Tourist Activities. Promotion

Original Language Title: Actividades turísticas. Promoción

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REGIME of promotion of peoples rural tourist regime of promotion of peoples rural tourist law 27324 activities tourist. Promotion.
The Senate and Chamber of deputies of the Argentina nation gathered in Congress, etc. they attest to the force of law: regime of promotion of peoples rural tourism article 1 - this law is to promote the sustainable development of tourism activities of rural peoples, through the implementation of actions that contribute to get better use of their potential.
Article 2 ° - for the purposes of this Act, means "rural" communities of the agrarian environment or surrounding which constitute a non-residual space, including areas rural disperse and agglomerate village, in relation to the nature of the agrarian world as social space, differentiated, built as a place of life and work independently of the provincial boundaries departmental, municipal or parties.
(Article 3 ° - the provinces selected villages in its jurisdiction which shall comply with the following characteristics: to) that the authorities of the community autodefinan to the town as a rural village in the context of article 2 and which this definition is endorsed by the provincial authorities; (b) hold any attraction for the development of a tourism project that serves to supplement incomes and diversify the economic base of the same, basing its viability and sustainability, and establishing guidelines through which it will benefit the local population and whose activities are carried out within a framework of integrated planning of all local economic activities.
(Article 4 - the enforcement authority, will manage access to tourist rural villages to the following benefits: to) identify needs of public investment, linked to works of infrastructure, recovery of cultural and/or architectural heritage and its possible sources of funding; (b) support in management to obtain financing in public and/or private entities for turistico-productivos projects to be developed in the rural tourism village; (c) advice on issues of tourism promotion and development of local production in consideration of the existing natural heritage protection measures; (d) inclusion of catalogues, directories, guides, advertising, website, to promote and develop the Ministry of tourism of the nation or the National Institute of tourism promotion (Inprotur);
( e) participation in programmes of promotion and tourism training to promote and develop the Ministry of tourism of the nation; (f) implementation of measures for the protection of existing resources in order to maintain the values of identity and the uniqueness of the village, providing planning and land use planning.
Article 5 - provincial authorities, guaranteeing the participation of intermediary institutions in the tourism sector, specific legislative committees and municipal or communal authorities shall submit annually to the Federal Council of tourism payroll of peoples which, within its jurisdiction, comply with the requirements in article 3 °.
Article 6 ° - it is authority for the application of this law the Ministry of tourism of the nation.
Article 7 ° - contact the national executive power.
-REGISTERED UNDER NO. 27324 - EMILIO MONZO. -FEDERICO PINEDO. -Eugenio Inchausti. -John p. Tunessi.
Buenos Aires, December 14, 2016 by virtue of the prescribed in article 80 of the Constitution, I certify that the law Nº 27.324 (IF-2016-04429747-APN-SST #SLYT) sanctioned by the HONORABLE Congress of the nation of November 16, 2016, has been enacted in fact of December 13, 2016. Given for publication to the National Directorate of the official registration, turn will copy the HONORABLE Congress of the nation and for their knowledge and other effects, refer to the Ministry of tourism. Fulfilled, archived. -Paul Clusellas.

Date of publication: 15/12/2016