Resolution Of The President Concerning The Woman Promotion Plan Of The Office Of The President

Original Language Title: Entschließung des Bundespräsidenten betreffend den Frauenförderungsplan der Präsidentschaftskanzlei

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37. resolution of the President concerning the woman promotion plan of the Office of the President

In accordance with section 11a of the federal equal treatment Act (B-GlBG), Federal Law Gazette No. 100/1993, as last amended by Federal Law Gazette I no. 65/2015, I order:

Wife promotion plan of the Office of the President


1. (1) the Office of the President is committed to an active equality and equal opportunities policy to equal opportunities for women and men to ensure. The implementation of woman promotion plan has in particular the following objectives:

1. the promotion of the recognition of women as equivalent and equal partners in the professional world and promoting a positive attitude towards the employment of women at all levels of the hierarchy.

2. the promotion of consensus about the equivalence of the work of women and men.

3. the promotion of professional identity and self-awareness of women in order to increase their willingness, to influence, to shape, to make decisions and to take responsibility.

4. the reduction of disadvantages of women, which are dictated by existing socio-political conditions and influence in professional life.

5. improving the reconciliation of work and private life for women and men.

6. the promotion of the use of parental leave and part-time work by men through appropriate measures and their acceptance by all employees and employees.

7. the increase in the percentage of women in the use and remuneration groups in which women are underrepresented, particularly in leadership roles.

Measures to achieve targets

The conditions for equal participation of women in the decision-making structures are section 2 (1) according to their share of employment to create.

(2) the federal equal treatment Act (B-GlBG), in particular of the Frauenförderungsplan, to bring in an appropriate manner is also newly occurring, all employees.

(3) all employees are to inform about the function and duties of the compliance officer.

(4) participation in information sessions is the or of the equal treatment Commission in relation to the business opportunities within the service period all employees and employees to enable.

Elimination of inequalities

Differences occurring § 3 in the working conditions for women and men, as well as structural frameworks, leading one of the sexes to the disadvantage, are to eliminate.

Wife promotion bid

§ 4. The superiors have to go along with the measures to be taken for the advancement of women and to eliminate existing gender differences and implement. That or the compliance officer has to join it in an appropriate manner.

Linguistic equality

§ 5. Documents addressed to officials in general personnel matters have to contain person names in the form of feminine and masculine, or unisex. For documents in individual personnel matters is that wording to use, that corresponds to their gender.

Protection of the dignity at work

Section 6 (1) is to protect the dignity of employees in the workplace. Practices which violate the dignity of the human person, in particular a derogatory statement and procedure, bullying, gender-based and sexual harassment must be avoided. Any form of discriminatory action or behaviour towards employees is to confront immediately.

(2) if necessary, appropriate measures to relevant awareness are to meet. In particular also the executives on a work atmosphere of mutual respect have to pay attention.

(3) employees is the opportunity to give up on the legal and other options, to defend themselves against bullying, discrimination based on sex and sexual harassment in the workplace, to inform (intranet, brochures, occupational medicine and occupational psychology, etc.). On these issues, the Office of the President has to support the staff accordingly.

Invitation to tender

All tender texts according to the tender law and internal tenders are § 7 (1) to draft in gender-neutral form.

(2) requirements formulated for must be functions, they discriminate against women in particular of either directly or indirectly.

(3) in tenders of positions of a certain use (classification) or certain functions is then, if the proportion of women in such use or function is below 50%, the note to record that applications from women for this position or function are particularly desirable.

(4) the proportion of women on a certain use (classification) or a particular function under 50%, also a note about is the tender to absorb that women at equal fitness in cases of §§ 11 are primarily absorb b and 11 c B GlBG accordance of woman promotion plan or order (§ 7 para 3 B GlBG).

Representation on committees

8. (1) in the composition of the commissions provided for in the legislation of the service, who are called to prepare decisions or to the decision in personnel matters, has members to be ordered by the employer at least one Member female and to be a member of the male.

(2) the compliance officer is to inform about any renewal in the aforementioned commissions has been proven.

Further measures

§ 9 (1) task of the immediate supervisor is to inform its employees and staff have education standing to choose in a timely manner, to encourage them to participate and to propose concrete steps of training. The information has to be proven (E.g. in the context of the staff - or an appraisal interview).

(2) in accordance with § 11 d B GlBG are women to participate in education and training, which qualify to take of higher-quality usages (functions), to allow priority in accordance with the provisions of woman promotion plan.

(3) the participation in education is to provide even part-time workers. The hours this is to service and commitment.

(4) the employer has to the ensure that HR managers and all staff who play a Chief role, are informed about the B GlBG, the issues of the advancement of women and equality of treatment and the woman promotion plan of the Office of the President. Senior executives are to point out especially on their commitment to the advancement of women in the course of their training.

(5) upon return from service workers of maternity or karenzierten employees in the workplace is particularly important in the transfer of tasks (Labour Organization) on the care of these employees and employees to set, in particular during the Service Division. Applications for change of use to facilitate the reconciliation of work, family and care are taken into account, provided that no important an interest contrary.

Career and career planning

§ 10 (1) the employer has to ensure that a family break is not detrimental on the career and career planning for women and men.

(2) in the staff - employees call also the area of working time should be addressed explicitly.

(3) the task of the Manager is to motivate employees to take over leadership positions and further education as well as to promote it by transferring tasks in personal responsibility.

Measures to promote the reconciliation of professional and family child care obligations and/or part-time employment

Individual schemes of their working hours and their work arrangement to enable are § 11 (1) for women and men with care responsibilities if necessary within the framework of the official ways.

(2) applications in accordance with §§ 50a and 75 officials service law (BDG), assessment of the situation of the persons concerned to comply with. Contract staff is to proceed accordingly.

(3) the task of the Manager is to meet, that the tasks of individual employees and employees to deal with are usually in the normal working hours including the fixed Überstundenpauschales or the temporal power share in work planning an organizational unit for this provision. Part-time or reduced week service time is reasonable to take into account.

(4) in setting of meetings, consideration is to take on the working time of workers of part of and persons with child care duties within the framework of the official ways. The appointments are to announce the staff anyway, in a timely manner.

(5) for the servants, no objectively unjustified disadvantage must be through part-time work, reduced week stint or caring duties.

Reference to other federal laws

§ 12. Unless these by-laws provisions of federal laws referenced in, these are amended to apply.

Entry into force

§ 13. This resolution shall enter into force March 1, 2016.



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