Amendment Of The Austro Control Fees Regulation

Original Language Title: Änderung der Austro Control-Gebührenverordnung

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46. Regulation of the Federal Minister for transport, innovation and technology, which modifies the Austro Control fees regulation

On the basis of § 6 par. 2 of the Federal Act on the Austro Control company with limited liability, Federal Law Gazette No. 898/1993, in the version of Federal Law Gazette I is no. 45/1997, prescribed in consultation with the Federal Minister of Finance:

The Austro Control fees regulation (ACGV), Federal Law Gazette No. 2/1994, as last amended by regulation Federal Law Gazette II No. 364/1999, is amended as follows:

1. Article 6 shall be added following paragraph 4 and paragraph 5:

"(4) the tariff item 2 lit. b, 4, 5a, 8 lit. c and d, 9 lit. c, 16, 26, 26a, 28 lit. m, 29 lit. m, 30, 30a, 44, 45, 48 and 50, each as amended the regulation Federal Law Gazette II No. 46/2004, 1st February 2004 into force. For at this time pending administrative proceedings the fees as amended shall, for these administrative procedures, fees were set, before the Federal Law Gazette II No. 46/2004 apply.

Contact (5) tariff item 1 and 14 expiry of 31 January 2004 except force."

2. the tariff post 1 is eliminated.

3. the text of the collective post 2 lit. b is as follows:

"b) pilots, pilot, professional helicopter pilots, according to JAR-66/part-66 licence" 4. The lit is not available in the tariff post 4. a and the previous lit. b, c, and d will receive the designation "a", "b" and "c".

5. According to the tariff post 5, following collective post 5a is inserted:

"5 a. recognition of foreign civil air driver licenses (§ 39 LFG) in the form of a collective appreciation for several pilots of an air transport undertaking for a) up to 10 passes in accordance with TP 2 lit." b 400 euro b) 11 to 20 cards in accordance with TP 2 lit. b 800 Euro c) over 20 passes in accordance with TP 2 lit. "b 1 200 euro" 6. There are following lit in the collective post 8. c and d attached:

"(c) for the training of approval certifying staff in accordance with JAR-66/part-66 (first exhibition of education establishments in accordance with JAR-147/Part-147) 1 090 EUR d) extension of the education grant in accordance with letter. "c 363 euro" 7. Following lit is in the collective post 9. (c) added:

"(c) for training companies in accordance with JAR-147/Part-147 per additional permission 363 euro" 8. The collective post 14 is omitted.

9. in the tariff post 16, the lit is eliminated. a and the previous lit. b to l get the designation "a" to "k".

10. the collective post 26 is as follows:

"26 admissibility of noise (§ 4 ZLZV) 145 euro" 11. Following tariff post 26a is inserted according to the tariff post 26:

' 26a. the noise eligibility certification (§ 2 ZLZV) 73 euro ' 12. In the tariff items 28 lit. m, 29 lit. m and 30 lit. m are substituted the words "Parachutes, suspension and para-glider" by the words "Motorized hanging and para-glider".

13. in the tariff post 30 is the introductory phrase:

"Periodic review of aircraft (article 40, paragraph 1 ZLLV 1999) for"

14. the 30a rate post is as follows:

"30a. for other than the periodic review of aircraft one third of the amounts in the TP 30."

15. the collective post 44 is as follows:

"44. grant an exception approval for systems with optical or electrical interference effects (§ 94 LFG) a) (for an operating time of the plant up to 3 days 290 euro b) for an operating time of the plant for more than 3 days 580 euro."

16. the collective post 45 is:

"45. permission to carry out specific arrival and departure procedures (section 19 para 5 LVR) per aircraft of different power and procedure 220 euro."

17. the collective post 48 lit. b is as follows:

"(b) additional travel time compensation per organ and half hour 36.34 euros" 18. The lit is not available in the tariff post 48. c and the previous lit. d is called "c".

19. the collective post 50 is as follows:

"50th official acts at the headquarters of the authority for the inspection of aircraft and aviation equipment, and to the registration by party request on the basis of § 19 5 LVR and the JAR-147/Part-147 per organ and started half hour the official Act 36.34 euros."