Bulvwg Entry Fee Regulation Bulvwg-Egebv

Original Language Title: BuLVwG-Eingabengebührverordnung - BuLVwG-EGebV

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387. Ordinance of the Federal Minister of Finance concerning the fee for submissions to the Federal Administrative Court and the Regional Administrative Courts (BuLVwG-Input Ordinance-BuLVwG-EGebV)

Pursuant to § 14 of the German Collective Bargaining Agreement 6 (5) Z 1 lit. b of the Fees Act 1957, BGBl. No. 276/1957, in the version of the Federal Law BGBl. I No 105/2014, shall be arranged:

§ 1. (1) Inputs and supplements to the Federal Administrative Court or to an administrative court of a country (complaints, requests for re-establishment, re-establishment or separate requests for exclusion or recognition of the suspenseable effect, Applications) shall be subject to a fee, unless free of charge is provided for by law.

(2) The fee debt for the entries and supplements shall be incurred at the time of submission of the input; however, the fee shall be incurred by electronic means of legal transactions, the charge shall be incurred if their data are fully used in the case of the Bundesrechenzentrum GmbH have arrived. The fee is due for the payment of the fee.

(3) The fee shall be paid for the purpose of an account of the financial office for charges, traffic taxes and gambling, stating the purpose of the application. The payment of the fee shall be determined by a receipt of payment or an expression of the payment of a payment order, which shall be entered in the input. The entry point of the authority or the court in which the input (with the supplements) is introduced, has to postpone the receipt to the appellant (applicant) upon request, before making a clear endorsement of it; and to confirm, in the act remaining in the act, that the payment of the fees has been demonstrated by the receipt of the document. For each input, the template of a separate document is required. Lawyers, tax advisers or accountants may also prove the payment of the fee by a written receipt of the transfer order to be forwarded at the latest at the latest with the entry, if they have to do so by date and Signature confirm that the transfer order will be issued at an irrevocable basis.

(4) If an entry is made in the course of electronic legal transactions, the fee shall be paid by debit and confiscation. In the entry is the account from which the fee is to be taken, or the address code (§ 21 para. 3 of the Federal Administrative Court Act, BGBl. I No 10/2013 in the current version), under which an account is stored on which the fee is to be collected.

(5) In accordance with Section 34 (1) of the Fees Act, 1957, the Office in which an input is made which has not been or is not adequately controlled has to inform the Tax Office of charges, traffic taxes and gambling.

§ 2. (1) The amount of the flat fee for complaints, applications for re-application and requests for re-admission (including supplements) is 30 euros, for claims 15 euros.

(2) The flat fee for a flat fee to be excluded or granted the suspensive effect of a complaint for a flat-rate fee, which has been separately submitted by a complaint (including supplements), amounts to 15 euros.

§ 3. As far as natural persons are referred to in this Regulation only in male form, they shall refer to women and men in the same way. In applying the name to certain natural persons, the gender-specific form shall be used.

§ 4. (1) This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 February 2015 and shall apply to those inputs relating to the case of a date of date of the date of the date of the 31. Jänner 2015; otherwise, on inputs that follow the 31. January 2015 will be introduced.

(2) With the entry into force of this Regulation, the BVwG-input due regulation, BGBl. II No 490/2013, except for force.