Amendment To The Defence Act 2001

Original Language Title: Änderung des Wehrgesetzes 2001

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3. Federal Act, which amalgated the Wehrgesetz in 2001

The National Council has decided:

The Wehrgesetz 2001 (WG 2001), BGBl. I n ° 146, as last amended by the Federal Law BGBl. I No 181/2013, shall be amended as follows:

1. (constitutional provision) § 4 (1) reads as follows:

" (1) ( Constitutional provision ) A Parliamentary Federal Commission for Appeal (Parliamentary Federal Commission) is set up with the Federal Minister responsible for military affairs. The Parliamentary Federal Commission of the Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesheerkommission) consists of three chairpersons, alternating with one another in accordance with paragraph 10, as well as six other members. The chairmen are appointed by the National Council according to paragraph 9, the other six members send the political parties to d' Hondt in proportion to their mandate in the main committee of the National Council. Any political party represented in the Main Committee of the National Council shall be entitled to be represented in the Parliamentary Federal Commission. If, in the course of this calculation, not every party of this kind is a member, that party may make another member reputable. The political parties shall nominate a substitute member for each member and each of the chairpersons proposed by them. The chairpersons together form the Bureau of the Parliamentary Federal Commission of the Federal Parliament. The term of office of the Parliamentary Federal Commission shall be six years. As chairmen, only members of the National Council and as members and substitute members can also be nominated experts from the territories of national defense and human rights. "

2. (constitutional provision) In Article 4 (5), the name shall be: "Federal Minister for National Defence" by the name "Federal Minister responsible for military affairs" replaced.

3. (constitutional provision) In § 4 (7), the term " "Federal Minister for National Defence" by the name "Federal Minister responsible for military affairs" replaced.

4. In § 27 paragraph 2 Z 3, the quote shall be " Heeresdisciplargesetz 2002 (HDG 2002), BGBl. I n ° 167 " by quoting " Heeresdisciplargesetz 2014 (HDG 2014), BGBl. I N ° 2/2014 " replaced.

5. In § 27 (2) Z 5, § 41 (5) and § 46 (2), the short title shall be: "Heeresdisciplargesetz 2002" in each case by the short title "Heeresdisciplargesetz 2014" replaced.

6. In § 38 (6), the quote shall be "§ 86 (1) and (4) HDG 2002" by quoting "§ 83 (1) and (4) HDG 2014" replaced.

7. (Definition of the Constitution) In § 39, the following paragraph 2a is inserted after paragraph 2:

" (2a) ( Constitutional provision ) Women can make military exercises on a voluntary basis. They shall be notified no later than within one year of the release of the voluntary notification by the Office of the Military Office of the intention to use them for the purpose of military exercises. The following provisions shall apply to this reference service:


1 to 4 and 2 (2) on the application of certain provisions of this Federal Act and the Maternity Protection Act,


Section 21 (1) and (2), first sentence, on the notification of military exercises, with the proviso that an obligation is not possible,


Section 23a (2) on the provisional postponing of the dismissal,


Section 26 (1), (2) and (4) on exemption, with the proviso that, instead of the Federal Minister for National Defence and Sport or the Military Command, the Office of the Army is to be replaced by the Federal Minister for Defence and Sport, and


Article 26a (1) and (2) on the obligation to participate and to follow up on the occasion of a waiver. "

8. (Definition of the Constitution) In § 60, the following subsection (2m) of the following paragraph is inserted:

" (2n) (constitutional provision) § 4 (1), (5) and (7) and § 39 (2a), respectively, as amended by the Federal Law BGBl. I No 3/2015, will be 1. Jänner 2015 in force. "