Federal Liability Cap Regulation 2015

Original Language Title: Bundeshaftungsobergrenzenverordnung 2015

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269. Regulation of the Federal Minister of finance to the definition of non-budgetary units of the Federal Government under federal liability limit law for the year 2015 (Federal liability cap regulation 2015)

On the basis of § 3 para 1 of the Federal liability cap Act, Federal Law Gazette I no. 149/2011, as last amended by BGBl. I no. 40/2014, is prescribed:

Extra-budgetary units

§ 1 Außerbudgetäre are units of the Federal Government, which State belong to the sector in the year 2015 and in the area of responsibility of the Federal Government:

1. Agency for quality assurance and accreditation Austria, 2nd Agrarmarkt Austria, 3. Agrarmarkt Austria marketing GesmbH, 4. AIT Austrian Institute of technology GmbH, 5. Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, 6 Academy-building-Errichtungs- and maintenance-GmbH, 7 Albertina, 8 General Settlement Fund, 9 Anzengrubergasse deployment and recovery GmbH, 10 labour market service, 11 ARE Austrian real estate development GmbH, 12 ARE Austrian real estate GmbH, 13 ARE Beteiligungen GmbH , 14 ARE holding GmbH, 15 ARGE ELAK GmbH & Co OG, 16 Argentineans road 11 GmbH, 17 ART for ART creative-Werkstätten GmbH, 18 live on training and support of the unemployed and education promoting temporary work, 19 ART for ART Theaterservice GmbH, Ausgleichstaxfonds 20, 21 foreign Austrian Fund, 22 Austria film and video GmbH, 23 Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft with constrained liability, 24 Austrian Business Agency Austrian Industrieansiedlungs and WirtschaftswerbungsgmbH , 25 Austrian Development Agency, AustriaTech 26 - society of the Federation for technology policy measures GmbH, 27 aws Fund Management GmbH, 28 aws Mittelstand Fund Beteiligungs GmbH & Co KG, 29 aws venture Beteiligungen GmbH, 30 Bundesaltlastensanierungsges.m.b.H., 31 Beatrixgasse 11-17 GmbH, 32nd clothing industry Fund of the Executive branch of in Austria, 33rd BIG Asperner air field South holding GmbH, 34. BIG Beteiligungs GmbH, 35th BIG real estate Strasshof recovery and development GmbH, 36. accounting agency of the Federal Government , Constrained with 37. Federal Institute "Statistics Austria", 38th Federal procurement GmbH, 39. federal research and training centre for forests, natural hazards and landscape, 40th Federal Health Agency, 41. federal real estate company mbH, 42. Federal Institute for educational research, innovation and development of the Austrian school system, 43rd Federal data center company liability, 44. Federal data center IT-solutions GmbH, 45 Federal sports facilities company mbh, 46 Federal Office for sectarian questions, 47th Bundestheater-holding GmbH, 48. federal housing funds, 49. Castle Theatre GmbH, 50th CeMM - Research Center for molecular medicine GmbH , 51. DHK - management company M.b.h., 52nd Diplomatic Academy of Vienna - Vienna School of international studies - École of des hautes études international de Vienne, 53. energy-control GmbH, 54. equipment-BOKU Vienna Institute of bio technology - GmbH, 55th ERP Fund, 56. family & professional management GmbH, 57. FIMBAG financial market participation Corporation of the Federal Government, 58. financial market authority, 59. funds for the promotion of scientific research, 60. funds for the restoration of Jewish cemeteries in Austria , 61. funds for the part-financing of the in vitro fertilization 62. gendarmerie Jubilee Fund, 1949, 63. Secretariat of the Austrian Conference on spatial planning, 64th Gesundheit Österreich GmbH, 65 health Austria Consulting GmbH, 66 health Austria research and planning GmbH, 67. GMI - Gregor Mendel Institute of molecular plant biology GmbH, 68 Grutschgasse 1-3 GmbH, 69. freight terminal Werndorf Projekt GmbH, 70th Relief Fund (§ 3 ABS. 1 awards - and help Fund Act, Federal Law Gazette No. 197/1988), 71. ICT technology park Errichtungs - und Verwertungs-GmbH , 72nd IMBA - Institute of molecular biotechnology, 73rd Inffeldgasse 25 research and science building Bauträger GmbH, 74. Institute of science and technology – Austria, 75th JKU operation - and Leasing Ltd., 76. Justice support agency, 77 KA Finanz AG, 78. Kaarstraße 21 GmbH, 79 KeyKontakt Austria public relations GmbH, 80. climate and Energy Fund, 81 victims of war and Disability Fund, 82nd KulturKontakt Austria, 83. Kunsthistorisches Museum with the Museum of Ethnology and the Austrian Theatre Museum , 84. artist social security funds, 85. Leopold Museum private foundation, 86. MAK - Austrian Museum of applied arts, 87th Marchfeld castles revitalisierungs und Betriebsgesellschaft mbH, 88. Marshall plan Foundation, 89. Max F. Perutz laboratories GmbH, 90th Medical University Innsbruck, 91. Medical University of Graz, 92. Medical University of Vienna, 93. Administrative monopoly with constrained liability, 94. University of Leoben, 95th Montanuniversität Leoben research and infrastructure GmbH, 96. Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Vienna (MUMOK) , 97th Museumsquartier Errichtungs - and operating company with limited liability, 98th Muthgasse 18 Liegenschaftsverwertung GmbH, 99th Nationale anti doping Agentur Austria GmbH, 100th national fund of the Republic of Austria for victims of national socialism, 101. National Foundation for research, technology & development, 102. Natural History Museum, 103. NOE Central St. Pölten recovery GmbH, 104. NÖ research and Bildungsges.m.b.H., 105. nuclear engineering Seibersdorf GmbH, 106 ÖBB-Infrastruktur Aktiengesellschaft, 107th ÖBB - Personenverkehr Aktiengesellschaft, 108 ÖAD (Austrian Exchange service) society with constrained liability , 109. Austria Institute G.m.b.h., 110th Austria advertising, 111. Austrian Agency for health and food security GmbH (AGES), 112. Austrian Academy of Sciences, 113. Austrian library network and service company M.b.h., 114. Austrian Federal financing agency, 115 Austrian research promotion agency mbH, 116. Österreichische Galerie Belvedere, 117 of the Austrian national library, 118. Austrian integration fund, 119th Austrian Film Institute, 120 Austrian Institute for building technology (ÖIB), 121. Austrian Institute for sports medicine, 122. PEG MedAustron company mbH , 123 project Vienna new company University of Economics, 124th rail test & research society with limited liability, 125. Council for research and technology development (RTD Council), 126. Rosenberg belt Graz GmbH, 127. broadcasting and Telekom Regulierungs-GmbH (RTR-GmbH), 128 rail control Österreichische Gesellschaft für rail market regulation with constrained liability, 129. rail infrastructure services company mbH, 130. Seibersdorf labor GmbH, 131. SIVBEG - strategic real estate valuation, consulting and development company m.b.h, 132. Technical University of Graz, 133. Technical University of Vienna , 134-technical Museum Vienna with Austrian library, 135. TU Vienna of large-scale investment and Betriebs GmbH, 136. environmental and water management fund, 137. Federal Environmental Agency limited liability company, 138. University of Applied Arts Vienna, 139. University of Vienna, 140. University for arts and industrial design Linz, 141. Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz, 142. University of music and Performing Arts Vienna, 143 University of Graz , 144. University of Innsbruck, 145. University of Klagenfurt, 146. University Linz, 147th University Mozarteum Salzburg, 148 University of Salzburg, 149. University of Vienna, 150 University Clinic for teeth, mouth and jaw Heilkundezentrum GmbH, 151. Support Fund for people with disabilities, 152. support Institute of the Federal Police, 153 United old Austrian military foundations, 154. veterinary University Vienna, 155. via donau - Austrian waterways society M.b.h., 156 Volksoper Wien GmbH, 157. Vienna State Opera GmbH, 158. Viennese City extension Fund , 159. Wimmergasse of 17 and 21 GmbH, 160. Vienna of University of Economics, 161 Welfare Fund of the Federal Police, 162. welfare funds for the Executive branch of the Federal Government, 163. future Fund of the Republic of Austria.

§ 2. This Regulation shall enter into force 31 October 2014.