Los Labelling Regulation

Original Language Title: Loskennzeichnungsverordnung

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230. Regulation of the Federal Minister of Health of the Federal Republic of Germany on information on which the lot to which a food belongs can be determined (lot labelling regulation)

On the basis of § 6 (1) and (2) of the Food Safety and Consumer Protection Act-LMSVG, BGBl. I n ° 13/2006, as last amended by the Federal Law BGBl. I n ° 171/2013, will be arranged in agreement with the Federal Minister for Science, Research and Economy:


§ 1. (1) This Regulation lays down the labelling of the indication with which the lot to which a foodstuff belongs can be identified.

(2) In accordance with this Regulation, the "lot" shall be a set of sales units of a food produced, manufactured or packaged under virtually the same circumstances.

(3) Food may be placed on the market only if it is provided with an indication as specified in paragraph 1.

§ 2. (1) This Regulation shall not apply:


for agricultural products originating in the agricultural sector


be sold or delivered at storage, packaging or packing centres,


shall be forwarded to producer organisations, or


are collected for immediate use in an operational preparation or processing system;


if the food is not packed at the point of sale for the final consumer (the final consumer), is packed on request from the buyer (the buyer) or is packaged for direct sale,


for packaging or containers, the largest side surface of which is less than 10 cm 2 Measures


for individual ice-cream packages.

(2) In the exceptional case referred to in paragraph 1 (4), the indication by which the lot is to be determined shall be indicated on the aggregate pack.

Determination and affixing of the lot

§ 3. (1) The lot shall be determined by the producer, manufacturer or packer (from the producer, producer or packer) of a food or from the first seller (sellers) established in the European Union (seller).

(2) The lot shall in any case be determined and affixed under the responsibility of one (one) of food business operators (food business operators) in accordance with paragraph 1.

(3) The lot shall be preceded by the letter "L", unless it is clearly different from the other indications of the marking.

§ 4. (1) In the case of packaged foodstuffs, the lot and, where appropriate, the letter "L" shall be indicated on the packaging or on a label attached to it.

(2) In the case of unpacked foodstuffs, the lot and, where appropriate, the letter "L" shall be indicated on the outer packaging or the container or, otherwise, on the relevant trade documents.

(3) The lot shall in any case be clearly visible, clearly legible and indelible.

Loss of indication of the lot

§ 5. Where the date of minimum durability or the date of consumption is indicated in the marking, the indication of the lot may be omitted, provided that the date specified in the uncoded indication of at least the day and the month, in this order, is deleted. .

References to Directives

§ 6. This Regulation will establish Directive 2011 /91/EU on indications or marks identifying the lot to which a foodstuff belongs, OJ L 327, 22.11.2011, p. No. OJ L 334 of 16.12.2011, transposed into Austrian law.

entry into force

§ 7. This Regulation shall enter into force on 13 December 2014.