may apply for the necessary financial resources (in particular for briefings, lecture fees, etc.).

(2) the compliance officer and their representatives and alternates are granted within the framework of article 31 B GlBG information and on request all for the carrying out of their duties provided necessary information, such as about reports from the federal personnel information system or other statistical evaluations, including the education report, the proportion of women in the respective educational measures, as well as the number of training days - separately are shown by gender -.

(3) on the basis of activity as equality officer allowed any professional disadvantage.

(4) the names of the compliance officer, their representatives and Deputy and the members of the working groups for equal treatment issues, quotes their functions are included in the respective business division and the telephone directory.

Regular discussion of equality - and women's development issues

§ 15. The topics that are relevant in connection with achieving the objectives of this woman promotion plan, are discussed in the periodic meetings of staff leading authorities with the Working Group for equal treatment.

Opinion of the federal equal treatment Commission

§ 16. The staff leading authorities have to report the federal equal treatment Commission, whether and which measures in the Department were set on the basis of their opinion.

Reconciliation of family and career

Women - and family-friendly organizational changes and facilities, such as more flexible working hours, flexible part-time models, re entry programs for full-time employees or the creation of opportunities for childcare, to strive for are § 17 (1) after the budgetary possibilities and requirements of the service operation.

(2) for women and men with care responsibilities, individual regulations of their working hours and their work arrangement to strive for are if needed.

(3) applications in accordance with § 50a BDG 1979 (reduction of the week service from any occasion) and applications pursuant to § are 75 BDG 1979 (maternity holidays) to consider sympathetically under appreciation of the situation of the persons concerned. Contract staff is to proceed accordingly.

(4) where the non-mandatory work requirements conflict, are within the framework of the principle of mobility of the external action service concerns the employment of wives and spouses, to take account of the registered partners and partners, as well as the education of the children.

(5) in the case of establishing meeting times will be taken into consideration whenever possible on the working hours of part-time employees or employees with caring responsibilities.

(6) with regard to the reconciliation of work and family care is taken, training opportunities during the period of service to be offered.

(7) flexible and innovative forms of work, such as tele-working, are continuously checked because they can also contribute to the advancement of women.

3. section

Training and continuing education

Information and registration

Section 18 (1) the employer and service managers have to make sure that all service workers - including those with weakened week service time - about events of the in-service training and training sessions for junior leaders are informed, including training courses and seminars of the Management Academy of the Covenant in the field of "Gender and gender equality".

(2) women be admitted training courses up to the achievement of a 50% share of women as a priority.

(3) changes in service times necessary to participate in training and further training measures, these are granted by the superiors insofar as there are no official requirements.

(4) participation in vocational training in particular on issues such as equal treatment and advancement of women, service, budget and organization law and rhetoric, and negotiation is possible the compliance officer, insofar as there are no official requirements.

Training on equality - and women's development issues

§ 19. The employer considered the issues related to achieving the objectives of this woman promotion plan in basic training, as well as in training and further training measures.

Gender mainstreaming

§ 20. In the course of basic training, an introduction to the 'gender mainstreaming' must be provided. This inaugural event will be announced and other officials of the Federal Ministry for Europe, integration and exterior.


§ 21. At educational and training events will be taken into consideration on the ratio of the male and female speakers.

Returning to full-time staff

§ 22 (1) the employer provides on demand for a suitable post training for returning karenzierten.

(2) the employer informs employees located in parental leave, on request of tenders and training and continuing education opportunities.

(3) upon request of staff returning from maternity leave the staff leading authority will invite in a timely manner, but no later than four weeks prior to service, to a conversation about their future use this. It is aiming for, to include these officials in the flow of information in their future jobs.

Reference to other federal laws

section 23. As far as is referenced in this Regulation provisions of federal laws these are to apply in their up-to-date version.

Entry into force

§ 24. This Regulation shall enter into force 1 October 2014. With entry into force of this regulation is the regulation concerning the woman promotion plan for the Federal Ministry for European and international affairs, Federal Law Gazette II No. 18 / 2009, except force.