Declared Of National Interest The Comprehensive And Interdisciplinary Approach To Subjects Who Have Specific Learning Difficulties

Original Language Title: Declárase de Interés Nacional el abordaje integral e interdisciplinario de los sujetos que presentan Dificultades Específicas del Aprendizaje

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INTEREST national interest national law 27306 declared of national interest the comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to subjects who have specific learning difficulties.
The Senate and Chamber of deputies of the Argentina nation gathered in Congress, etc. they attest to the force of law: declared of national interest the comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to subjects presenting specific difficulties of the learning (DEA) object.
Article 1 - the present law establishes as a priority to guarantee the right to education of children, adolescents and adults who have specific learning difficulties (DEA).
National interest.
Article 2 ° - declared of national interest the comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to subjects who have specific difficulties of learning (DEA), as well as vocational training in early detection, diagnosis and treatment; dissemination and access to benefits.
Article 3 ° - means specific learning difficulties (DEA) base neurobiological alterations, that affect the cognitive processes related to language, reading, writing and/or math calculation, with significant implications, mild, moderate or severe in the school environment.
Enforcement authority.
Article 4 ° - the authority of implementation will be determined by the national executive power.
(Article 5 ° - application of authority will be responsible for the exercise of the following actions: to) establish procedures and adequate means for early detection of educational needs of patients that present specific learning difficulties; (b) establish a system of teacher training for early detection, prevention, and adapting the curriculum to the Dyslexic student attendance or other learning difficulties, in order to provide a comprehensive coverage in response to the needs and requirements of each case in particular. (c) to coordinate with the health and education authorities of the provinces that accede to the present and, where appropriate, of the city of Buenos Aires, campaigns to raise awareness about dyslexia and specific learning difficulties (DEA); (d) plan the formation of the human resource practices of early detection, diagnosis and treatment.
Adapting the curriculum.
Article 6° - the application authority must prepare the curriculum adaptation referred to in subparagraph (b)) of the preceding article. To ensure access to the common CV, in the case of specific learning difficulties will take into account the following indicative considerations: to) give priority to the oral tradition, both in the teaching of content and assessments; b) grant greater amount of time for the performance of tasks or assessments; (c) ensure that the slogans; have understood (d) avoiding unnecessary exposures regarding readings aloud against his companions; (e) avoid copied extensive and/or taught when this activity affects on students with situations associated with Dysgraphia; f) facilitate the use of computers, calculators and tables; (g) recognize the need to adjust the assessment processes to the singularities of each subject; (h) assume, all the institutional teaching team, as promoters of the rights of children, adolescents and adults, being that the contextualization does not imply grant advantages in them compared to peers, but put them on equal terms against the right to education.
Federal Council of education.
Article 7 ° - the Federal Council of education will have the function of Permanent collaborator for the fulfilment of the objectives set out in this law, as well as the establishment of a federal system of inter-jurisdictional coordination, for the implementation of active policies in order to give effect to the right to education of children, adolescents and adults who have dyslexia and specific learning difficulties.
Federal Council of health.
(Article 8 ° - application of authority should promote, through the Federal Health Council, the following actions: to) the progressive implementation and uniform in the different jurisdictions in a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to specific difficulties of learning (DEA); b) establish procedures for the early detection and diagnosis of the specific difficulties of the learning (DEA); (c) determine the performance for the integral and interdisciplinary approach to subjects that have specific difficulties of the learning (DEA), which will be updated every time that the advancement of science warrants it.
(PMO) compulsory medical program.
Article 9 - health workers covered by laws 23.660 and 23.661; social security organizations; prepaid medicine entities; the social work of the judiciary, of the national universities, military and civilian personnel of the armed forces, security and police Federal Argentina; the direction of Social assistance to the staff of the National Congress and health care workers who provide healthcare services, regardless of the legal proceedings, will be responsible, on a mandatory basis, the performance for the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of the specific learning difficulties (DEA). (The benefits referred to in subparagraphs b) and (c)) item 8 ° of the present are embedded by right to the obligatory medical programme (PMO).
ARTICLE 10. -Communicate to the national executive power.
-REGISTERED UNDER NO. 27306 - EMILIO MONZO. -JUAN C. MARINO. -Eugenio Inchausti. -John p. Tunessi.

Publication date: 11-04-2016